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tv   Night Grooves - With Anastacia and Conchita  Deutsche Welle  November 10, 2017 4:15am-5:01am CET

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magical images of soul and emotions that now slowly go the legacy every weekend on d w. i e o delivered by tens of thousands of fans for their mega life sets. a little it's just a really beautiful moment when you're able to share with people a little. they clog up more air miles that is some pilots. like a monster every one of us know the ending of. three german d.j. superstars can't get anyone bombastic the music didn't exist we had no idea what we wanted to hear and how to do it ourselves. between backstage rooms self-discipline and a twenty four seventh's social media presence superstar deejays starting november
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twenty fifth sundays w. l a we have got too many big international stars performing at michaels and we have got an amazing location this minka house isn't that as archaic and country. but you didn't have to bring up a sign with you yes but we have a word but one of pre-match hands. from the bow section in music and talk and house shrinkage. welcome to night grooves. ult.
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thank you thank you. thank you thank you. i have written. this article for jobs one hundred. come to brighton getting. caught in the middle of.
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i like your shoes. which i. do need that we'll be. looking. at we. do need.
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yeah. you. can. let down. with.
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a. few. thank you thank you. thank you that was. doing ok. thank you.
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however there are actually shows cut that one should of this that get right now for some of the best running of us as in the amazon dot com that's you talk about scott lassman. i'm one hundred ninety nine thank you. so. yeah yeah it had a lot of highs yeah sure and yeah yeah you know i call a spade a spade and say what i think this is forecast on that and i don't really know the fun yes super safe yeah. well that's our brand. you know how much fun of on to hide anastasia candy had long out of your head yes had a very exact decision. as i'm not really on the bonds and that's assuming that i'm . talking to some it's an account. yeah it's better and it started as my trademark
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because i needed glasses before and then about twelve years into my career i wanted to get my eyes fixed so i could wear glasses or not work glasses and then when i got my eyes fixed i was like i look terrible because i have a really long nose oh no i have a lot you know i think too long you know but the thing lies is that i've only ever seen my nose from this because the glasses took up the rest of it i saw that if i can look at you know my right from all the way up here i'd like to choose just so long and i was like ok it's a real nose so you need to get over yourself unless it's done and. it's very real no question and i can move it and do all this kind of stuff was kind of my reason to you know. i said i was right so yes that's right yeah you. know you don't these the bits of the guy who got snowed under. here that.
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you know that's not ok your body can't always you have to. yes of course i saw i saw katrina on the european contest and i was so excited to see so much. accolades which means they were so very happy with her and excited to see someone who is different so for me i always enjoyed and loved her and then all of a sudden the show like a while back we had a joining like the wall was in between our dressing rooms and i had i was fan
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girling out i was like oh my god you think you know me me do you think show when i say hi and then i think both of them and record people their stance it's like a fog kind of and fought on about as much as you know how and that's if i told fitz inviting us on the humble man is c.s. . vaughn and understand woman for vision again doubt about call belief i want to mention coming out tonight i'm under hard. as. thank you thank. you as. i meant that off the bridge did on jet strictly.
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this is have a thought in the moment coniston it's on a ship through time for finish up that said this kind of. jewish man i'll go on this moment the. feel of. you have to estimate between is an incredibly steep hill to come up with because. of a few today and i was about the government man crap i have to all it's clapton's to some to shock and i was on this big and i this was a scan the candidates actually from you tube videos. of fans ocean trying to perfect the moment of you can file and that's a good night to out us all to be safe but if you got your you'd mom didn't even be here from house and on my. soon as a child to be taken back to where you have minus call her to buy on dessert lish may have. to be to crystal clear t.v. teacher and even a station. tanya all the sudden it doesn't fit
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it's yeah i would i would love to give you some of that can we do that look really good if you don't mind me taking him for a moment you can see the view in five includes a moment how do you think you know i just came up with it when i write about i just it is very much thank you. thank you thank you thank you if it's because you're doing it. this is for sure need somebody to be the perfect guy to do this title here but in the polls for me it's all right not necessarily the ideal situation for the evening out ok ok maybe this comes off i don't know why i suggested this much but i mean i go ok. so all right ok and. that's our summer and the socks are a big commitment so maybe the socks and shoes they could stay but i don't know if we have any shoes for you but if i maybe if the pants are long enough we can just
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put on your jeans to have them i'm leaving the neat energy towards a good target why not write a thank you have some pride to spend especially to know jean tools that has a happy christmas when i'd let you know i'm not is a big butter and talk to kim cardassian or shut up good. good time i see that i believe you. see me thought ok invest about stuff here then i will also be ok go back here yeah nine talk to my. ok if you don't i love things i'm sure ok but ok so this year i think it's very good because you're going to attract a lot of women yeah is that when you why aren't. jagow know you never know though ok. this is a very nice jacket but the tie i can't can't yet because you're sexier than i want to you like a nice pair of shades you must get your mother because it's kind of like but we can put them over your glasses ok that yeah and then nobody knows yeah sure i get it to
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me so i'm not here is that oh that's not me or now you know i'm a dentist does anastasia's advance and if you can t.v. . star income them to school that's how. it's kinda. got to go see to me. again. that specialist time until it gets on well it's been a tells of a vaccine this for british english to us with this which bans this going after the i mentioned on the mark to finish on this thing obviously for criminal and on violent movement of conciseness on top you name machine and i don't want to lock in on one perhaps it's a tall order. for vendetta it's minimum or how about it happens as if we're under from to even printed on our honeymooners we're going to have to some even can follow your stuff because you are allowed one sheet of last. year's tsunami so i
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know. as a list of us to number two if never get out and avoid vaal myself and i'm not surprised that you've got to be dismissed yet somehow this medicine called because that's the void to sign. and so on and on done. as a nominee is and for can i don't mention to them going to his own about you can be true because i sang such and for you to mak this. in a press conference what did you it. was above were not done had to say that i'm going to talk that's it. i think in my mind on. my.
