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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 13, 2017 7:00am-8:01am CET

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this is deja vu news live from berlin a deadly earthquake on the border between iran and iraq at least two hundred people are dead now in iran alone with more than a thousand injured relief efforts are underway after the powerful quake hit near the iraqi town of kolob job also coming up. president donald trump meets his
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philippines counterpart but we go to terror tape but outside the summit of asian leaders in manila hundreds of protesters are expressing their outrage at both men. and lebanon's former prime minister speaks out saying he will come home soon saw a very rejects claims that he's being held against his will by saudi arabia. plus it's all about who got the best start of the formula one brazilian comprehend the boston federal had it restoring ferrari pride with the victory of the auto dromo we have all the frills and the spells from sunday's rigs. worn. by brian thomas welcome to the show rescuers are scrambling to help earthquake victims on the around. iraq border now that's after
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a seven point three magnitude quake struck about thirty kilometers from the iraqi town of a lobbed late sunday or rainy and state media says the tremor killed at least two hundred people in iran alone baghdad has yet to report an official death toll but hundreds of iraqis are known to have been injured. when d.s. began to shake the shoppers began to run. out of the state. that's reported escaped injury as the train machine case chewed you. heard it up although i did little more than a woman and by god these residents knew all too well how quakes can turn buildings into death traps. suddenly the glasses dropped off the table it was very strange the fog was shaking we were so afraid that we had to run
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out of the house because our house is an old one. you know but most of that including many others were not so lucky and iran hospitals have been inundated with the injured and the walking wounded. local t.v. stations in the region show the scale of the damage done to homes and buildings. these children forced out of the beds in their pajamas. one hospital feeding after shocks moved toward on to the streets. rescue teams have had to walk under the cover of darkness officials fear the death toll will rise as the full extent of the devastation becomes apartment. let's go straight now to us as long as he's director general of the news agency in tehran iran thanks for being with us what can you tell us about the dimensions of this quake right now
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ok we don't have that uplink we'll try to get it up for you later in the show let's move on now to the u.s. president all the trump and his visit to the philippines right now and there have been clashes between police and demonstrators in central manila as the u.s. leader met his counterparts at a regional summit security teams using water cannon on the anti trump demonstrators in the filipino capital a mock up of the u.s. president in the shape of a swastika was printed through the streets away from the crowds leaders took part in the opening ceremony for the two day summit it's the last leg of the u.s. president's asia tour for more we're joined now by our correspondent in manila. we'll try to get that link up for you as well later in the show well the white
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house. has been saying at this hour that there are efforts to discuss the human rights record. in the issue and that's one of the topics we're going to take up right now with our correspondent on a santos and on a first off trump has met with the filipino president that happened just a short while ago rigo to charity on the sidelines of this summit what can you tell us about that. while the two seem to have a really warm and for a deal relationship. we didn't expect anything other than that we expected them to actually kind of get a law last night they were also singing together at that so there was a very warm welcome at least from president the character president the two seem to be hitting it off ok what can you tell us about these this summit overall what are its main objectives. the main objectives as you know president to tear that ironed
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out in his opening statement this morning with continued economic integration among the region he's really looking towards economic cooperation when you look at the ostia and it's a ten member state and it's the only other kind of economic. economy that's a regional economy outside of the european union and when you put together the productivity and the g.d.p. is of these ten member states they would actually fall into the top ten global economies so it is it se and this is a viable i checked of trading partner and but they the thing is they haven't been able to harness economic integration in the way that has so we anticipate that on the table for the next couple of days will be how to better improve economic integration in the region and the e.u. is also here looking towards improving economic trade relations with ok now a business leaders are of course interested in the economy now the activists
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outside that summit that you are talking human rights did that come up at all in the talks between the two leaders. well we the human rights thing is kind of like the elephant in the room you know president to tara has been asked to new the writing up to this meeting are you going to discuss this with president trump do you anticipate president chum discussing this with you and he said no i think i'll tell him to lay off and he's also said that i don't think he'll discuss it with me if you recall a few months ago president trump had actually said to president in charge of via phone call you're doing a great job when it came to the to his war on drugs ok i want drugs and the extrajudicial killings that have come along with it where the yes topics being protested against outside the venue we saw some clashes with police the police how big were those demonstrations and the violence. today is actually the fifth
