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tv   Made in Germany - Sexism An everyday occurrence at work  Deutsche Welle  November 8, 2017 1:30pm-2:00pm CET

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the journeys i have worked on the face of many qantas and their problems are forcing forward to social inequality a lack of the freedom of the press. corruption who can afford to stay silent when it comes to the fans the humans and see the microphones who have decided to put their trust in us. my name is jenny paris and i work at the dollar. hello darling you look beautiful today would you be a sweetheart and fetch me
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a coffee many women hear this kind of remark day in day out in the office and then there's the all touch in the lift the hand on the knee the uninvited kiss at the office christmas party after revelations about harvey weinstein's alleged string of sexual offenses more and more women are now coming forward and talking about everyday sexism they have experienced mostly in the workplace welcome to made in germany. under the hash tag me two more and more women are sharing their experiences from inappropriate male behavior to outright sexual harassment as a man of course you ask yourself what's wrong with us and advice ever done or said something that made a female colleague uncomfortable ever witnessed and just laughed it off and my part of the problem or is this all a bit exaggerated as hash tag campaigns often are well i recommend you ask your sister or a female colleague at work you might find that this kind of male behavior is not as
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rare as you might think it specially in the world of business my colleague christina kubes has experienced it first hand. if sex isn't an everyday reality in the business world. in the beginning of my career i was the victim of two sexual assault and the strain of homans i was young and i was afraid to speak out. i even thought it was my fault because i was stressed so sexy the problem is that sex isn't only hits the headlines when women are high profile figures like donald trump have you when you see all travis kalanick the former boss who didn't stop sexism company. but i have no doubt it also goes on in all the companies i meet in an arbiter of who came to prominence after launching the head. or shot
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thank you very women to make their experiences of harrison and book. men and power do you think of the business world is infested with sexism i think our whole society is infested with sexism so of course the business world does is not an exception and do you think women in that power would bring in them so they say attacks if the culture especially in the business world is so toxic we need to change the culture in itself and not just bringing more women into the system. especially when then they are supposed to be fixing it you know it we should all be fixing it it's a societal responsibility and why don't women different themselves i think that's actually the wrong question to us we should be more asking why are men still doing this you know and what is the breeding ground in our society that this is still yeah this is still happening basically where does it come from why is it still so
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normalized so women and men of the world speak out and go public otherwise we will never break the system that makes women victims. well as it turns out the tech startup sector is not torah's for sexually loaded behavior and misfortune male dominated gungho with an unconventional corporate culture that leads men to forget that there still is a code of conduct at the workplace that also applies to cool startups my colleague claudia last night decided to find out more about everyday sexism work watch out for you when you were feeling too much how short your skirt is. the me to hash tag has triggered a whole new debate about sexism if you thought what women wear and how they behave is no longer an issue in the twenty first century then think again. lots of women
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are posting videos about their everyday experiences of sexism at work. i went to meeting with a potential investor she's a pray. or even you know it's great to meet you he said to me when he looked at me and said you look amazing and look me up and down. half of all women have experienced sexual harassment at work but very few talk about it. watch out when you voice your opinion. these women in berlin are certainly ready to voice their opinions they say sexual harassment is so widespread society no longer perceives it as a problem. it's not so cool to have men telling you what to do all the time and then the same old jokes get me some coffee. when you told me that women have no
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place in management recruiting. and i wish i'd said something. so just how bad is the issue of gender inequality in the workplace i find this story online two women set up an online platform and invent a male co-founder keith man just so they'll be taken seriously. there is this the reality in the tech sector i'd like to talk to women working in i.t. companies and get their take on this but there just aren't that many of them around . i go searching on social media. and i meet laura dornheim she's a business i.t. specialist and has a doctorate in gender studies so this is right up her alley she's the manager of
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a software company does she think women face an uphill struggle in tech sector start ups. like they are sadly yes i never think josh is male founder is more of a draw than to real female ones why is that their. ideal founder of a startup company is a man a man who's incredibly ambitious and prepared to take risks and earns money is results and it's a vicious circle on the one hand all the big successful founders in the tech sector and nearly all men so if you're looking to invest in someone who will succeed up women don't fit the bill and that ensures on the other hand that the status quo continues and women are never really given a chance that's going to i think that's a vital part that that's not. good. so do inequality and sexism to turn many women from even trying to get a foothold in male dominated industries. to think that that
