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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 12, 2017 2:00pm-2:16pm CET

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well bono work daily life too much more from the western. digital hands. wavering in the twenty first century. starting december second on g w. this is d w news line from branding the us president donald trump has arrived in manila for the as he and leaders summit it's also the last leg of the president's asia two and all eyes will be on how he deals with the philippines controversial
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president rodrigo detectives who go to manila for the latest. spanish prime minister mariano rajoy visits boston on up for the first time since imposing direct rule to find out what it means. plus a first for the arab world to the new abu dhabi opens its doors to the public the billion dollar project promises to act as a bridge between east and west through the medium of on. money thank you for joining us president donald trump has arrived in manila it's the last leg of his asia tour the most ambitious trip by a u.s. president in decades. was welcomed by his host philippines president trigger. good
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to terror to the u.s. president in manila is in manila to attend the summit of asia pacific leaders which has just got underway one on one with the filipino leaders is also expected to take place. well we're now joined by correspondent ana santos who's in manila it's good to see you so what can we expect from that meeting between trump and detector. well we're certainly expecting a lot of talk. president earlier in his speech today said that he was looking forward to more inclusive growth and inclusive participation in the. region you know if you look at the end is actually on the end of the economic entity of this kind second but it hasn't really been able to come to harness economic growth as a coalition the way the e.u. has mostly because of so many different factors on on our slowing down agreements
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in the past expecting that we're hoping that there will be some talks on the west philippine sea we call it the west philippine sea here but there's been a little bit of confusion on that exactly first of all president trumpets mention i'd be happy to mediate the south china sea or west philippine sea issue for the philippines but we all know that for china u.s. meddling is a bit of a nonstarter so that has to be carefully balanced at the same time president again in his speech this afternoon said that he had a discussion with the chinese president and they both agreed to set that agreement or that the winning the winning ruling of the philippines from the hague they agreed to set it aside because they wanted to avoid escalation of tensions in the region so there's a little bit of confusion we'll see over the next couple of days where that goes but i definitely think that the west philippine sea will be something that's on the
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table over the next couple of days right obviously trump is in manila with other regional leaders for this summit what are they going to focus on. well there is also the need to focus on better cohesion within the region when it comes to counterterrorism that's also on the table. fallback. hash using territory in the middle east the timing of that kind of coincided when i says affiliated fighters took over morocco here in the philippines so this has a lot of implications for the region it left us with questions like with actually losing territory in the middle east is the southeast asian region now going to be the next hot is hot spot secondly the reported foreign fighters. among those fighting in morocco we so there's a need for countries especially malaysia indonesia and the philippines to look into ways to better improve their counter terrorism measures joining us from manila
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thank you very much thank you donald trump's trip to asia has been overshadowed by the russia affair on saturday trump said he believed putin when the russian president told him that most go had not meddled in the twenty sixteen presidential elections that prompted criticism at home and a day later trump attempted to clarify the comments saying he backs the conclusions of u.s. intelligence agencies but he also avoided accusing put in i believe he believes that and it's very important for somebody to believe i believe that he feels that he and russia did not meddle in the election as to whether i believe it or not with our agencies especially as currently constituted with their leadership i believe in our intel agencies our intelligence agencies. brief you can now at some of the other stories making news around the world reporters in iraq have found what they believe to be
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a mass grave used by so-called islamic state to dispose of their victims according to witnesses the militants forced people to line up at the edge of the sinkhole near mosul before killing them if confirmed it would be the largest mass grave in syria and iraq. voting is under way in the second round of slovenia's presidential elections opinion polls puts incumbent forward paho on course to secure a second five year term his nearest rival is omarion share it's an anti establishment candidate and local mayor the president's role is largely ceremonial but they do have the power to nominate top officials. britain is paying tribute to its war dead with traditional remembrance day services london paused for two minutes of silence marked by the chime in of big ben the service was led for the first time by prince charles who laid a wreath at the scent of tough on behalf of queen elizabeth.
