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tv   Euromaxx - Lifestyle Europe  Deutsche Welle  November 10, 2017 11:30am-12:01pm CET

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twenty three this weekend next on news. everybody glad to have you with us for today's euro max here's a quick preview of what's coming up. all that glitters don't meant
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to steal the show at a jewelry fair in vienna. giles one of the world's priciest restaurants serves up the spectacle. and all the rage i was very impressed make a reviving traditional sartorial style. well let's start off with a rather luxury as topic this week vienna is hosting a jewelry festival events are being held in twenty eight different locations across the city and visitors can admire the products of one hundred fifty different jewelers one of the highlights of the fair is michelle bag as kinetic jewelry which moves with the wearer we travel to the austrian capital to find out what that's all about and catch a glimpse of the gold and the glamour. for five days vienna is the place to head for. one of
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a kind necklaces rings and broaches dury collectors and makers meet at the vienna jewelry days. the trade fair starts out with ten selected artists exhibiting one work each in a museum for applied art one hundred fifty international designers are represented at the jewelry days here not everything that glitters is gold and issued her christina makes out several trends. quiet some fish currently we have a lot of jewelry in the area of psyching and recycling for example mario outraged of germany who uses plastic foil us to make broaches. when he's finished you can't tell what material was used on it and in a really big trend is three d. jewelry and there are a great many jewelry artists producing gender neutral jewelry for instance a chain that can be worn by a man or a woman. he can and man can also go to the end if. jewelry can be
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a status symbol as much as a fashion accessory designers seek to elicit a response to their works. if they feel that many things don't make a tremendous impression at first sight but when you look at them all closely or understand the human behind them then they will look at the metal level to. the not that's not in the not the kind of meat that you've been you've always been asking which is made i was. told there is a kind of recession and i like these job itself and i was a lot with classic forms of jewelry but i also tried to break with them sometimes ironically so that they train people for a loop you know during the viennese jewelry days the artists are showcasing their designs in various places across the city their pieces range from necklaces from a three d. printer to bracelets made from horn. michelle berger a jewelry designer from germany is taking part in vienna for the first time his rings are rather out of the ordinary.
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connecticut jewelry differs from normal jewelry because even the slightest movement of the wearer sets the piece in motion. so naturally that attracts attention more than is usually the case for jewelry. fondest michele berger makes all his pieces and his dusseldorf studio the goldsmith learned his techniques from friedrich bakker the inventor of kinetic jewelry. michelle berger often has to work through a number of designs and prototypes before such a piece functions as intended. into one climbs to unseen tiny ball bearings axles and screws are at work here i never use magnetism even if many people assume that at first it's all precision mechanics that has to be crafted very carefully so that this gloating effect comes about.
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because. michelle burger works with coated stainless steel gold silver and precious stones his rings cost more than a thousand euro's men and women alike can wear his jewelry berger is fascinated by people's differing perceptions. responses are a bit polarized i have to say some people say it's great but it would drive me batty. others say it really calms me down so people have extremely divergent responses you know they definitely respond and that's positive definition of their point this is a kind of jewelry that doesn't leave anyone cold so i'm quite content because it's not jewelry for just anybody. in addition to exhibitions the program at the vienna jewelry days includes talks and workshops.
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doesn't put this whole moments to plan this is a great forum to present yourself and to meet other artists and people interested in the jewelry scene one for me exhibiting in vienna is something new and it's a fascinating to see how the locals respond to my work and how they view his show got off to a good start the critics at the opening were nothing if not moved by michelle burgers jewelry. now it's time for a quick look at what's happening across europe today and the express you'll find out why some shape really like emma watson but first we're off to paris. the pyramid in front of a new high in paris was the site of a spectacular light show on wednesday. it projected onto us from the famous museum's new offshoot in abu dhabi. the cultural showpiece in the united arab
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emirates capital was similar ten years lee opened by france's president amount of. the building was designed by a list french on the take chanu event. the first international branch of the new flow was ten years in the making and cost more than half a billion euros. which of these two actresses is emma watson. right. scientists at the university of cambridge have trained sheep to recognize the faces of four famous people including former u.s. president barack obama. you know it's funny as would be saying you know we knew all along that she could recognize faces so she. got big brains. he had as much ability as. the she chose correctly and eight out of ten cases
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cambridge hopes the experiments will help find ways to aid human patients recovering from brain damage. at norway's prices stolen or puppet rock shooting has begun for the sixth installment of mission impossible to lead actor tom cruise will perform most of the stunts himself upright is still in is not only a popular backdrop for films it's also one of norway's most visited attractions. from the edge of the cliff it's a straight six hundred four metre drop into a few ord about two hundred thousand people go hiking on the unsecured plateau every year. some people say that dancing transports them to another world free from the worries of everyday life well thanks to virtual reality it is now quite literally possible to dance in a different dimension in switzerland the choreographer. teamed up with the wii our
