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tv   Interview - Konstantin Kuhle Self-determination in all aspects of life  Deutsche Welle  November 12, 2017 9:15pm-9:31pm CET

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human rights observers are waiting to see what if any criticism trump may have for do terror take when they meet to tear taze ruthless anti-drug campaign has resulted in nearly four thousand deaths including extrajudicial killings but the two leaders have a lot in common both of them feel besieged both of them talk about this abuse ation both of them talk about overturning the existing order both of them talk about their nation first so the third in many ways also talks about you know make philippines great again so in that sense there is this sense of personal solidarity and relates to people who are very much like you from the philippines trump will return to washington ending the longest trip to asia by a u.s. president in more than a quarter century. we're joined now by our correspondent in washington nigga retail trump on to tara to have mass over dinner and plan to meet again what is the u.s. expecting from these meetings well many here question and the weather trump should
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even be meeting with the territory in the philippines that is a big issue here because just a few days ago of course. confessed to have killed a man many decades ago and he's also criticized for his bloody war against iraq that he has been waging for years in the country and part of that war on drugs is of course extra legal killing so many here question the wisdom of meeting with the church in the first place and then people many observers and people here expect trump to speak out and basically denounce to target for his his war on drugs but that seems at least o.p.'s so far whether trump will actually do that by and also of the surprises well trump actually offered to mediate the territorial disputes in the south china seas with this offer be taken into consideration. well yeah that actually came as
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a surprise but of course with trump one always has to be prepared for surprises like this it seems also very unlikely that trump in the u.s. what would be accepted as an on a spro curve in this longstanding south china sea dispute especially by a by countries like china but perhaps also by others who probably would not see the u.s. as an honest broker in that region so it also it remains to be seen whether this bill will come into reality or this is just another one of the many suggestions and things he says and tweets that has little substance. has conned down in general in the u.s. has it been considered a success or otherwise. well that is as usual here it depends on who you talk to for his supporters of course this trip that is not
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finished yet but this trip will of course be. interpreted as a pick success trump visiting all these countries getting a great reception as he proclaimed to china and traveling around and basically you know showing that the u.s. is still a player there but a lot of others. will see it very differently and say that that he has played at this mall role there and he hasn't really. hasn't really spoken out. and repositioned the u.s. especially because every china and probably the most striking thing that he did while in china which was very unusual for a sitting u.s. president is basically that he sided with with russian president putin. versus his own intelligence chief in a dispute over russian meddling in the u.s. election that it's really an. anomaly for u.s. president but perhaps not so much for mr trump never
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a dull moment he had me get thank you very much trast. lebanese former prime minister saad hariri has said he will return home from saudi arabia within days in his first televised appearance since his shock resignation last week and we re told future t.v. in riyadh he is free to travel as he wishes in response to claims from zalman lebanon that he was being held against his will he announced his resignation in saudi arabia last saturday saying he fears there was a plot to kill him but he hinted in his latest remarks that he might rescind his resignation. spanish prime minister mariano rajoy is on his first visit to catalonia since dismissing it succession of government he's offering a stark choice kits are persists and next month snap elections or there will be drastic consequences he arrived in the region just hours after hundreds of
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thousands of pro independence administrators took to the streets of barcelona getting them to change their minds will be an awful. it's a difficult yet inevitable trip for mariano to hoeing his conservative popular party he's struggling in the polls less than six weeks before the regional election in catalonia that he called using previously untapped constitutional power as he asked voters to back spanish unity. we want the december twenty first election to bring back peace to catalonia we want to reestablish a democratic and free catalonia for everyone we will achieve this if the silent majority finds its voice and votes. the spanish leader can count on his party's support but many other catalans will not be holding welcome signs the night before his arrival hundreds of thousands of pro independence protesters took to the streets of barcelona to demonstrate again
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against the central government's hardline on catalan secession they demanded the release of separatist politicians who were jailed following last month's referendum but once again defended moderates position. we did what any of our neighboring countries with some degree of self-respect would do. how would france or germany react if one of their regions called for an illegal independence referendum and declared that the constitution no longer apply there. addressing not only catalonia but the whole country the holy war and everyone who challenges the spanish state will have to deal with moderates power but he'll have to wait till december to find out if catalan voters are persuaded. of them or that story now we're going to cross over to spain to our correspondent have had a. cold for the silent majority to speak in the december election in council lonia
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what exactly does he mean by that. by the silent majority he means those people in catalonia who are against the in the pendants and we actually don't have an exact figure on them but let's assume they are majority of people in the region. that doesn't mean it necessarily translates into political success for marianna and his party the conservative party partido popular actually the party is very unpopular in the region at the last regional elections in two thousand and fifteen it only got eight percent at the polls so it's rather one of the smaller groups in the parliament and recent polls suggest that this won't change much after all what happened. on the contrary the are see the left republican party this party is demanding an own cattle on state they will most likely gain
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thirty percent at these elections in december and they might turn out to be then the winner of the election not with a majority in parliament but still the biggest party or the biggest a vote will go again to a pro independence party. now rally is healthy now after the cash ran elections the situation will normalize in the region where it really be that easy. i don't think so we have seen this in the pendants movement growing over years and years and now with this recent polls again suggesting another success for these political parties it will not normalize recoil is promising this in particular looking at his waters in the rest of spain he cannot cannot really use more political turmoil in the country but i think less both sides really sit down at
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a table the newly elected regional government and the central government. there i don't think unless they do this finally there won't be a political solution in catalonia. correspondent in spain. thank you for the us. now heiler star arnold schwarzenegger has been flexing his environmental muscles at the u.n. climate conference in bonn in germany the terminator actor and former governor of california is highly critical of the climate policies of u.s. presidents donald trump he's campaigning for more green energy and cuts in emissions but he says too many people still just don't know what's at stake. carlos watson agar is no newcomer to environmental activism but in bonn he said environmentalist's need to find ways to get their point across more effectively i
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can do the best action movie in the world but if i don't know how to communicate to the people to get them into the theater the movie is going to die at the box office it is going to go in the toilet so this is why it is so important it is.


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