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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 8, 2017 3:00pm-4:01pm CET

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this is the news live from berlin u.s. president donald trump is in china the focal point of his first official asian tour china's president treats trump to a private tour of the forbidden city but just ahead of likely tense talks between the world's two superpowers at odds over trade and north korea. also coming up
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germany could become the first european country to recognize a third gender this after a top court rules that current laws discriminates against intersex people. and the despair over him to refugees through a camera lens a photographer just back from bangladesh tells t w about some of the people that matter and their hopes for the future. plus the german economy continues to strengthen boasting solid growth low unemployment and good tax revenue but a panel of economic wise man warn the economy could overheat if not properly monitored. and will meet you leave the former car mechanic who is now china's number one live stream or despite his dramatic rise in riches he says that keeping millions of viewers happy can be an exhausting enterprise.
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i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program thanks for joining us. u.s. president donald trump has arrived in china for what his aides view as the most significant part of his five country tour of asia chinese president xi jinping and his wife gave the u.s. president and first lady a private tour of the forbidden city a compound in the center of beijing the two presidents have a lot to talk about the u.s. hopes that china will ramp up economic pressure on its ally to abandon its nuclear ambitions more than a night at the opera president trump's asia trip brings him to china where his key themes trade and north korea converge china is one of america's largest trading partners and north korea's major sponsor. competing for global commerce but also partners in it part of trump's trip includes
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a signing ceremony for commercial deals between the two countries worth about nine billion dollars. trade is tricky business trade imbalance is a big issue for trump he even said it got him elected one year ago and it's really big with china. the u.s. leader in service says enjoy service trade surpluses with china and many other countries however trade in goods easily wipes out these gains in two thousand and sixteen that left the u.s. in a three hundred ten billion dollar hole with china which trump is keen to climb out of. two of the world's most powerful leaders haven't always seen eye to eye but there may be room for common ground trump is a business person you know i mean. you know his president president you know status
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but china is a business a state. so a businessman and a business state they would understand oh let's do business together. while they have very different leadership and speaking styles trump and she appear to be forging a relationship based on mutual business interests. let's take further now into the dynamic between these two leaders we are joined by andreas lawrence a journalist and former asia correspondent for the german publication there spiegel thank you so much for being with us here in the studio this is not for me. you know we know that that the trumpet ministration in particular that they seem to consider china to be you know that the key to controlling north korea in fact what do you expect from talks over this issue i think that the time is government presidents will try to convince. president
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not to use military means to talk to get north korea. because the chinese don't like. the. military means they need to peaceful neighbor they don't like north korea they don't like. north korea but they know that they have to live in peace with. i think they will try to convince mr to mr trump not to use military means maybe to get all we saw was korea china and to us in the going to negotiation table first to find out how they came to have as north korea but ultimately i mean this is really about not only military means but also up putting more pressure on north korea that is really what the united states wants do you just see that as a feasible possibility and in addition to that i mean what you just generally
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speaking make of the dynamic between these two leaders because you know china very much a country that has been on the rise some say the u.s. has been on the decline how is that impacting the dynamic especially over this issue of hurriya rights i think that there are there are no chances to talk for mr trump to convince the chinese to do more towards north korea because the chinese say we do everything what we can we are dealing according to the u.n. security council keeping with the sanctions the problem is that they are in fact the chinese stopped oil exports to north korea but not to that extent mr trump ones i do think that they will not they will not do what mr trump is trying trying they want they want to convince them. yes both of those leaders well that's that's an interesting fact there there's one the the real estate the
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property magnate from america and the rich princelings that convinced communists and the very convinced capitalist they seemed what we were seeing during the meeting at the post they seem to get along they seem to understand themselves it's absolutely and on that note i mean they've been incredibly complimentary of one another they're calling this visit by trump especially. strategy and in fact they're classifying plus trouble also very complimentary of paying but yet there are these difficult issues that we've mentioned north korea one that's also likely to come up is the balance of trade because the united states very concerned about china's massive trade surpluses how do you see that factoring into the conversation this will probably come up definitely come up with a trade deficit of them versus what three hundred forty seven billion u.s. dollars huge amount of amount of money the americans like steamed are concerned
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about the it's chinese trade practices. about so-called intellectual property rights unfair trade practices so. talk about that the chinese i guess will try to calm him down they do that by doing a lot of trade. contracts they will buy more soybeans they're both buying more liquid goods they have a buy more airplanes so they make it so they make trump saving face in front of his public in america we want to thank you very much andreas lawrence for telling us a little bit more about how you see the situation of trump's visit to china journalist and former asia correspondent for the german publication spiegel thank you very much. let's get a quick check now some other stories making news around the world democrats in the