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spanish prime minister mariano rajoy is visiting catalonia today for the first time since madrid dismissed the regional government it comes on the back of massive protests on saturday hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets to call for the release of political leaders jailed for backing the region's split from spain now the protest organizers also hope to keep up the momentum for independence as the spanish government aims to quash it. i know a familiar sight in barcelona huge crowds of independent supporters on the streets of the catalan capital there demanding the release of jailed separatist leaders and former catalan ministers. we have ten political prisoners in catalonia among them a vice president and the majority of our ministers there are also representatives from civil society we want to tell the world we want freedom for our prisoners and freedom for catalonia because we. have to catalonia as referendum madrid dismissed
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the region's government former ministers and separatist leaders were taken into custody on charges of sedition others fat to belgium including former catalan president karl has pushed him over madrid has issued a european arrest warrant that could see him extradited to spain he says madrid is wrong to prosecute him and his former ministers. you know to be treated like a criminal like a drug trafficker like a pedophile like a serial killer i think this is abuse this isn't politics this is using the courts to do politics. that will. push them all has called on the european union to intervene. the some of the it is very disappointing to see that the european union that we're all part of they can respond to situations of poland and hungary but cannot respond to the situation in cup lonia that's the
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potomac of the year the situation came to a head on october the first as catalans went back to vote in what madrid called an illegal referendum they were met with scenes like these. many catalans were right raged madrid's heavy handed approach may well have boosted support for independence . the question why is whether that support has waned and whether separatists will triumph in catalan elections next month. following that story for us is d.w. spain correspondent michelle and hanna good to see you so roy attended a party meeting and boss alone i had of elections in december what was the main issues that he addressed. more than a meeting it was actually the kickoff to the korea lection compay in for his party to a pub pool are the conservative party he presented the main candidate for the party
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it was a stereotype party event in a sealed off environment inside rather than in a public space and during his speech in his first appearance since this conflict started in barcelona in catalonia the region itself he has launched a vigorous attack on the independence leaders the pro independence movement itself he has called them criminals he has called them childish actually i think in his speech he was very much on election mode already and he knows that the upcoming snap elections on the twenty first of december will be really difficult for his party and cut alone so very tough words from or a whole way but we've seen hundreds of thousands of people on the streets for weeks now in barcelona but testing against the spanish government control is surely win over voters that. to me it looked like he didn't even try today
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in his speech that didn't show any sign of reconciliation where he didn't try to bridge in between these two camps the pro independence. people as we have seen them again in high numbers out on the street yesterday so he didn't seem to try and win win over any catalan voters actually today he was rather addressing his voters in the rest of spain staging himself as the defender of the fatherland of the one who stands for law and order and who will restore as he puts it normality in catalonia and in doing so for the rest of the entire country so i believe his strategy is more directed towards the rest of spain rather than really looking at the regional elections all right michel briefly roy's handling of the situation has been heavily criticised but what do you make of it it's been criticised because of this harsh policy has line also because he has left it in the hands of the judges to solve
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a political dispute a conflict that's haunting the region for decades you could say and now we have several politicians voted reapers sensitive of the people behind bars so this kind of handling has been criticised by many observers here in spain michel to hannah joining us from valencia thank you you're welcome. lebanon is calling for answers after its prime minister saad hariri resigned unexpectedly now he announced he was stepping down during a visit to saudi arabia last week lebanon has now called on the saudi government to explain why he is still there and not returned home on saturday how reappeared on state television with the saudi king the lebanese government believes hariri is being held against his will his surprise resignation has plunged lebanon into a political crisis and made it the new focus of the long running power struggle between saudi arabia and iran the move is one of the world's most
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famous museums and now it has a system museum in abu dhabi thousands of visitors attended the opening in a spectacular building designed by french architect john novo the building like the museum itself attempts to combine eastern and western influences it's the first museum of its kind in the arab region here as well. thank you ing in the thirty degree heat and are now name from the somewhat cooler paris is already pulling a crowd in the arab world for the opening of the louvre abu dhabi the five thousand tickets went quickly like the arts many visitors have come from europe the locals seem to like it too. we've been waiting for more than ten years so we're very proud to have an institution like this here the europeans to go artifacts and so the arabs are ok with taking the name at least and create also museums and bring part of the art back and also some european art so i think it's actually quite
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a good thing and. it's precisely what the rich immersive he wants the orient and the rest of the world to come together an art grand historical qur'an additions to vinci's belfair on the air way where a sculpture farm scene of light. the shakes have left the structure of this arabian louvre true a frenchwoman star architect john nouvelle the dome spans one hundred eighty meters i designed it invites interpretation. just looking at this new thinking about how they did this based on like the palm trees the print of the palm trees it's so creative like you know it's connecting that culture and modernise them together so it's really nice to see that. i'm sure they're celebrating this in their own way as artistic expertise and name recognition come as a price the emirates has spent around one point five billion euros on the overall project including loan fees for the arts from the original in paris it gives
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a stronger exposure in terms of cultural associations with with france and with europe i think it's fantastic that the louvre opened a new branch in the middle east it's for a limited time though the name louvre can only be used for thirty years in six months they want to the opening has been long and ostentatious now it's time to see whether this temple of high art can help bridge the arab and western worlds. well that's all for now but we'll be back at the top of the hour with more thank you for joining us. united against climate change. big challenges for the twenty third u.n. climate conference.


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