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the old. zero. zero five zero zero. zero five. to.
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us. to get. caught up. i kept walking minding downtown we got morning busy time niggas and i was. thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you so much you thank you thank you thank you all and yeah why now. in terms of how much reminds me of watching you live and. learn from one is it's not
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playboy. i'm. going to rush. that's what i tell the people in the states. and i'm golden. age well you know i mean i felt that he was hiding behind his clothes haha x. yeah the sexy man and yeah it was there he just needed to trust in the leadership and i like that intersection the man is behind you're hiding behind your clothes you have to wear at the right look you can pick up girls and that yeah if i say oh yeah it will be a. fast amalgam i'm leaving the seventy thank you thank you there you go up the minute you thank you for the top dog thank you lord thank you thank you
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thank you thank you that's lovely of us and that's. how. the one of us. you haven't thought. about this moment years it down or down the proxy for trying to. i'm hunt meet. with. them by finding him these are all guys trying to get. the architect concho created something really exceptional. is one of only four houses worldwide representing the new architectural style noise. it was
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a modern style created in the nineteenth. in order to create the perfect home he did extensive research on the family's daily routine not easy and a family of six children reached his goal and created a customized house full of love you details the children had their colorful peoples to look out and the wife only had short walking distances to organize the house. which was able to watch the smoking chimneys of his factory directly from his bed every morning his wife on the other hand was kissed away by the first rays of sunshine this also explains the bizarre arrangement of the beds. thank you. yeah. yeah. modern it has a little bit of everything kind of the in my music has just
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a little touch of everything but from the from the outside when you look at it from the backyard it looks like a task and. kind of. to your mate and. you go. doc you've got your. foot against ghana. it's called the. mind's eye. but you should but i know i'm song i live did i like ken mcdermott. playboy.
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you. know. i.
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i'm just. let. me.
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see. for you. to. see. three. pairs are. there some other. food for you and let. you do some.
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soup. for you. thank you thank you thank you. thank you.
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yes. you have to i think in mind i'm tied to years i'm fitting in by i did it and i. did five that's tops yes yes i didn't know yeah a long time i like and went nineteen nineteen when my show was on. and right. i got signed through a talent agent to a town contest that was on m.t.v. and it was us as artists singing our own material so instead of singing like cover track you're singing your own stuff and we all battled against each other and i got second and another person got first but i got noticed by the industry. well done via off the key press allowed to do. gets.
