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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 9, 2017 10:00pm-10:15pm CET

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slavery in the twenty first century. starting december second on d w. this is d w news live from berlin tonight levanon at the center of a deepening crisis in the middle east saudi arabia and kuwait are telling their citizens to leave lebanon immediately will ask are we seeing a preview of a military conflict also coming up. it will be even launched time in the well to see for many decades with millions of victims
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a stark warning from the united nations about yemen after a saudi led alliance tightens its blockade on the war ravaged country plus the nurse who may be germany's most prolific serial killer kneels h. is already serving a life sentence he's now suspected of killing more than one hundred patients. i bring it's good to have you with us tonight kuwait and saudi arabia have told their citizens in lebanon to leave the country immediately and they're urging others not to travel there now this comes amid a deepening crisis in the region with lebanon caught up in a conflict between saudi arabia and iran. state run television
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and one thing that the country is ordering its citizens out of lebanon neighboring kuwait quickly followed suit. it was a reaction to political turmoil in lebanon and comes amid a deepening regional crisis. lebanon is caught up in a wider conflict between saudi arabia and regional rival iran lebanese prime minister saad hariri is currently in saudi arabia from where he announced his shock resignation last weekend. members of harry's political party say saudi arabia is holding him hostage and are demanding his return in now that you know the return of our national leader prime minister saad hariri is necessary to recover respect for lebanon's internal and external balance in the framework of full respect for lebanese legitimacy and al constitution. kerry took office last year as the head of
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a coalition grouping most lebanese parties including iran backed militant group hezbollah. now accusations are flying that riyadh is trying to wreck the unity deal as part of its regional power play with tehran. this instability is worrying not only for the people of lebanon but also for international power as french president emanuel has announced an emergency visit to saudi arabia he set to discuss the regional crisis as it continues to widen. what we want to go. he is joining us from dusseldorf he is a middle east analyst in the advisor to the german parliament not as good to see you again let's first talk about the former prime minister. mr hariri do you see him as a pawn of saudi arabia in a conflict between saudi arabia and iran. well potentially
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as he is a dual national saudi and lebanese he can be easily played out so he's a convenient are in an uncomfortable position to be now potentially used as you say as a pawn and but there are a lot of question marks right now today we saw his this is a plane returning to lebanon without him so there are a lot of questions about his fate right now and if people are looking at these events it seems that this crisis has sharpened and are spiked very quickly what do you think is behind all of this what is precipitating what was the catalyst for this rising tensions i think we have the interconnectivity of regional developments on the one hand but also the interconnectivity between domestic politics and foreign affairs inside arabia we have this very ambitious crown prince mohammed bin someone who is trying to consolidate his power and
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through a mix of authoritarian measures and potentially welcomed measures that he's adopting at home he needs to to prove a strong hand in foreign policy and is entering some adventurous and yet it was one example crisis and now we see levanon and we see the developments in iraq in syria which have not played out in the favor of siberia so these can be drivers behind this and what about the more we're hearing from the saudis that the iranians are backing hezbollah and that hezbollah has played a role in yemen helping the rebels especially with that missile watch that we saw over the weekend. yeah i mean there is obviously a lot of discussions about this and i think that the iranians on the one hand obviously rejected those claims at the same time hizbullah is there are there are signs of relations with the has that's between hezbollah and gays. but i think we
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should not forget that the reason why they attacked we are has more to do with the saudi air strikes in yemen rather than with its connections for example to to you ron so obviously the whole idea of wars on the one hand or a power play in the region between iran and saudi arabia plays a role here as well all right middle east analyst. by joining us tonight from the german city of dusseldorf thank you very much we appreciate your insights tonight. my pleasure. or staying in the region saudi authorities have questioned more than two hundred people in a high profile anti corruption probe involving princes billionaire businessmen and cabinet ministers together they're accused of embezzling at least a hundred billion dollars over the past few decades some are reportedly being detained in the luxury ritz carlton hotel in the saudi capital riyadh it's a rather attractive prison then again most of its inhabitants are used to the finer
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things in life the two hundred eight people question is part of saudi arabia's corruption practice and in to cap it ministers princes and billionaire businessman . they're accused of embezzling some one hundred billion dollars over the past few decades details of how the main scammed. the investigation has spread to neighboring u.a.e. where a number of accounts belonging to side declines have been frozen some fear that could spark a capital flight from the arab region others maintain the anti corruption purge will actually boost the economy in the long run. the longer term will become more optimistic that the spending going to be higher than the output from this meant going to be higher and that even the quality photo and investor going to be different and we believe more interested going to keeping up the business world to do so investment it sounds like you were in the eighty's but critics say there may be another motivation for the crackdown in moving powerful opponents in an effort
