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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 8, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm CET

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cover the world from different perspectives. join us in being sponsored by distinctive instagram others at g.w. story topic each week on instagram. this is it abuse line from berlin gender rights germany could become the first sticky new country to allow people to be registered as a third gender that's after a top court ruled that present laws discriminate against intersex people also coming up. the german economy continues to fire on all cylinders but
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a panel of economical wise men who are in the economy could overheat if not properly monitored also high stakes encounter china's president xi jinping rolls out the red carpet for u.s. president donald trump but ten stocks still lie ahead the two powers are at odds over trade and cracking down on north korea. thank you very much for your company germany could become the first you country to allow people to register as a third gender a move that is a boost to intersex rights the country's top court ruled that official documents must either recognize a third gender or remove gender entries altogether the decision is designed to find discrimination. against intersex people born neither male nor female under current
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rules babies have to be registered as either male or female or parents can opt to leave the gender field blank the government has until the end of twenty eighteen to draw up new regulation i want let's get you more details on this a development political correspondent sam young is standing by simon what is the legal definition here in germany of an intersex person. right into sex is a term that's applied to people whose bodies are naive evidently or exclusively either male or female and this can often be seen in a person's chromosomes for instance the person who brought this legal case has only an x. chromosome and not either a white chromosome or a second x. chromosome that would identify them as either male or female but into sexuality can also be a matter of an atomic or features or hormones and estimates suggest that up to
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about eighty thousand people here in germany could be affected by this ruling all right so this is a this is a significant amount of people what will change as a result of this court ruling. right the court has said that the government must change the law by the end of two thousand and eighteen to introduce a third option to allow all birth registers to record not only male or female gender but also a third gender of intersex or some other positive term as the court put it. and it's possible i think that the government depends how the government implements this but it could benefit other groups as well for instance trans people who also often want to have their officially recorded gender changed and one other thing i think the government why after look at changing the law on passports and id
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documents as well because at the moment those can only record either male or female gender are so many why is it important for people who identify as non-binary center neither male nor female to be legally recognized as such yes certainly many intersex people say that they don't feel properly represented in a world which only really recognises male and female and indeed sometimes it can be a matter of actual discrimination such as when public officials or for instance the school system doesn't properly recognise them so it is an important matter for many people and i think this is a matter of human rights and that's why the court said today it's it's a matter that gender is something that defines people's personality and how they see themselves and how they're seen by others in
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a very essential way and that's why it's important to get this right now right simon young thank you. and germany's economy is in an exceptionally good shape garrett yes israel according to the annual report of the country's so-called sages of the economy that's an advisory panel to the government germany's in the midst of a strong stay say the experts experts forecast growth of two percent for the current year and as much as two point two percent for twenty eighteen that translates into quite decent tax revenues and some financial leeway which say the wise men and one woman actually would be wisely spent on tax cuts and reducing expenses they also recommend the government invest in education and research as well as in germany's crumbling infrastructure that means improving rows and speeding up internet access which is an international embarrassment in most parts of this country in an interview with g.w. business member of the panel professor last felt warns that the german economy
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could be on the road to overheating but what we currently see is that we are running above capacity in the term economy if you have counter-cyclical economic policies this would finally trigger stronger price increases as we currently see the forecast inflationary to be at about one point eight percent next year core inflation would even be higher by one point nine percent so we are coming very close to the two percent target and additional public spending in areas where the economy is already capacity would only increase prices for the last felt there our financial correspondent daniel cope has been following this story as well danny are german inflation just nearing the two percent target and economists already warning the economy could of the heat is that a bit of german speaking there. well you are right.
