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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 9, 2017 2:00pm-2:16pm CET

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this is data it is life from ballet not china rolls out the bad cop it president truck you asked me to present to g.g. think post of a new found song does this show a friendship nice comeback of progress outright a north korea also on the program the us for millions up in yemen is
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a risk starvation after saudi let a minus hides its blockade i'm going to come here for the details because one thing about what could become the world's worst i'm an addict. i'm phil gayle welcome to the program u.s. president donald trump has called on china to increase economic pressure on north korea to end its nuclear weapons program is meeting his chinese counterpart is using ping in beijing as part of his first tour of asia china's grand display of friendship appears to have softened mr trump stance on the country's trite practices and other contentious issues rather than i problem president trump not pissed a few china as one of the world's great problem solvers. the second day of u.s. president donald trump's visit in china began with pomp and ceremony. chinese
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president xi jinping once again pulled out all the stops. but behind closed doors the two leaders were faced with thorny issues among them the increasing threat from north korea a strong young's closest ally beijing is seen as a best bet to rein in an increasingly defiant north korea. with the menace of north korea and. we've had some tremendous discussions in there today and i think things will happen i believe things will happen. the positive tone taken by trump marks a departure from his previous criticism of china. in september north korea launched its latest ballistic missile and president trump threatened to cut off ties with all countries that do business with north korea over ninety percent of pyongyang's trade is with beijing. but president xi made no new commitments
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saying his country would continue to improve u.s. china relations. though. china is willing to work with the united states to enhance cooperation and properly manage differences the spirit of mutual respect and mutual benefit. the visit has so far been a friendly one between two of the world's most powerful leaders but it isn't clear if they'll make real progress on the most pressing issues. so you close look with melissa chan she's a journalist and fellow robert to bush to shift oh she's also worked in china as a correspondent for al-jazeera welcome to the doubly so donald trump appears to have dialed down he's anti china rhetoric why well so you'll recall that he even on the campaign trail said that china was raping the united states this is
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a huge to change and shift in terms of his tone now one thing is that before he became president he probably didn't realize that he needed china so much on the north korea issue so that explains part of the dialing down the other thing is this is a president that really values his one on one relationships with other world leaders and he's clearly taken to president xi jinping so i think that might have something to do with it so given that has there been any real progress on key issues well you know they say that there is a big two hundred fifty billion dollar trade deal that they are not or rather a business deal with business leaders from the u.s. and the chinese that's been something that they've announced right but substantively a lot of these agreements that amount to two hundred fifty billion dollars of their nonbinding so we actually have to see in a few years' time whether any of these things matter now we have the boeing
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contract that was signed as well. on the north korea thing nothing that's really come out other than to say that they're both working on the issue again a change in terms of the tone from president trump is that he's talking about collective action he's talking about the need for china to pressure north korea these are things that are very different from his previous rhetoric where he really felt and expressed that the united states could go and out and do things alone in the world so as you say trade north korea were president trumps priority this president has said that talking warm is the most important issue in relations between the two countries why this is really interesting that this is actually come to certain extent the chinese have been observing u.s. foreign policy the fact of the matter is that the state department hasn't filled a lot of spots frankly rex tillerson the u.s. secretary of state had gone to china earlier this year and there was a view that he had conceded on some diplomatic points probably because he didn't do
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his homework so to a certain mind i wonder whether president xi is raising the taiwan issue to see if he could get the u.s. to change its long time position on the one china policy because it's important to remember as you say that lots of positions within the state department remain unfilled in this this this was apparently part of president trump strategy that we need a smaller government these are two very different men leading the world's biggest economy his talk turned to day do do we have any sense of how the they are getting on personally well president trump appears to believe that he has a great relationship with president xi jinping i say appear because she jean king has been a lifelong politician this is a guy who's father was you know involved in the revolution in china and he has been really in many ways training himself to fill this role his entire life this is a very very political savvy individual and we have president trump who has expressed a desire to be president of the united states since the. but we really hasn't had
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that kind of training so i think in many ways you get these two in a room and it's a bit of an uneven playing field i think that you're seeing that president trump is really taken with the pomp and circumstance the chinese have rolled out to him and he really is influenced by that easily a whether president xi feels the same way we really don't know what he personally thinks he is just playing his role as a child from the rubble bush foundation thank you so i mean i said nations a seven million yemenis could face starvation on death if aid is not allowed into the country the un's warning comes as i saod you that coalition is tight and it's at london sea blockade around yemen this is the latest escalation in saudi arabia's fight against a country iran backed rebels who the rebels launched a ballistic missile into saudi arabia over the weekend. these images of malnourished children were taken several weeks ago but since then nothing is