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day of the protests these protesters promise to holland the visit of president donald trump and they're delivering on that promise today was the fifth day the organizers counted about nine thousand protesters coming in today it was the most shall we say the most violent of the scuffles today the police used their child chants water cannons and as reported by protesters a sonic device and it's a high frequency radio device that immobilized them it affected their hearing there's a reported fifty six injured from the clashes today and a santos for us from manila thanks very much for that and. all the white house has been saying that the president would be taking up the issue of human rights in that all let's go now to the deputy director of the asia division of human rights watch feel i'm kind joins us from bangkok thanks for being with us this morning president to territories war and drugs the extrajudicial killings of cost thousands
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of lives do you see president trump addressing that in the no. it's pretty clear that the president do terror to is inflicted calamity of human rights abuses on the philippines is off the table in terms of president trump's priorities which is very disappointing but not surprising because president trump has repeatedly proven that he has an affinity for strongman rulers with well documented abuses against their citizens but the wider issue is we have these human rights abuses going on the philippines but rule of law is under attack in the philippines and rule of law fairness transparency predictability president rodrigo to tara has thrown those under the bus and that has wider significance and ramifications beyond human rights its business its investments and so any country particular united states that wants to have a meaningful sustainable mutually beneficial relationship with the philippines
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should be absolutely concerned about what present a charity is doing to his country but apparently president trump is unsurprisingly going to look the other way ok now you say you said that the detector is thrown at you human rights and the rule of law under the bus your organization has been investigating to territories war on drugs what are your findings. our findings are that philippines national police and agents connected with that with the police are implicated in large numbers of the estimated more than twelve thousand sailings extradition executions linked to this war on drugs and president rodrigo to terror today has enthusiastically incited and instigated these killings now these killings could very well constitute crimes against humanity so this budding romance between trump and do terror today and this diplomatic trump is giving to terror today he's
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dealing with a likely future crimes against humanity suspect so that makes this meeting even more. awkward and odious than it already is ok what about public support to territories war on drugs that have a lot of public support initially what are your research findings showing right now in terms of public backing for the war on drugs in the philippines. look it's unquestionable that the thirty eight percent of the filipino a lector it that voted to tear it say into power in may of twenty sixteen that he retains really strong support among second statement c. but we have to take a look at the numbers there you know president territories popularity ratings actually have started to decline since there has been very disturbing evidence that the philippines national police have been intentionally targeting children with the
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extradition executions but the other issue is that you know there's a difference between popularity and legitimacy you know present terror tape was elected to support and defend and protect the rights in the philippine constitution number one of which is the right to life he has absolutely trashed that right and this is something that has profound implications for future rule of law in the philippines that will last far longer than he is time in office phelim time deputy director of the asia division of human rights watch thanks so much for being with us today. we're going over to helen now and lenders are set to decide the fate of venezuela's very beleaguered economy that's right brown we've got two major meetings on the agenda the first in the capital caracas to focus on restructuring the country's crippling debt the second meeting of bond holders in new york that could result in an official announcement at the country has defaulted on its debt
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so what's going on let's take a look at the numbers then because the government debt currently amounts to one hundred and fifty billion dollars which is certainly a thorn in the side of the cash strapped socialist need a ship now last week the country's state owned oil company p.t. vs a reportedly made a crucial one point one billion payment on a bond but unfortunately it was overdue so that ended up triggering fears that defaults could follow and venezuela has one of the world's largest export is of oil but plummeting oil prices and mismanagement have crippled the country inflation has absolutely sky rocketed as a result we're talking about a staggering figure of seven hundred and twenty percent now the crisis has spread to all sectors of the economy one in four people and now without a job and food a medical shortage is in the country well they've just become the norm. banknote it symbolizes the magnitude of venezuela's economic crisis. this month the country's
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president unveiled the one hundred thousand dollars bill it's worth about two dollars. a year ago the one hundred dollars bill was the country's largest but inflation has skyrocketed the only thing growing in venezuela these days some jest is the number of zeros on the banknotes everything else like food and medical supplies continues to shrink lack of hard currency has left the government unable to pay for imports. the country's debt has become unsustainable president nicolas maduro is hoping to convince foreign creditors of his proposals for restructuring it. out of him but i'm sure the investors of the world the holders of venezuelan debt i have the moral to summon him on nov thirteenth to correct and begin a process of refinancing and renegotiation of the external debt.
