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tv   Reporter - The Hellish Coal Fields of Jharia  Deutsche Welle  November 13, 2017 2:02am-2:16am CET

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the iconic louve art museum has opened the doors to its new offshoot in abu dhabi the loose little sister boasts a collection of six hundred rare pieces it was over ten years in the making at a cost of over one billion euros. on. a. lot of writing that you don't want to.
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savitri motto works as a cold scavenger it's a tough job for a teenager it's also dangerous illegal and a health hazard. coal also has disastrous consequences for the climate india is already among the world's top polluters. every morning savitri toils for hours in the mines of in eastern india. it's the country's call belt where tens of thousands of people struggle to make a living. separately has to work in the mines to sustain her family and pay for college. you. saw the three mother who is seventeen years old she scavengers in the open costs
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gold mines of chechnya in india. her brother should come are known as truth is just night starting with the word that when i first began working here everything seemed very scary to me and i loved that it was like seeing a ghost that we had a lot of playing but now the coal mines have become my friends but. i'm used to everything now. the two begin to dawn every day and work for four hours industrial binding has temporarily stopped in the spirit. normally machines would remove the call now it has to be hacked out of exposed seems. to. me. one time i did my first there was
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a lot of blood. i had to go to hospital. there are other challenges the field of getting caught is all too real scavenging is illegal. in this we worry about the police what do they do they chase and why. and then they take away all the calls of. the police say don't do this work you're thieves. bostock i'm struggling to make a living that isn't stealing if i rob a bank that's stealing. you can get killed doing this work. john to think i was your id how is it stealing. but the government and the law don't see it that way. that i want if you come on this side.
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hold on tight it's heavy. joe to cut the coal fast you've been dragging your feet for the past hour. and. a basket of called ways at least thirty five to forty kilograms. souther three makes four to five trips each day. oh. my sandals come off. saw the time he is determined to finish the work exhaustion takes over.
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we're. going to continue to do it totally i can't let you finish. a few hours of work which is the equivalent of about three euros that's more than what people earn here is daily brose the goal is a lifeline for the poor in the region some thirty thousand people work as scavengers in the mines. saw the three has to first bundle coal she's collected to reduce it to sell a big chunks. well i think the plastic.
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did it would i walk slowly the flame will die out where down carefully. and it got to be one of. the i guess they didn't. have my problems because of the smoke i sometimes wear glasses at home i know the smoke is very harm that especially for the lungs. say they haven't got a quote that is the burning coal causes air and water pollution. i don't like that it destroys everything it comes into contact with. that i deal with designing it was that it had a little. i know that i know that if this helps to cook the coal faster. from the charcoal it's sold on to local markets households and restaurants.
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sits atop one of india's largest gold reserves dozens of places reach below the ground some have been smoldering for more than a hundred years when underground mining first began. most fires ignited spontaneously when minerals in the exposed coal heater. continued opencast mining has worsened the problem the fires cause the earth to fisher and collapse destroying houses and causing landslides. the resulting carbon emissions have a devastating impact on the environment and the climate. that. saw the trees hard work doesn't pay off today. she's covered the chunks with ash to douse the fire
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a customer who had promised to buy her goal doesn't show up she worked for three days to make despite. the three desperately needed the money today. oh oke. oke. now i've lost that money. that means our monetary problems at home will worsen so we'll really have to cut back on essential for a couple of days. if i had managed to sell call today i could have bought some food rations for my family. it's a vicious cycle of poverty one that saw the three is determined to break. she rushes over after her work in the mines to get ready for college.
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shows most of the income from scavenging helps pay for her books and the right to ski for good studying is the only way out of the coal mines. where i live most people are illiterate they just work and sleep it's a very small world i don't like it the world is so much bigger than that and i've learned a lot through my struggles but real learning begins with education if you're not educated you can't do anything.
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she is late for class today the teacher isn't angry she's used to it likes of the three many goes here welcome the minds. good morning morning after class saw the three runs into a best friend alicia. who. saw the three fields accepted by her do they come from very different worlds alicia's family. is well off she doesn't need to work she's visited sa between the gold mines. i'm so proud to have her as a friend. that was all. in their heads she's beautiful she just doesn't know it isn't that. i heard really. and i saw the trees home is close to the minds. of the
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her mother asha devi used to work in the cold but it's too she lost an eye because of exposure to toxic gases she's worried about her daughter. beatrice a young girl there are bad people in the coal mines. she can get seriously injured there we're poor people we can't afford medical care. her father is unwell and can't work anymore some of the preacher too and the younger sister dorothy enjoy some doubt time. i really can't sing. in the evening biggest fire rages like an inferno the cold here is a blessing and a chorus it offers
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a chance to scrape a living but it's fraught with deadly risks. and i guess terrifying. it's really sunk in the. southern korean chill too i hear for the first time. i scared yeah. i'm also scared. to not. go. no stay here we won't get a chance to see a fire this big again. but the fire poses a real risk to life there's no question about that it'll just swallow you up. i'm not thinking about ghosts i can only think of god god i hope he comes and saves me . a.
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story so that people who world over information they provide. the fenians they want to express g.w. on facebook and twitter up to date didn't touch follow us. hijacking the news. where i go from the news is being hijacked journalism itself has become a scripted reality show it's not just good vs evil us versus them black and white. in countries like russia china turkey people are told it's that simple and if you're a journalist there and you try to get beyond that you are facing scare tactics intimidation. and i wonder is that where we're headed is well. my responsibility as a journalist is to get beyond the smoking mirror.


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