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known for being very precautionary and also sometimes careful when it comes to wear forms but those five why some have been very clear that there needs to be some changes in order to prevent this overheating that we have seen already happening mostly in asian countries that then could have a negative effect on the economy you mention it mostly of the tax system was criticized stating that people here in germany pay too high income taxes and also something that is really on the minds of investors here that they were criticizing the born purchasing program here of the european central bank that was reduced some weeks ago from sixty billion to a thirty billion euros a month starting in january but they are stating that this at all it's not any more necessary for boosting the economy. the whole of the recommendations of the five
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wise men and the what is one woman picked up by investors in general. well in general when you talk about lower taxes you know more investments of course this is very much welcomed in appreciated by investors but on the other hand they also know that there are certain limits it's going to be really interesting to morrow the german government will receive the annual tax report knowing how much of taxes they will get by the end of the year from companies and also individuals here in germany so after this will probably you have a better idea in which direction all of this is going to go. on for thank you very much. now a new set of challenges could be set to hit european carmakers the e.u. commission is proposing another thirty percent cut in vehicle emissions and you study shows several auto manufacturers are already having trouble meeting the existing targets the permissible level of emissions for new cars in europe is
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ninety five grams of c o two per kilometer on average that means that some models can produce more than this as long as others blow less into the air bus german carmakers folks are dying and b.m.w. cannot even meet these tires as you can see here according to the report their emissions are still well over the existing threshold to your turn here's a person in a better position at eighty nine and eighty seven grams per kilometer respectively they already come in below the current target but the industry as a whole is not moving fast enough in reducing emissions that's why the e.u. wants to extend reductions until twenty thirty and lower the allowed limits to just sixty six grams and. zero two per kilometer the proposals are now on the table some in the e.u. commission call them ambitious maybe because germany's powerful car industry will fight them tooth and nail my colleague charla tells them pillars just filed this
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report from brussels. landed there and more and. reducing greenhouse gas emissions while still keeping the e.u. commonly competitive that the e.u. commission plan for the future of the european kind history this is not only good for the planet but also for our pockets. the commission wants a thirty percent reduction in carbon emissions from cars and vans by twenty thirty compared to twenty twenty one bombs they first want to see if to fifteen percent reduction by twenty twenty five the proposal also offers incentives for the production and sale of aleck trick cars environmentalists and car manufacturers alight and waited with bated breath to hear these plans and the commission says they're designed to please both sides this proposals is ambitious but this is realistic ambitious they are cost effective and vicious but not this optimism
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about many on tapi environmentalists were hoping for a quota on the number of clean energy vehicles called makers how to produce and have been left angry by reports that the proposal was watered down to intervention from german condo b s this is a good early christmas present from president to the to the cut german car industry that the targets which are being proposed are highly on ambitious but most importantly the proposed zero emission vehicle talk it has been completely removed from the proposal after direct lobbying by the german car industry this is a huge disappointment the proposal still needs the green light from the european parliament and even member states several of whom say europe needs to accelerate reforms if its car industry wants to stay competitive in a fast meaning market. staying competitive twitter is doubling its notorious limit
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of one of one hundred forty characters per tweet to two hundred eighteen we haven't heard from them but i'm sure some will trump is thrilled actually many investors are they think more characters means more money or actually any money because so far twitter hasn't made any profit f. off. jack dorsey c.e.o. of twitter tweeted a statement reminiscent of neil armstrong's famous moon landing quote dorsey wrote it's a small change but a big move for us doubling the link of tweets really is the biggest change in the company's history twitter went public in late two thousand and thirteen back then analysts hoped twitter would be another facebook but in contrast to facebook twitter has never found firm financial footing the result since its i.p.o. in late two thousand and thirteen twitter shares have fallen from forty six us dollars at the debut to around twenty dollars now the problem the number of people
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who log on to twitter was flat for years in the u.s. so far the company has dealt with that problem by ringing more revenue out of the same number of people by selling better targeted ads but since the summer the number of people logging on has decreased in the u.s. and other markets twitter hopes that expanding its character count will attract more users to the service but twitter's new strategy can be explained in less than the original one hundred forty characters more words more users more money that's hope so now one of the most prolific twitter users late undeniably of course president trump is who we're talking about because the man himself has arrived in china for what according to his aides is the most crucial part of his five country trip across asia president xi jinping and his wife gave the u.s. president and first lady a lavish welcome starting with a private tour of the forbidden city a compound in the center there will also be the very first foreign leader to ever