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he hopes creditors will extend repayment deadlines lower interest rates and even agree to cancel debt altogether if no arrangement can be reached the country faces bankruptcy cutting it off from financial markets and unable to borrow more money meanwhile for ordinary venezuelans the suffering continues. the co-op twenty three climate conference taking place in bonn is entering into its second week the country's meeting coming up with a rulebook to implement the paris climate deal to keep global warming within two degrees now one of the countries not at the table is taiwan that's because it's not a member of the united nations framework convention of climate change but that is certainly not to say that the island hasn't experienced first hand the effects of climate changes such as subject to frequent typhoons so how is taiwan planning on cleaning up its energy act. severe storms and flooding most recently in
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october this year alone taiwan has been battered by extreme weather events many experts see this is a sign of climate change in action in response the government wants to boost renewable energy generation capacity is being ramped up in wind and solar power production until now these renewables have only played a minor role in taiwan's energy mix so there's much catching up to do. by twenty twenty five the government wants solar energy to supply ten percent of the country's electricity needs. wind energy is slated to cover five percent of demand . and it's hoped hydropower biomass and geothermal energy will take taiwan's green energy share to twenty percent the aim is to phase out the country's nuclear power stations the focus of constant protests. since japan's fukushima plant meltdown taiwanese have lost their faith in nuclear. but eighty percent of taiwan's
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electricity would continue to come from fossil fuels in particular imported coal. so reducing greenhouse gas emissions will remain a major challenge time ones but capita c o two emissions are extremely high. and they are in the program i'll be talking to taiwan's minister of the environment . in a hurry joining me in the studio in just about an hour's time now is back of it brian hell of the state of the news still to come on the show german fighter pilots train with their israeli colleagues taking part in blue flag exercises steve in the symbolism. take a look at some of the other stories making the news at this hour slovenian president who has been re-elected for a second term after winning a runoff on sunday he beat us challenger marion charites with fifty three percent of the vote though the role is largely ceremonial the president has the power to
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nominate top officials. the texas church where a gunman killed twenty six people a week ago has reopened as memorial the first baptist church and springs has been painted white first with chairs for each of the victims worshippers were killed during a church service in what was the deadliest mass shooting in that state's history. entertainer bob geldof has pledged to return his freedom of dublin award in protest against aung san suu kyi he says he doesn't want to be associated with an award that's held by cinci nobel laureate has been criticized for failing to intervene in the persecution of rohingya muslims in myanmar. well lebanon's former prime minister saad hariri says he'll be returning home from saudi arabia within days now that statement was made during his first televised appearance since his shock resignation from saudi arabia last week while made that announcement from saudi
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arabia as well saying he feared there was a plot to kill him back home his moves have raised many questions in lebanon and some believe that we'll get the full story only one theory is back in beirut. the former prime minister insists his resignation and his stay in saudi arabia are voluntary but he says he remains worried about his safety back home. and a home i'm free here in saudi arabia if i wanted to leave i could do so tomorrow but do i want to doand i have to protect my family. but many lebanese officials including president michel owen aren't convinced harry reid's free to do what he wants the president's office said saudi arabia may be violating international treaties with its treatment of lebanon's leda viewers in lebanon scoured the resigning prime minister's interview for clues about his condition. we
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don't know the. truth so really didn't even hear he's. looking his good guys. is not what you're saying that he's not being. as how did it and why did this to. its mind not be to watch the. harry reid interview raised another question is he resigning at all. harry reid hinted at retracting the resignation of his governing coalition partners like hezbollah avoid participating in regional conflicts. well staying in the region israel is conducting the largest air force maneuvers in its history the training exercise includes seventy aircraft and about one thousand personnel from eight countries including germany for the first time as well as playing a strategic role in israeli defense the german presence is of course highly symbolic
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. german and israeli warplanes operating side by side in the jewish state a first for the two countries from an air base in israel's negev desert it's a historic moment taking place more than seventy years after the holocaust blue flag is a bi annual air force exercise and this year's is the largest israel has ever held for air base commander colonel itamar the sight of german and israeli pilots working together is deeply moving for security reasons we're not allowed to reveal his face or full name. i think that the us is that we cannot change it but that the relationship between the german air force and israel and germany is based on trust is based on understanding germany is joined by france and india as first timers to blue flag they'll perform combat air maneuvers for two weeks over