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u.s. have won several high profile states and may world elections ralph north him here will be virginia's next governor while new jersey will also be getting a democratic governor voters re-elected the party's mayors in new york and other cities it was a key test of voter sentiment one year after republican donald trump won the white house. spain's top court has an old catalonians declaration of independence calling it a legal this as independence supporters staged a general strike to protest the jailing of several separatist leaders and activists demonstrators blocked roads and commuter trains in the region spanish prosecutors have brought charges of rebellion and succession against eight former catalan leaders for issuing that declaration. people in vietnam have begun the cleanup out after last weekend's flash floods more than half of the age in town of high on remains under water authorities saying that at least eighty nine people died in those floods they were triggered by a typhoon that struck the south of the country on saturday. long lines have formed
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at gas stations in yemen's capital sanaa after the price of fuel jumped overnight this after saudi arabia announced that it would close all air land and sea ports to yemen the u.n. has called on the saudi led coalition fighting in yemen to allow food and medical supplies into the country where seven million people are facing famine. germany could become the first european country to recognize a third gender that's after a ruling from the country's highest court it found that people who don't see themselves as either male or female have a right to have their identity recognized lawmakers now have until the end of next year to change the birth register and draw a new rules on how gender is desiccated. often let's turn now to political correspondent simon younger standing by in our parliamentary studio so simon just remind us who are intersex people. yours or intersex is
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a term that applies to people whose bodies are not evidently or exclusively are either male or female and this can often be seen in the person's chromosomes for instance the person who brought this legal case has only an x. chromosome and not either a y. a chromosome or a second x. chromosome that would identify them as male or female it's hard to get hard and fast numbers on this but it seems this affects about ten thousand. and start to several tens of thousands of people in germany and it can also be a matter of anatomical features and hormones as well so the definition is a bit fluid so what's been the situation in germany on top now and how is it likely to change going forward as a result of this ruling. you know it's normal in germany to record
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the gender of a newborn baby and at the moment there are three options for doing for what you can write in the register male female or no information i.e. to leave to leave that blank what this ruling will do is to require the government to change the law by the end of two thousand and eighteen to allow a designation of intersex or some other positive term as the court put it so that's how that's what's going to change and it seems likely that in the fullness of time the government might have to change the law on passports and id documents as well because at the moment they only allow male or female designation samiam with the very latest on this story germany could become the first year peon country to recognize a third gender thanks so much for filling us ed on what it all means. here
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watching news still to come on the program the despair of roe hinge of refugees through a camera lens a photographer tell t.w. about some of the people that came out of bangladesh and their hopes for the future . and one hundred years after russia's botia back revolution we need a modern day protester in st petersburg who wants to topple the establishment. but in the meantime germany's economy is in an exceptionally good place gary hart alpha's has been tracking that positive news that's right what's the latest that's ready when you believe the annual report of the country's so called economic economics agee's that's an influential panel of economic experts advising the government and germany is in the midst of a strong as they say the experts forecast growth of two percent for the current years a year and as much as two point two percent for twenty eighteen that translates
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into quite a decent tax revenues and some financial leeway which say the wise men and one woman would be wisely used on tax cuts both an individual income and on business revenues the council also recommends the government invest in education and research as well as in germany's crumbling infrastructure that means improving roads and speeding up internet access which is an international embarrassment in most parts of this country economists last felt as a member of that influential advisory council little earlier i asked him about the realities of the tax cuts. well first of all it depends what type of tax cut is planned by the newly forming government when there. would be a reduction of the income tax schedule they need the lender in the winter sought to agree with then that it might not be not be easy to achieve then but in general i
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must say what is the top priority in our point of view is continuing with sound fiscal policies the leeway for tax cuts is not as large as the projected surplus budget surplus of the general government indicates so structurally speaking when you take all the business cycle effects out and make cyclical adjustments the only way for tax cuts is much lower and the priority then must be so to speak as a second priority after a sound fiscal policy is to come up with tax reforms that increase the potential output of the economy and therefore the capacities and when you talk about tax cuts do you have any recommendation about how by how much tax like the income tax for example should be cut. well we are not advocating
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a particular reduction we are saying when you look at the structural budgetary surplus next year it's about point four percent of g.d.p. according to our forecast. but what the government must find out what is the best solution by bringing together income taxes on the one side in the solidarity surcharge on the other side and the difference between both is in particular in two respects for income tax cuts the government needs to concent of the lender. but also the burden of tax cuts. in the sense of less revenue for the general government is shared between them and on the other hand if a solidarity surcharge is cut this means that only the federal government has to bear the revenue reductions but on the other hand it doesn't need to lend at the consent. you say that there's also a danger of the german economy overheating what does that mean and what can be done
