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tv   World Stories - Climate Change The Drowning Fiji Islands  Deutsche Welle  November 12, 2017 6:15pm-6:31pm CET

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and now a quick reminder of the top story we're following for you u.s. president donald trump has arrived in manila for the summit where he's expected to hold a one on one with the philippines president rodrigo detective it's the last leg of his thirteen day asia tour. that's all for now he had deja vu in berlin but be sure to tune in for more news at the top of the hour in the meantime you can log on to a website it's really easy to remember d w dot com for more news updates and feel free to follow us on social media we are at the news thank you for watching.
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your children like chocolate. you can't live without your smartphone. or two major hopes the supermarket. as we go about our do you mean law of human rights or from the last moment one more in the. invisible hand. one in the twenty first century starting december second on double. welcome to this week's world stories. one hundred years on the russian revolution.
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eastern germany's dwindling population we begin in the south pacific on the fiji islands rising sea levels are threatening low lying areas and coastal erosion is widespread it's especially hard for the village of the saudi. women recall goes out fishing this has become a familiar sight. empty nets. you're used to. when i was small i usually went out to sea with my grandfather and father but we didn't have to come as far out as we are now we would only go as far as the closest reefs get a good catch and then go back now it's different we have to go from one reef to the next because there's nothing that the sea is getting warmer well we did that was. just me. but changing climate is also taking its toll on. and
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recalls the village. the sea level is rising and. is slowly being swallowed by the ocean. the salt water makes the soil and fertile leaving behind only sandy barren land but also corrode the foundations of the houses. eventually the villagers have no choice but to give them up. when we built our homes we thought we could live here forever and i never thought of such a thing as climate change and that it could impact us like this and so quickly and now we're seeing what it can do it's really sad for everyone in the village. over a bowl of cob or a traditional mildly narcotic drink in the pacific they discuss their future. just a few hundred metres further up in the hills there's enough space to relocate the whole village permanently but most of the villagers refuse. to them the land they
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live on is sacred it is these stones they cherish they mark the original home of the first chieftain to rule over the whole island and large parts of eastern fiji some two hundred years ago because of tribal wars he himself was forced to leave but he sent the villagers ancestors to keep watch today his successor lives on a different island but the villages obligation remains. at the use our military we were supposed to be relocated to and but we said that we can't move because first we have to consult our paramount chief. we asked him but he didn't agree to the relocation. he told us we had to stay here because the duty to stow it on us is of great importance. i thought only for me in that. and yet the rising seas might leave them with no choice but to abandon the sacred place. for the
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people of. climate change is more than just an abstract threat for them it's real and they need real answers before their home is lost forever. it was a revolution that brought down imperial russia and shook the world one hundred years ago the bolsheviks seized power in st petersburg and the soviet regime was born. but celebrations in proteins russia have been muted. reviving the spirit of lain in a park in st petersburg a dozen young men and women are celebrating the one hundredth anniversary of the october revolution an era they've only read about. they'd like to turn back the clock. so you see the absence of the soviet union as only temporary and with the russian tricolor won't be our flag for long but our red communist flags will fly
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again. even though our country has taken a giant step backward and i'm sure the triumph of socialism lies ahead that's our country's only future. that's exactly what russian revolutionaries thought when they stormed the winter palace in st petersburg one hundred years ago. bloody leaning proclaimed a new world of socialism. seventy four years later the soviet union collapsed leanings personality cult became a joke the leader of the world's working class now we're tourist attraction at red square. with plenty of one hundred years later i said the revolution was wrong. that any democracy is not good when a country has a czar there should be a revolution it is at the guy by a pauper. russian officials appear ruffled by the celebrations.
