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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 12, 2017 9:00pm-9:16pm CET

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the ninety's looked as if he would resurrect the old style soviet union including its official language. his bella russian is worse than his russian years ago so he needs two official languages i'm sure he's a coarse badly educated dictator if they're going to think that it's a group where mullah brazil ejector. opposition is largely for britain in belarus. in the one nine hundred ninety s. just gave rich to it as a candidate for a new party but he didn't stand a chance. at that time he still hoped to supplant the old values with new ones. it was a vain hope that the. overwhelming majority of people in belarus support democratic principles our leadership only came to power with russia's help. he would the roads there has to be if he does what he wants and
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everyone else shuts up and accepts it with them if they object he removes them from the fi trough and a fast buck but the west doesn't understand that we're not a state based on law and order and that the way to becoming one has been blocked we're not a country where the government is democratically elected and we were moving towards it but then we were stopped. in. the will of the liquid. so at least russia got one ally back but in the mid ninety's it was still mired in crisis marise yeltsin had become the antithesis of a strong man and was spending more time in hospital than in the kremlin. ordinary. russians were worse off than ever. after the great ruble crisis in one
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thousand nine hundred eight in ninety nine he had since stepped down in the middle of his second term of office. to a yeah we're seeing you know us how russia is for. now with the young but i see you have three of the yeah or. well stuff. the new top dog in the kremlin was to be ensigns prime minister vladimir putin. quickly adopted the image of a few lists fighter and enjoys appearing in public in front of military symbols. i have the impression that president putin's personality is a combination of peter the great and stalin you he wants to turn russia which could actually be a free democratic and prosperous republic into an empire again as it was in the
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days of the czars in the soviet union. it is that. up on the right it's to those up with. the longer the west puts up with his are. the bloodier the end will be. and the bloodier any attempt to stop him. because the us. put an aside a thousand times that we do not want to attack or threaten anyone and as i've already said europe has been attacking us for a thousand years but we have never attacked anyone. who certainly acts like a man who is capable of attack he gets his nickname nimitz the german from his years as a secret service operative in east germany he knows the mechanisms of power and believes that the pillars on which the soviet union rested haven't been lost forever. reassured and anxious at the same time all eyes are turned to moscow where the lights are back on in the kremlin.
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yes. miramax this week's highlights. linguini jewelry artists display their
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beautiful ads in vietnam massively monumental postwar brutalist aka tech just once despised it's now been celebrated. sighing gravity fabio vid most spectacular bikes down. your romance in thirty minutes w. . will miss the subtle enticed me when i ask him to donors or dealing with a name that i killed many civilians with him in the us come that including my father was the first and i was a student because i wanted to build a life for myself but they stuck totally at ease but suddenly life became elish kind of sob. providing insights global news that matters d. w. made for mines. g w true diversity.
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where the world of science is at home in many languages. on its own for thought of programming but they worry that may show you. now with us our innovations magazine for asia the us from every week and always looking to the future fund d w dot com science and research for asia. this is the news live from berlin u.s. presidents donald trump has arrived in the new era for the r.c.n. leaders so mass it's also the last leg of the president's asia tour and all eyes
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will be on him and how he deals with the president of the philippines rodrigo detest and also coming up. spanish prime minister mariano rajoy visits barcelona for the first time since imposing direct rule on catalonia and as regional elections looms for hoylake spain's economic recovery to removing pro independence parties from power. and arnold schwarzenegger speaks hours at the u.n. climate summit here in germany the former cast of the big former california governor says environmentalists need to do more if they want to terminate global warming. i was on a welcome to the program u.s. presidents donald trump has
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a rives in manila on the last like of his official tour of asia it's the longest trip by u.s. leaders to the region and decades and has an ambitious agenda he was welcomed to the philippines by his host president's words rigo detent say the two will attend to the audience on most of asia pacific leaders and they're also expected to hold bilateral talks. the protesters were ready for him flag burning and band trumped chance met by police water cannons in manila president trump has arrived in the philippines the last stop on his five country twelve day visit to asia. at the dinner the mood was considerably more serene with trump in town the southeast asian development and cooperation group is holding its thirty first summit and marking its fiftieth anniversary despite the display of unity several of those states are in fierce competition for regional influence china has made sweeping claims to the south china sea something the philippines and other regional nations vigorously
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dispute trump said he'd like to mediate the tense situation an offer that was hardly embraced by philippine president. but the left. either. human rights observers are waiting to see what if any criticism trump may have to do when they meet to tear taze ruthless anti-drug campaign has resulted in nearly four thousand deaths including extrajudicial killings but the two leaders have a lot in common both of them. both. first. so. personal.
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and relates to people who are very much like from the philippines trump will return to washington ending the longest trip.


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