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to prevent it. well what we currently see is that we're running above capacity in the german economy if you have counter-cyclical economic policies this would finally trigger stronger price increases as we currently see the forecast inflationary to be at about one point eight percent next year core inflation would even be higher by one point nine percent so we are coming very close to the two percent target and additional public spending in areas where the economy is already above capacity would only increase prices very briefly if you can what about infrastructure investment what does germany need their briefly please. i currently there are already several infrastructural projects that are running and infrastructure investment has taken up particularly i would not add additional money because the construction industry doesn't have the capacities to conduct
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these additional works lost felt one of the wise men of the economy thank you very much for joining us today thank you. labor investigators have praised reforms agreed to by twenty twenty two world cup hosts qatar and dropped an investigation into working conditions the decision by the international labor organization follows qatar's agreements to improve conditions at building sites and begin paying workers electronically the deal puts pressure on other gulf states like saudi arabia and the united arab emirates to reform them either and work systems which have been equated to modern day slavery. i'll have more business a bit later in the show but first the u.n. security council has again condemned me a mass treatment of the ruhi asar as more absolutely go hard because you know this muslim minority it faces violence the u.n. calls it ethnic cleansing today we are exploring the crisis through the work of one photographer before we speak with him let's take
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a look at some of these images that he has taken there on him to they are fleeing their villages in the on mars rock island state because rights groups say the burmese army and its militias have been killing and raping and setting homes on fire before this crisis began there were some one point five million rowenta living in iraq and state over six hundred thousand of them have now fled neon mar two camps in neighboring bangladesh now the sheer number of arriving in these camps has caused a humanitarian emergency monitors calling it a manmade disaster their own hinges spend their savings to get to these camps and on building makeshift shelters there they depend on aid groups for their food and other basic needs well these images that we have been seeing here behind us they have been taken by photographer and instagram her shop vish one ton he visited the camps in bangladesh last month for one of our social media platforms and instagram
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account stories now he spoke with us earlier from the indian capital delhi he told us the story of one woman that he had met in some of the most wretched circumstances imaginable. so this wasn't. working i don't belong camp that's. just camp in the area this was formed in one thousand nine hundred two but you would have freed us and old if we'd used date no stay there and there were those women sitting beside you know these were basically sitting beside starlit blocks that under construction temporary dotted blocks actually she's sitting there and she was sitting there is a positive damns and i asked let me ask a story so she said she has traveled from my in my seven days ago on foot and she lost her husband on that we when they would escape being and he was hacked by you know militia there and she said and then she said i am missing my husband and i am
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here and i don't know how dos for food home loss for food someone said city would get food so i'm sitting here so ideal is that you know i have this information i should do something about it so i walked to the nearby you know well indeed and i said this is this lady she she need some you know to leave medea so that one day i walked up. and gives it a card and then she broke down that you know finally she can go and get some relief so it was something that even touched me because seeing so many stories there there was this woman who was shy you know who didn't have us by and she was missing him and couldn't ask for food for like seven days without you know with. you know going ice cream so it was a i feel good that she got some relief but it was also a very sad situation and her story is just one of so many in fact we know that on many of these stories are also coming from children because approximately it's been estimated sixty percent of those who are going to muslims who are fleeing are
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children in fact we have another photo a photo about anya tell us a little bit more about her story. so. is a seven year old who was actually when i first saw her she was feeling water on one hand and then i started following her to the camp to her house and so here was a family. of she had a younger brother and sister and she was helping out and mother cooked food and her mother seems to have you know come from of view point she said that you know i don't think there's anything to go back to and we need to do more and i want to get educated i want to give it to kitchen and she had already lost one of her sons to look on me as a brother to the conflict so we again on the. bangladesh you know he was killed by the militia so she was saying that if the school we need schools we need to educate
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the people there looking forward for the future you know so that's what is happening there the dad hired in bangladesh now and the mo d. con go back absolutely high hopes for the next generation as so many people try and find a better life thank you so much for telling us a little bit more about the plight of these were hidden muslims that are in those camps there and then with dash. push on the show this one knocked on excuse me reporting to us from new delhi we appreciate it. we're going to head to russia now and its young revolutionaries people who oppose the present government and dream of democracy this next report is part of a new day series looking at the one hundredth anniversary of communist seizing power in russia st petersburg russia's former capital is where this revolution began and the shadow went to see how that city is still a hub of anti-government sentiment and he filed this report.
