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tv   Doc Film - Kiribati - A Drowning Paradise in the South Pacific  Deutsche Welle  November 8, 2017 4:15pm-5:01pm CET

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some priests and even bishops police. hope would have been keown kept up and as such a good thing if it is joining us the priest says lift up your hearts you know. he does not say lift up your cell phones and take pictures. but ended up with that ip i know all. right thank you so much for watching i'll say again at the top of the hour. stories that people the world over information they provide the peons they want to express d.w. on facebook and twitter up to date and in touch follow us.
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on. its low tone i don't tunnel on the mind at all of the island nation of caring boss. his three sons and just a few hours before the water returns. and there are no stones on the beach anymore and that's why we have to go far out we need to get coral because the sea is flooding our house. the home of tartar and his family of twelve is under threat ten years ago they
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started building a wall made of coral. yeah . yeah we're over there when the water comes all the way up to here and there's a strong wind that's when it's worst and the water bashes against our wall and sprays over our whole house we have to build a higher wall so the water doesn't flood our home. you know it is a reality. that's you know that you know. and what do you that i work in the past our wall kept breaking because it was only this high now it's higher and more stable it protects us from the sea many walls collapse at high tide but we're lucky it was still standing or you know you gotta get. in to get it all back. in just thirty years tartars wall could cease to offer any protection from the sea.
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the island state to carry bass is one of the lowest lying countries on earth the narrow unprotected atolls in the south pacific are on average only two meters above sea level the nation consists of thirty three such atolls spread out between hawaii and australia more than half its hundred thousand residents live on the tunnel at all but for how much longer. climate change is threatening the people of kid of us sea level. as a rising storm surges and severe tropical storms are flooding the sparsely populated country with increasing frequency.
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for the locals it's a question of survival. climate change has national priority for the government to carry bass choi eating has been the official climate commission a since twenty ten he's alarmed by the changes caused by climate change. it is one that you know the community has to live in these conditions you know. i would imagine you know there would be a lot of us annotation problems a lot of contamination of their drink of water. right now we we don't really have. a king tide you know or you know rise and say no they were there during this period but imagine when it does come you know and and
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that little seawall there is this is for you know submerged by by by water. one day the people of carey bass will have to leave their country the government has already purchased land on fiji to provide them with refuge. i mean about a half. every day to talor and his three brothers have to carry their fishing boat into the sea it's hard work. you know get it about as you can see this area is flooded all this from here to all the way back there used to be beach now the beach is gone and the rocks are washed up that's why we have to move our boat every day otherwise it would get smashed we didn't. i mean. the family defies the rising sea levels with a coral wall that resembles a fortress. but even with that the water is rising and rising eventually the
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land over there will disappear but will stay and float like an island in the water . and i think i'm. just tower and his family have become a symbol of kerry bass's fight for survival his mother tyrant her granddaughter and i often reminisce about the times before they were affected by climate change. twenty years ago the sea was far away we were safe back then even at high tide the water only reached this far we used to have a lot of trees our land was much greener we had no idea we'd have to live like this one didn't wake up. the access road has been flooded for years the family can only leave their property by boat. you know what so what then when i was little life was really good there were lots of trees under which we played hide and
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seek. i've heard that other countries are causing climate change but i don't hate those people in their. everything but they are by. the way i see it differently the western countries are doing many things to who is climate change they're to blame. can do is ask them to stop you know that we have. the sea is increasingly devouring unprotected tracts of land in the middle of the south pacific and. you know what adi this isn't a safe place for the future when we have a high time to end a big storm the water smashes into the sea wall and sprays over the top. during
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storm surges which occur once a month these days the people who carry bass are completely defenseless against the forces of nature. and i'm scared that the water will continue to rise maybe we'll have to leave here one day and live elsewhere if climate change gets worse. among growth forest in the south of tire of the knots of thin strong roots make these tropical trees the perfect protection against soil erosion. with a group of young people climate activist. wants to plant mangroves on the beach at amber during low tide i think. i will plant fifteen rows when i. got. to one of the i haven't got it you have to plant the mangroves
