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tv   Tomorrow Today - The Science Magazine  Deutsche Welle  November 12, 2017 10:30pm-11:01pm CET

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and makers meet at the vienna jewelry days. the trade fair starts out with ten selected artists exhibiting one work each in a museum for applied art one hundred fifty international designers are represented at the jewelry days here not everything that glitters is gold and initiator christina makes out several trends. quiet some fish currently we have a lot of jewelry in the area of psyching and recycling for example mario outraged of germany who uses plastic foil is to make broaches. when he's finished you can tell what material was used on and in a really big trend is three d. jewelry and there are a great many jewelry artists producing gender neutral jewelry for instance a chain that can be worn by a man or a woman. he can and man can also go to the end if. jewelry can be a status symbol as much as a fashion accessory designers seek to elicit a response to their works. if you feel that many things don't make
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a tremendous impression at first sight but when you look at them all closely you will understand the human behind them then they will look at the metal level to you . that not this wasn't the not the kind of meat that you've been you've always been asking which is made i was right. there is a crime of recession stuff and i like these job itself and i was a lot with classic films of jewelry but i also tried to break with them sometimes ironically so that they train people for a loop you know during the viennese jewelry days the artists are showcasing their designs in various places across the city their pieces range from necklaces from a three d. printer to bracelets made from horn. michelle berger a jewelry designer from germany is taking part in vienna for the first time his rings are rather out of the ordinary.
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jewelry differs from normal jewelry because even the slightest movement of the wearer sets the piece in motion. so naturally that attracts attention more than is usually the case for jewelry. fondest michele berger makes all his pieces and his dusseldorf studio the goldsmith learned his techniques from friedrich bakker the inventor of kinetic jewelry. michelle berger often has to work through a number of designs and prototypes before such a piece functions as intended. unseen tiny ball bearings axles and screws are at work here i never use magnetism even if many people assume that at first it's all precision mechanics that has to be crafted very carefully so that this gloating effect comes about. because. michelle burger works with coated stainless steel gold silver and precious stones
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his rings cost more than a thousand euro's men and women alike can wear his jewelry berger is fascinated by people's differing perceptions. responses are a bit polarized i have to say some people say it's great but it would drive me batty. others say it really calms me down but we close out so people have extremely divergent responses i mean you know they definitely respond and that's positive but all their point this is a kind of jewelry that doesn't leave anyone cold it so i'm quite content because it's not jewelry for just anybody. in addition to exhibitions the program at the vienna jewelry days includes talks and workshops. doesn't put this foam is to plan this is a great forum to present yourself and to meet other artists and people interested
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in the jewelry scene one for me by exhibiting in vienna is something new and see mass unaided to see how the locals respond to my work and the home made his show got off to a good start the critics at the opening were nothing if not moved by michelle burgers jewelry. that's all from us here at your remarks for this week for more your content like a facebook page where we have new posts every day from all of us here in berlin thanks for watching and we hope to see you again soon.
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at the. with.
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my name is back. musicians friends from all over the world. in mexico. before two thousand and five and with. space age technology for our streets. driverless cars still encounter real
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obstacles in traffic but on mars rovers have been moving autonomy for years. now a japanese automaker wants to use their technology to create self driving cars that are out of this world. tomorrow today in thirty minutes. we take football personally i do it with all the wonderful people and stories that make the game so special. for all true fans dog would bark. i. got more than football on line. they're black and living in germany. she's reminded what that means on a daily basis presenter john up like it is nothing i have to blend in and i was. taking a holiday group and being you know different than the way. she travelled across
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germany to meet other black people and to hear their stories. it's that. i grew up in a white family in a white neighborhood it was definitely a challenge. she decided to put me up for adoption. so the main thing was to keep your head down and your mouth shut of course of the face like this i could never completely disappear if you see all these stereotypes about africa it's good to see you. do something for your country but you're still the black guy far from. afro germany starting december tenth d.w. .
