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i should honest when i would have only said what i thought of going on with her being funded. point zero point zero can see it because as if to say i said. this is the early news line for berlin gender rights germany could become the first the e.u. country to allow people to be registered as a third gender that's after a top court ruled that present laws discriminate against intersex people also coming up. high stakes and counter china's president xi jinping rolls out the red
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carpet for u.s. president donald trump but tense talk still a lie ahead the two powers are at odds over trade and cracking down on north korea and one hundred years ago communist revolutionaries seized power in russia d.w. goose to st petersburg were a new generation of political activists seeking regime regime change. on leyla herad great to have you along germany could become the first e.u. country to allow people to be registered as a third gender in a boost to intersex rights while the country's top court has ruled that official documents must either recognize a third gender or move gender entries all together while the ruling aims to combat discrimination against intersex people born neither male nor female under current
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regulations babies must be registered as either male or female or leave the gender field blank while the government has until the end of twenty eighteen to draw up new rules. all right let's get you more details on this a development political correspondent salman young is standing by simon what is the legal definition here in germany of an intersex person. right into sex is a term that supplied to people whose bodies are neither evidently or exclusively either male or female and this can often be seen in a person's chromosomes for instance the person who brought this legal case has only an x. chromosome and not either a white chromosome or a second x. chromosome that would identify them as either male or female but intersexuality can also be a matter of an atomic or features or hormones and estimates suggest that up to
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about eighty thousand people here in germany could be affected by this ruling all right so this is a this is a significant amount of people what will change as a result of this court ruling right the court has said that the government must change the law or by the end of two thousand and eighteen to introduce a third option to allow a birth registers to record not only male or female gender but also a third gender of intersex or some other positive term as the court put it. and it's possible i think that the government it depends how the government implements this but it could benefit other groups as well for instance trans people who also often want to have their officially recorded gender changed and one other thing i think the government why after look at changing the law on passports and id
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documents as well because at the moment those can only record the male female gender assignment of why is it important for people who identify as non-binary center neither male nor female to be legally recognized as such. you know certainly many interstates people say that they don't feel properly represented in a world which only really recognizes male and female and indeed sometimes it can be a matter of actual discrimination such as when public officials or for instance the school system doesn't properly recognise them so it is an important matter for many people and i think this is a matter of human rights and that's why the court said today it's it's a matter that gender is something that defines people's personality and how they see themselves and how they're seen by others in a very essential why and that's why it's important to get this right now right
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simon young thank you. donald trump has arrived in china for what his aides describe as the most crucial part of his five country trip of asia chinese president xi jinping and his wife gave the u.s. president and the first lady a lavish welcome starting with a private tour of the forbidden city a compound in the center of beijing will topple also be the very first foreign leader to every dime in the forbidden city since one thousand nine hundred eighty nine the two presidents have a lot to talk about the u.s. hopes china will ramp up economic pressure on north korea in an attempt to stop john yang's nuclear ambitions. more than a night at the opera president trump's asia trip brings him to china where his key themes trade and north korea converge china is one of america's largest trading partners and north korea's major sponsor. competing for global commerce but also
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partners in it part of trump's trip includes a signing ceremony for commercial deals between the two countries worth about nine billion dollars. trade is tricky business trade imbalance is a big issue for trump he even said it got him elected one year ago and it's really big with china the u.s. a leader in services enjoys service trade surpluses with china and many other countries however trade in goods easily wipes out these gains in two thousand and sixteen that left the u.s. in a three hundred ten billion dollar hole with china which trump is keen to climb out of. two of the world's most powerful leaders haven't always seen eye to eye but there may be room for common ground trump is a business person you know. that you know his president president you know status
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at that time there is a business a state. so this is the men and the business state they would understand that oh let's do business together. while they have very different leadership and speaking styles trump and she appear to be forging a relationship based on mutual business interests. after all i want to tell you now about some of the other stories making news around the world. democrats in the u.s. have won several high profile state and may your lections ralph northam here will be virginia's next governor while a new jersey will also be getting a democratic voters read elected the party's mayors in new york and other cities it was a key test of voter sentiment a year after republican donald trump won the white house. space top court has an old catalonians declaration of independence meantime independence supporters