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the negev another israeli air force squadron will act as a simulated enemy force. the biggest challenge here in israel is dealing with much smaller aspace than we're used to in germany for even maneuvers or regular flight operations. and then there are different countries who operate differently than we are used to. flight from the not. for the one hundred twenty five german airmen accompanying their six year old fighters the training operation is a unique opportunity and an honor it has as much to do with german israeli diplomatic relations and alliance building as it does with military readiness. colonel itamar says the joint training exercise is a chance for israel to build a coalition with those participating he doesn't have a specific enemy in mind to confront but global threats in general the blue flag exercise is also a chance for israel to demonstrate its long list of allies. ok we're back with our
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developing news story right now at least two hundred people are dead in iran alone with over a thousand. more injured relief efforts underway after that seven point three magnitude quake struck about thirty kilometers from the iraqi town of a log on the iranian state media saying the tremor killed at least two hundred people in iran alone let's go now two of us from the tasm news agency in tehran thanks for being with us what more can you tell us about the dimensions of this quake. you know. happen late at night. before the main earthquake there was a it's made to be more prepared about this and i think if this hadn't happened the casualties could have been much more than this are so far as the number of the death dollars has passed to one hundred and it's nearly two hundred ten people so far has been announced than it is expected that the number of
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casualties to be increasing even more in the coming hours and then the earthquake happened the relief and rescue teams are ready in the. start of trying to save those who are there on their rivals at the early hours of the earthquake and the crisis management committees inside the country also are already at the early hours of the earthquake and i think. many provinces in iran could feel the earthquake and even some people could feel it in the capital city or around the capital city as well but the major and the main part which was mostly hit was due west and iran and the promise of care my shop cities in the this province is mostly are having the casualties yeah bus let me jump in there though those areas are mainly rural how are rescue operations coming
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along we understand a lot of the roads are not passable right now is help getting through to the people who need it. you know i think there is the reverse to those areas are you know because of some traffic maybe in some areas but the relief and rescue teams were ready. of the earthquake and some helicopters. in the morning early in the morning there were in the area and even forces found army are out there to see how the relief at risk is going on. the mostly parts which are have been hit are the rules but in some smaller towns are also hit by the earthquake as well ok thanks so much for that boss from the tustin using a tool that he in tehran thanks very much. we
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have some motor sports now formula one where faddle has won the brazilian grand prix in sao paulo now the german was the main rival this season of the newly crowned world champion lewis hamilton while his campaign didn't leave faddle with much to celebrate he was the man of the moment in sunday's race. for a moment his success in sao paulo that sebastian fettle forget about the world championship he missed out on the ferrari driver who was back in top form for his fifth wind of the season vettel took the lead from finland's valtteri bottas right at the green flag but is a good start was almost for nothing after several crashes the safety car had to make an appearance still fettle held on to the lead after the restart and crossed the finish line ahead of us and kimmie reichen in. newly crowned world champion lewis hamilton who had started at the back of the pack after a crash in qualifying managed to finish in fourth place. an emotional high
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point came after the race courtesy of philippe masa the brazilian fans bid farewell to their home favorite who plans to bring his sixteen year career to a close at the end of this season. in football have qualified for the world cup in russia next year now that's despite a nil all draw against greece in prayers on sunday completely outplayed their opponents at home in the first leg and took an unassailable four one lead into this nash it's their visit parents at a world cup since the break up of the former yugoslavia. and earlier on sunday switzerland also qualified for the finals in russia next summer after holding northern ireland to us scoreless draw in basel the swiss had the advantage after scoring an away goal in their one no when in the first leg last thursday that result was mired in controversy with switzerland's goal coming after a highly questionable handball penalty northern ireland have not qualified for the
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world cup since one thousand nine hundred eighty six. this is the new still to come on the show while delegates meet in bonn for un climate talks we take you to the vast open cast mines of india to meet the people playing pain the cost of that country's huge appetite for coal. all that and much more in two minutes we'll be right back. signed trickles through our fingers and now around the world it seems to be running out. there's hardly any industry that doesn't use.