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told somebody. find a copy of it that i'm not the one would have done just. kind of your thoughts on this. how they said to me and you know coughing should try and win. what if you fund this. vital meeting and then vote devices very soon involved in vanished most of the future is common for life was a huge demand dammit simpson to become the youngest one of us leave. it. in my mind that if i say it's just as we scrub but d.s. is a muscle development team i'm scottish the income gets gone this year as we look sexy i would like to see. a list mom come to have. that's pretty much the way i see myself is a town boy or you know like kind of just a ride or die i'm a girl's girl i'm
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a guy's girl like i'm just sort of like everybody's you know person that they go to and they're like shit she could do it i can do it you know it's just i think i think that's what people think of me and i feel that i can do anything even if it's impossible i'll just try as events warrant it is not. what national was impossible one advise exact miss lang value and consummate me and i'm busy most of us understand most of us all i'm not i don't go out of all girl that's the only thing i'm just i'm kind of i'm not home alone. i'm more of a stay at home like go with my friends that have kids and i go and play with their kids i'm not really the let's go party kind of girl i did that younger but now i really like to be with my friends and they all have children flog him designing. tents and i started not as a singer i started in a club a nightclub and i was dancing and yes i was discovered as like a dancer and and producers would approach me and asked me if i sang and i was like
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well yeah doesn't everybody saying i but. didn't want to know. i i can dance i did try i was on dancing with the stars in london so i mean i learned a few moves but i would definitely not claim that i'm the best dancer but i do like to dance fastest and i. play ball you to. guys who will start talking about this man so what's your what's your move like when you're at a dance when you're disco what she was called what your what your big nose you know ok let's see. how. old. are you. ok ok on that list i'm. down that's. my to in effect right you know what i think you really are going to
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answer i think you probably are a really good dancer and you're in you're making me look like you're not a good dancer so i'm feeling. good today if we didn't dancing with each other can you give us that group again. that. everybody feels. i don't want anyone to feel like they don't have the ability to
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dance i think i think that's when you start to get scared to music is music your body is your body your. you know if they want to dance like this you can if you want to dance like you know rana and beyonce is dancers but i don't want anyone to feel that any kind of dance is an inappropriate and. also mind tried hard place and that's not to say. that i mean to. be a very. good reason. want to muzzle guns cause a number of indie house music in the show as well damn that ones are fantastic. and a good talent can come to on a board thank you so even that. i have my own will just keep my funk shared rusty financial i vent. i'll sing
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a song then a man comes out inviolate it's mine and share lever on finger disappeared in nephew pop song developed. on leaving us in song of a spine and it's in the lyrics to. skid in the organ i was young and dressing doesn't help my house in my lawn one year but thousands of vans of the tallest as it has using it but that don't mean. just endure and in the gutter it's. just yeah ok ok i get something that you think yes i can see that ok. that. done. oh. you keep.
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your. thing.
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thank you now i have. a strong. thank you thank you thank you thank you
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i love you i thank you may i would ask it please i brought these a moment before his with his arms and they got my number the most lifted zoila i can imagine reduced to the showing of ok the changes we have make out to louisville showing her i thought ok a larger i thought it was almost golf so putting up. a kind of ten zillion. other commands or yeah ok when i got married. i like that i answered sure. i was getting up there c.c. that's what i do for you thank you thank you now our band gets. also harder than your own photograph you. and
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like in a kind of i got a form. of it get over how sleep in the house well done the hard nimish. get in there girl. i'll get more ones i took my facebook and twitter. yes and you can give a damn good to my i know i'm yeah yeah yeah she invited us to light in the clouds inside. the is stein lips the stars just as in the last time you start to see. my favorite term just oh my god it's the it's the mac and cheese one speak speak god it's the macaroni and cheese but i can't say it's. the aspects live there you go. right here at the time i don't get it like you got to be true rich to get. all stamboul lost and called have a list of all the most simple good one best only goes to stack and only goes to
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show that here. my greatest strength is i have and in everything and my greatest weakness is i'm not so nice to myself inside i have to be nice or i'm too hard on myself so i try i'm trying to be nicer i've been telling her that up shut up shut up but it's true you know i think in my earlier years i was worried more mean to myself but now i'm good with her but sometimes. she'll come out ok. the stack has. been torn when i'm d. from the forget. i'm on a chorus to. off for the gas. man this. isn't actually. this new. and that. yeah you can
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take a. few good months find the. documentation ya thank you thank you. very much. band. everything. seems.
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she. grinds to. left. just. once. the this is. my.
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own. home one. secure. one suit. was once. my. everything was. to sit up. with. it on.
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the noise. in a way every one strange way every one screen the. mail . my. way. i. was going. to say. they wanted me my way a man way way. way way way. way way way way way way way way of saying. by saying oh me. with a. k.
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thank you very much. if you thought that was. a big. one tree go international talk show for journalists discuss the topic of the week as the global climate conference gets underway here in germany do any climate change policy still jobs donald trump says yes but our guest this week on her. i'd
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regard beg to differ to. quadriga in the thirty minutes on w. . the sling and the fresh do w. me speak your language thank god. for content in dari pashto and. prospects for returning our web special to the net the refugee journeys of life in germany and the prospects for those returning home. join the discussion on g.w. dot com and on facebook. prospects for returning. d.-w. maybe for my. my first vice i was a sewing machine. where i come from women are balanced by this notion for something as simple as learning how to ride a bicycle isn't. since i was a little girl i wanted to have
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a bicycle off my home but it took me as the months might have. finally gave up and mentioned buying me on my cycle but returned with the sewing machine sewing i suppose was more appropriate for girls than writing advice and now i want to meet those women back home who are bound by their duties and social goals and inform them about the basic rights my name is the amount of the home and i work i need to . saudi arabia and kuwait have all of their citizens to leave lebanon amid political turmoil lessens as prime minister resigned the move comes amid a deepening crisis in the region with lebanon caught up in a conflict between saudi arabia and iran.


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