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staged a general strike to protest the jailing of several separatist leaders and activists demonstrators blocked roads and commuter trains in the region will spanish prosecutors have brought the session charges against eight former catalan leaders for issuing that independence declaration. people in vietnam have begun the cleanup following that last weekend's flash floods more than half of the ancient town of point on it remains under water authorities say at least eighty nine people died in the floods were triggered by a typhoon that struck the south of the country on saturday. long lines have formed at gas stations in yemen's capital sanaa after the price of fuel jumped overnight this after saudi arabia's announced it would close all air land and sea ports to yemen the u.n. has called on the saudi led coalition fighting in yemen to allow food and medical
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supplies into the country where seven million people are facing famine. to russia now and its young revolutionaries people who oppose the present government and dream of democracy this next report is part of a new w d w series looking at the one hundredth anniversary of communist seizing power in russia st petersburg russia's former capital is where the revolution began . shadow went to see how that city is still a hub of anti-government sentiment and he filed this report. that was pertinent. and october twenty seventeen this is the sound of anger heritance and petersburg russia second largest city has become a hotbed of protest as was the case one hundred years ago when lenin and his comrades orchestrated the october revolution and change the world. but what do today's protests mean are they a real fight a more of
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a romantic idea how revolutionary are young russian intellectuals. many of the young people here in st peter's good food because more than the revolutionaries the very presence of the digital the connect the generation taking to the streets the demand for that it will change and they even risk going to prison for their ideals . like eighteen year old dmitri me action he supports opposition politicians alexina valmy. urges this when i feel like a revolutionary my goal is a change of power in russia. action was arrested at an anti-government demonstration several weeks ago he stands accused of entering a policeman as he was trying to get away he's been put on trial for allegedly attacking a government official and faces jail time. you know. i don't want to see violence of victims like in my down in ukraine i hope that we can
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change our system through democratic means but if the government doesn't listen to us then we may see radical protests in russia. with. the armed insurrection in one nine hundred seventeen ultimately so russia transformed into the soviet union. yes even today many memories of the uprising still stand in st petersburg. so do tributes to the soviet state such as street names. soviet sky are can be found around the city a total of ten times. the victims of the toba revolution commemorated here at mass over paul or. the shot that kicked off the revolution was fired from the washington or rural today it's a sparsely visited museum. for dimitri me action the soviet union is
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a closed chapter and its heroes are inch in history. yet the third not impressed by the communist revolution the only parallel i can see today is the concept of a people's revolution of course i'm a bit scared but i'm trying not to think about it we must be courageous that is the only way to achieve our goals. slips through the quarters sure they're beautiful. young people like dmitri me action view what's happened in st petersburg in one nine hundred seventeen as a coup a coup that led to repression and not emancipation of the people they're trying to fight the same tendency in contemporary russia. me action says the history of his hometown is a source of inspiration he even dreams of a true democracy in russia. when i look down on my city from up here it is clear that we have many talented
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people who are capable of building a beautiful city's people who want to improve their lives. one hundred years ago young people expressed the same hope hope that remains more relevant than ever today. so soccer now and world champions germany are facing inland in a friendly fixture on friday a match will provide a coach with a vital opportunity to test his squad for jews world cup in russia although injured defender thing has been ruled out of the game. joachim love has a clear vision for germany's world cup squad he wants his players to exhibit social skills teamwork and a strong mentality. left back marcel howsomever has been called up for the first time while mario kurtz is finally back along with the one after both missed international duty as for a year due to illness and injury. isn't. he this is
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a game to prepare ourselves for the world cup we've seen that we have an incredibly wide range of players and of course every game against an opponent like england is important. germany's new kits was also on veiled this wake with space on the chest for a fifth star for a possible fifth world cup title. so francis has hit out at snap happy bishops priests am pilgrims telling them mass is a time for prayer not taking photographs presses interrupted his weekly audience at st peter's square to tell the crowd of thousands that the use of cell phones during the ceremony was quote a very ugly thing. that. it makes me very sad when i celebrate mass here in the. hour in the basilica. and i see so many cell phones held up not only by the faithful. but also by some
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priests and even bishops police. during mass the priest says lift up your hearts you know. he does not say lift up your cell phones and take pictures no. no selfies people are right thank you so much for watching us am at the top of the hour. surely see people in the world who for information may provide the paintings they want to express g.w. .


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