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tv   Kick off - More than Football  Deutsche Welle  November 10, 2017 8:30am-9:01am CET

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cop twenty three this weekend next on the doubling news. every journey begins with the first step and every language of the first word i would think of nico he's in germany to learn german. business just why not run with him. it's simple online on your own mile and train. the stuff. d.w. zealand in course goes week journey made easy.
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foreign is that which is unknown. like food for example is a lab chick of course is not so good when to see the eye teeth and everything but more about icelandic myths with star striker alfred finn bogus and. anything you don't know you can get to know even votes a book. when i live in those books those fancy new ways were strange to me victor as eamon the only nigerian player in the bundesliga. a company food eat dog from couldn't shine in china. he came nine thousand kilometers just to play here. come out like your house she was you know close to home and your home she see you a little wistfully don't want to look for the whole love for you or you know go to
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a rock and accompany thomas who still on the hunt for the elusive christiane i really doubt when he finally gets a hold of him foreign wells today on kick of life. press everett son of a pickle life here in this city to talk to star striker alfred finn bogus.
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not only a star striker for f.c. outward but also team iceland. iceland has turned a football fairy tale into reality when they qualified for the world cup so i'm here to talk to alfred to talk iceland find out does he believe in elves and also what's up with all the penises. i mean. just national team isn't really a big family. it's one big family because in the national team i think i have six or seven of my. players that i would call very good friends or even my best friends you can see it also how we play we fight for one and we just have this momentum going that when we meet everybody knows that if we're planning against brazil. are
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we going into the game to win and this is the mentality we have for us icelanders some would call stupid that we think we can win against everybody but it's part of the d.n.a. and. you know i saw the parade you guys return to iceland did you just turn into a rock star overnight. i think we got insight into the life of what it is to be like. heroes or big stars in iceland that day i think their country just exploded i've never seen anything like it so it was a very special day it was something that you won't witness every day and i think yeah and also just the way the celebration the thunder clap. you know this in itself also went viral everybody loved that i was having success and this on top of it i think this was. even it was not planned it was a marketing genius because. we were known by this clap and this was our connection
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with the fans and everybody loved to see how the players were close to the fans. i did read somewhere that icelanders say they're the best in the world everything. playing with the best and everything if you compare to how many people live their rights and that's how we can use it to advantage so when we're not playing we lost . some big nations ok then we can always pay for the thing that we are only three hundred thirty thousand or something like that right we have that ace in our in our sleeves but it's better we don't have to use them we can compete against the top teams. however you come to like the food in germany potion a big fan of the german cuisine i don't care about the rules. and leave the kids and all of that and there's a lot of good things in germany but when i want to level food now i don't know if i'm honest ok now let's talk about some interesting looking cuisine here icelandic
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specialty and all that alfred explain what we're looking at. this would scare me personally i don't personally eat that but this is a lamb cheek of course is not so good when you see the eye and teeth and everything that doesn't happen is a tradition in especially in february every year you have this festival and that old traditional icelandic food other traditions that exist in iceland the house it looks a little bit too small for her to live in so right now these houses exist what is this these the so-called elf houses alf's have a big tradition and history in iceland that. people that have. taken away and hills and stuff like this that they have received about luck in the coming years and off doing that and there's a tradition for people to believe in elves and this is probably someone who. takes
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good care of. they can live in peace then they want to be left in peace ok all right so. believing in elves would you say that the majority of icelandic children believe in else stories told to. children and i think it depends on when you grow up what to. believe how much you believe in it but personally. no calling me no good because if you know that question to get bad luck you don't want to hear bad luck ok so there's no comment on whether or not out for you believed in elves. we give you the secret. a museum full of the penises. so please tell me you've you've been to this museum yappin there and this is the. museum and. they have different kind of penises from all different kinds of animals and there is even one from
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a human being there really so there's a man who. this. is missy and. it is quiet and tourist attraction so i recommend everybody to go there so by any chance were there any. penises in the museum no. other. i cannot remember exactly but they would be in the smaller section i think. before leaving. for the future. after last season when i was out along with time with injuries my first play a full season with thirty plus games and have success with hopefully we can have a successful season where we are where we are not shaking until the last day about