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a hunts with the part. the city has been organizing a growing number of such volunteer planting events. ok these are the seeds from the mangroves and we pick them up and then this other ones that we use to plant them and then they go again we think green case gets when we plant them the winds will come and maybe two will be flooded away at least one will stay and be and believe so that's why we take three all the time here the people of taiwan have already planted more than fifty thousand mangroves on the beaches of the actual. young people here of grown up with climate change they're scared. to mumbai now you know. they were rising in the area imported here a fire back in effect well i live here. and i just don't want to see my island get
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drowned out of the sea is in my village where i live most of us on this trip by the sea. the future prospects for kerry abbas's young people are dying but none of them want to leave their home. i'm still proud selebi a kid who just in the world we basically just killed proud of the country which is what this is where we belong it's all cultural oh identity that's why i think this is where our hearts belong. the hope is that these mangroves on ambo beach will grow into a forest like the one that helps define storm surges in the south of town on. protecting the coastline has become a national priority for the people of period but there's no coherent plan and the
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government lacks the funds for. long term infrastructure nations. those who can afford concrete have built a wall in their own expense that's what it in women with has done the young entrepreneur from the village of tub or air. i think climate change will only get worse in the future it one day will drown when other people think differently but i'm scared by what's happening we have to protect ourselves that's why we're building the seawall that this is how i want it when they got there. the sea is calm today but it's only a matter of time before the next storm surge arrives. home to around sixty thousand people more than half the country's entire population.
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i'm just not livable land is becoming increasingly spouse says climate activist in a city. compared to ten years ago and not just like this people stayed in their homes but nowadays people who migrate from there for a better future became afraid a single way for everything. it ended up like this one the closer they do each other. in addition to climate change overpopulation is one of the biggest problems on top of. the seas this is sumi das from one person to another and especially with the kids that go on missions ever limits we saw it gone to employ each and every one of them on average a family here has five to six children almost every square metre of land on tara
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has now been built on the main thing that is strengthening as is the sea level rise . we have plenty of ocean taking most of the lands and people try whatever they have to build seawalls but it doesn't help when the what comes now no one can stop the what they just comes and then take away all the lands they gained. in twenty fourteen the effects of global warming on carry vast attracted international attention. below on a tape to yota made a bid to become the world's first climate change refugee when he applied for asylum in new zealand. so the government of new zealand didn't recognise climate change as grounds for asylum they didn't think that the people of kerry bass were threatened by nature and forced to flee as a result. you know honor and his family were deported from new zealand a year later even though the situation in their home country has been getting progressively worse it was a shock for the family. and
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what scares me is that our land is low lying wiseau rounded by the sea and it's being washed away around us and them. below honor and his family have moved in with his sister but they don't see a future for themselves on kerry bus yet gave. me my biggest worry is my children i want them to be safe we don't want to wait until the end while many people criticize me for trying to be a climate change refugee saying i'm talking my country down but i want to leave again it doesn't matter where we live our culture will survive with us. gary busey's first inhabitants settle here around three thousand years ago the majority came from southeast asia and polynesia the locals are
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a proud people who are attached to their traditions. what do you mean. by around fifty kilometers to the north of taiwan is a different world it's only sparsely populated.
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the village of narco has become a symbol of the impending dangers of climate change over the past twenty years rising sea levels have destroyed campbell and john's home. this is that land before and they used to have money because for like gathering people. and all the b. will be avoided they leave all moved to die the mainland. to bring in alcoa is still home to seventy families it was the second largest village on our buying rising salinity from daily flooding has made the soil infertile. i don't care about climate when i don't know it's nothing and now i see the division know that i'm bad and they strike warning me and i know i'm thinking maybe i'm gonna move migrate to australia or new zealand in a country course the su rising they always increase. i have two kids
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and they don't. and i look for the kid then maybe i should move. but wants to stay it's not a question of courage he just feels connected to his home. from the best we are proud to be gay best we want to die here we don't want to go to overseas we want to stay here. when we move our college out we would be disappeared. there are lots of people on our buying who don't have work or is here on behalf of the government his job is to show people how to make palm sugar.
