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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 12, 2017 7:00pm-7:16pm CET

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if you see all these stereotypes about africa it's good to see you. do something for your country but you're still black your torso. for germany starting december tenth. this is d w news live from berlin the us president donald trump has arrived in manila for the albion leaders summit it's also the last leg of the president's asia
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tour and all eyes will be on how he deals with the philippines controversial president of adric go to tech to go to manila for the latest. spanish prime minister mariano rajoy visits bus alona for the first time since imposing direct rule and as regional elections loom roy links spain's economic recovery to removing pro independence parties from power. plus a first of all the arab world the louvre abu dhabi opens its doors to the public the billion dollar project promises to act as a bridge between east and west through the medium of odd. time to money welcome to the program u.s. president donald trump has arrived in the manila on the last leg of his official tour of asia as. longest trip by a u.s.
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leader to the region in decades and trump has an ambitious agenda he has welcomed he was welcomed draw that to the philippines by his host president rodrigo due to the two will attend the summit of asia pacific leaders and they're also expected to hold bilateral talks. with. the protesters who are ready for him flag burning and banned trump chance met by police water cannons in manila president trump has arrived in the philippines the last stop on his five country twelve day visit to asia. at the dinner the mood was considerably more serene with trump in town the southeast asian development and cooperation group is holding its thirty first summit and marking its fiftieth anniversary despite the display of unity several of those states are in fierce competition for regional influence china has made sweeping claims to the south china sea something the philippines and other regional nations vigorously dispute trump said he'd like to
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mediate the tense situation an offer that was hardly embraced by philippine president roderigo to tear to. the left and right. for the. right yeah. the complete. human rights observers are waiting to see what if any criticism trump may have for do terror take when they meet to territories ruthless anti-drug campaign has resulted in nearly four thousand deaths including extrajudicial killings but the two leaders have a lot in common both of them feel besieged both of them talk about this obligation both of them talk about overturning the existing order both of them talk about their nation first so the third in many ways also talks about you know make
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filipinos great again so in that sense there is this sense of personal solidarity and relates to people who are very much like you from the philippines trump were turn to washington and then the longest trip to asia by a u.s. president in more than a quarter century. when i joined by correspondent on a santos was in manila on a it's good to see you so trump and the meeting separately was the aim of that meeting where they're supposed to have a bilateral meeting to discuss economic ties and also counterterrorism measures but i have to tell you that you know this brewing bromance between the two world leaders is something that's wildly kind of wildly anticipated here we saw this bromance kind of starting dring the campaign period there was a lot of similarities between the two world leaders they're both around the seamy have much younger partners they both have an intolerance for dissent and they both
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have a distain for media you know didgeridoo was often called trump of the east and it was a title that he kind of welcomes he said that both trump and i are in the same we both like to curse all this bromance as you so i think put it aside the main focus of trump's visit to the philippines is the summit what can we expect from that. well definitely there's going to be a lot of talks about economic integration president to tara to has been emphasizing inclusive prosperity for the region and we're also hoping to see some more indication from the u.s. about what their foreign policy is going to be if you remember the predecessor of donald trump barack obama he had a clear foreign policy which is the pivot to southeast asia so the region is going to be eagerly looking at what this far if there's going to be a mention of this or policy or what stance and position the u.s.
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is going to take in the region and a scientist joining us from manila thank you. and a brief look now at some of the other stories making news around the world iraqi forces have found more mass graves where the so-called islamic state is believed to have disposed of its victims witnesses say the militants forced people to line up at the edge of the sinkhole near mosul before killing them the site is thought to contain some four hundred bodies. u.s. and south korean warships are conducting naval drills in the western pacific the four day exercises spearheaded by american aircraft carriers the largest of the type in the world officials in seoul say the show of military might is intended as a deterrent to any provocation from north korea. a tense day in catalonia spanish prime minister mariano rajoy visited the volatile region for the first time since dismissing its secessionist government but didn't come to make nice meeting
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with members of his conservative party this famished head called on catalyst to kick out separatists in next month's snap elections but he also urged business is business leaders not to turn their backs on the region the standoff shows no signs of abating on saturday hundreds of thousands of protesters took to the streets of basra loner to call for the release of its jailed political didas. following that story for us is correspondent michel. it's good to see attended a party meeting in barcelona ahead of elections in december what are the main issues that he addressed. more than a meeting it was actually the kickoff to the korea lection compay in for his partido pople are the conservative party he presented as the main candidate for the party it was a stereotype party event in a sealed off environment inside rather than in a public space and during his speech in his first appearance since this conflict