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personally. and october twenty seventeen this is the sound of anger heritance and petersburg russia second largest city has become a hotbed of protest as was the case one hundred years ago when lenin and his comrades orchestrated a revolution and change the world. but what do today's protests mean are they a real fight a more of a romantic idea how revolutionary are young russian intellectuals. many of the young people here in st peter's good food because more than the revolutionaries the very presence of the digital the connected generation taking to the streets the demand for the gold chains and they even risk going to prison for their ideals. like eighteen year old dmitri me action he supports opposition politician alexina valmy. urges this when i feel like a revolutionary my goal is
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a change of power in russia. action was arrested at an anti-government demonstration several weeks ago he stands accused of enjoying a policeman as he was trying to get away he's been put on trial for allegedly attacking a government official and faces jail time. you know. i don't want to see violence of victims like in my down in ukraine i hope that we can change our system through democratic means but if the government doesn't listen to us then we may see radical protests in russia. with. the armed insurrection in one nine hundred seventeen ultimately so russia transformed into the soviet union a country of socialist workers and farmers the soviet union lasted more than seventy years yet even today many memories of the uprising still stand in st petersburg. so do tributes to the soviet state such as street names.
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soviet sky are can be found around the city a total of ten times. the victims of the toba revolution are commemorated here at mass over paul or. the shot that kicked off the revolution was fired from the washington or rural today it's a sparsely visited museum. for dimitri me action the soviet union is a closed chapter and its heroes are inch in history. yet the third i'm not impressed by the communist revolution the only parallel i can see today is the concept of a people's revolution of course i'm a bit scared life but i'm trying not to think about it we must be courageous that is the only way to achieve our goals. stop start the quarters sure they're beautiful. young people like dmitri me action view what's happened in st petersburg in one nine hundred seventeen as a coup a coup that led to repression and not emancipation of the people they're trying to
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fight the same tendency in contemporary russia. reactions says the history of his home time is a source of inspiration he even dreams of a true democracy in russia. or for that when i look down on my city from up here it is clear that we have many talented people who are capable of building a beautiful city's people who want to improve their lives. one hundred years ago young people expressed the same hope a hope that remains more relevant than ever today. they're watching d.w. news still to come on the program as delhi closes all of its schools due to toxic fog and indian doctors warn of a public health emergency we'll ask our correspondent in delhi how people are coping with the soaring levels of pollution and behind the web cam with one of china's biggest streaming stars but keeping millions of viewers happy and
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exhausting enterprise. don't forget in the meantime you can always get it over good news on the go just download our app from the google play or from the apple store it will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news you can also use the data to send us photos and videos you can watch this program as always on the live stream we are back in a few minutes i was there kelly as you said. is the south pacific island nation of doomed. the sea is encroached. ever farther on to the land. what can people do when their home turf one blows beneath their feet. nobody here is thinking of giving up.
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a drowning paradise in the south pacific. in forty five minutes on telly. when cities are ingolf by the sea. all the dams wall and costly protective measures will have been. nothing. but. starting november nights on d. w. . we take personally. with all the wonderful people and stories that make the game so special. for all true fans far. more than football online.
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when i'm traveling to be comfortable. but i also want to stay up to date on the latest news events. and e.w. makes that part of traveling easy just because it's available and thousands of hotels resorts and cruise ships worldwide. have you found the domain side send us a picture that shows d. w. in your room you can great prize d.w. dot com travel quiz. welcome back here with day to view news i'm sarah kelly and our lead our top story u.s. president donald trump has arrived in china for what is being called the centerpiece . his first asian tour trump is expected to push president xi jinping on trade imbalances and to increase pressure on north korea to curb its nuclear ambitions.