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dine in the bin city since nine hundred forty nine well the two presidents have a lot to talk about the u.s. hopes china will ramp up economic pressure on north korea in an attempt to stop the nuclear ambitions. more than a night at the opera president trump's asia trip brings him to china where his key themes trade and north korea converge china is one of america's largest trading partners and north korea's major sponsor. competing for global commerce but also partners in it part of trump's trip including a signing ceremony for commercial deals between the two countries worth about nine billion dollars. trade is tricky business trade imbalance is a big issue for trump he even said it got him elected one year ago and it's really
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big with china. the u.s. a leader in services enjoys service trade surpluses with china and many other countries however trade in goods easily wipes out these gains in two thousand and sixteen that left the u.s. in a three hundred ten billion dollar hole with china which trump is keen to climb out of. two of the world's most powerful leaders haven't always seen eye to eye but there may be room for common ground trump is a business person you know i mean. you know the president president you know status but china is a business a state. so a businessman and a business state they would understand that oh let's do business together. while they have very different leadership and speaking styles trump and she appear to be forging a relationship based on mutual business interests. there
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is so much riding on this visit and that is here with me in the studio in asia specialist with the bertelsmann foundation a think tank here in germany good to have you with us topping the agenda of course is north korea and its nuclear program let's listen to what president said before he headed to beijing and then we'll start our conversation the regime has interpreted america's past restraint as weak in this. this would be a fatal. miscalculation this is a very different administration than the united states has had in the past today i hope i speak not only for our countries. but for all civilized nations when i say to the north do not underestimate
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us and do not try. this of our sister very dire warning there that we heard a president a trump issue what exactly does he want she to do. from one state to take the problem off his hands the from approach to north korea seems to be to let china solve it and then take credit for it and say i told china to do it and they solved it problem is it's not going to work that way because does china have that type of leverage that way because does china have that type of leverage over pyongyang. it does not of course it has some of all big nations it has the most leverage most trade with north korea goes through china they have the closest contacts but the system in north korea is not only very suspicious
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of the us it's also very suspicious of china so they have no real reason to give in and it's not like china could be pushing around north korea and they would listen to them all right so if beijing basically can't just walk into kim your mourns the office and say this is what you've got to do what can be aging off for the u.s. president they can make sure that the sanctions will be implemented more straightforwardly than in the past that's been a problem they have been the sanctions for a long time against north korea and they were not really followed up by chinese customs they are most strict about that now but then there's a lot of discussion whether sanctions are really a way to change north korea this big doubts about it so i think the north korea problem is very far from being solved all right well on next to the other hot button issue trade us china trade is beijing prepared to make any concessions in
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that area where it does have leverage. it will not because it has no reason to do so the u.s. has no real instruments to force china to change its approach china has been very successful with this approach in the past and although there has been a lot of rhetoric in the u.s. the trump complaint was very much about china is stealing our jobs. nothing really has happened and as long as the u.s. doesn't have any real policies that would be really threatening to china's core interests china has no intention to change its course and no reason really and how is china viewing this visit i mean they rolled out the red carpet he's going to be the first. foreign leaders since one nine hundred forty nine to dine in the historic forbidden city they clearly do you think they're calling it the state visit plus is this just a charm offensive or is this all that they can really offer him in terms of
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concessions when it comes to bilateral relations the chinese are putting on a very good show for donald trump they know that he needs this he needs the pictures at home the chinese side needs good pictures too that is really what this trip is about they want to demonstrate harmony they want to demonstrate that they can work together in a way these two leaders she and trump the only leaders that they they respect and vice versa they are the two most powerful men in the world they know they are they know they they need to project back home that they're at the same time working together and they're not being totally bored by the other but the show for the first day has been working very well has been working very well talk to us a little bit about the people in china what do they make of us president dollar trump they're very much entertained by him they knew donald trump long before he was president as billionaire they don't take him very seriously as
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a politician and donald trump is a great gift for chinese state propaganda because he is the example that they need to demonstrate that democracy western style is going to lead to disaster and it's nothing that china should copy and what better could they wish for than an example like donald trump that is very easy to communicate to chinese audience sideband of birches asia specialist with the british men foundation here in germany thank you for you guys thank you. all right now we want to tell you about some of the other stories making news around the world. democrats in the u.s. have won several high profile state and me all elections ralph northam here will be virginia's next governor while new jersey will also be getting a democratic voters reelected the party's mayors in new york city in other cities