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started in barcelona in catalonia the region itself he has launched a vigorous attack on the independence leaders the pro independence movement itself he has called them criminals he has called them childish actually i think in his speech he was very much on pre-election mode already and he knows that the upcoming snap elections on the twenty first of december will be really difficult for his party in catalonia so very tough words from rahowa but we've seen hundreds of thousands of people on the streets for weeks now in barcelona but testing against the spanish government control is surely win over voters that to me it looked like he didn't even try today in his speech that didn't show any sign of reconciliation where he didn't try to bridge in between these two camps the pro independence. people as we have seen them again in high numbers out on the street
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yesterday so he didn't seem to try and win win over any catalan voters actually today he was rather addressing his voters in the rest of spain staging himself as the defender of the fatherland of the one who stands for law and order and who will restore as he puts it normality in catalonia and in doing so for the rest of the entire country so i believe his strategy is more directed towards the rest of spain rather than really looking at the regional elections all right nischelle briefly roy's handling of the situation has been heavily criticized but what do you make of it. it's been criticised because of this harsh policy has line also because he has left it in the hands of the judges to solve a political dispute a conflict that's haunting the region for decades you could say and now we have
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several politicians voted reapers sensitive of the cartel and people behind bars so this kind of handling has been criticised by many observers here in spain michel and hannah joining us from valencia thank you. hollywood star sega has been flexing his environmental muscle that the u.n. climate conference in bonn right here in germany of the terminator actor and former governor of california is highly critical of the climate policies of u.s. president donald trump he's campaigning for more green energy and cuts in emissions but he says environmental activists need to communicate better to get the public's attention. i can do the best action movie in the world but if i don't know how to communicate to the people to get them into the theater the movie is going to die at the box office it is going to go in the toilet. so this is why it is so important if you start communicating it's time that we wake up it's time that we wake up and
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talk about would really matters here is what matters the twenty five thousand people who are dying every day because of pollution while the current governor of california jerry brown is also a leading figure on climate action in the u.s. we caught up with him at the bond summit where he had a clear message for german automakers who have been dragging their feet on immobility he says the sector needs to move away from combustion engines because the future is electric. the big problem is vehicles trucks in cars that's over forty percent of our greenhouse gases and there we will get zero emission vehicles we want the german all of us to realize we were. a mission vehicles we know what those old diesel vehicles even if they fix the spillovers road we have to go to the new that's what china wants that's a killer for you want and together we are the biggest market in the world. let's
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have a look at model spots now in formula one where sebastian vettel has done the brazilian grand prix in sao paolo the german started in second but grabbed the lead from valtteri bottas on the opening corner the ferrari driver never relinquished the lead to clinch his first victory in eight races well champion lewis hamilton forty his way back of rather forty's way from the back of the grid to fourth behind teammate potus and ferrari's kimi reichen and in third. searching for four to two wheels now and mark marquez has been crowned moto g.p. champion for the fourth time in five seasons a spondee and start of the race in valencia from pole and only needed to finish eleventh to clinch the title but there was a scare as he received dropped down to fifty after leaving the truck and taking a detour through gravel the honda driver back to cross to the finish line in third
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and claimed the title in the season's final. now the liver is one of the world's most famous museums and now it has a sister museum in abu dhabi thousands of visitors attended the opening in a spectacular building designed by french architect john knew that the building like the museum itself attempts to combine eastern and western influences is the first museum of its kind in the arab region. thank you ing in the thirty degree heat renowned name from the somewhat cooler paris is already pulling a crowd in the arab world for the opening of the louvre abu dhabi the five thousand tickets went quickly like the arts many visitors have come from europe the local seem to like it. we've been waiting for more than ten years so we're very proud to have an institution like this here the europeans took our artifacts and so the arabs are ok with taking the name at least and create also museums and bring part
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of the art back and also some european art so i think it's actually quite a good move. it's precisely what the rich immersive be wants the orient and the rest of the world comes together in arts grand historical qur'an additions to vinci's belfair on the air way where a sculpture farm scene of light. the shakes have left the structure of this arabian louvre true a frenchwoman star architect john nouvelle in time spans one hundred eighty meters design that invites interpretation. just looking at this new thinking about how they did this based on like the palm trees the print of the palm trees it's so creative like you know it's connecting that culture and modernise them together so it's really nice to see that. arms they're celebrating this in their own way as artistic expertise and name recognition come as a price the emirates has spent around one point five billion euros on the overall
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project including loan fees for the arts from the original in paris it gives a stronger exposure in terms of cultural associations with with france and with europe i think it's fantastic that the louvre opened a new branch in the middle east it's for a limited time though the name louvre can only be used for thirty years in six months they want to the opening has been long and ostentatious now it's time to see whether this temple of high art can help bridge the arab and western worlds. that's all from us at this hour my colleague and a daughter joins you at the top of the hour i'm a declining at forty. health. and here it's too long. solidarity. they fall by the wayside when the gap between the.


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