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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 10, 2017 10:00am-10:16am CET

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you do something for your country but you're still the black your. afro germany starting december tenth d.w. . this is d w news live from berlin u.s. president donald trump arrives in vietnam ready to get down to business trump says that he's the u.s. will not tolerate unfair trade practices in a scolding speech to the region's business elite but will they fall in line or make
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their deals with china. also coming up france's president makes a surprise trip to saudi arabia for talks with a newly powerful crown prince this as the proxy fight between the kingdom and a wrong touches off conflict across the region plus an american city cleans up to exact climate negotiations and the german city of song can now look to pittsburgh as a model for green jobs and renewable energy. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program thanks for joining us. u.s. president donald trump is in vietnam where he says that he will always put america first when it comes to trade he's been speaking at the apec summit where he told asia pacific leaders that he is open to bilateral free trade talks with all of them
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but he said that the u.s. cannot tolerate what he called chronic trade abuses now trump's policy could make him the odd man out as the region pushes ahead with the free trade deal without the u.s. that could benefit china whose president xi jinping is hoping to take up the u.s. mantle as the global leader of free trade trump said that his country was prepared to re-evaluate its trade relationships let's listen and from this day forward we will compete on a fair and equal basis we are not going to let the united states be taken advantage of anymore i am always going to put america first the same way that i expect all of you in this room to put your country's first. and for more let's bring in my colleague daniel koch who has been following everything from the apec summit so daniel tell us the speech from donald trump what
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are we to make of it is this simply more of the same or did we get anything new here. well either sarah when i was just talking to investors here on the trading floor and frank for they were not really surprised about all those comments made by donald trump i guess you can really samaras summarize it like this he doesn't mind when other countries do business but he made it again very clear that america always needs to be first i can tell you that investors here in frankfurt are actually also paying very much attention to the latest comments he made again about north korea after he has been a little bit more call him in the last days saying that maybe also a diplomatic way could be a solution now again those very strong words towards north korea and we have seen this in the past that this in many cases can also lead to falling share prices at stock markets all around the world and daniel u.s. president just one of the leaders that have been speaking at that apec summit i want to listen in because president xi jinping he addressed the summit and his
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message was quite different. we are seeing a profound change in economic globalization. over the last few decades economic globalization has contributed significantly to global growth indeed it has become an irreversible historical trend daniel did i just hear him call for more openness i mean has the world gone topsy turvy here is china now presenting itself as more open than the u.s. . yeah very interesting worser he also stated that china will significantly ease market access to all businesses in china will be treated as equal and of course those are very different words china is still considered here also from traders as a market still very difficult to access because of all those regulations that
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foreign investors are facing so are you now really going to see a change china or the new country pretty much very open to award business also foreign business and the united states because of all the protectionism you know kind of with the close markets of course those are at the beginning and for the moment just words but i can tell you from the frankfurt trading perspective that investors are monitoring this very closely because everybody here knows how important china is for doing good business daniel cope with the latest from frankfurt thank you. all week we have been reported reporting from the united nations climate summit in bonn the big topic on the agenda is how to cut carbon dioxide emissions the united states has long been one of the world's biggest emitters of greenhouse gases but a city once known for its smoggy skies shows that it's possible to cut pollution pittsburgh pennsylvania is undergoing
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a thorough transformation as our correspondent carson for not reports. this is the old image of pittsburgh a city of steel and coal where the chimney stacks never stop bad shit smoke and breast read lights had to be left on twenty four hours a day because the smoke blocked out the sun but today's reality is a different one the city has cleaned up its act and instead of heavy industry banks and high tech companies are now providing jobs for a growing population more than thirteen thousand pittsburghers are employed in the clean energy sector alone and companies such as evah power which operates wind farms in pennsylvania new york and is developing projects in other states too for co-founder and recall of best ski pittsburgh is the perfect place for innovative businesses i think it's the people you know it's great town pool here young people from some of the best universities in the country. also from a cultural standpoint you know there's a lot to offer we have three professional teams we have to l.a.