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well it has been one year since washington outsider donald trump defied the odds and was elected u.s. president in the past twelve months he has used the social media platform twitter for everything from attacking his political enemies to announcing new policies elizabeth show is standing by on social media desk to guide us through some of those times shocking moments elizabeth hard to imagine president without twitter the two really go hand in hand don't they. that's absolutely right sir in fact donald trump has acknowledged that he wouldn't have won last year's election without his use of social media now he's using specially twitter to as you said at tack his enemies but also to speak directly to his base he is sidestepping the traditional media he's setting the news agenda himself through his tweets many
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people have complained about his tone that he uses in his tweets but for those critics donald trump has a very clear message he says my use of social media is not presidential it's modern day presidential make america great again and now donald trump has often at tact the media saying that he is being the covered unfairly in fact one of his favorite targets is a c.n.n. and to just take a look at this video it went viral it showed almost from wrestling c.n.n. he was a lot of people criticized him for this saying that he is encouraging violence against reporters but he said that he just meant it as a joke everybody says should see it as a joke and in fact this really went through the roof more than one million people either clicked like or retreat on the street those are really staggering numbers when you think about the rich you know the amount of people who are just watching
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his stuff. he really knows how to get people talking doesn't he. absolutely about one of his best known twitter moments was actually kind of unintentional so one day late at night us time don't try to eat at this he says this bites of the constant negative press coffee and that he just ended there so he really left people scratching their heads wondering what he meant by that what is wrong with the i'm wondering whether maybe he was drunk while he was reading that or maybe he had collapsed while he was writing that other people actually saw it as a business opportunity here creating t. shirts and selling them online with their newly coined word and then sarah last week for eleven minutes twitter and stood still when donald trump's page was all of a sudden law longer available now people are asking whether maybe he is taking
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a break from twitter but it later turned out that somebody at twitter actually an employee who is having his last day at the company he decided to deactivate donald trump's true account he is now back online and we're monitoring his account and we will let you know if there's anything interesting happening there with the very latest on our social media desk liz of the show thank you. authorities in india's capital delhi have closed all schools as dangerously high levels of pollution choked the city for a second day in some areas pollution readings peaked at the most severe possible level on the government and quality index doctors are calling it a public health emergency and have warned sick and elderly residents to stay indoors officials say that air quality is set to deteriorate further in the coming days. and correspondent katia kepner joins us now from delhi and culture we can see that you're actually taking precautions there how are people how are you
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dealing with the situation. well sarah exactly like this so now i take it off of course to be able to speak to you better on a day like this it's really quite a heavy time of delhi as you can see i would always take my in my and my mask if i go out if i have to go out otherwise i try to stay inside. and i detest expand you buy so if we take a look on this laser tag that we have. to quickly change the q i needed five hundred we're just like. we have to just level off of course already and it's really dangerous for the house so this is just to demonstrate why you can't see anything behind me usually we would see a tower over there our skyscrapers nothing if you ask me on a personal level it's definitely frustrating. to have a smart kid who is like running to the door saying out and i can't let him out i have to somehow cage him into the flat but. having said this of course i'm still
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part of an elite who can afford an asset or inside who can afford to isolate the flat and here comes the sad part i think because a large part of belize population even doesn't realize and is not aware of the really has a just level it's now and the really distressed effect on the health. and to that end is the government doing anything to promote to that awareness getting that word out to people about what it is that they need to do to protect themselves and what are they doing to just reduce the pollution levels generally speaking how was this caused got you. well it's costs for us through many many different factors and this exactly makes it so difficult to find a solution and to play the blame game as we say here so first of all you have delis geographical situation rescission which is extremely favorable for this situation. then you have the farmers and the surrounding states right now who burn their crops
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these days and all this air is coming to delhi then of course you have the old diesel cars which are still on the road you have generators and you have poor in the streets in the night who make fire to just get warmer and all these factors come together oh i just forgot the construction sites all over the city who of course also produce the dust so all this mix together is what we see right now but this is the government doing well if you ask me much too little much too late there are some measures which are doing nala so they make to make it cheaper to take the metro for example they make it more expensive to park the car but this is nothing which really helps in the longer term. and that was our correspondent standing by in delhi india where heading now from there we are heading to gary hart is going to tell us a little bit more about automakers here in europe a new set of challenges in mansoura that is basically