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do you. tomatoes the supermarket. as we go about our daily lives human rights of all often don't last too long our minds. invisible hands. slavery in the twenty first century. starting december second d. w. . welcome again you're a news our top stories at this hour a powerful earthquake has killed at least two hundred people and injured more than sixteen hundred on the border between iraq and iran relief efforts are now underway after that seven point three magnitude quake struck late sunday. and
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u.s. president all from has met his philippines counterpart but we go to terror tape hundreds of protesters descended on a regional summit in the noa attended by the two leaders. well it was two years ago today that coordinated terrorist attacks left one hundred thirty people dead in paris you're a football stadium in cafes and of course of a concert hall francis today remembering those who lost their lives one survivor of the massacre tells e.w. how his life has changed since that tragic night. whenever christopher modahl walks past this place the memories come flooding back what happened here on nov thirteenth two thousand and fifteen changed his life forever ever since that day the battle plan has taken on a new meaning for him. to get. i'm very strongly attached to this place
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because it's in a good way. it's as if the better clan had a soul and protected me so i like coming here because it's reassuring. and makes me think and remember what happened with this illness on the senior. christoph barricaded himself into a room behind the stage when the terrorists started shooting that decision saved his life he was at the concert with two friends one of them died during the attack he still finds it difficult talking about what happened and was haunted by what he had experienced for months after was this question. dramatic stress disorder. but i was incredibly tense and every little sound made me jump. i was playing by flashbacks and kept seeing images from that night hearing the sounds and smelling those horrible smells so they get apologetic and. christoph went to therapy to help
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him come to terms with his experience instead of shutting himself away at home he went out more so than before he wanted to feel alive they stood to use mean that night in november is forever a part of him they are complex. as a survivor you feel guilty that others had to die while you got away with your life now. these tattoos are like my own gunshot. they show that i was there that night and who i am. things are better now and still life for the forty one year old will never be the same again also in a good way. i'm much more willing to take a leap now that. i've only been with my girlfriend for seven months and we're already talking about moving in together and having a child. i would have been much more hesitant to do that two years ago.
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but now i'm thinking seize the day because. you need to go for things if there's a chance they will make you happy. that. kristoff things france has stood his ground against the threat of terrorism people are sticking together and not letting themselves be divided even after further attacks yet in one respect he says the terrorists have won. the most france has restricted civil liberties. first by maintaining the state of emergency for so long. and then by enshrining many of those extra police powers and. in a way that's a victory for the terrorists or because they want to frighten us and make us give up some of our civil rights to do is. that.
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this office more frightened than he was before frightened that he could lose another friend relative to terrorism even more reason he says to live every minute of every day. well over the past week we've been reporting from the united nations climate change summit currently under way in the german city of boston now the big topic on the agenda there is reducing c o two emissions worldwide today we'll be looking at india a nation heavily reliant on coal the dirtiest of also fuels as a source of more than half of india's electricity production our india correspondence on your phone the car visited the heart of india's coal belt that's in the east of the country now mining here has been disastrous for the environment and also for the people who depend on it for their livelihoods. somebody's mother who is seventeen years old. she scavengers in the coal mines of
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tidy up. her brother ship is just nine. to begin work at dawn a pretty it's fraught with dangers. the corn has to be hacked out of exposed scenes. once ship them are badly injured himself while working. in the open cold pit is one hundred fifty meters deep. suffer three makes four to five trips each day. just watch out for the police to trace them away and confiscate the cult. tries name i don't have a choice i have to do this work my parents are illiterate they've worked as laborers all their lives they can't do anything else.