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relegation. and to follow that of course since the world cup you cannot speak about anything unless you mention the world cup because i think for many players as an icelandic player you if maybe one chance to play in the world cup and our first chance and i want to come in in the best possible shape of the tournament and be a big part of the team if you. can be sure to catch mice in russia. off to evolve to check in with a world champion. on the seventeen world champion boxer world champion nonetheless. seaman has been involved since january this year. lagos in nigeria is where he learned to play and he played
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well at the twenty fifteen under seventeen. now he's the youngest african in the bundesliga. my name is victor i was born in in one thousand nine hundred eight what should i say. only victor i was born in in one thousand nine hundred eight i am a striker i play for our favorite book i'm doing a player from nigeria to be in the bonus league. for. yes. i would say i would say yes. it's my job this is what i thought i wanted to do. in the part of. a feat i think. i don't have i don't think i have to be. any more just after the faces and yeah my
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family are far from me and. this is in germany is walking and they have not in to be afraid of and i'm happy the. good. that was the first two months when i came to when i started living in it was. strange to me. sometimes the african food. the people in the club. wonderful to me and i have the players good and i have my my big. brother. has been so nice on the first day. i came to has been. i think
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i like just this is like i mean africa. is just india. kind of different. victor feels it and now to thomas he's going out into the world in search of this man the great cristiana renaud that. i'm still bumbling through the streets of madrid on the hunt for christiane or nigel. obviously this isn't going to get me very far i'm not going to find him
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shopping in age and i am not even in this rough ski shop still be at work to tell me that we're not oh my pop up anywhere. in two thousand and fifteen we're not a disguised himself and surprised the street right here on this very spot. for the month. of. august. right i understand the stars could be hiding anywhere well maybe i get lucky. is there karim benzema behind those shades. is tony cause makeup artist this good. has marcello got his arm for under control is gareth bale out
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about with his fiance. and who the hell is hiding behind this get up. i need to stop daydreaming and start making things happen so i am off to nigel's house. as ever you can find anything you want on the internet the exact location of or not as well or in the northeast of madrid for example. or even a list of his neighbors his mother his strike partner is coach and of course thousands of pictures from the outside and from the. i can hardly wait to see that famous c.r. seven swimming pool a look around the garage but this is as far as i get this tiny heart says you shall not pass. while i wait out here in the middle of a spanish. last quarter reserves probably at home making our nj jews and toast
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at least if the edwards are to be believed. races. i'm so my nose imagine for a moment and this one cone and this piece of bark is that little troll god over there christiane are not us house and christian or not or would be roughly. so near and yet so far. those trees over there are probably right in her nightdress garden back in july when alice twins were born i'm also a recent father reese by the way are my kids and i have so much in common how do you come across. the sleepless nights and know which diaper stood by family
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kids so much to discuss. and it's the theme or not oh showed the best questions always come from your own kids anyway right. you do want that. maybe someday i get the chance to hear the answer right now i need a rest christiane or not oh won't be coming past me today again anyway surely not. i don't and fans roman birky has a question for you why are you the biggest star of. the loudest. the most passionate. the funniest. let us know who
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sent us here with you. before the eleventh of november and you could win a trip to dortmund win a trip to europe scrape the stadium. where you are we'll fly you and put you up and give you a ticket for the match. against brain and in december i dorman fans get in touch. but for now do and fans look at wife care it's all about shaka first off we need to travel nine thousand kilometers to china they're hoping to win the world cup by twenty fifth week but for that they'll need big hunger and talent maybe this one will one day fit the bill. well also. talk to. me has already taken the first step on the right to
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a career which he's been accepted into the couldn't shank not been shmita the club's football academy in china. the country where progress and tradition co-exist in such close quarters. where the masses are more fast about basketball or badminton. and where football has only just started to make inroads into popular culture here in shanghai. chinese talents between eight and thirteen years old learn according to the philosophy of the club from gals and. chinese coaches german methods. for. a big money project that will establish the club in the chinese market academy boss
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mark has been overseeing the youngsters progress for the past year. not even longer than i was the icing discipline doesn't seem to be that. complex was. it but that's a step and it's not. a city of almost a million people in eastern china is around one thousand kilometers away from gals . but this is where they all want to play. well champions earls hill noir and her that has lent. for three weeks two teams from can shan are invited here to learn german football first hand a dream for food for him this trip is just the beginning of the eleven year old concrete goals for his time at shell.