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a new set of challenges for german carmakers as we will see in a second because the e.u. commission is proposing another thirty percent cut in vehicle emissions a new study shows several auto manufacturers are already having trouble meeting existing targets the current permissible level of the missions for new cars in europe is ninety five grams of c o two per kilometer on average that means that some models can produce more than this as long as others from the same in a factor of blow less into the air but german carmakers as you can see here folks b.m.w. cannot give me these targets according to the report as you can see their emissions are still well over the existing threshold toyota and p.s.a. on a slightly better position at eighty nine and eighty seven grams per kilometer. coming in below the current target but the industry as a whole is not moving fast enough in reducing emissions nets why the e.u. wants to extend reductions until twenty thirty and lower the allowed limits by
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quite a massive thirty percent to just sixty six grams per kilometer of c o two that is for german car makers the new rules could be a real game changer. there's a lot at stake and nowhere more so than in germany carmakers here were on tenterhooks as they waited to find out the new rules of the game the european commission proposes a thirty percent reduction to car carbon emissions by twenty thirty otherwise car makers will face penalties it's a thorn in the side of germany's car industry already grappling with the fallout of the diesel emissions scandal. but the new plan also allows car makers to offset their overall target if low and zero emissions cars surpass that you benchmark. taking a closer look at the country's auto industry the livelihoods of some eight hundred thousand people depend on it german carmakers produce fifteen million vehicles worldwide each year that amounts to around four hundred billion euros in revenue
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almost a fifth of g.d.p. . so it's hardly a surprise that german carmakers enjoy a rather cozy ties with lawmakers in the past efforts to get tough on regulation have been met with fierce resistance here's what the head of germany's automotive industry association had to say back in july. the odor mislead me if it doesn't get the wrong kind of political intervention could threaten the car industry. as long as politicians proposed guidelines instead of interfering with technology this sector will continue to succeed in the past politicians or bureaucrats making decisions on technology has not been good for jobs or for the economic development of the country for the rich if they go into the chaff you can become honest about. jobs and economic development under threat environmentalists say such arguments have enabled car makers to get away with far too much the auto industry may have
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a sympathetic ear in germany but on a european wide level there may be a bumpy road ahead. those bombs going down on the trading floor let's cross over to frankfurt where. cole is standing by. his being hit. well gary this is certainly a topic that investors are very much monitoring because there are also talks about possible penalties those car makers would have to pay and that's always reminds carmakers of the huge amounts they have to pay because of the diesel gates scandal and i can tell you that shares of volkswagen and dime law are down this afternoon volkswagen by about half a per cent and by about a quarter per cent share soft b.m.w. are recovering a little bit after they were hit very hard and yesterday when they were announcing that they were making less profit because they were doing bigger investments
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regarding to villa team so i can tell you that this news today is a topic that is here very much more niche heart on the trading floor. in frankfurt thank you and another side of the story the european commission plans to invest eight hundred million euros in more charging stations to boost the appeal of electric cars to consumers sales are sluggish in europe this autumn just under two hundred twelve thousand cars with alternative engines were registered over fifty percent more than last year according to the latest figures from the european automobile manufacturers association boss compared to combustion engines. remain a small niche product just one in the sixty cars sold this autumn was powered by alternative technologies. and that's all your business is back to south thank you so much in fact to write it up you know we have quite a lot more news still to come in the program including east meets west the world's
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most popular art museum the louvre is opening a new location and if you haven't heard where it is already you probably won't be able to guess where it is but we will tell you in just a few minutes time do not worry. but first we're heading to china where the number of super wealthy is rapidly growing many enterprising chinese hope to strike it rich in the country's new economy but some of those who have made it like one of china's biggest streaming stars are discovering that money doesn't always buy you happiness. the wee hours of the best time for you lee. cracks a few jokes and looks at the screen he has more than one hundred fifty thousand viewers right now and the numbers keep going up. it's now a short skirt a dancer is featured one of his team she's a hit dragons and numbers flash.
