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visible. slavery in the twenty first century. story december second on g w. this is utopia news live from berlin pomp and pageantry and a newfound partnership president trump sings china's praises the u.s. leader and president xi jinping tout their new chemistry but this the show of friendship mask a lack of progress on trade and north korea also coming up. the worst
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famine in decades the u.n. warns that millions of yemenis risk starvation after a saudi led alliance tightens its blockade on this war ravaged country will hear from the un's humanitarian coordinator in yemen's capital and. could this matter be one of germany's most prolific serial killers the former nurse already serving a life sentence is now suspected of killing more than one hundred patients. it's a pleasure to be with you u.s. president donald trump is wrapping up his visit to china and we knew it calls on beijing to ramp up economic pressure on north korea to end its nuclear weapons program he met with the his chinese counterparts using. as part of his first tour
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of asia as president on china's downswing display of friendship appears to have softened mr trump's position on the country's trade measures which he once described as one sided all rather than a problem president trump now appears to have you china has one of the world's great problem solvers. the second day of u.s. president donald trump's visit in china began with pomp and ceremony. chinese president xi jinping once again pulled out all the stops. but behind closed doors the two leaders were faced with thorny issues among them the increasing threat from north korea a strong young closest ally beijing is seen as the best bet to rein in an increasingly defiance north korea be doing to help us along with the menace of north korea and. we've had two committees discussions in there today and i think
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things will happen i believe things will happen but the positive tone taken by trump marks a departure from his previous criticism of china. in september north korea launched its latest ballistic missile and president trump threatened to cut off ties with all countries the do business with north korea over ninety percent of pyongyang's trade is with beijing. but president xi made no new commitments saying his country would continue to improve u.s. china relations. challis folds and china is willing to work with the united states to enhance cooperation and properly manage differences in the spirit of mutual respect and mutual benefit. with. the visit has so far been a friendly one between two of the world's most powerful leaders but it isn't clear . if don't make real progress on the most pressing issues. all right well the
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friendlier tone is a far cry from the tough approach donald trump took during his run for president and to help explain what's behind that is melissa channel very warm welcome alyssa she's a journalist and fellow at the robert bosch foundation she covered china as a correspondent as well for al-jazeera a very warm welcome donald trump significantly dialing down his anti china are rhetoric they're taking the tough out of tough love what's behind that it was really noticeable to the point that their joint statement delivering the remarks from both president trump and president xi one of the or american reporters actually shouted out do you still think china is raping the united states so you will recall that he used language that strongly during his campaign well for one now that he's president somebody has informed him that the united states actually does need china on board to lean on north korea something that he had said earlier expressed that america could do
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a lot of things on its own when he was campaigning so that's number one the other thing is that president trump seems to have developed a pretty good relationship with president xi jinping or so he says and i think that this is a president that really values his personal relations with world leaders and he has said many times on twitter and in front of journalists that he has a good relationship with she he likes she and so that could also play a part in his attempt down rhetoric all right well to that point does this new kind of bromance that he's touting has it helped you know resolve some key issues between the u.s. and china that remains to be seen out of this trip to china we're not seeing any major announcements on the chinese side in terms of their commitment to lean more on north korea we've just heard president trump say that we will see changes at the chinese certainly have been have been. stricture on north korea in the past few
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months they've made it very difficult for they pretty much barred joint ventures between china and north korean companies so we are seeing action from the chinese whether it is because of u.s. pressure or whether because the chinese are starting to realize that it is a growing liability when kim jong un follett missiles is another issue altogether all right now of course a person head of this visit said he was going to focus on trade and on north korea meanwhile his counterpart said well taiwan is actually quite important for us it tells little bit more about that i think that was really interesting that president xi brought this up a to a certain extent of the policies of both the u.s. and china on taiwan has been a pretty it hasn't changed much over the last few years over decades frankly and so for president xi to bring this up i think there is perhaps from the chinese side a sense that there's a window of opportunity for the u.s. to change its position mainly because the state department is poorly staff to trump has not filled a lot of key positions on asia and perhaps there's
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a view that they can convince trying to say something off the cuff and off the cuff rather and provide a diplomatic concession we saw that actually with u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson when he went to visit beijing he actually read a statement that was almost word for word the kind of language that the chinese would use so there was a sense that the americans were just handed a piece of paper and they had just read the statement melissa chandler from the robert. foundation thank you so much for talking to us. and the united nations says seven million yemenis could face starvation and death if aid is not allowed into the country all this dire warning comes at a time when the saudi led coalition they're backing the government and its air land and sea blockade around him and the u.n. says that if the blockade isn't lifted yemen will face quote the largest famine the world has seen for many decades. these him. jews of malnourished children were
