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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  November 8, 2017 6:15pm-6:31pm CET

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well to be registered as a third gender the country's top court ruled that current day long discriminated against intersex people. all right time while her rockin a burger lynn the first is up next. and brussels revs up ever the revs up its engines in the fight against air pollution across europe there are two all have that story for you coming up right after the break. thanks for watching. i'm not proud of and i will not succeed in dividing us so i don't not succeed in taking the people off the streets because we're tired of the stick trying to show i'm. taking a stand global news that matters d. w.
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made for mines. sustainable protection for the earth ideals designed to preserve our ecosystems the exist around the world. global ideas takes the next step protection for our planet's biological diversity trailblazing projects. d w dot com slash global ideals. of. clearing the ad is europe serious about making all at kleenex a breeze the e.u. puts forward what it calls a business car emissions cuts critics say the targets give german comic has an easy ride. and we don't know what donald trump things are this but investors like it's
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loss making social media service twitter has finally abandoned its one hundred forty character limit. also on the show balance panel of economic advisers gives the government good grades for keeping the economy strong but warns there is a danger of economic overheating. is either of your business i'm going to have a office in berlin welcome it is set of challenges could be set to hit european coming because the e.u. commission is proposing another carton vehicle emissions and that as news as a new study actually shows several ottoman of factories are already having trouble meeting existing targets miscible level of emissions for new cars in europe is ninety five grams per kilometer of c o two per per kilometer on average that means that some of those can produce more than this as long as others of the same brand blow less into the air but many german car makers cannot even meet these
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targets their emissions are still well above the existing threshold as you can see here here's a better position as eighty nine and eighty seven grams per kilometer respectively they already come in below the current target but the industry as a whole could do more that's why the e.u. wants to extend reductions until twenty thirty and lower the allowed limit to sixty six grams of c o two per kilometer some of the you commission call this plan ambitious maybe because they know germany's car industry will fight them tooth and nail my colleague challenged and pill just filed this report from brussels. less of this and more of this reducing greenhouse gas emissions while still keeping the e.u. come on his competitive that's the e.u. commission's plan for the future of the european kind history but this is not only good for planet but also for our pockets the commission wants
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a thirty percent reduction in carbon emissions from cars and vans by twenty thirty compared to twenty twenty one bombs they first want to see if to fifteen percent reduction by twenty twenty five the proposal also offers incentives for the production and sale of electric cars environmentalist and car manufacturers alike had waited with bated breath to hear these plans and the commission says the design to please both sides this proposals is ambitious but vis israel will stick that ambitious they are cost effective and vicious but not disruptive but many on tapi environmentalists were hoping for a quota on the number of clean energy vehicles carmakers how to produce and have been left angry by reports that the proposal was watered down to intervention from german condo b s this is a good early christmas present from president to the to the cut german car industry
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that the targets which are being proposed are highly on ambitious but most importantly the proposed zero emission vehicle tall gates has been completely removed from the proposal off the direct lobbying by the german car industry this is a huge disappointment the proposal still needs the green light from the european parliament and e.u. member states several of whom say europe needs to accelerate reforms if it's car industry wants to stay competitive in a fast meeting market. well our comic is find it difficult to meet lower emissions targets in land shipping looks or to embrace electric engines up until recently only small boats ran on batteries while bigger vessels were still powered by diesel engines but that's changing and fast. at last he can take the wheel tossed in shorts knows the new electro fairy inside out he was the design teams project leader but the maiden voyage is still something special. was. just
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disconnected from our land based power supply and now we're reliant on the batteries and. the ferries electric motors come to life with barely a murmur there are four of them one on each corner of the ship as opposed to the traditional centrally mounted diesel engines. we can feel and he was not to his friends or does for motors mean the ship doesn't stick firmly to a given work or sells instead it rears around a bit when the rotors applied as would you and. that's not just a new sensation for the captain it's very can carry up to forty five passengers and six cars card entirely by twenty four lithium polymer batteries they allow an annual saving of fourteen thousand liters of diesel. as long as the captain can get used to the electric sailing era. of them or if
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you want to conserve energy which is fundamental to running a ship like this you've got to be controlled and approach your birth as gently as possible not every captain can do that but then again not everyone is made for electric cars either. demand for environmentally friendly ships is rising and not only interest regions but also in cities with poor air quality. obviously there's no smell when you're on the port fairy's in hamburg for instance you can smell oil you think you're in an engineering factory you don't have that on an electric ferry costs are lynched hours on end of the market early on and there's already designed and built ten electoral ships. they're built as lightly as possible because every kilo saved means less demand on the expensive batteries that's crucial to commercial viability. emotion simmons is thought when we are using steel we have to minimize weight as far as possible design engineers couldn't just take a conventional approach instead they have to ensure