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this is the daily news live from berlin u.s. president. in manila for the us the and the just the mess it's also the last leg of the president's asia tour and all eyes will be on how he deals with the philippines controversial preston treasury go to also on the program the spanish prime minister mariano rajoy visits barcelona for the first time since imposing direct rule on catalonia and as regional elections lou he warned scotland's they face a choice between spanish unity and chaos. and arnold schwarzenegger speaks at the u.n. climate summit here in germany the former california governor says environmentalist
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need to do more if they want to terminate global warming. i know donna welcome to the program well u.s. presidents donald trump has arrived in manila on the last leg of his official tour of asia the longest trip by a u.s. leader to the region in decades and has an ambitious agenda he was welcome to the philippines by his host president rodrigo deterred say the two will attend the asean some s. of asia pacific leaders and they're also expected to hold bilateral talks the protesters were ready for him flag burning and banned trump chance met by police water cannons in manila president trump has arrived in the philippines the last stop on his five country twelve day visit to asia. at the ozzie and gala dinner the
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mood was considerably more serene with trump in town the southeast asian development and cooperation group is holding its thirty first summit and marking its fiftieth anniversary despite the display of unity several of those states are in fierce competition for regional influence china has made sweeping claims to the south china sea something the philippines and other which. nations vigorously dispute trump said he'd like to mediate the tense situation an offer that was hardly embraced by philippine president roderigo to. that. nobody. is the big. human rights observers are waiting to see what if any criticism trump may have when
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they meet to tear today's ruthless anti-drug campaign has resulted in nearly four thousand deaths including extrajudicial killings but the two leaders have a lot in common both of them feel besieged both of them talk about this both of them talk about overturning the existing order both of them talk about their nation first so the third in many ways also talks about you know make philippines great again so in that sense there is this sense of personal solidarity and relates to people who are very much like you from the philippines trump will return to washington and then the longest trip to asia by a u.s. president in more than a quarter century. and more on this now we're joined by our correspondent in washington. and deter have mass over dinner and plan to get what is the u.s. expecting from these meetings. well many here in washington question
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whether trump should even be meeting with the territory especially after of the territory just a few days ago admitted to having having killed a man some years ago and to turkey has also been waging a bloody war on drugs in that country and that war on drugs included extra legal killings so many here in the us question whether trump should even be talking to a man like that and if he so many people feel here then he should denounce him and his practices but it is also very questionable whether trump will actually do that as it seems that the two leaders seem to be getting along just fine so far. trump is also of course caught people off guard by offering to mediate these territorial disputes in the south china seas well that offer be taken into consideration you think. well. that was a stunning move by president trump a surprising move and it seems very unlikely that china would accept the u.s.
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as an honest broker in that region especially after china is basically interested to try actually to to decrease the u.s. footprint in the area and end it all it was also a lukewarm response that trump received for its offer by filipino president to territory who said well the south china sea should be best left alone and it's also unclear how how serious trump was with this offer he often says or tweets things kind of off the cuff without really meaning them. how has trump's trypticon down in the u.s. in general is it considered a success or otherwise. well with most things concerning trump people are divided i mean of course it's hard core fans will of course say that this trip was great and a big success but of course many of his critics are really dissatisfied with
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trump's performance there and think it was a disaster republican senator john mccain denounced. basically siding with russian president putin when he told him reportedly that that he didn't that russia didn't meddle in the u.s. elections and trump sided with him over his own u.s. intelligence services who of course say that russia did meddle in this affair but he also has received criticism even from from democrats who of course say that trump behaved like a lapdog to china senator chuck schumer said that but also but then. attacked this basically is allies in the region so a lot of criticism for trump but that will not keep his supporters from claiming that this was a big success. can you get thank you very much for that update. lebanese former prime minister saad how did he has said he will return home from saudi
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arabia within days in his first televised appearance since his shock resignation last week hariri told future t.v. in riyadh that he is free to travel as he wishes in response to claims from so many lebannon that he was being held against his will he announced his resignation in saudi arabia last sashay saying he feared there was a postie to kill him but he hinted in his latest remarks he might rescind his resignation. at least six people have been killed in iran and one in iraq after a powerful earthquake struck the country's northern border and memory measurements suggest the strength of seven point three at the epicenter was around thirty kilometers from the iraqi city of. iranian reports say at least fourteen provinces are affected. the spanish prime minister mariano rajoy is on his first visit to catalonia since
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dismissing its succession of government he's offering a stark choice kick at that persists and next month snap elections or there will be drastic consequences a rives in the region just hours after hundreds of thousands of pro independence demonstrators took to the streets of barcelona getting them to change their minds will be an uphill battle. it's a difficult yet inevitable trip for mariana hoeing his conservative popular party is struggling in the polls less than six weeks before the regional election in catalonia that he called using previously untapped constitutional power as he asked voters to back spanish unity. we want the december twenty first election to bring back peace to catalonia we want to reestablish a democratic and free catalonia for everyone we will achieve this if the silent majority finds its voice and votes. the spanish
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leader can count on his party's support but many other catalans will not be holding welcome signs the night before his arrival hundreds of thousands of probing dependents protesters took to the streets of boston lono to demonstrate again against the central government's hardline on catalan secession they demanded the release of separatist politicians who were jailed following last month's referendum but once again defended moderates position. we did what any of our neighboring countries with some degree of self-respect would do. how would france or germany react if one of their regions called for an illegal independence referendum and declared that the constitution no longer apply their. view nor of addressing not only catalonia but the whole country the whole you warned everyone who challenges the spanish state will have to deal with moderates power but he'll have to wait
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till december to find out if catalan voters are persuaded. and a brief look at a few of the stories making news around the world. iraqi forces have found more mass graves where these so-called islamic state is believed to have disposed of its victims witnesses say the militants forced people to line up at the edge of a same coal near mosul before killing them the size is thought to be containing some four hundred bodies. u.s. and south korean war ships are conducting naval drills in the western pacific the four day exercise is spearheaded by three american aircraft carriers the largest of their type in the world officials in seoul say the show of military mice is intended as a deterrent.


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