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you league gives his all the figures translate into virtual cash and then later into real cash a lot of real cash. holes were going then the today all and well over fifteen thousand euros one viewer alone has given me thirteen thousand and now there's a couple of thousand and i'm very happy and there's still time goes on the whole your. three hours of jokes shouting poor ing on the charm you really is china's number one live stream or. he has more than thirteen point five million subscribers. stay t.v. in china is censored it shows pedestrian and boring instead this is weird and silly and harmless everything goes here except sex and politics.
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lots of business people watch the big bosses that use it to relax they give me money in the same way they might spend over ten thousand euros on a bottle of wine in a beijing or shanghai club it's their way of treating themselves the. next morning uli's clad in a more streisand facial mask an antidote to too little sleep one of his pupils pops by she wants advice from the man she calls the grandmaster. grandmaster not many come to my chat room what can i do differently on the days of utah you need to show you something special something that makes people laugh all relax is going mentally if you want them to like you some part of you needs to echo in their hearts ok or you vote for the. day has started badly and last night was difficult to her equipment doesn't work including the microphone and even one hundred one who everyone calls the old tiger the man who can usually fix everything
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was baffled and yet all hunting wanted was to revisit her performance from yesterday her chance to acquire fame and wealth in her grandmaster show. even sitting there singing along doesn't help she messed up there were simply too few viewers. you know i just wasn't good enough i was too nervous because so many people had watched him it was a bad performance on. her stages a flat shared with other would be internet stars. cables are strewn throughout like spiders webs for work space doubles as a bedroom and in the shared kitchen complete with leftover food old tiger monitors the shows it smells of cap and old smoke. and there's a flat rate next door noisily wrapping it breakneck speed. yes yes i.
3:47 pm
was. being tries again her show begins with her applying her make up there's no such thing as privacy here of course she earns far less than her grand master and as one of his employees she has to give him a percentage he's the boss and she's the internet proletariat sometimes old tiger chats to just to get things going to she scenario than your teen at first i was really excited and full of hope i thought if they can become stars why not me. now after a few months i know how hard this business can be like an internet. you know until . you know sometimes i'm so sad after the live stream because there are so few viewers i cry and they cry so how. cool. her grand master is on the road in a rolls royce which cost half
3:48 pm
a million euros. you leave used to be a car mechanic. his dramatic rise to riches is perhaps only possible in china with its population of one point four billion macit it. bought myself a rolls royce because i often meet with internet personalities fashionistas trendsetters the others usually buy a mercedes s.u.v.s or land rovers i bought these instead there was you know back in the old with them they weren't when uli now thinks on a different scale everything has to be big like his new headquarters where one being in and the other live streamers will be based. the architect explains that this is where the accounts department will be because it's a good thing shway and don't forget says uli to plan in enough space for my good business buddha. and then it's back to his marble and guild
3:49 pm
suite it's nearly show time again his hours of flirtation with the lonely and the rich who he must entertain and who are becoming more and more demanding more critical when he repeats himself suddenly it all comes out. it's huge pressure to look at my swollen eyes i can hardly sleep day and night get mixed up in this business i don't have friends anymore i can't meet anyone phalange just very briefly in the evening and then i have to get back this work cuts me off from real life completely. and then he carries on as if nothing had happened tells his jokes does a show when it seems he may be searching for the same thing as his clients as if what he really wants is not the money nor the viewers nor success but some closeness and friendship.
3:50 pm
the world's biggest and most popular art museum the loo until now that name has been synonymous with paris but today is being opened far away from the french capital to live. in the arab united arab emirates aims to bring together east and west bank art from around the world the complex of fifty five buildings under one massive dome is more than a decade in the making and the result of intricate planning by renowned french architect john knew that. and for more on this new landmark we are joined here in the studio by david levitz who has been following it all from our kota desk so david tell us you know what's the story behind this new museum well this is a huge project that's meant to benefit both france and. but it's been quite a roller coaster over the last decade there's been fierce debate in france over whether the name is even up for grabs for oil money over the course of two french
3:51 pm
governments and then. oil prices have been collapsing there's been rising political tensions in the whole region so why do it in the first place while france is making a boatload. of money off this deal about a billion euros about half of that just for the name movie which they're just loaning for thirty years of policing if you will for thirty years and part of the deal is that various paris museums will loan hundreds of works to the louvre abu dhabi each year during that time including whistler's famous portrait of his mother and then go we just saw. obviously for this is key in its plan to position itself as the cultural center of the persian gulf and this is certainly a pretty good start let's take a closer look. then you know that is located on a water lapped outpost its vast cosmic dun stands as the structures center pace.