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sexism pervades every area of our society but it's a question of management and corporate culture for less a clear example is set from the top that company parties in a strip club for example are absolutely not on even as a joke then things won't change the book and women often don't know how to respond when they suddenly find themselves in a sudden istic corporate environment women in berlin can turn to corona klein if there's no one in their company to help advice centers offer a protected environment for women to seek assistance but there's this food issue i would first advise the individual to talk to other male and female colleagues about it because it's often something others know about and frequently it doesn't take much for them to pull together and to say. we're not going to put up with this anymore than it is. just listening to it and find a name goes on but larger companies tend to have a gender equality officer to cope with issues that arise it's a bit easier for women to get advice that to stand up for themselves and to take
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steps such as i understand i am for her thirty found the hard towards it. but in small companies where there is much job security it's almost impossible to fast or move. so every woman still has to decide for herself where her boundaries lie and do what she can to ensure those boundaries are respected then this corporate culture as a whole which everyone can help to shape both men and women. no it's not your fault. no it's not your fault. doing business on a global scale now requires people from a wide range of difference national and ethnic backgrounds but sometimes culture clashes are unavoidable so it's all departments around the world have to take the changing face of work forces into consideration when applying rules we have to
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adapt the formula before. then we launched the product on those market. does but we never would have happened if it had just been a group of germans sitting around discussing what to do and had to get off the bus mohammed. german universities are also promoting diversity i needed benedict emanuel who's in her sixth semester at the university of duisburg s. and. she's part of a program that takes on school pupils from non academic backgrounds who want to study and accompanies them through their time at the university mentoring them along the way. this benefits young people from german and immigrant families. anita is the first member of her family to go to university her parents are from sri lanka. can be had done this time and also my parents weren't very familiar with the education system here and even when my teachers tried to explain it it still
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wasn't very clear. this program had ended up only the program gave me the information i needed. and the counselors here until university told us about the various courses of study we could take. that was really helpful. but i had. for many young people from immigrant backgrounds in germany getting ahead depends on getting help many don't finish high school and only around ten percent to pursue higher education so the university also offers tutoring for schoolchildren immigrant families often do not speak german at home yet command of the language is a prerequisite for success. six years ago merriam faqir he and her family fled to germany from afghanistan she wants to become an engineer or architect. that's probably why you see me it was hard at first because i didn't speak the language and everything was so foreign to me. and you hear people say you'll never
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make it up by being in this program with extra tutoring and help from teachers and friends who really motivated me i realized i can make it. so harnessing diversity is all about tapping potential whatever a person's cultural or background. of the past decade some german companies have signed up to a diversity charter and if they commit to creating work environments free of bias. next winter when there are six dimensions described in the charters list of voluntary commitments the first to say so men and women and then there's age we usually talk about the five generations of people active in working life. then there's nationality and ethnic origin religion and worldview sexual orientation and
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identity and finally disability. the goal is to get every employee the same opportunities and promoting diversity is also good p.r. so much the better. i sometimes think nice it would be to live the life of an ist but i don't think of make enough money to pay the bills still some people actually get along just fine all passion and profit series delves into the business models behind berlin's creative industries. parents think what we're doing is really cool. that it doesn't matter now our parents think it's great. i can say that without having fact that it but they really do.
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an exhibition that features headphones and animal masks huns yana audio guides take young and old alike on a journey into the world of art. humor instead of academic lectures that's hands young as pitch making art accessible. beings that have somehow ended up in a different world they have to break down fears of be unknown and divert attention from a real context which can seem dry and very formal masks are meant to destroy that context. the huns yana collective got its start three years ago and went into business this year now like most creatives and berlin the artists
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are looking for affordable studio space. the huns yada collective definitely don't accept norms. being labeled a women's company gets on their nerves when men go into business it's called a company not a men's company. gets a boost into to their side and. things that is seen as males become talked to like establishing contacts and demanding more money talking about yourself but these are things that we practice and make a conscious effort to do even though we aren't comfortable doing them because we know they're important and we have to learn how to. germany's creative
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capital berlin offers many sponsorship opportunities but compared to the tech sector funding is thin on the ground. the huns yana partners try not to think too much about their precarious livelihoods some are studying theater sciences others have part time jobs to keep them going their performances don't generate enough income for six at least not yet. i just don't feel poor i probably am objective lee but i have a really great life. yet spot the over probably asking yourself just how does this performance increase capital.