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a minimum of energy was required to move the vessel that meant thinner plates and different beam separation as far as was possible and that allowed us to save twenty percent in mass do you know twenty percent there my science but nonetheless the electric fairy still costs fifteen percent more than conventional diesel driven versions of the town of overpopulation is true it doesn't mind the cost it prefers clean air on the mosul river where the ferry goes into service in a few weeks' time. twitter's doubling isn't tori's limit of one hundred forty characters per tweet to two hundred eighty we think donald trump must be thrilled but we know that many investors actually are they think more characters means more money or actually anybody because so far twitter hasn't made any profit. jack dorsey c.e.o. of twitter tweeted a statement reminiscent of neil armstrong's famous moon landing quote dorsey wrote
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it's a small change but a big move for us doubling the link of tweets really is the biggest change in the company's history twitter went public in late two thousand and thirteen back then analysts hoped twitter would be another facebook but in contrast to facebook twitter has never found firm financial footing the result since its i.p.o. in late two thousand and thirteen twitter shares have fallen from forty six us dollars at the debut to around twenty dollars now. the problem the number of people who logged on to twitter was flat for years in the u.s. so far the company has dealt with that problem by ringing more revenue out of the same number of people by selling better targeted ads but since the summer the number of people logging on has decreased in the u.s. and other markets twitter hopes that expanding its character count will attract more users to the service but twitter's new strategy can be explained in less than
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the original one hundred forty characters more words more users more money germany's economy is in very good shape according to the n o annual report of the so-called sages of the economy that's an advisory panel to the government but last felt an economist and member of the panel wants the german economy could be on the road to overheating. but what we currently see is that we are running above capacity in a term economy if you have counter-cyclical economic policies this would finally trigger stronger price increases as we currently see the forecast inflationary to be at about one point eight percent next year core inflation would even be higher by one point nine percent so we are coming very close to the two percent target and additional public spending in areas where the economy is already of our capacity would only increase prices for the last felt that our finance
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correspondent daniel cope has been following this story as well down the german inflation just nearing the two percent target and economists already warning the economy could of the heat is that a bit of german speaking there. well you know right germans are known for being very precautionary and also sometimes careful when it comes to worst forms but those five for a wise man have been very clear that there needs to be some changes in order to prevent this overheating that we have seen already happening mostly in asian countries that then could have a negative effect on the economy you mention it mostly of the tax system was criticized stating that people here in germany pay too high income taxes and also something that is really on the minds of investors here that they were criticizing the bond purchasing program here of the european central bank that was reduced some
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weeks ago from sixty billion to a thirty billion euros a month starting in january but they are stating that this at all it's not any more necessary for boosting the economy. in frankfurt forced labor investigators the phrase reforms agreed by twenty twenty two world cup hosts qatar and stop an investigation into working conditions the decision by the international labor organization follows qatar's agreement to improve conditions of building size and begin paying workers electronically the deal puts pressure on other gulf states like saudi arabia and the united arab emirates to inform them migrant workers systems which have been equated to modern day slavery. and that's it for me on the business team here on the end thank you very much for watching.
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entered the conflict zone there are plenty of strong views about the muslim brotherhood several arab states have declared them a terrorist organization my guest here in amman jordan is the theme of taboo he's
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an m.p. for the islamic action from the political wing of the brotherhood was king abdullah right to accuse them of being like wolves in sheep's clothing. next fall d.w. . united against climate change. big challenges for the twenty third u.n. climate conference in bonn. our nations working to meet their paris agreement targets come twenty three this weekend next on the doubling news of. it's all happening notes of a day african. tour linked to news from africa and the world. your link to exceptional stories and discussions in the unwelcome student news african program tonight from born in germany from the news of easy to our website d w dot com start africa join us on facebook at d w africa. listening
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and d.-w. because i may speak your language being dug up. for content in dari pashto and for prospects for returning our web special pleading that the refugee journeys of life in germany and the prospects for those returning home. join the discussion on t w dot com and on facebook. prospects for returning news d.-w. maybe for minds. there are plenty of strong views about the muslim brotherhood and its many offshoots around the world several arab states have declared them a terrorist organization the americans have yet to make up their mind my guest here in amman jordan is deemer taboo she's an m.p. for the islamic action front.


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