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and i'm going to i know there was an idea that you know i think let me make them a couple is looking for a work a name to cumber what i am going to write and the. palm sugar is obtained from the sap known locally as tony of the palm blossom to come by has to climb to the top of the twenty metre coconut palm to collect it. i want out me will know. what i did what you got it in enough. to come by has three bottles of told you so far. i think that that's enough for now you know you've. learned how to make palm sugar in thailand the government of curie biassed financed is training right there on the. island where. the kerry bus government also paid for the equipment here. this is the body of
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fresh water or it was. up until now locals have only used the fresh syrup for drinks now we're going to fresh water first study so. we want to leave those in the water. in the dark these so that we can crystallize that they'd already become you know side by. the island of our buying is the perfect place for producing palm sugar there are thousands of coconut palms across the thirty seven kilometer island. we only have. you know cobra. source of income so our conmen try to find ways with people to win more money and this is one of the one of their income
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no income for them found by going to take seven liters of sap to produce one kilogram of palm sugar. this is how you have to do it when you've reached this point the fire mustn't be too hard you have to store it the whole time i watch how i do it you have to push the toady up the side until it becomes hard and powdery the palm sugar from buying is said to be sold for five euros per kilo and. i'm going to get money to continue this work. we can earn money that way and we can use that money to feed our families or your money get your way. if. the government has plans to export the palm sugar from buying around the world cup
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our secured important contacts at the world's fair in milan in twenty fifteen. when i want to. this is the sugar from your palm sap this is what it looks like. when you want to try it. and i mean do you think of the new sugar it's not right i mean going the way. you like it. or you would on a matter of taste like candy this sugar is really different much more delicious your yeah. traditional kerry bass recipes are increasingly fading from memory women's rights activist and nutritionist tom graffitti crossed wants to fight that trend. and how to prepare for
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would you say never do it before and do you think their lives and they have. their own country and they never use it because they don't know it. i don't know you can use these palm leaves in many different ways not just to swat flies. will wrap them around the fish rip into to when you cook things nice and liquid comes out that's very good for the stomach i know but i had a gun i. when i follow their lives like this and rock the fish i am a member got i mean my lucky. fish has been prepared like this on carry bass for generations. they usually eat fried food before i do when they ebor did food comes and that's where things has gone wrong because he got all of his that was british for of people the
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sick people and would try to cut down the out the people to the sick you know and receive the red for short cut. off identity india and therefore they're not on the it can't be they can prevent any any disease if we have and it's not got any not got it that you can eat every part of the squash the flour this damned the skin the seeds when you cut the squash make sure you don't cut the slices too thickly why do we want a lot of hugs in our soup. all these heads have medicinal properties i've been. yeah your body has taken these halves and you get healthier. organic even i you're not just making a meal i know you are also making medicine. in america are mabyn good i met every thought that i had with my two thirds of kerry basses population consumes
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a staple diet of fish and imported rice a diet increasingly supplemented with high sugar foods leading to rising rates of obesity and diabetes. and. i thank tom graffitti case cooking class i know more about cooking now i have a young daughter at home. with a lot of herbes and vegetables now so that she grows up healthy. up until now we've only uses herb's for across. we didn't know you could cook them but . you can find everything she's showing us in the jungle it's great what you know. nutritionist crosses mission is far from over she wants to share her knowledge in every village on our buying. traditional community
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centers on curiosity called my neighbor the structures provide shade and protection against strong winds and rain by young is home to one of the largest manye bars in the region the environmental protection organization kiri camp has invited representatives from several villages together there seeking ways to ensure possible water supplies. so easily bored and we know that what is fresh what things clean and what is good for everyone so that we can all leave longest day care of this people. climate activist of our city is also working to combat the salinisation of drinking water. here. i've. no idea never mind a ban some time see water flows into my well and floods it all the dirt gets when we have no water to drink. it will launch a lot of money but. our ground water used to be fresh and clean we could drink it