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we have to symphony we have the opera so many things that can draw great talent. pittsburgh's transformation is the result of a concerted effort by the city government to attract startups and other businesses while at the same time keeping an eye on environmental and social issues one of the people working on pittsburgh's turnaround is development analyst sarah yeager. they take a holistic approach as how can we improve pittsburgh why this is creating more jobs more low income housing access to public. answer taishan fossil fuel free vehicles so electrifying our fleet access to more bike lanes i really how can we improve the quality of life for everybody and pittsburgh. another key factor in the city's formula for success is pittsburgh's colleges like carnegie mellon university many who started here at cmu have established themselves in the new economy founding
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startups in the vicinity of the campus and turning them into vibrant enterprises professor jean yang a specialist for programming languages is full of praise for the almost symbiotic relationship between scientists and tech companies here for instance do a lingo was started by lease on and he had this actual office for a long time before he left for doing go all together and so a lot of the duelling of people are involved with cmu they come back here to listen to talks to speak. and everything is quite close so the people are companies they'll show up to talks here people here they'll spend some time at the company's jean yang grew up in pittsburgh when it was still a byword for the american rust belt as soon as she finished school she moved away like so many other talents and young people at the time and expected never to return now she's back in her hometown and enjoys not only great working conditions but also
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a new quality of life in her old neighborhood these are places where it was pretty sketchy to walk outside there after dark and i was just way inside for my parents to pick me up i wouldn't go outside on my own and when i came back i realize that wow there are all these bars there now there are restaurants the buildings are outside they still look pretty much the same but what's going on inside really it's like night and day so pittsburgh clearly is on the way up again with young people flocking to the city and the prospect of even better times ahead for the next generation. let's get a quick check now of of some. stories making news around the world spain's supreme court has released the speaker of catalonia is disbanded parliament may float go down on bail she together with other former catalan officials was jailed on thursday on charges of sedition and rebellion following the catalan independence referendum back in october more than five hundred asylum seekers remain stranded in
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a decommissioned australian migrant camp and fluff in new guinea the camp has been cut off from power food and water and was officially declared closed on october thirty first but most of the camp residents have refused to relocate to to safety concerns and threats from local residents. in washington hundreds of students have rallied to demand congress to act to protect immigrants brought to the country illegally as children an estimated eight hundred thousand of the so-called dreamers face deportation under the trumpet ministration democrats in congress have threatened to shut the government down if an upcoming budget bill does not include legislative action on this issue. now in the middle east tensions between saudi arabia and iran is roiling the region french president emanuel mccrum paid a surprise visit to riyadh on friday he said that he wanted to speak with crown prince mohammed bin psalm on about the saudi led war in yemen and its tensions with iran the mccollum has earlier said that he blames tehran for
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a missile that shiite rebels in yemen launched at a saudi airport. the conflict between saudi arabia and iran has also spilled over into lebanon accusations over the fate of lebanon's former prime minister threatened to strain relations to a breaking point a hospital must saudi state run television and one thing that the country is ordering its citizens out of lebanon the neighboring kuwait quickly followed suit. it was a reaction to political turmoil in lebanon and comes amid a deepening regional crisis. lebanon is caught up in a wider conflict between saudi arabia and regional rival iran lebanese prime minister saad hariri is currently in saudi arabia from where he announced his shock resignation last weekend. members of harry's political party say saudi arabia is holding him hostage and are demanding his return and in now that you see
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the return of our national leader prime minister saad hariri is necessary to recover respect for lebanon's internal and external balance in the framework of full respect for lebanese legitimacy and our constitution. kerry took office last year as the head of a coalition grouping most lebanese parties including iran backed militants group hezbollah. now accusations of flying that riyadh is trying to wreck the unity deal as part of its regional power play with tehran. this instability is worrying not only for the people of lebanon but also for international power as. well we mentioned there that the french president of money will knock on that he was in saudi arabia he's actually returned to since then to europe for a meeting with german president. today the two countries are opening their first joint museum commemorating the first world war later they will travel on to
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a mountain in the also conservation in the border between germany and france. villar called saw months of fighting early on in the war some thirty thousand people were killed the new museum is being hailed as a sign of reconciliation between the former enemies. and intense few days of world cup qualifying continues tonight and many will be watching and wondering whether the european powerhouse of the past italy has what it takes to sneak into next summer's big tournament the four time world cup champions haven't missed a tournament finals in almost sixty years but they have fallen on hard times and are fighting for a berth. they've come to stockholm as friends arena desperate not to. to lose and maybe that's part of the problem for the italians so used to winning that they've made every world cup final since one thousand nine hundred fifty eight and one for the same number as germany sixty nine year old coach jump year old ventura
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has struggled to get the most out of a squad thin on top shelf talent ventura replace master tactician antonio conti and his team does lose to sweden the journeymen coaches brief tenure will likely be over and about the time and about the team should be decisive they should be calm and they should be convinced that they can reach this goal that is what they need to feel inside the words i say are not that important if they have that feeling they'll go in and achieve it but your joke about that is i got here that you have to go. in the other dugout swedens young anderson says the pressure seems really to be on the italians on the hill clearly told me it was friends who played well pretty good footballers so so we can do it at the morals and then we get the result and i was in when crystal to bring with us on to the among my friends arena will provide a friendly atmosphere for the swedes they know if the italians are playing for
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their world cup lives the return match in italy will be in a much more difficult atmosphere. a quick reminder now the top story that we have been following for you before we go u.s. president donald trump has said the u.s. will no longer tolerate chronic trade abuses but welcomes fair trade partners trump made his remarks at a summit of racial economic leaders in vietnam the fourth stop on his inaugural tour of asia. you're up to date on t.v. news i'm sarah kelly in berlin thanks for watching we'll see you again at the top of the hour. stories that people of the world over information they provide to the pinions they want to express d.w. on facebook and twitter up to date and.


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