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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 13, 2017 1:00am-1:16am CET

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this you know i mean in your minority growing you are going to get when you go you don't want to. be nominee and you name it. the show could do it so she's ready answer to. question which could not only safe but i thought when i'm going to be a front to. the point you can see it because as you've said. this is the day of the news live from berlin u.s. president donald trump is in manila for the ozzy and leaders summit as it's also
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the last leg of the president's asia tour and all eyes will be on how he deals with the press the philippines controversial president rodrigo detects a also coming up seven months former prime minister speak side saying he will come home soon saad hariri rejects claims that he's being held against his will by saudi arabia. and inform him once about him fattal restores ferrari private with a victory at the brazilian grand prix we have all the trails and spills from sunday's race. i mounted on a welcome to the program u.s. president donald trump has arrived in manila on the last leg of his official tour of asia it's the longest trip by a u.s. leader to the region and decades and an ambitious agenda he was welcome to the
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philippines by his host president rodrigo detest hey it's you will attend the as the and so much of asia pacific leaders and they're also expected to hold by the talks. the protesters were ready for him flag burning and band met by police water cannons in manila president trump has arrived in the philippines the last stop on his five country twelve day visit to asia. at the dinner the mood was considerably more serene with trump in town the southeast asian development and cooperation group is holding its thirty first summit and marking its fiftieth anniversary despite the display of unity several of those states are in fierce competition for regional influence china has made sweeping claims to the south china sea something the philippines and other regional nations vigorously dispute said he'd like to mediate the tense situation an offer that was hardly embraced by philippine president. but that left.
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one. either. these. human rights observers are waiting to see what if any criticism trump may have for to terror take when they meet to terror tapes ruthless anti-drug campaign has resulted in nearly four thousand deaths including extrajudicial killings but the two leaders have a lot in common both of them feel besieged both of them talked about. both of them talk about overturning the existing order both of them talk about their nation first so the third in many ways also talks about you know make philippines great again so in that sense there is this sense of personal solidarity and relates to people who are very much like him from the philippines trump will return to
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washington and then the longest trip to asia by a u.s. president in more than a quarter century. somewhere in this now we're joined by our correspondent in washington. trump and deter have mass over dinner and plans of these again what is the u.s. expecting from these meetings. well many here in washington question whether trump should even be meeting with the territory especially after of the territory just a few days ago that made it to have been having killed a man some years ago and to turkey has also been waging a bloody war on drugs in that country and that war on drugs included extra legal killings so many here in the u.s. question whether trump should even be talking to a man like that and if he so many people feel here then he should denounce him and his practices but it is also very questionable whether trump will actually do that
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as it seems that the two leaders seem to be getting along just fine so far. trump is also of course caught people off guard by offering to media these things territorial disputes in the south china seas where that offer be taken into consideration do you think. well. that was a stunning move by by president trump a surprising move and it seems very unlikely that china would accept the u.s. as an honest broker in that region especially after china is basically interested to try actually to to decrease the u.s. footprint in the area and it all it was also a lukewarm response that trump received for its offer by filipino president to territory who said well the south china sea should be best left alone and it's also unclear how how serious trump was with this offer he often says or tweets things
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kind of off the cuff without really meaning them. how has trump's trip gone down in the u.s. in general is it considered a success or otherwise. well with most things concerning trump people are divided i mean of course it's hard core fans well of course say that this trip was great and a big success but of course many of his critics are really dissatisfied with trump's performance there and think it was a disaster republican senator john mccain denounced. basically siding with russian president putin when he told him reportedly that. he didn't that russia didn't meddle in the u.s. elections and trump sided with him over his own u.s. intelligence services who of course say that russia did meddle in this affair but he also has received criticism even from from democrats who of course say that
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trump behaved like a lapdog to china senator chuck schumer said that but also but but the. attack basically its allies in the region so a lot of criticism for trump but that will not keep his supporters from claiming that this was a big success he can get thank you very much for that update. a strong earthquake that shook the iran iraq border region has killed at least sixty people in iran and several more in iraq authorities in the two countries have set more than three hundred people have been entered the efi center was just at sight of the iraqi says he of how in the country's kurdish region shopping centers and other public buildings were evacuated as the tremors were felt residents were reportedly keeping away from their homes and sleeping on the streets because of the trash from aftershocks. lebanese former prime minister saad hariri has said he