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today it's salty and unpalatable. and if the wells near the sea are flooded quite regularly and become spoiled by the salt if we were to wash with that water it feel like washing in seawater and money but. the salinity of water supplies isn't the only problem supplying clean drinking water is another challenge village representatives present to this solutions. we opted for this pump to make it work we need equipment such as pipes to pump the well water to the houses. when. we get the one about we thought about what would be the best solution for everyone that's why we chose a desalination plant. but i guess we need a hand pump to supply ourselves with water in them but they're out there and i mean you suggested a number of ideas it's important that the solution is cheap and will work for
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a long time. yeah i mean. we're going to lay out all of your criteria on the floor here. which solution will win the village delegates are asked to vote that's an important part of the process says kerry cans australian development aid worker robert cain we know this process is going to lead us to a project is really just getting people to think about the kinds of things the question they should be asking when confronted with a new project or don't have a very community there's not much export that comes out of three of us so there's no income coming in which is difficult because often need the material the money and i think you need some money to break the dependency cycle. founded the environmental protection organization kerry can her goal is to support the people kerry bus in their battle against climate change in care about most of the time the priority need for our people is water and that's why we got water into these
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communities what is the priority with bread water tends to collect or to harvest the rain. over the next few months every extended family will be supplied with their own water tank and solar panels to generate electricity part of a program funded by international aid. people will be forced to leave if we do not step in right now today to help them feel like they're just a that's what a definition is all about for people to remain in the whole new homes in their own country now with their life and their culture. i wouldn't imagine my people leaving to another country but it's not this because we have a very deep connection with our land but moving. the way to somewhere where you do not belong to you you went on was become my second class person in your heart you know that you don't belong there. yanks.
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were back on the main atoll of tara while. the marine training center is a window of opportunity to a better life for many young kiri bars up to one hundred fifty students train here every year to become seafarers ship mechanics and cooks. for the right. of the brought. the drill at the training centers strict as is the morning roll call. ninety six. ninety seven today for not talking and if you were in the
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brig for why stop. now and it's. five if. he but his friends here in them to see just the scale so if a chain is found if you're going to use long fingernails not wearing the chief tone with a form which said for proper shave that's to be punished the change has to be punished for when. the trainees have to rehearse a docking maneuver on the deck of a training ship today among them is twenty five year old tom where a. fellow at this is there. a risk i've been right so let's step through glass where let's pull the fridge for. seafarers from kiri in demand particularly on german vessels six shipping companies from hamburg have offices on tara supervised by andrew hynes and he holds the locals in high esteem
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and finds jobs for them on ships from all around the world. firstly the people who grow up on these islands have a strong connection to water when they've been fishing and spending time on the water since childhood that's strong in my experience it takes just one carrier bus to do a job that needs to filipinos these fifteen months are a process they have to be on time be clean and well dressed because they'll be confronted with a completely different world and this is. a lot of it that. the trainees have to work hard for their dream all week long the demands a great. time aware only caesar's wife and one year old daughter of the weekends. he currently shares a dorm room with nineteen other sailors. your this is my bed and that's my mattress made of palm leaves in
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a bag and i get. it back and again as i roll out the mattress every night. this is what it looks like. this is how i sleep. this. war there in agony and i chose to train as a merchant marine because it gives me the chance to provide for my family it's my dream to continue my training after i finish this program. now and i don't know. the training center has a good reputation on kerry bus but even this modern complex faces increasing bouts of flooding. as you can see the entrance to the basin has become blocked by sand and. built up here overnight because a small section of the symbol has broken. and upset the water
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was a bit higher than usual and lacking or insufficient maintenance cost it to break out all adults would get out of all the current deposits at the sand here and have to hear. people mess about with everything just like they do in europe driving along this causeway you can see that the water exchange is restricted to just a small but you all the water from the lagoon has to squeeze through. human interference with nature with disastrous consequences not least because it's changed ocean currents the causeway is a costly never ending construction site. the primary school in bonn ricky every morning begins with a prayer more than ninety percent of kerry buses population is christian.
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now. school is compulsory for children between the ages of six and fourteen zero zero zero. zero. zero zero zero here from new orleans i mean you would find it if. you. would. be on the phone to do. this you know right. now these are the voices.