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company to create a unique and interactive performance there's no real stage and no set design and said audience members a pair of virtual reality goggles and join the performers in an alternate world filled with near limitless possibilities. stepping into virtual world. it's a bit like. making a film for people who never seems having pictures. with the help of the geneva based foundation a name swiss choreographer. has conjured up be our dance performance in virtual reality five people can enjoy the experience at one time while interacting with one another in a reflective markers receive data from the infrared camera it's these markings that situate you in a space. that's often choreographers or specialists when it comes to space and the
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space between bodies and that's what we used to create dramatic tension. with the how. in the virtual world you're literally immersed in the space. i don't have. the studio has been transformed into a desert landscape. and the spectators into avatars making them active participants. it's a dream come true for the choreographer whose double ganger is seen here. i think. it really is almost dizzying at the start you think what am i going to do when almost anything is possible if you have an idea it can become reality it's fantastic for a choreographer. for the if i can make the dancers thirty meters high or five centimeters small if it's crazy there are almost too many possibilities. with this
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project the motion capture specialists from art and he broke new ground. was he not the one with what interest is exploring on them to. see a virtual arsenal in front of me extend their hand and i want to shake it i can see my virtual hand approach the other users hand in addition i think all the physical contact of that hands like in the brain no longer. knows what's what what's real and what's virtual that's what creates this real sense of immersion is. that for a long time the technology was a nice for artists who are technophiles and whose work was often more interesting
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technologically than artistically they keep up with the pews that's now it's just exploded the. necessity exposing. the swiss choreographer and his dance troupe spent a month creating the performance. like he would have thought in his head and you both. when their movements are digitized every step every gesture must be precise. and dawn what i find so great about motion capture technology is that its ability to capture movements is almost perfect the presentation might not be but the movements are more because in this space the points are recorded very precisely it's best explained all the dynamics of the movement are captured in these points and i thought the speed of the acceleration at this like everything is you.
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know the result of an intoxicating game that lets participants move around in simulated and ever changing surroundings. see that that was incredible just give me a moment. just to virtualize real abyss is going to try a day in that well it's. like a child discovering the wonders of the will for the first time i ask if it's a. virtual reality is fabulous. but doesn't miss working with a living breathing dancers. i've spent twenty years working with moving sweating body as i can do with a few months of virtual body as.
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well virtual reality also plays a role in our next report another installment in our series indulging experiments all this week we've been showing you some of the weird and wonderful things that happen in kitchens around europe today we travel to a restaurant and i'd be thought where among other things diners enjoy live c.g.i. projections on to their tables and you better turn up with an appetite as the experience consists of a total of twenty courses as well as to your taste buds this menu will put a severe strain on your wall that motion is one of the most expensive restaurants in the world. the show begins twenty courses the price tag one thousand and five hundred euros per person each course has a new setting on the spanish island of what is probably the world's most expensive restaurant offers
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a dining extravaganza that. people write to me like. this guy he is ready ok will. they would you know guess enjoy the first call unary offering at the door of the entry to taste like chocolate and lime sublimation seats a maximum of twelve people they experience surprise after surprise and rapid succession six cameras observe the guests the room is changed by computer with lighting effects smells wind and smoke hidden behind glass the team controls the show i want to live. the life that the show began. with caviar oysters and champagne of course it's. now a vegetable garden. here the soil is edible a mixture of chopped black olives and bread the cullen airy artists expect the
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twenty courses to take a total of three hours their concept is successful the restaurant is fully booked for months and advance. so it's lovely seafood dishes are served up in an underwater world. court. so. it's an expensive treat. for the little. guy looks like you. know what. told you so much on the phone when i. was a. technical innovations are part of the concept here he test a pair of virtual reality glasses in a flight simulator alter the taste experience. we
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saw the fish only very very important to our day showing fifty percent of what he said. on a simulated trip on the orient express the table even vibrates. the mushroom dishes the magically stage two. is known the world over as a party island that provides inspirations for pocket on several shows. the. big leagues there's a setting recalling it before in the one nine hundred sixty s. . and a dessert that revolves around a record on a turntable. experiential dining is a playground for the cooks and guests alike. we
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wage job we have a good think you. hear a chef composes is cullen airy creations like a painter the food changes color and texture before the diners eyes all their senses are involved. in. this. head chef. guess farewell from a movie screen what a spectacular performance. now let's travel to. all of them before area where young dressmaker is reviving a traditional local outfit called cost from her native region of franconia it looks quite similar to the dirndl that is commonly worn to october fest but it was early post-op and he is keen to point out that there are clear distinctions she has followed in her grandfather's footsteps by making
