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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  November 8, 2017 12:15pm-12:31pm CET

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above the relegation zone. a quick reminder now of the top story that we have been following for you here at g.w. u.s. president donald trump has arrived in china for what is being called the centerpiece of his first asian tour trumps expected to push president xi jinping on trade imbalances and to increase pressures on north korea to curb its nuclear ambitions. and economic advisors have just given the german economy a good bill of health and increased the expected amount of growth that they expect for next year monica jones has that story coming right up you're watching. your children like chocolate.
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with on your smartphone. or your tomatoes the supermarket. as we go about our daily lives human rights or from the last one minute. invisible him. live in the twenty first century starting december second phone job. at the. time of economic advisers gives germany good grades for keeping the economy strong the panel has revised upwards its growth forecast for next year but does that mean there is a danger of overheating. also coming up do you read. elaters are raising the ante
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in their bid to reduce auto emissions but they're ready getting pushback from germany. and is this the end of that oil we smell that hovers over seaports and other maritime installations we visit a builder of electric boat. welcome to g.w. business so the german economy is in a very good place right now according to a report published by the government's economic advisers the so-called five wise men in their annual report to the experts say report a strong upsurge with a two percent growth forecast for the current year and even more in twenty eighteen and that goes hand in hand with low unemployment and decent tax revenues both offer financial leeway which the german government would do well to make use of say the experts investment is needed in education under research as well as in infrastructure like track and road building or faster internet access. so let's
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find out what the markets have to say about bad to daniel cooper standing by for us in frankfurt daniel so now it's official there's enough cash for bigger investment around will we see any. well hello there monica from a very rainy frankfurt this morning well there seems to be room of course when you talk to investors want to hear those words you know new investments new reforms last taxes those are the kind of work that investors of course love but on the other hand we have to keep in mind that there's a certain limit we have those i'm going to talk right now of a new government we heard that dreams of the new coalition would be up to one hundred billion of new investments but of course there's a certain limit to morrow is going to be very interesting because the tax report is going to come out so we will know most likely more how much the german government can make from taxes and of course that depends on the investments all right so tomorrow is an important day and so is today danielle don't go away i've got
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something else i would like to discuss with you later on because european car makers are about to be hit by a new set of challenges the e.u. commission has just proposed to slash allowed auto emissions by another thirty percent that several carmakers are already having trouble meeting existing targets according to a study by international consultancy firm p a consulting a comic is in europe currently aim for new cars to emit an average of maximum ninety five grams of c o two kilometers that means that some models can produce more than this as long as others are more environmentally friendly now german car makers however are exposed b.m.w. cannot meet existing targets according to the report their emissions are still well over the existing threshold to yota and p.s.a. are in a better position at eighty nine and eighty seven grams per kilometer respectively they already come in well below the current target but the industry as a whole is not moving fast enough in reducing emissions and that is why the e.u.
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wants to extend reductions until twenty thirty and lower the allowed limits to sixty six grams of c o two per kilometer of the german car makers the new rules could be a game changer. there's a lot at stake and nowhere more so than in germany carmakers here were on tenterhooks as they waited to find out the new rules of the game the european commission proposes a thirty percent reduction to car carbon emissions by twenty thirty otherwise car makers will face penalties it's a thorn in the side of germany's car industry already grappling with the fallout of the diesel emissions scandal. but the new plan also allows car makers to offset their overall target if low and zero emissions cars surpass the e.u. benchmark. taking a closer look at the country's auto industry the livelihoods of some eight hundred thousand people depend on it german carmakers produce fifteen million vehicles
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worldwide each year that amounts to around four hundred billion euros in revenue almost a fifth of g.d.p. . so it's hardly a surprise that german carmakers enjoy a rather cozy ties with lawmakers in the past efforts to get tough on regulation have been met with fierce resistance here's what the head of germany's automotive industry association had to say back in july. the odor misleading the wrong kind of political intervention could threaten the car industry. as long as politicians proposed guidelines instead of interfering with technology this sector will continue to succeed in the past politicians or bureaucrats making decisions on technology has not been good for jobs or for the economic development of the country for the rich if they go to the shop they can become honest about. jobs and economic development under threat environmentalists say such arguments have enabled