7:37 am
so i try to help them by owning money i really don't like the work my heart is and . a few hours of work which is the equivalent of three euros that's more than what people earn here as day laborers of some thirty thousand people workers called scavengers. but they pay a heavy price. burning roll call releases toxic smoke and gases causing widespread as well. and respiratory illnesses in the area. carriers since the top one of the world's largest coal reserves. the try again to open pits and deep mines here account for a quarter of india's coal production. but the cone is also on fire. dozens of places below the ground some have been smoldering for more than one hundred years when underground mining first began most fires ignited spontaneously
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when minerals in the expose call heat up. continued mining at the surface has opened up cracks that feed oxygen to the flames. the resulting toxic emissions have devastated the environment. the coal fires have destroyed houses and triggered landslides. the dangers are evident inside the trees that. she visits her neighborhood pretty muddy or not the fire is breaking through the earth. house is falling apart. and there you go i think scared in my own home everyone scared the ground we cave in that their homes may be buried. there's no guarantee looking at this you realize how critical the situation is. believe in died because of coal. coal can make them great but it can also ruin
7:39 am
them. really. i told him the priest family has experienced that first hand. her father is unwell and can't work out how mother should be used to work in the cold light still. she lost an eye because of exposure to toxic gases she's worried her daughter could meet a similar fate. he is just ordinary so young there are bad people in the gold mines she can get seriously injured there. are people we simply can't afford medical treatment. we're going to have her son of god that one has been campaigning for the rights of illegal cold workers like something three of the rubble he says india is paying a huge human cost in its dash because. there's going to just doesn't bother so right now paul is very important it is very important for the development there
7:40 am
were never my subsidies too short to go were not there but with them and i had the cost of these people. among the human beings who are going to be deprived of what are we when there is some of the other making order living that will also go. over trees determined to find a way out of the gold mines. scavenging also helps pay for college. she goes there every day after work to ensure her dreams of getting a good job. don't go up in smoke. let's bring in now the author of that reports on your phone like are joining us from delhi good morning to you sonia very emotional report there about trade and the many people like her and the indian government has had plans to move more than one hundred thousand people away from the coalfields house i've come
7:41 am
a long. hi brian that's right you know indian prime minister narendra modi said last year that he's keen to see an increase in the faithful being moved away from those coal mines injury or he says that will help to douse the underground coal fires as well as open up access to further reserves of premium coal but i have to say it's been slow going the state run company that runs that coal mine in sharia has so far moved only about ten thousand people from areas that are you know acutely threatened by the fires they've been moved about twelve kilometers away from chara in concrete tower blocks now i spoke to some of those people who'd been resettled and many of them were quite angry they said you know the new place is very poorly connected there too far away from the place where they earn their livelihood there are no jobs there are no schools no water no power so i think a lot of people injury or remain wary of those resettlement plans you know coal is
7:42 am
of course as you reported a main part of the country's power equation what's behind the drive for more ever more electricity in india. well quite simply development you know india's energy needs are simply staggering the country's economy is expanding rapidly industrializing ever more people are moving from rural areas to urban areas they need new roads buildings cause so i think the demand for energy is growing substantially and on the other hand india faces a massive shortfall when it comes to providing electricity to its one point two five billion people an estimated two hundred fifty million indians live without electricity millions more do get electricity but only intermittently from the from the aging grid so i think india faces huge challenges it needs to provide generate more electricity simply to fuel its economic growth and also lift millions of
7:43 am
people out of poverty and what does it mean for the estimates of coal demand are they as big now as they were a couple of years ago well that's actually interesting you know india this year actually canceled plans to build nearly fourteen gigawatts of coal fired power plants in the early planning stages now that was driven partially by a crash in solar terrace but experts here say that india may not require coal fired power plants for at least a decade because the existing plants are running below capacity now that's of course good news it's been hailed by some environmentalists because india of course is the world's third largest carbon polluter we've also seen choking pollution in many indian cities but at the same time their energy experts in india who warn that you know this doesn't mean india's going to stop burning coal overnight india still remains the world's third largest coal producer it plans to double its coal output