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it's been a long time since parades were held at red square. today's kremlin officials are making sure that their historical narrative prevails official historians interpret the october revolution centennial as a dangerous inspiration for new protests i see in the u.s. russia needs to look at the revolution differently the tragic events that led to the breakup of our country and huge losses should serve as a lesson for the future so that something like that you can never happens again at off but when you start it is a russian population united in support of the kremlin that's the leadership's vision the goal is to regain imperial strength. yes to a strong russia no to another revolution one hundred years later leans ideology is not in the kremlin's playbook but consolidating power certainly has. the problem of rural the population is not exclusive to germany but this issue asian and
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eastern areas of the country has long been viewed as critical villages and small towns are facing a struggle to survive debate continues about what to do. the town of keats lies in eastern germany's region and is in a state of decline the streets are lined with abandoned houses their former inhabitants have either passed away or moved to big cities there are hardly any newcomers nearly no stores no schools despite the financial incentives being offered businesses have avoided this place modern companies need a broadband network but that will be installed for another three years the mayor of the neighboring village of godso also complains about emigration to the big cities but function says he still has hope because some families want to stay. long children are the foundation of any village i think the village should think of its children when formulating policy and give them a future having a kindergarten or
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a school can sustain a village. of eighty children now attend the local kindergarten the school next door was supposed to close due to a lack of students but two years ago some refugee families moved to god so now the school is back in business. the village has just a small bakery it's the only place that sells food and it's only open for a few hours a day. the supermarket here closed years ago frank has lived here since childhood and he wants to stay. involved with dos so the bad thing about this village is that nothing is here. we used to have a butcher a supermarket a hairdresser a bank now it's all gone there's nothing left but it's bad and the young people go where they can get a job. as county commissioner of makah showdown and ghana which mitt is the highest
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level politician around he wants germany's new federal government to invest in local villages but he feels this money should be used strategically. the money shouldn't go into subsidy programs that would build the fiftieth or hundredth village community center we need good infrastructure that connects rural areas with metropolitan water. but. at the moment only five buses a day connect these villages with the big cities nearby but that's not enough to convince young families to move to the scenic order valley and tourists aren't interested either. our last report takes us to malawi the eastern african country has one of the highest rates of child marriage in the world and gone way is doing what she can to change this by sharing her own story. all right you. know never the opportunity arises in
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a and do know we've gone vague comes to disk. in northern malawi she's very passionate about girls' education and i want them to stay in school and not get married at a young age so she uses her own story as a cautionary tale she dropped out of school at the age of thirty. when she got married something she's not so proud of and so. i made a. decision so one day i decided you know it doesn't meant i have six today to go back to school then astonished and age as for now i cheated me out my so are you young goes where cadge think or you are forced to miss so that day one should depend on you old. enough to have to take care of her children herself her husband doesn't have enough money to support them he has two other wives but she never gave up this makes her a role model for others. i mean yeah i was
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a christie with us tory in that i saw her bitter hate. should continue it made and the faint fees made cation think i should achieve my cause could be someone in the future. in the afternoon she meets with alina syria. the girl is only fourteen but already has a child and would like in many cases she had to drop out of school. and our estimates that at least sixty percent of the girls i'm allowing are married off at an early age there are many reasons for this such as cultural traditions poverty and a lack of education sometimes but i can sure as the fourteen is she just to get a day off or sit down to sit in line then the city may manage here and.
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then in this one she's just staying for with us. and in the city is a member of a group of young mothers who hope to return to school soon as member of a group of young mothers who hope to return to school soon yes inara is already instilling the value of education among her own children. too. be in a school always so that. they should be independent they only need to address. the long struggle against child marriages paid off this year in april a law prohibiting marriage before the age of eighteen was an actress and no hint. chaos and control that. at the venice biennale of.
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all twenty one was that. checking out the most remarkable billions. and to make sure. she had a national. next. hey i'm in a stage stars could. you give me. that kim and dad's house of. this time anastasia boat while conchita. two powerful singers showed what they can decide to such. a rare. night. the five minutes w. . my first boss i was a sewing machine. where i come from women are bound by this notion for
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something as simple as learning how to write a bicycle isn't. since i was a little girl i wanted to have a buy cycle of my home and it took me as them and. finally they gave up and went to buy me and my cycles but returned with the sewing machine sewing i suppose was more . appropriate for girls than writing advice and now i want to meet those women back home who are bound by their duties and social norms and informed them about the basic rights my name is the about of the home and i work i need a. hello and welcome to arts twenty one with a special edition on the venice be in ali. we've got everything you need to know
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about the world's most.


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