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car makers to get away with far too much the auto industry may have a sympathetic ear in germany but on a european wide level there may be a bumpy road ahead. so how are those bumps going down on the trading floor back to daniel in a frank but how sympathetic are investors when it comes to german. well let's talk about today's trading day shares of. volkswagen actually have been dropping but not really dramatically it's nothing when you compare this for example to the latest diesel gate scandal but certainly this is the topic here because yesterday we saw what this can mean for a company when they want to make their cars more green b.m.w. was having problems because of this and there you know their quarterly report rather came out with not a very promising numbers of four investor shares after that we're dropping is going to be really interesting how this topic is going to develop also because of
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possible penalties that those carmakers might have to pay right to diet coke in frankfurt thank you so much for that update. well while carmakers find it difficult to meet cleaner emissions standards in land shipping looks set to embrace electric engines up until recently only small boats run on batteries while bigger vessels were still powered by dirty diesel engines but that's changing and fast. at last he can take the wheel tossed i'm sure knows the new electro fairy inside out he was the design teams project leader but the maiden voyage is still something special. just disconnected from our land based power supply and now we're reliant on the batteries. with very electric motors come to life with barely a murmur there are four of them one on each corner of the ship as opposed to the traditional centrally mounted diesel engines. with you and he with us not to the
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seans or the four motors mean the ship doesn't stick firmly to a given course els instead it veers around a bit when the road is applied. that's not just a new sensation for the captain it's very can carry up to forty five passengers and six cars card entirely by twenty four lithium polymer batteries they allow an annual saving of fourteen thousand liters of diesel. as long as the captain can get used to the electric sailing era. of them and if you want to conserve energy which is fundamental to running a ship like this you've got to be controlled and approach your birth as gently as possible not every captain can do that but then again not everyone is made for electric cars either. demand for environmentally friendly ships is rising and not only interest regions but also in cities with poor air quality. there's no
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smell when you're on the port fairy's in hamburg for instance you can smell oil you think you're in an engineering factory you don't have that on an electric ferry. two hours on into the market early on and there's already designed and built ten electoral ships. they're built as lightly as possible because every kilo saved means less demand on the expensive batteries that's crucial to commercial viability . you know. when we were using steel we had to minimize weight as far as possible design engineers couldn't just take a conventional approach instead they had to ensure a minimum of energy was required to move the vessel that meant thinner and different beam separation as far as was possible and that allowed us to save twenty percent in my. non the less the electric fairy still costs fifteen percent more than conventional diesel driven versions but the turn of
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overpopulation is true it doesn't mind the cost it prefers clean air on the mosul river where the ferry goes into service in a few weeks' time. shortly after donald trump was elected u.s. president one year ago he pulled the us out of the trans-pacific partnership but the remaining members of the trade pact want to go forward to head off the apec summit in vietnam later this week foreign trade ministers of twenty one pacific rim economies were trying to reach a consensus on open markets in the region. the remaining members of the trans-pacific partnership at the apec meeting of foreign in trade ministers in vietnam are trying to reach agreement on a new deal that would enable them to move forward without u.s. participation even. this. step that.
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the foreign ministers of australia and japan met on tuesday night on the sidelines of the meeting both countries are looking to fashion a modified version of the transpacific partnership agreement. but us president donald trump who is currently on a state visit to china will be addressing the asia pacific leaders in vietnam on friday the visit should reveal clues about what his america first policy means for the. of the world during his presidential campaign trump raised loud objections to what he called unfair trade promising to rewrite the rules of global trade in america's favor. as of a business for now thanks for watching don't forget to follow us on social media for more updates i'll be back in forty five minutes with news.
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business the guy on the plane home he's a bit beethoven. today i want to find out what bon has to offer in connection with the legendary retooling in the old
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town along the river rhine and in a ballroom dating back to the great man's time. on . united in the fight against global warming. made in germany looks at the u.n. climate change conference in bonn. high tech geo engineering influences the climate donnegan and schumann activity. is heating up the atmosphere of human activity can also counteract that enjoy a sound idea or a risky business made in germany in sixty minutes on d. w. . bush by this germany is a strong country. that we have achieved so much we can do this and if something hinders us we must overcome it india. going where it's uncomfortable global news
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that matters w made for mines. united against climate change. big challenges for the twenty third u.n. climate conference in bonn how are nations working to meet their paris agreement targets. d.-w. is there and reporting daily. from the cup twenty three this weekend next on d w news. with his flowing hair and fierce look.


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