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so what does the future hold for kerry about his children it's a subject addressed in primary schools. and we want to alert the children to what's going on here and how they can deal with the problem most of the children a scad of climate change and of the what the on. the children's fear is different from those of their teacher. but they're all very concrete. she's scared of the fugitive. and i know my enemy we can emigrate to another country or confront the problem and live with it i always tell my students that we have to find ways of preventing solely version on the net and i got the way we have to build seawalls unplanned mangroves we mustn't cut down on trees anymore on the road i'm going on. you know the children have drawn pictures to illustrate
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what they think will happen as a result of global warming our beaches will be washed away this boy says when using two. much fuel. in this girl's picture the land is simple merged everyone she says is swimming in the water because the ocean is washed away the land if sea levels continue to rise she says we'll all die. these children are growing up with a palpable fear of the future. of the us this girl tells us her home was flooded just last week it happened while she was sleeping her mother woke her up and carried her out of the house. this girl says she is very scared about climate change she believes many people are responsible for it but as a child there's nothing she can do about it.
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but the village upon ricky has become increasingly susceptible to flooding after heavy rainfall often the high water lasts for days. trainee seafarer time aware and his wife better. have bought a small house here. you know if i were the one we're going to live here in the future i mean i'm currently living with my wife and my daughter with my parents but we'll move in soon once i've completed my training at the marine center and i'm earning money by working on a ship i want to start raising my children here and that's when they get it. you're going to want to have a garden here but i have to plow the soil first i want to build
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a fence and plant sweet potatoes and tapioca maybe letters to no one. as a crew member on a larger. containership tell me where i will be able to earn up to seven hundred us dollars a month that will place in theory buses middle class. i'm very excited to be moving here i'm so proud of him when he gets a job and starts earning money i will be able to build something and have a bigger family if he didn't have a job we'd have a lot of problems we would be able to lead this life i'm very happy. i got my anus . and new moon. when night falls on tara the fisherman sometimes recall a centuries old fishing method. taillights and light a three metre torch made of palm leaves on the beach up to michael the warm light of the fire lowers small tasty reef fish into the shallow water.
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they're going to it's not like it used to be when there were fewer people here population growth has fueled an increase in fishing because of rising demand for you know that many fishermen now use neon lights to attract fish. and. it's rather tired writer and much i'll catch any fish with their traditional fishing method these days. you're. going to want to i've only quarter to our zero. you know it's hard to catch fish those days i feel the current has changed. i got i think
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i've never met by giving my to. the fisherman wonder whether climate change is to blame for that to. the fisheries ministry of cary mass marine biologist. has been investigating the health of the coral reefs around tarawa and the surrounding atoll so more than ten years using measuring tapes he and his team regularly monitor coral growth and health. what we're seeing is the more popular corals now are the ones that are adapting and more resilient to change in to increase in temperature this hour by even more in the hot temperatures this spreading over which is ok this is the chorus and i'm just reading there are lots of them. but it's only it's like
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survival of the fittest. the polyps that make up the stony corals are among the winners of climate change they seem to be particularly happy in the waters around carry us because they're so resilient to the change that's why they're in really improving their cup is massive even they could i mean so. you know storms or stuff like that. i hope for kerry but only healthy coral reefs can grow with the rising sea levels their natural breakwaters and provide important protection for the islands during major storm surges. here in south and always an urban area as a lot of factors affecting waves. every structure. the main thing is that it is rubbish since there's a very high population years out that always causes rubbish yeah waste. into the forest that's putting every pressure. as
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a result there are signs of degradation among we could coral species in many reefs around tara while. the population is set to double entendre over the next twenty years climate coordinated choice eating and the government of kerry by us face a huge challenge. unless we find a solution now to address this problem you know if we were to to top up the land here sand and you know kind of reclaim it you know that may be an option. the government has even considered moving its people on to artificial floating islands futuristic visions and exorbitantly expensive designs by international architects. buyers a period of cost and development and it's very hard to do with the lack of resources that we have science tells us that over time my. it's something that we're very
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hard to accept right now it may be that in just fifty years jerry bass will no longer exist it could be the first country to be wiped off the map by climate change there's still hope here east small window of hope i guess yeah pride is is something that will keep you going maybe the end not good for king of s.f. so i. guess there will be at your best. meet young entrepreneurs eager to tackle global challenges in our series founders valley. in this episode a race against the machines pretty tough that's not a i vish and raise from taiwan to. a well between progress and tradition.
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