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will return home from saudi arabia within days and his first televised appearance since his shock resignation last week lebanese authorities have claims idea arabia's holding harry against his will but he rejected those claims in the interview with future t.v. in riyadh harry reid said he's free to travel he wishes he denounced his resignation in saudi arabia last saturday saying he feared there was a plot to kill but every hinted in his latest remarks that he moist rescind his resignation if the partners in his governing coalition respect certain conditions. if we would like to withdraw the resignation then we must keep lebanon out of regional conflicts we should pull out of regional intervention in this because lebanon cannot endure such things. spanish prime minister mariano rajoy is on his first visit to catalonia since dismissing it succession as the government is
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offering a stark choice kits are persists and next month's elections or there will be drastic consequences he arrived in the region just hours after hundreds of thousands of pro independence demonstrators took to the streets of barcelona guessing them all sides will be an uphill battle. it's a difficult yet inevitable trip the hoeing his conservative popular party is struggling in the polls less than six weeks before the regional election in catalonia that he called using previously untapped constitutional power as he asked voters to back spanish unity. we want the december twenty first election to bring back peace to catalonia we want to reestablish a democratic and free catalonia for everyone we will achieve this if the silent majority finds its voice and votes. the spanish leader can count on his party's support but many other catalans will not be holding
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welcome signs the night before his arrival hundreds of thousands of probing dependents protesters took to the streets of boston lono to demonstrate again against the central government's hardline on catalan secession they demanded the release of separatist politicians who were jailed following last month's referendum but once again defended moderates position. we did what any of our neighboring countries with some degree of self-respect would do. how would france or germany react if one of their regions called for an illegal independence referendum and declared that the constitution no longer apply there. addressing not only catalonia but the whole country the whole you warned everyone who challenges the spanish state will have to deal with moderates power but he'll have to wait till december to find out if catalan voters are persuaded.
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hiwa starlost or snigger has been flexing his environmental muscles at the un climate conference and bonn in germany the terminator actor and former governor of california is highly critical of the climate policies of u.s. president donald trump he's campaigning for more green energy and costs and emissions but he says too many people still just don't know what's at stake. carlos watson agar is no newcomer to environmental activism but in bonn he said environmentalist's need to find ways to get their point across more effectively i can do the best action movie in the world. but if i don't know how to communicate to the people to get them into the theater the movie is going to die and the box office is going to go in the toilet. so this is why it is so important if you start communicating it's time that we wake up it's time to be wake up and talk about
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would really matters here is what matters the twenty five thousand people are dying every day because of pollution. it's an acre believes fighting climate change begins with a regional approach and many in the us are taking a similar view after president trump backed away from the paris climate accord. more than two hundred u.s. politicians and celebrities voiced support for the accords two degree target in bonn we're still in here's what they're saying despite trump and now more than ever . in football croatia have qualified for the well cup and russia next year and that's despite and they'll all draw against greece in prayers on sunday completely at play to their opponents asked home in the first leg and token on assailable four one lead into this loss as their fifth the parents may well cup since the break up of
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the former yugoslavia. and earlier on sunday sits around also qualify for the finals in russia next summer after holding northern ireland to a scored a stroll in this with the advantage after scoring an away goal in their one nail win in the first leg last thursday that result was mired in controversy though with switzerland's goal coming after a highly questionable handball penalty northern ireland have not qualify for the work up since one thousand nine hundred six. two motors for formula one where sebastian vettel has won the brazilian grand prix in sao paulo the german was the main rival this season of the newly crowned world champion lewis hamilton and while this campaign didn't leave vettel with much to celebrate he was the man of the moment in sunday's race. for a moment his success in sao paulo that sebastian fettle forget about the world championship he missed out on the ferrari driver was back in top form for his fifth
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wind of the season vettel took the lead from finland's valtteri bottas right at the green flag but is a good start was almost for nothing after several crashes the safety car had to make an appearance still fettle held on to the lead after the restart and crossed the finish line ahead of us and kimmie reichen in. newly crowned world champion lewis hamilton who had started at the back of the pack after a crash in qualifying managed to finish in fourth place. an emotional high point came after the race courtesy of philippe marcel the brazilian fans bid farewell to their home favorite who plans to bring his sixteen year career to a close at the end of this season. and mark mike has has made moto g.p. champion for the fourth time in five seasons start at the race of the lengthier from pole and only needed to finish eleventh to clinch the title but there was
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a scare as he briefly dropped down to fifth after leaving the track and taken to touch on to drive a fall back to cross the finish line in cars and things like the season's final race. and this reminder of the top stories that we're following for you u.s. presidents donald trump has arrived in manila for the. where he's expected to hold a one on one with philippines president fredricka. it's the last like of his thirteen day and shit tour. that's all for now but the sure to tune in for a morning is at the top of the hour in the meantime you can live on t v dot com for more news updates thanks for watching.


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