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first of all there's a tree lined up the food he and his friends. shelter up playing at home in the felton's arena. the chinese boys know the bundesliga from the t.v. . but the atmosphere is something the likes of which they've never experienced. spirits are high after a home victory including among the guests from couldn't shine. then it's down to business a friendly match against local boys team s.s. . their first experience of playing against the german side goes well. the chinese boys take their opponents apart. goals galore for the visitors from
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hotwire around the world. as a reward. young for ye is already more than familiar with european food since he started training with pastor is a regular on the menu back home. up to six players share an apartment for most it's the first time travelling alone. finds time for his homework even after five hours of football he doesn't want to lose touch while he's here in germany. you can have my house you see the. new house ceilings over solutions what. do you believe you know. would leave me here. is. performance can be measured by the german football associations official test. and
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his teammates are examined to see whether they could make it in a german development center. controlled perceptions of the speed empirical measures to determine who's got what it takes. to use among the best. hasn't you're sitting there were things really. well that's a personal impression but what does the experts say. the. issue really is kind of by their dignity or qualms. it suits by the comb that came for. example feared in the. news in the. sorry the boys on the battle ready and they need to catch up and create felder irving in a showdown with the under twelve teams of some of the top clubs in europe. and his team mates get to take on dormant byan and of course their hosts from shall. again
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soon the guest quickly learn their own limits. a sobering three know their fate. to you hardly sees the ball hardly gets a chance to impress. a carbohydrate heavy plate of pasta for lunch and the boys are ready to go again the next match up braman and the team from can shine manages its first goal of the tournament. somebody the chinese players are on a level with the bundesliga opponents. a two two draw back first. and. look at all but joy is soon replaced by tensional next stop by in munich a photo opportunity. and a few opportunities to take the ball out of the net. that's all the boys can get out of this game. the coach to lay
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a tough twenty minutes final score at least it wasn't double figures. you were a woman. or a homo. going to know to. mate on a one piece which are. a whole new on the. new you. were young that you. let into. the next training camp and childcare for the chinese kids is planned for some a twenty. two year old wants to be there over the past few weeks he's matured as a player and having played it shall he's already achieved something that many german kids can only dream of. now we're off to the mongolian capital. six thousand six hundred kilometers from gals in the kitchen for life is the pitch and with that it's good bye see you next time on kickoff live.
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and i was in the car and thirty two years old i was born i love about the city it isn't a home town and this is my pitch this pitcher actually is forced to stand our football kitchen or lawn but the city now you can see we have here construction is going on this is not temporary until the construction finished. we were a kid we have a tournaments and games going on here our friends and families play. they're washing gas from the windows from this all the brush apartments so delfin the window. the kids used to play over here. they've become professional football players here among them football for the rush . this is the first place i make football friends make
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a team. and this is the first pitch. gave me the. friendship that's why there's a really important pitch for me paul among going kids are all the football players all the same thing.
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the laundry got the international talk show for journalists to discuss the topic of the week as the global climate conference gets underway here in germany do ambitious climate change policy still jobs donald trump says yes but our guest this
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week on quadriga beg to differ on this. quadriga in thirty minutes on d w. yeah do nashville and i think one day this war will be considered a cruel and unjust war but it will solution and certainly all citizens of ukraine every man woman and child is she not the only friend their homeland is the enemy invades. no one wants russia here don't need to know which is the. rebel against the mighty global news that matters. d. w. made for mines. g w true diversity. where the world of science is at home in many languages. on the program to go and
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they will be. there with us in our innovations magazine for in asia. every week and always looking to the future fund d w dot com science and research for asia. but i'm wondering. if you know i mean in your minute as he. goes over the next few cynical media. us. with thought about iraq. there's been a good. bit on wood. this you know i mean in your mind noticing going. on a moment to notice what employees are enemies who know what i'm like what an organized you don't know what his attorney. is you know i mean you're minorities ingrown you are getting what you guy i don't want to. me nobody and unanimous.
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the show could go because i see it yes it's a. pressure on us going on i've only said what i thought of going on with her being funded. by mckinsey it gets us into. this is d w news live from berlin and president trump arrives in vietnam ready to get down to business the u.s. president says that his country will not tolerate unfair trade practices and a scolding speech to the region's business elites.


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