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by the year twenty twenty so i don't think coal is going to disappear anytime soon from india's energy mix song in the car for us this morning with that story thanks so much for the story and for the interview this morning sir. let's get a global view on that story now by bringing in our correspondent sonia daintree is covering the climate conference for us in bonn sagna it's been one year since the last climate conference has there been progress on on meeting the guidelines on all of the pledges. right so that's the so-called rulebook the folks attending the conference this year have been working on and certainly there has been progress there have been very productive discussions in this first week of the two week conference we're at that sort of halfway point where there is
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now a desire to really take those discussions and transform them into actionable policies ok talking about india specifically and translating promises to policies to action you know has that country met the goals are under the paris accords and that it's agreed to well the goals that it's set are still down the line but it is making progress towards those goals in fact i just saw some figures that india for last year has reduced its total emissions. about to about two percent less than the previous year so last year sorry the year before was six percent increase in emissions and last year was a two percent increase in emissions so it does seem to be leveling off but there's
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still plenty of work to be done and what can india do to to move farther along on the path to the filling its pledges as we heard from delhi there after china the us in the u. it's the biggest c o two producer. yes coal especially is a big issue in india it needs to phase out coal as. the curse said though that doesn't look like it's likely to happen however things can change and that's really what it's about is increasing that ambition to move toward. a de carbon ization and move more quickly and yesterday arnold schwarzenegger was speaking at a side event and he was saying we need to be talking about the hundreds of thousands of people who are suffering health impacts and even dying as a result of air pollution because it's really the same issue was what he was saying if we are able to phase out coal if we're able to decarbonise our energy sectors
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our mobility sectors then people will be able to breathe better air and be healthier and in fact this is many people point out that there are external costs to fossil fuels that are not included and if we were to put those cars together for example the public health impact fossil fuels are far more expensive than renewables which continue to drop in price precipitously around the world solar wind and other renewable energies so that's really the direction that india will be wanting to go ok science thanks so much for that from the climate conference in bonn now underway in that city thanks very much. well this month we've been looking back at one of the seminal events of the twentieth century one hundred years ago karmas revolutionaries took power in russia the bolshevik uprising on november seventh one thousand nine hundred seventeen was orchestrated
7:48 am
by vladimir ulanoff known of course as lenin he wanted to replace the government of the aristocratic and capitalist classes with one led by working people but lennon's vision of a less exploitative society soon gave way to massive bloodshed and a totalitarian state a century on what is the communists like to see a lot of the focus of our series on the russian revolution artists of the time came up with a new abstract style it was called constructivism how's it viewed in today's post soviet russia let's take a look. traces of an artistic revolution that took place one hundred years ago right in the middle of moscow the not comfy building was built in the late one nine hundred twenty s. its style is dynamic geometric and modern but today it's crumbling. the architect moisey ginsburg designed the building according to socialist ideals it was supposed to pave the way to communal living shared spaces like a canteen and
7:49 am
a daycare center were intended to bring residents together. ginsburg's grandson is in charge of restoring the building he's an architect himself and plans to stick to his grandfather's original ideas which he says still seem modern today. the level of forethought that went into this house is unique you can study every detail here and nothing is random everything has a meaning a purpose a function and all that together makes this house an icon of modern architecture. the not comfy in building was neglected for decades officially it's a cultural heritage site but it has been repeatedly remodeled repainted and nearly torn down by the one nine hundred thirty s. russian of on guard style no longer conformed with official socialist ideals it was declared to formalistic and to force. that negative attitude remained associated
7:50 am
