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dot com africa on the move. it tells us stirring stories. it makes us laugh. and cry. tremble and smile. magical images and big emotions that now. king of the negativity every weekend on d w still. hello and welcome to a very special edition of kaino today we invite you to come on a journey with us through time with the help of
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a few very extraordinary new films it all begins in the ice age. in one thousand nine hundred one and the italian alps stumbled across the oldest money in the world at sea as he was called shot to stardom overnight the film iceman attempts to reconstruct what his life might have looked like even the dialogue of spanx and unintelligible german acting of info but it is well past the neolithic klansmen. and the old town. the man. and next film takes place in czarist russia at the beginning of the twentieth century even before it was released matilda caused outrage among religious
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extremists who claimed the film was blasphemous because it portrayed holy as on the killers the second in love scenes russian orthodox christians even made death threats to the director and lead actor now matilda has arrived in german sentiments and we'll ask the burning question was the film worth all the fuss to. our little us the second as he's never been portrayed before. it's eighteen ninety four and the young heir apparent has no desire to ascend the throne as part of the work. still unmarried he embarks on a tempestuous love affair with a young ballerina. the real torah nicholas the second was executed by bolshevik troops in july one thousand nine hundred eighteen in the wake of the october revolution that marked an end to the monarchy in russia ushering in
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a new era in two thousand the tsar was declared a saint by the russian orthodox church to be especially devout that makes him untouchable they have strongly denounced the film without having seen it the lead role is played by german actor lars. and going to die mcmahon six people to countries does. the producers of the project with a twenty five million euro budget wanted i didn't offer the role after seeing him give a guest performance at a theater in moscow he's still not sure why he was chosen. by theo and why did they pick me why is lost i being a from berlin playing nicholas the second the last russian tsar it's all. at the film's moscow premiere director alexey who to tell appeared relaxed despite a slew of death threats against his actors religious fanatics wanted to prevent the film from being released their protests have sparked months of debate in the press
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and on the streets. there have been attacks cars and cinemas set on fire. than driven into a movie theater the threats kept laws i don't know from attending the premiere. to something. they have been rewards offered for people to burn down cinemas showing the film and of course i also present a very big target also to china. it's difficult to understand all the uproar the film is a celebration of patriotism the ballerina leaves her indecisive tsar and reason of state prevails. in india. that must go. fight. the symbols because you want to see cornel. the film has things to say about the time in which it's sad but it has more to say about russia today where culture has become an arena for ideological battles that sometimes unintentionally funny
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and there's more kitsch than drama and it's a weak film and not really worth all the debate surrounding it. raises just what. clothes for the next cuckoo for. kooky. germany's passed off as plenty of material for artists to explore and as the air of nazi rule in particular that seems to be inexhaustible for filmmakers trying to make sense of this long dark chapter in german history the dr drama the invisibles tells the story of four young jews who survived the war by disappearing in plain sight and it's a live as a moving portrayal of nine hundred forty s. berlin. was for
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sale it's nineteen forty three the nazis are hunting down the last jews left living in germany the ones they find are deported to the death camps what way out do the last survivors have. seventeen year old honey levy decides to hide in berlin by making herself unrecognizable as a jew. to make his blood. honey levy becomes hunted a lot of incline the docu drama of the invisibles combines dramatic reenactments and interviews with contemporary witnesses. to long he's not mine now i'm hard to night i was seeing. more. than he should make it do to the. next last two movie and the and his wife and the young still haven't some eleven thousand jews risked going underground in nazi germany to avoid being sent to
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a death camp this film tells four of their stories who pretended to be a war widow and was housed with an army colonel. suggesting you just send us your window to talk than i've ever since. i can flee to is sixteen when he goes into hiding he often has to change his protectors. in house joins a resistance group for which he for just passports. to defrock tongue was busted and i did hear his tricks guy in this community. just inside so i knew well it's very important to the people who live the stories to tell them to others because they're stories that prove that not all germans were bad you lose a door to go direct or close creflo research these stories for ten years honey levy
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came to berlin for the film's premiere she showed us a flow the apartment where she hid it belonged to the usher of the cinema where honey often went to stay warm during the day. and truly when. she sniffed. sounds yvonne's in existence when in fact dab is being viewed and it's been thoughtful and. has never stopped. daddy to me it is out. he comes to me and that thing that i'm a lion image and i need to leave. some five thousand jews survived by going underground seventeen hundred of them in berlin motivated by compassion their helpers risked their own lives such as the woman who saved and house. yeah since he got us a sneak a small tight. one how to my good for
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art oh my hands in dust i miss good luck and that's exactly the issue void of my own father line. and it's my you know. this is yeah. you know when. she on the show and house didn't live to see the film's premiere the project had taken years to produce due to lack of financing the fact that it's finally being released is another triumph for the survivors. our last film for today is set in one thousand nine hundred seventy six it's dripping a hot summer and three generations have gathered together in the countryside to squabble and bicker after a death in the family so no mother corners debut feature for god is a detailed and compassionate study of family relations set firmly against the
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backdrop of west germany in the one nine hundred seventy s. . summer of one nine hundred seventy six three generations spend their vacation in a community garden. is a paradise or is it hell. they can just about manage to avoid the wasps but inside the summer homes there's plenty of stinging going on one daughter in law is somehow in competition with her sister in law getting a single mother i think the time that includes all the time as if he doesn't have a chance for the sense of this is due was always consider going to. the army all these youngsters have no intention. of harvesting just last. year my uncle from me and. smouldering conflicts unfulfilled yearnings directors.
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concentrates on the atmosphere that can quickly erupt in the heat and humidity there's a constant threat on the horizon. of the. tension and melancholy comedy and tragedy blend seamlessly together in this microcosm just like in real life. director sonny first feature film has the explicitly languid pace of a scorching summer it's a nostalgic trip back to the one nine hundred seventy s. with loving attention to detail and wonderful characters not enough good and. my mom. trying to one down or shy score on the other. that amount of atmospheric disturbance can and dramatically just like on
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a hot summer's day. that's all we have time for today i hope you've enjoyed our cinematic trip through history next week we'll introduce seven german acting talents to keep an eye on until a fun movie. career and sports sit down with german design. as kid gets bored with the stinger. and upgrade. not enough day
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the world premiere of the new audi a seven sport back now a dynamic all around. the . time business safe the climate question that the un climate change conference global told sarah kenney discusses the su with a distinguished panel of experts is a wanted me to do we have solutions we have capital we have the technology we can be a role model for other companies it's not only about today it is also about the pause and obviously on the future global told. in sixty minutes one d.w. in the next. united against climate change. big challenges for the twenty third u.n. climate conference in bonn. our nations working to meet their paris agreement targets cop twenty three this weekend next on the doubling news.
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africa. meet the germans new and surprising aspects of life and culture in germany. u.s. american music takes a look at germany it is increasingly so at their traditions every day lives and language i can just come out of. so i'm young good shit. just because i am going to be w. dot com the germans. hello and welcome to drive with a d w motor magazine today we look at a world premiere in a ghost town only introduces the new eighty seven. visionary vehicle techno.


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