3:52 pm
is made up for this guy goes mic because we're wrestling with a random system like the star that said i imagine is out with the light of truth. and and i imagine that was not a lot of lighting just was just a little bit too great a guide of the reign of flight. the dapples of light may seem random but they're the result of years of careful testing the germ also helps modulator the temperature and conditions inside the museum to protect the works from one of the harshest environments in the world the new love was born out of the two thousand and seven intergovernmental agreement between paris and abu dhabi the museum hopes to inspire cross cultural dialogue and exchange. it's definitely a center of peace is the center piece the center of acceptance it's a center of tolerance it's essential education i mean again going back to the words
3:53 pm
of his highness to her bedside when he said this museum is a gift from me to the world and you know when you're in this museum we're all connected we're all one. of abu dhabi is working in collaboration with thirteen leading french museums from which it's learned some hoft of its pieces on display. masterworks are here like those from leonardo da vinci they've got to go out and claude monet. having more than six hundred works of art in fifty five buildings the new love is a village of art in the desert and one visitors will likely need more than one trip to appreciate all it has to offer. and we have to mention that there has been more controversy to construction workers actually died and the process of making of a new verse says they're in serious talks with abu dhabi about human rights there i thought that there were. going to say at this time absolutely zero is a question there about the workers as well and you know but the overall goal though
3:54 pm
of this particular i'm right is that they they where they want to be dominant culturally in the persian gulf i mean they they want to basically be the place to go you know what else do they have planned this is this is the sort of projects is just the beginning as you mentioned there's a whole district right so outside of the main islands where there we go it's spectacular there's going to be a new national museum by norman foster we're seeing there there's also going to be a new guggenheim museum designed by frank gehry very much in frank gehry style and the opening date even projected on that and a performing arts center by the late deed. all in all there it is all in all when this is finished no one in the cultural world will be able to ignore. every cat they've had love and selling us all about it so much in store it seems there in the future. that. before we go we want to tell you that football world champions germany are facing england in a friendly fixture on friday the match will provide coach with
3:55 pm
a vital opportunity to test his squad for june world cup in russia although injured defender jerome boa tang has been ruled out of the game. yohimbe love has a clear vision for germany's world cup squad he wants his players to exhibit social skills teamwork and a strong mentality. leipsic left back muscle howsomever has been called up for the first time while mario kurtz is fondly back along with a one off to both missed international for a year due to illness and injury. isn't. he this is a game to prepare ourselves for the world cup we've seen that we have an incredibly wide range of players and of course every game against an opponent like england is important. to hear germany's new kits was also on veiled this wake with spice on the chest for a fifth star for
3:56 pm
a possible fifth world cup so it's all. quick reminder now the top story that we have been following for you here on new u.s. president trump has arrived in china for what is being called the centerpiece of his first asian tour triumph is expected to push president xi jinping on trade imbalances and to increase pressure on north korea to curb its nuclear ambitions. today i'm sara kelly in berlin after a short break my colleague layla iraq will take you to the headlines don't go away she's back thank you.
3:57 pm
is the south pacific island nation of doomed. the sea is encroaching ever farther on to the land. what can people do when they're home to fund those finished their fields. nobody here is thinking of giving up.
3:58 pm
a drowning paradise in the south pacific. fifteen spondee doubling. your children like chocolate. you can't live without your smartphone. to buy your tomatoes in the supermarket. as we go about our daily life human rights are often the last thing on the roads.
3:59 pm
invisible hands. slavery in the twenty first century. struggle december second on. but on when it. is you know i mean in your monotonous i'm going yes. those are the moderates who seem to call me. us all with on about our. vision of getting. it on when it. is you know i mean in your mind not in his. pockets when among women i mean. what i'm focused on the music what i'm with what an organizer and of what his attorney. is you know i mean in your minorities ingrown you are getting in when you cry i don't want to. i mean i'm going to and unanimously. the show could go because i see videos have said. i shouldn't
4:00 pm
when i've only said but i caught going on with her being funded. by mackenzie it gets us into sassy. this is the only news live from berlin gender rights germany could become the first in a new country to allow people to be registered as a third gender that's after a top court ruled that present laws discriminate against intersex people also coming up. high stakes and counter china's president she xi.


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