with russian of on guard architecture for decades many buildings from around the time of the revolution like the show hope radio tower were nearly torn down it's only in recent years that interest in of on guard architecture has resumed for example the unusual manik of house was only recently opened to visitors. and it's not just the architecture of the time that's making a comeback while celebrations of the revolutions ideas have been muted here in russia in the luxury department store groom the statics of the revolution are being celebrated without the politics the exhibit fashion for the people shows how the ideas of the of on guard still influence fashion today at the time designers like. came up with functional clothing that was meant to a race gender and class distinctions a fashion revolution the show includes copies of original designs. there isn't much left of the revolution's ideals of equality here but it's a statics are inspiring a new generation of young russian fashion brands before of course with the style is
7:51 am
in now because it is closely connected to the idea of design. geometric shapes in the dynamic spirit of the art is very in sync with today's concept of design. today the style of the russian of on guard is back in demand and not comfy in building is a perfect example of that two generations after being built it's finally being restored with meticulous care. there is no doubt that all of the work here is to preserve the spirit of the building and to avoid turning it into something completely new i want to preserve the buildings feel down to the smallest details the new work on the apartment block is scheduled to finish next year this model shows what it's supposed to look like a return to its original glory and an embodiment of a century of russian history. we had out to the colombian city of many years for
7:52 am
a look at one neighborhoods transformation from gang land to tourist haven in the median quarter known as commune thirteen the drug trade fueled a murder rate that was among the highest in the world but a combination of social reform and urban planning has reinvented the hillside community the w. went to check it out spraying color instead of bullets is a welcome change for kimono thirteen a district of many that's been plagued by violence a tour guide shows off the new look of the neighborhood. the landscape used to be dominated by armed militias of drug cartels but now graffiti artists are helping transform the image of this community. but up but for now we want people from the city to visit our neighborhood so they can overcome their fears and prejudices about coming. the aim of the fiji tour is to open the district to
7:53 am
lots of visitors kimono thirteen has benefited from social reform and city planning in recent years for example escalators were installed to link the neighborhood to the public transport system. that has improved the standard of living for many local residents. the gangs are all gone but many a no longer has the grim status as the world's most dangerous city between twenty ten and twenty fifteen the murder rate has dropped by about seventy five percent. i used to come to many you know often it was such a dangerous place really frightening but these days it's more peaceful that's encouraging george curry there's a lot of tourism i find it all very interesting and safe that's a good thing and when i was to be stored in the. tatami the tour guide is all too familiar with the violence in medina in two thousand and nine his cousin was killed . at the cousin's nickname is now the name of the organization that runs the
7:54 am
graffiti tours hip hop and graffiti workshops are also on offer at casa cannot to this kind of youth outreach work is a snub to the criminal gangs. no they don't call my sources potential enemies they want afraid of the police but they were afraid of us because our work gets young people off the streets and out they reach. social projects wage a good fight against the traps and snares of gang life art and music offer a channel for nonviolent expression. was cut out that not the us it's about an alternative to hanging out to robbing and killing and causing people paid we're inviting visitors and motivating them to become part of our culture. then. our invitation to come in at thirteen ends with what else a paint can and an invitation to spray away. you know. if you are
7:55 am
a minor now of the top stories we're following for you this hour a powerful quake has killed at least two hundred people and injured more than sixteen hundred on the border between iraq and iran relief efforts are now underway after the seven point three magnitude quake struck late sunday. the u.s. president donald trump has met with his philippines counterpart robbery go to terror tape hundreds of protesters descended on the summit in manila attended by those two leaders. well we have more of course coming up at the top of the hour and don't forget you can always get news and information around the clock as well on our web site good of you dot com we're going to leave you now with some images of the latest digital mapping of the faroe islands and forget street view this is all about she.
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a place where no one attain stardom just like that superstar deejays starting november twenty fifth on a d w. this is the deputy news live from berlin a deadly quake on the border between iran and iraq at least two hundred people are dead in iran alone but more than a thousand injured relief efforts are underway after that powerful drama hit near the iraqi town of whole object also coming up.


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