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a career out of sewing and selling the regional attire and recently is it's made a comeback as more and more young people discover these colorful outfits. rosalie post-doc me is young and tradition conscious the train dressmakers designed and produces traditional northern berrian and franconian outfits in her studio in new remember her trucked in or folk costumes are finding a growing following. the crops jacket. a skirt a traditional dress. and about us. ken's asked me if i'm familiar with them from other regions and want to west something from this science engineering area and my nigga not soon generation hardly knows the traditional costumes you want to hand but interest is growing in the times and there's no doubt in giving them as bit of a modern update so it's wearable today. architect
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sabrina studio is an old friend and now a regular customer she's ordered a participant rosaline for an outfit traditionally worn in the franconian mountains . that's just. not interested in finance she was not students and you didn't have much money to paul so i shall take you with me to market to find. here is a more dates from the one nine hundred sixty s. or so that's a very colorful. time and i don't trust it when it wasn't. even a bit held destined for in the one nine hundred forty s. and here's the apron the first piece that rosalie said for me out of us house in fact it's the color of the sun's out. a lot of people today think traditional franconian folk costumes the same. the last time they still focused humans was probably funeral attire all factions from protestant regions which traditionally
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use duck and colored fabrics especially for morning and talked to so. most of the post that made taylor makes her clothing and is very meticulous about details. to get something she finished to me as a different patterns to choose from she did he differ according to the place where it came from growing to seamstress came from some just because some have that for you the styles maybe with no flowers i was a graphic designer job doesn't mean this is the employee made it possible to identify whether american from nj to guide on a canon front was a time to take of and i'm calm. rosalie was born here in fourth time in northern but varia her grandfather was a tailor here in a special exhibition showing various franconian folk costumes her friend sabrina can be seen in one of the photos it's a picnic she's wearing a very special apron it was made during world war two so i just did. another photo shows rosalie postop me in a costume once worn by peasant women. whether it's boys
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outfits or accessories like old fashioned franconian three cornered hats. beaded knit gloves or colorful new buttons franconian bold costumes or finding a modern day fashion following. rosalie presents her own pieces and those of the dressmakers working for her all of them custom made and her folk costume workshop. well if that's got you in the mood to make something homemade in your very own what shop is a great tip from our resident d.i.y. expert francisco cooley this this time she shows us how to make vintage looking signs with the help of vinegar want to give it a try. hi my name is francisco and today i want to show you how to make
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a decision to. the time i just said it's you know i wanted to look at making attempt at a pretty easy i will show you how you can do it yourself you will need a piece of untreated wood some cop out in the same size. the printout of the text you want. from the hardware store. coffee pot and. a box cutter and futility of. glue your printer takes onto the cardboard. cut along the letters with a box cutter. all of the letters out of the cardboard. template. now would create the die to give the word to whether you look put this do you will into a container and poor vinegar in until it's covered. if you have the cover
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close the container paul hotwater on the coffee and you can use instant coffee to. let the coffee and sit for a couple of days the longer you wait the doctor the dye. then paul the two liquids together. use the makes to paint the wood all over don't forget the edges and this mug won't last long. once it's dry use a brush to remove the cuff. enter your template on the piece of wood. to fix it on the side. if you have put to use it to get in even if not roll up some tape in my case the overhead to be glued down with clinton. now use a sponge to deck the paint mix around the template go over the template several times be sure to press the template onto the wood firmly so the diet doesn't.
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use a brush to paint the contours more precisely if you like. then remove the template and remove any tape or put it here. and there it is your brand spanking new vintage sign. if you want your side to look even older colony with a hammer or put in a few nail holes and if you would like it to look more grave about the coffee and just use the biggest steel blue mix. and if you want more d.i.y. tips and interior design content then check out our you tube channel w interior design that's all for today thanks so much for watching of our going out. next time on your a max when i catch up under a visit to magnets that guggenheim museum in bilbao has been drawing art lovers to
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the basque country for twenty is on display famous sculptures outside the building and the works by a list artists inside. now the much vaunted museum has added another aconite to its list a european cultural brand award for twenty seventeen bilbao is guggenheim next time on your remarks.
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you cough life we take football personally. i do it. strangers are just friends you haven't met yet and that's about to change treat
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young people from iceland. nigeria. and china to find out their connections to the german bundesliga. through. your children like chocolate. with your smartphone. or your tomatoes at the supermarket. as we go about our daily life she writes often the last thing on an.
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invisible hand is. slavery in the twenty first century. story december second on g.w. . mother is a child v positive. she was infected at birth. probably won't live to the age of five. the program dream aims to prevent a mother to child transmission of the virus. hiv positive women give birth to hiv negative baby's. mother project is a hugely effective strategy in the battle against. more than one thousand eight percent of these children are born healthy. the german aids foundation is
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supporting dream in mozambique you can do something to give a baby a future without aids. make a donation safe a life. this is daily news live from berlin and they struggle for middle east dominance heats up conflicts across the region saudi arabia seeks to reinforce its prominence in the region and the world by rolling back iran's influence in yemen unleavened on our much more.


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