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as currently putting on fifty performances a year and nowadays everyone of them has paid a lesson they've learned as creative entrepreneurs' says. he. more action less words that's what's demonstrators demanded on the sidelines of the top twenty three climate change summit in bonn this week they're specially worried about coal which is still being used on a large scale to generate power especially in host country germany which has replaced phased out nuclear capacity at the conference twenty five thousand participants have gathered to discuss ways to limit global warming most scientists agree that manmade c o two is a driving factor behind the phenomenon and say we need to stop blowing millions of tons of the gas into the atmosphere but is that enough some believe we can do more
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and the key word here is geo engineering technology they think that could help slow climate change. what if we could stuff like stream weather events the expansion of does it send rising sea levels scientists are already devising techniques to intervene in the earth's natural systems it's a field known as geo engineering. stuff it's basically a suitable approach maybe not the best but appropriate we humans have caused global warming through our activities and so now through our activities we can also counteract it. one example of geo engineering the greenhouse gas company dioxide is filtered directly out of the yeah using a chemical process the c o two is then pumped underground where it can no longer harm the climate. the swiss company clime works are among the pioneers in this field but as yet they're only able to filter rather
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modest amounts of carbon dioxide out of the nine hundred tons a year equivalent to the c o two produced by some two hundred cars annually potential business partners remain skeptical. so i haven't gotten to the point where people come to us and immediately agree to partner with us there is lots of discussion and talking. with you on. the companies currently developing its technology at an icelandic power plant in a pilot project the captured carbon dioxide is being pumped one thousand meters below ground the idea is to store it permanently a visionary technology which is now grabbing political attention from times in the world begin to turn into a monumental scientific transformation for the good of the world and i believe very strongly about what's happening here. storing one ton of c o two underground cost
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several hundred euros and climb works is still. waiting for the really big customers to come along. has come. under that it could be a supermarket chain that said it's off the goal of becoming climate neutral by two thousand and twenty they could achieve ninety percent of their goal by reducing their emissions and the last ten percent by buying negative emissions by paying us for example to pump the remaining twenty thousand tons underground and i'm on board . but can this technology really stop climate change in its tracks. the question is to what degree can that be scaled up to really have an impact on the global climate because that's in the end what matters for climate change right and i think they're i'm very skeptical i'm very skeptical of these technologies for removing c o two from the atmosphere can be scaled up to
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a degree where they would really have an impact on the global climate. the visions of how we might manipulate the climate for example ships that shoot seawater high into the sky creating clouds that reflect sunlight and counteract global warming. it's also conceivable that particular types of chemicals could be sprayed into the air sulfur particles for example could bounce back the sun's rays which could help cool leah. in my view it's too early to utilize methods like the we don't know if they were used regionally or globally how they might affect whether it streams and the distribution of rainfall or grout and flooding. c o two emissions are still rising worldwide two thousand and sixteen was a record year
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a development that directly contradicts the paris climate agreement. solutions a cold full year old. where we can achieve a long term stable climate is by no longer emitting c o two which changes the climate into the atmosphere and then to deal with some of the impacts that are in a sense already locked in from past emissions we can consider what other approaches might help us achieve and maybe in the end it will turn out. they're not viable that you're going to be our genes are not viable but perhaps also it might turn out that they can help us. pacific island nations like kiribati are already threatened by climate change swift action is needed if we had to prevent such places being completely swung late by the sea in a few decades. after the election six weeks ago the only way for germany's ruling conservatives to form a stable government is to a coalition with two on likely partners the greens led by. others and the liberals
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headed up by. talks are going on as we speak and many commentators think any deal is doomed to fail but i see things a little differently let me explain. they say every country has the politicians. as trudeau france has markov and germany will soon have. i know you might be thinking rum reggae maybe runners. here in germany jamaica now stands for a very rare government coalition and america needs a partner to govern and jamaica refers to the colors of the parties black for the conservative green of course for the green and yellow for the liberals the free democratic germany. funny. german sense of movement and for me that is
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a coalition of hope. because style wise german politics as it is us. bill fitting suits where we love rimless glasses a strange friend for oversized winds and not do you call this a haircut. but now these two could be up for a cabinet position. since he's done away with the silly sideburns the cochairman of the green party nearly always looks respectable and he proves a good suit doesn't make you conservative but hey maybe he should talk to christian let the leader of the business friendly free democrats the party base his whole campaign on his boyish good looks. and he knows how to see something you clearly have to grow into this is him at seventeen. but a long way young christian has come to me has come a long way to only a couple of years ago he said in an interview he's wearing
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a suit out of respect for the people he represents what a sacrifice maybe now he's understood that you don't need an excuse to dress like a grown up. and stress. and that's it for this week on made in germany thanks for joining us and see you again soon. the for. the for. for. good.
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business safe the climate question at the un climate change conference global told sarah kenny discusses the su with a distinguished panel of experts is
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a contributor to the we have solutions we have a couple we have a technology we can be a role model for other companies it's not only about today it is also about the pause and obviously on the future global told us in thirty minutes one v.w. in the back. being. he's a doctor what kind of diseases can be healed spots at a reporter so what this is implied is inside the year but it's also. draws on a wealth of insights totally different experts in the whole fields of medicine are . in good shape. health. and here in studio law. solidarity. they fall by the wayside when the gap between rich and for grows.
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life in an equal society is. the divide starting november fifteenth on d w. your children like chocolate. you can't live without your smartphone. to buy your tomatoes in the supermarket. as we go about our daily lives human rights oh often the last thing on our arms.
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in the visible hands. slavery in the twenty first century. starting december second own d w. this is the news the live from berlin u.s. president donald trump is in china the focal point of his first official asian tour china's president treats trump to a private tour of the forbidden city but just ahead likely tense talks between the
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