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taken several weeks ago but since then nothing has changed in yemen the united nations says more than one third of the population is unsure whether next meal will be coming from u.n. emergency relief coordinator mark lowcock appealed to the world community. it will not be like a famine which cost two hundred fifty thousand people their lives in somalia in twenty eleven. it will be the largest famine the world to see if a many decades with millions of victims and there is almost no access to clean water cholera outbreaks have become commonplace a civil war has been raging in yemen since two thousand and fifteen a saudi led coalition has been trying to fight back with the rebels with aerial attacks on monday the coalition closed all entry points to the country allegedly to prevent weapons from being smuggled to the rebels however it's more likely that the border closures are retribution for this who the missile attack on saudi soil seen
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here on the many television. the un and fifteen aid organizations have called on the coalition to end the blockade and allow desperately needed emergency supplies to be delivered. all right i want to tell you now about some of the other stories making news around the world. syrian troops and allied forces have retaken control of the town of command so-called islamic states last major stronghold in that country this footage that you're seeing right now where it was released by the syrian military it is set to show show soldiers close to the town near the border with iraq syria's army says it's now fighting the last remaining pockets of i a spider's in the country's eastern desert. officials in the indian capital new delhi have announced plans to reduce the use of cars in the city as resident presidents there endure a third day of dangerous pollution levels authorities said they would block entry
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to commercial trucks and raise parking fees to encourage to encourage the use of public transport. police in colombia have seized twelve tons of cocaine present when mine was santos announced the haul on wednesday describing it as the largest single drug seizure in the country's forty year long fight against drug trafficking. prosecutors in the german city of oldenburg say a former nurse is now suspected of killing more than one hundred people far more than previously thought neil is serving a life sentence for murdering patients by injecting them with deadly medication investigators now believe he may have killed an additional eighty four patients if he's found guilty of these additional dix it would make him one of the nation's most prolific serial killers. well it's a case that has rattled many in germany w's simon young can tell us more about this
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simon kneels is suspected of killing more than one hundred people how could a nurse kill that many patients without anybody noticing. well it seems that the reason is that the other staff working at the hospitals where this man operated didn't say anything and that was the the main problem there were suspicions about this man on one of the wards. where he worked an intensive care ward deaths went up by fifty eight percent while he was on duty and that was known and in another case he was even caught by a colleague preparing to administer a non-prescribed drop to one of the patients so the work but in spite of that he was given a good reference when he moved to another job and prosecutors say that if those in charge had acted then deaths would certainly have been avoided and indeed in there
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is already a case going on where six employees of one of the hospitals are standing trial for causing death by negligence ok tell us a little more assignment about how the tales of the additional deaths came to light you know police have gone through hundreds of patient records looking for. links to this man and suspicious activity whether drugs that shouldn't have been administered were given to patients they've exhumed one hundred thirty bodies would you believe a huge investigation the oldenburg police chief has said you know this goes way beyond imagination and clearly police have not expected to find this many cases of murder and indeed kneels age is germany's worst serial killer in post-war times could more cases turn up.
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well it seems there are least fall a few cases where he's still being investigated where the police want to do more investigations there are also some of the patients who were buried in turkey where exhumations have not yet taken place so if you put that together and there may be some deaths that police say will never be known so the final figure could be higher even than what we've heard today right simon young reporting thank you. the last night spots that next year's world cup in russia will be decided in a frantic seven days of action on thursday croatia host grace in the first match of a two legged play off for one of the european places and switzerland travel to northern ireland and incredibly the swiss fail to qualify automatically this fight
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a run of nine straight wins in the group stage. it's not that belfast isn't a nice place to land but this is not where the swiss want to be after a strong qualifying round their points total most years would easily qualify for the finals not this year former byron munich winger juror dontcha curie finds it almost comical. this is the flu it's a strange feeling to have twenty seven points from our ten games and find ourselves in the playoffs of course we were disappointed but that's football. meanwhile northern ireland are relishing this match up if you are giving them a chance against the swiss but this group of overachievers has a shot at getting northern ireland to their first world cup finals in thirty two years you know over the years we always sort of harping on the dogs when it's common to into the big moments and. well so that suits us well you know it's a it's a position that we're comfortable with but there's also been situations you know
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that within the group or with other which is from. the underdogs aren't short of confidence northern ireland have lost only once in the last ten competitive home matches that the world champions germany. this is our main headline right now. us president donald trump has urged his chinese counterpart teaching ping to work hard to contain north korea's nuclear threat as a child also criticize chinese trade practices but said he didn't blame china for taking advantage of the u.s. seas and china as part of his first asian tour as president. you can copy out. health. and here it's too long. solidarity. they fall by the wayside when the gap between rich and poor grows. life in an equal societies. the divide starting november fifteenth on d
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