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it was a key test for a voter voter sentiment a year after republican donald trump won the white house. spain's top court has a knowledge of catalonia as declaration of independence calling it illegal all this came as the independence supporter staged a general strike to protest the jailing of several separatist leaders and activists demonstrators blocked roads and commuter trains in the region spanish prosecutors have brought secession charges against eight former catalan leaders for issuing that independence declaration zimbabwe's former vice president is safe and will leave the country for certain africa soon according to an ally he was fired by president robert mugabe on monday his removal is a boost for his biggest critic mugabe his wife grace she's now considered her husband's potential successor. authorities in india's capital new delhi have
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closed all schools in the city because of dangerously high levels of pollution choking the city for the second day authorities have also issued a health warning for those who are ill and the elderly local media say the level of pollution has reached twenty five twenty five times the limits that are considered safe. alright soccer now and world champs germany are facing england in a friendly fixture on friday the match will provide coach yorkie move with a vital opportunity to test his squad for jews world cup in russia although indore injured defender as your home boy i think has been ruled out of the game. joachim loew has a clear vision for germany's world cup squad he wants these players to exhibit social skills teamwork and a strong mentality. left back muscle howsomever because being called up for the
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first time well gets is finally back along with the one off to both missed international. illness and injury. isn't. this a game to prepare ourselves for the world cup we've seen that we have an incredibly wide range of play is and of course every game against an opponent like england is important. germany's new kits was also on veiled this wake with space on the chest for a fifth stuff for a possible fifth world cup thoughts all. the german and english soccer associations have announced that both teams will wear black armbands bearing with poppies in friday's game the poppy is a traditional british symbol to remember those who died in the war but had been banned by world soccer body fifa because it was considered a political agenda propaganda fifa has now changed the rules for meeting players at
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wembley will don the armbands in the week britain commemorates the end of the first world war. well francis has hit out at snap happy bishops priests and pilgrims telling them mass is a time for prayer not taking photographs francis interrupted his weekly audience at st peter's square to tell the crowd of thousands that the use of cell phones during the ceremony was a very ugly thing. it makes me very sad when i celebrate mass here in the. or in the basilica. and i see so many cell phones held up not only by the faithful. but also by some priests and even bishops police. the priest says lift up your hearts you know. he does not say lift up your cell
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phones and take pictures. and all the scourge of selfies well in the italian city of venice says it will ban a giant cruise ships from steaming castle a goon city's historic center they will instead have to reroute to a nearby industrial port the controversial decision which comes after years of debate is an attempt to balance venice's delicate ecosystem with the income generated by tourism and not all the locals are happy with this decision. for tens of thousands of tourists a high point of a mediterranean cruise is going through the narrow canals of venice thousands of tourist a high point of a mediterranean cruise it's going through the narrow canals of venice or laying anchor in view of the piazza san marco and the byzantine the celica the cruise industry has been expanding for years and the multi deck ships are bigger than ever
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the aim is to economize and pack more people on board at the same time. in this ancient city the trend has long been a source of anger and concern among locals especially conservationists they've been lobbying against what they consider an invasive presence of giant cruise ships for years saying both the city status as a unesco world heritage site and the ecology of a goon are under threat. but now following a meeting between the transport ministry in rome and representatives from venice large cruise ships will be banned in venice its historic city center starting in twenty nineteen the ships will have to take a different route and dock elsewhere. checked all possible routes and have come up with a realistic alternative. so the nations can expect somewhat calmer days in two years' time but some of them actually dread this prominent voices in the tourism sector say those who depend on visitors fear for their livelihoods. and
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that doesn't. mean young entrepreneurs eager to tackle the big challenges in our series founders
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that. may save us out a race against the machines. visionaries from taiwan with. a wall between progress and tradition. is founded. and to the conflicts. there are plenty of strong views about the muslim brotherhood several arab states have declared them a terrorist organization my guest here in amman jordan is a team of tabu she's an m.p. for the islamic action from the political wing of the brotherhood was king abdullah right to accuse them of being like wolves in sheep's clothing the first in sixty minutes called the doubling. every journey begins with the first step and every language with the first word the word in the. nico is in germany to learn
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german why not learn a hell of a simple online on your mobile and free stuff from d w z e learning course nikos fake german made easy meat the germans new and surprising aspects of noise and culture in germany. us american t.v. news a take a look at germany it is increasing use at their traditions every day lives and language i can just come out of my life as a massage so i'm young which i. like the french because i am a d w dot com the germans. what
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