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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  November 10, 2017 2:02am-2:16am CET

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a quarter of a trillion in new business deals not bad for a quick visit to china donald trump cody's up to china's xi jinping softening his rhetoric over the massive trade imbalance. and big shot businessmen in saudi arabia had better watch their backs hundreds of people have been brought in for questioning of the embezzlement of at least one hundred billion dollars also coming up is it just a weed killer or could it kill us the e.u. just can't agree on the use of the controversial pesticide apply for say. i'm daniel winter with twelve minutes of business to us tax plans one from the senate one from the house today the dow jones and a thursday session down after the senate's plan seemingly wanted to delay tax cuts
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meanwhile a republican led committee approved the house of representatives own plan under the house's measures u.s. corporation tax would be reduced from thirty five to twenty percent democrats say the plans disproportionately benefit the super rich it's all sets the stage for a vote to take place in the house as early as next week where the two bills would need squeezing into one. and so fishermans key is on wall street for us so if you want a business expecting from the tax reform. well yes then you know the tax cuts would of course help companies to save a lot of money that they hopefully what invest in job status at least what trump was hoping plus it would allow them to bring money back into the united states money that has been hidden in tax havens like ireland for example and i think it's not exaggerated to say that the tax reform is the most crucial piece of legislation for the american car economy and at the same time for this administration and the
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republicans won't manage to upon this tax system trump is probably going to lose all support from the business world but the big question is how to finance these tremendous cuts without blowing up the deficit and that this center is going to be crucial to the success of this reform all right stay there sophia i'd like to come back to just a moment on this next story during his election campaign donald trump was scathing about china but face to face on president xi jinping is home territory has become rather muted that could be to do with the two hundred fifty billion dollar deal he signed with the chinese on thursday she has confirmed the massive investment and orders for things like three hundred boeing aircraft or natural gas exploration in alaska trump still insists the chinese take advantage of america but at least he now says he doesn't blame them for doing so. both the united states and china will have a more prosperous future if we can achieve
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a level economic playing field right now unfortunately it is a very one sided and unfair one but but i don't blame china. after all. who can blame a country for being able to take advantage of another country. for the benefit of its citizens i give china great credit. to be softening his rhetoric back over to you sophie how significant is this two hundred fifty billion dollar trade package then you know to be honest it seems like this deal has mentor revived headlines more than the economy and number thirty saying yes there are some specific big companies that try to try to strike a deal for like boeing but at the same time they said this summit would only
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feature more problems than anything else would likely lead to for extensive progress on trade and investment and balances between the two countries a significant number of the deals were non-binding meaning they could change or even fall apart before the final version is fine and at the same time not all of these deals are due to charmes approach boeing for example announced it's selling thirty seven billion worth of airliners to china but it's unclear how many of these orders are really new and the biggest deal a chinese direct investment plan would benefit the state owned china energy investment more than anyone else because it is an agreement from a chinese state owned company to invest in american commodities plus this figure of eighty four billion dollars would spread out over twenty years so it seems the deal is built on shaky ground there so if you can almost read thank you very much.
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you ministers have failed in the latest bid to agree on a new five year license for the controversial weed killer glyphosate this comes just weeks before the current license expires glad to say it is vital for the industrial farming methods that put everything from sugar to bread on the dining table and although supporters say it's both cheap and easy to use critics say it's not one hundred percent proven that it does not pose health risks to humans. ok. so that this small group of protesters assembled outside the european commission had a clear message for lawmakers they want to see the pesticide produced by u.s. company monsanto banned studies have come to different conclusions about any potential link between playful state and cancer no surprise then that each member states have failed to reach a consensus on wheat killers future fourteen countries voted to renew its license nine voted against and five abstained we see you know that most of the member states who voted supported our proposal we also see no support in the european
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parliament so i think we have a good track here when using the weed killer as license would have required sixteen votes in favor antique life is a campaigners are hailing the outcome as a victory. more sun wanted fifteen more years and they can even get five as we saw today. this is the seventh time that the commission has tried to ring you back to say it has failed and it's clear that the overwhelming majority of citizens across europe want a ban on guy for safety and now it's up to there were ten commissioners and they used to seal. the lead on this toxic chemical the current authorization for life if they'd expires mid december in the case of another failure to reach a consensus the commission could push through an extension but he would prefer governments to make the call. i'm going to stay in agriculture now can genetically modify plants save farmers livelihoods that's the hope and uganda where current
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crop failures are provoking the government to take action but organic farmers will of course miss out to be certified as organic in the west their fruit and vegetables cannot contain even traces of genetically modified organisms julius mogambo reports. this would of been a bumper harvest in central uganda. but you know to this season. plant tain has failed to yield and farmers are worried. really affected as badly. as staple food but we can't rely on it this time. because of crop diseases. from the government has done to science for a solution uganda's parliament house passed a law allowing scientists to roll out genetically modified crops like bananas for
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commercial production. to get. from. with genetically modified crops government is assured of feeding its growing population. but exporters a warning about trade implications uganda is one of africa's top exporters for organic food last year a country of fifty eight million u.s. dollars from organic exports outside the continent. will be hard definitely because we have to prove that. there's no contamination and they are not traces of g.m.
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or not productive it's going to be a little bit harder than it has always been but there must threat i see in the near future if nothing is done about the situation is that you are going to become less competitive globally genetically modified crops are controversial this is mainly on grounds of safety and the environment. their commercial rights how votes are being subjected to scrutiny but you're going to seize it as widely corn solitude. government's primary aim is to assure that this farmer can have food for his family and sustainable income all year round. saudi authorities have questioned over two hundred people in a high profile anti corruption probe involving princes billionaire businessman and cabinet ministers together they're accused of embezzling at least one hundred
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billion dollars over the past few decades in an unusual move some are reportedly being detained in the luxury ritz carlton hotel in the capital riyadh. it's a rather attractive prison then again most of its inhabitants are used to the finer things in life. the two hundred eight people question is part of saudi arabia's corruption tact and in to cap it ministers princes and billionaire businessman. they're accused of embezzling some one hundred billion dollars over the past few decades details of how remained scammed. the investigation has spread to neighboring u.a.e. where a number of accounts belonging to side declines have been frozen some fear that could spark a capital flight from the arab region others maintain the anti corruption purge will actually boost the economy in the long run. longer become more optimistic that the spending going to be higher than the output from the summit going to be and
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that even the quality of foreign investors are going to be different and we believe more of a step going to come beaming up the business world to investment it sounds like a worthy aim but critics say there may be another motivation for the crackdown and removing powerful opponents in an effort to strengthen the power of king solomon. thank you very much for watching.
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