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changing and then the united nations says more than one third of the population isn't sure where their next meal will be coming from u.n. emergency relief coordinator mark lowe cock appeal to the world community. it will not be a line in a family in which cost two hundred fifty thousand people their lives in somalia in twenty eleven. it will be the largest famine the world to see in decades with millions of victims. there is almost no access to clean water cholera outbreaks have become commonplace a civil war has been raging in yemen since two thousand and fifteen a saudi like coalition has been trying to fight back who the rebels with aerial attacks on monday the coalition closed all entry points to the country allegedly to prevent weapons from being smuggled to the rebels. however it's more likely that the border closures are retribution for this who the missile attack on saudi soil seen here on the many television. the un and fifteen aid organizations have called
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in the coalition to end the blockade and allow desperately needed emergency supplies to be delivered. let's get more on this from ali al mcclaughry who is from yemen and modest is the situation there for the w.'s are a big service he joins us from our studios in bonn welcome ali you're in frequent contact with people there in yemen what are they telling you about the situation. you know the people are poor they don't have money they don't have medical supplies and also. i think also the internal problem is that the problem is also internal problem it is between the yemenis themselves then is also make blockade against themselves in yemen so it's not only the blockade of saudi arabia it's also also the problem the
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original problem is between the yemenis themselves so for example the city off guys in south yemen there is located made from the militants of the ex-president. of the horse the rebels and they suffer a lot and under these internal blockade so the international media talk a lot about the saudi blockade but they forget also the blockade which is made by the yemeni by the yemenis themselves by the yemenis them for themselves and this kind of look aid is also very very destructive. of course the saudi blockade when also made today many people suffer but they say also they would let the the human and military and its go into the country and this was also a reaction from yemeni deets made by the whole with the. movement
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the ex-president. who fired a missile or rocket towards towards riyadh the saudi capital ok ali so so this is a question that if if you just got complicated situation then so how does this blockade get lifted how does the united nations get food into yemen is it seems to be not just a case of the saudis lifting their blockade is more complicated than that. yeah so there are ports sea ports like a little data i've done and through these seaports there humanitarian aid scale and get into yemen and the saudis and the gulf states they have declared that they would let this go into yemen but now the people are there because because of the blockade. there is shortage for example in these in in.
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and in these oil and in foods almost all the people fear these there are there is a cause and also there is a black market from which principle from which. we all saw profit a lot from black market in the country to tragic situation. claffey from d.w. arabic service thank you steak a look at some of the other stories making news around the world syrian troops and allied forces have retaken control of the town of abu come out so-called islamic states last major stronghold in the country this footage released by the syrian military said to show soldiers close to the town near the border with iraq syria's army says it's now fighting the last remaining pockets of i asked fighters in the country's eastern desert. officials in the indian capital delhi have announced
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plans to reduce car use in the city as residents enjoy the third day of isis aleutian levels of artists that would block entry for commercial trucks and raise parking fees to encourage the use of the transport police in colombia have seized twelve tons of cocaine president juan manuel santos announced the hole on wednesday describing it as the largest single drug seizure in the country's forty year long fight against drug trafficking. prosecutors in the german city of olden booker say a former nurse is now suspected of killing more than one hundred people far more than previously thought neal's h. is serving a life sentence for murdering patients by injecting them with deadly medications if found guilty of these further deaths it would make him one of the country's most prolific serial killers u.k. international development secretary pretty patel has resigned is the second high profile departure from british prime minister threesome isaac cabinet in just a week but i'll step down after admitting she'd held
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a number of authorized meetings with israeli politicians during what was supposed to be a holiday in israel u.s. media are reporting that hollywood star kevin spacey is to be removed from a finnish but as yet and released film all the money in the world is due to be released in late december of way i can walk away. or over to control who gets it. in the wake of sexual misconduct allegations that the film's director and producer of decided to erase him altogether from the movie they'll be reshooting his scenes with veteran actor christopher plummer instead. his remind of our top stories at this hour u.s. president tad donald trump has his chinese counterpart to xi jinping to work hard to contain north korea's nuclear threat but the trump also criticized chinese trade
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practices but said he didn't blame china for taking advantage of the u.s. he sat in the country as possible his first asian tour of asia. steidl whose life and more for me at the top of the hour you get the latest news information around the clock on our website that's t w called and i will have a business update with that get out of us in just a minute. your children like chocolate.


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