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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 11, 2017 9:00pm-9:16pm CET

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turning. to join the discussion on g.w. dot com and on trips book. prospects for returning. to the w make my. a. little we're going to go mikey.
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this is d. w. news live from berlin a show of strength from council on separatists in barcelona thousands take to the streets of the castle on capital one day after the region separatist parliamentary speaker is released from jail this follows days of strikes aimed at putting pressure on madrid also coming up. poland marks its independence day but housing's of far right extremists joined the marches in warsaw we'll find out more from our correspondent. on brazil pays tribute to its graces ever for no one driver in a new news a girl over twenty years after his death earth and santa remains a source of inspiration.
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i'm out on a welcome to the program hundreds of thousands of pro independence protesters have filled the streets of barcelona demanding the release of officials jailed for back in catalonia into pendants from spain at least eight former members of the cabinet are in prison on charges of sedition rebellion and misuse of public funds on friday former catalan parliament speaker come if i could tell was released from prison after she posted bail she'd been jailed as part of an investigation into the circumstances that led to catalonia to carrying independence from spain. joining us from moore is the correspondent out in hana in the land here now michael the former leader of catalonia catalyst which amount called for catalan to create common noise in the protests today have they made enough noise will it make any difference to their hopes of seeing independence catalonia. well the protests
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tonight turned out to be really massive for some estimates say more than seven hundred thousand people we will see how these figures turned out later others were talking about up to one million people on the streets of prosser loner tonight so the demonstration itself was loud it was clear and the focus of the protest tonight was the question over the politicians the x. ministers who are now in pre trial detention people were asking to free their leaders as they see them so i think it's a clear sign that the council on conflict is far from is far from being over and we will most likely see more protests as the election campaign for the snap elections and december is coming up at the actually there catalyst for his demand himself is fighting extradition in brussels has madrid won this round in the battle for catalonia independence. the central government in madrid has clearly
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won so far the legal battle but by doing so it didn't work didn't win the hearts or the minds of qatar people the opposite people in catalonia are very upset about the harsh downs and also judges have been very critical over the over the fact that madrid and marianna is trying to solve a political dispute through the beans of the dish or e. so it remains to be seen really what will be the next round in the council on conflict it's clearly not over yet and of course the spanish prime minister mariano rajoy is expected in barcelona on sunday for the first time since this crisis began is the focus now on the elections in december clearly all the regional parties and the national spanish parties our election campaign mode.
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some of the pro independence parties have already nominated their candidates these parties will most likely turn out to be the strongest in catalonia and the very bizarre situation is that the republican left party the e.r.c. has nominated the ousted former. minister of the government of putsch demand to run as their main candidate so you have a situation where politicians who are running for the job in december are in prison and i think that certainly heats up this pre-election campaign very much absolutely and i thank you very much for that update you're welcome. tens of thousands have joined in a march and poland's capitol of warsaw that was organized by the far right the march took place on poland's independence day polish national have taken part as
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well as far right groups including some from across europe among the rallies organizers are several radical groups with roots in on t.c.m. and take organizations active before world war two observers say the march has grown considerably since it began in two thousand and nine. before more on this now i'm joined by journalist my gosh i cried in szczecin in poland so we see that right wing marches on independence day growing in poland why is that. first of all under right wing governments nationalistic and radical movements have been centralizing power it is important to mention that the back to values narrative which is crucial to this internal narrative is often perceived as the skies for nationalism hands it is also providing some kind of legitimacy for the collisions such as. that are. carter's pictures of old polish shooter and his asian or national radical camp you
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could see. protesters participants visit the expressing their sympathy folks in a phobic white supremacist ideas. one participant who was interviewed by state television said that she was taking part to remove jewelry from power after sean thank you that was poku scan national socialist morrissey kyle but what is more important to on the line growing popularity of anti refugee narrative is also a reason for the growing popularity of the of the rally itself this huge independence rally was taking place on the slogan we want got which other words taken from an old polish religious songs some participants sad that quoting it's important for us because of their religion is important to our country and we don't want islamization so the anti refugee narrative is returning in this march and this is
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why joining it's attracting. widespread attention. by conservative part of the polish society i want to. conclude that the polish church first catholic church has many times condemned this nationalist attempts to establish monopoly on the rally and denied any involvement in this ok that was my gosh that guy called this guy and chechen thank you very much for that. u.s. president donald trump on his russian counterpart vladimir putin have reaffirmed their commitment to ending the war in syria in a joint statement the two leaders reject is a military solution to the conflict but says the so-called islamic states must be to face it and the announcements was prepared ahead of a meeting of the asia pacific economic cooperation forum in vietnam which the two leaders were attending. they looked almost like old friends as
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donald trump and vladimir putin greeted each other on the sidelines of the apec summit. and afterwards the russian leader had warm words for his u.s. counterpart. visions of the start of the u.s. president behaves in a highly tactful and friendly way we have normal dialogue. it's not about unfortunately we don't have enough time and it's not possible to talk about the complex nature of our relationship and there's a lot to talk about about the sphere of security on the spear of economic cooperation which is almost zero these days and i do stick around as bookish to interest them at the meeting in the vietnamese city of the latest released a joint statement on the war in syria saying both russia and the u.s. believe there is no military solution to the conflict but the public's attention was not focused on the president's declaration on syria american media or a censored on allegations that the russian government influence the two thousand
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and sixteen u.s. election results trump is facing increased pressure at home because of an ongoing investigation that has led to charges against his former campaign manager paul metaphor the u.s. president has called allegations of campaign collusion with moscow a hoax on the.


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