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to strengthen the power of king film on. one else south of saudi arabia to yemen the united nations says seven million yemenis could face starvation and death if it is not allowed into the country now that stark warning comes after the saudi led coalition backing yemen's government tightened its air land and sea blockade around the war torn nation. conditions for yemenis have been dire for months now they're even worse. the united nations says more than a third of the population has barely any access to food supplies the u.n. emergency relief coordinator appealed to the international community it will not be like a famine which cost two hundred fifty thousand people their lives in somalia in twenty eleven. it will be the largest famine the world to see for many decades with millions of victims there's almost no access to clean water and
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cholera outbreaks have become commonplace a civil war has been raging in yemen since twenty fifteen a saudi led coalition has been trying to fight back who the rebels with aerial attacks on monday the coalition closed all entry points to the country allegedly to prevent weapons from being smuggled to the rebels. the border closures are in retribution for this who the missile attack on saudi soil seen here on saudi television. the u.n. and fifteen aid organizations have called on the coalition to end the blockade and allow the delivery of desperately needed emergency supplies a horror story in germany that may be much darker than first reported prosecutors say a former nurse is suspected of killing more than one hundred people now that is far more than previously suspected the suspect kneels h. is already serving a life sentence for murdering several of his patients if he's found guilty of these
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deaths it would make him one of the most prolific serial killers ever in germany. the victims are laid to rest in cemeteries throughout northern germany and beyond investigators have a stablished ninety martyrs at the hands of neil's age the toxicological examinations are complete with forty one samples taken from exude corpses. residues of the drugs administered by the medicine bank were discovered in sixteen of the samples of and the. authorities believe that neil's age killed at least thirty eight patients in his care from one thousand nine hundred nine to two thousand and two in the nearby town of dumb and horst he suspected of killing a further sixty eight patients between two thousand and three and two thousand and five the nurse used five different types of medication his motive was to make his victims heart stopped beating so he could pose as a hero when he appeared to try and revive him the victim's relatives say they are
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relieved that the investigation is complete christian lost his grandfather in this series of killings and it's not as if we have all been affected and work through our grave but when these milestones come along like the announcement of investigation results you can imagine what goes through our minds myself included we're all in close contact the suffering never reynolds rules but the one hundred six verified murders are just the tip of the iceberg many other killings could not be proven because the victim's corpses were cremated. this is not on your sources are purely a legal statistic indicating what could be proved through investigations the real number is more than twice as high. and element horsed more than two hundred murders are suspected and this has been confirmed by experts in oldenburg there are fifty or sixty. but this can't be proved for sure. nuff was born
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then there are the attempted murders further evidence suggests that neal's age was able to resuscitate two out of three patients that he drugged. this too is now impossible to prove absolute clarity in these cases will never be obtainable the suspect has confessed to thirty murders he's doing court again next year. this is a case that has rattled many people here in germany we want to put in our correspondent allison young he's on the story forces evening hi simon i mean people watching us tonight obviously ask themselves how could anybody in this country how could a nurse kill that many patients without anyone noticing well the thing is they did notice the problem is that colleagues in the hospitals where this man worked just didn't say anything and there were certainly suspicions about him in one case he was even caught preparing to inject one of the patients with an a drug that had not been prescribed and other people had noticed the deaths on an
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intensive care ward where he was working when topped by fifty eight percent when he was on duty certainly there there was something to notice and people could have known prosecutors are saying that if those responsible had acted properly lives could certainly have been saved and indeed there's already a trial underway against six employees of one clinic for causing death by negligence i mean that's an amazing story in itself right there the authorities say that the suspects motive here was to pose as a hero after reviving the patients was the successful at that. well yeah he's as was said he's already been convicted of two murders in two attempted murders and in the trial for that he said that he had brought about cardiac arrest in at least ninety cases because he enjoyed as he told the court
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the feeling of being able to resuscitate people so it seems as if he did get some kind of gratification from this despite this is patients that it raised and these further deaths that have arisen now for how the details how did they arise and how do we find out about them. you know after that original trial the police went back and trawled through hundreds of medical records and they examined one hundred thirty four bodies would you believe from sixty seven cemeteries as been a huge investigation and the ultimo police chief said today it really goes beyond all imagining this man is the worst serial killer in german post-war history i mean i hate to ask the question but i have to is it possible that more cases could come up well there are several more cases where there is especially a suspicion of a link to him police are going through that now that also some of the victims were
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buried in turkey where actually nations have not taken place so there probably are more victims whose identity is yet to be revealed aren't our simon young on the story for us tonight here in berlin simon thank you very much. and you're up to date now on the w. news live from berlin for all of us here in berlin thanks for the company we will be back at the top of the hour with more world news. learned german with d.w. .


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