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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 13, 2017 3:00pm-4:01pm CET

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this is deja news coming to you live from burnet a deadly quake on the border between iran and iraq more than three hundred forty people are dead in iran alone with thousands more injured relief efforts are
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underway off the pile for tryna hit near the iraqi town of john also coming up. in the. u.k. . was. certainly needed by a strong man but protesters in money law had a different greeting for donald trump as he met philippines leader in order to go to test day. and francois mox two years since the attack on the bottle and the city's nightlife we need to survive off the show a shooting that killed ninety people inside the paris concert venue. last in the next sixty minutes being a heavy price call is devastating the health of minors and destroying the environment in india so why is a country increase in production. good to be out of
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a day. in football cup playoffs the fourth time champions overturn a first leg deficit at home to sweden tonight or else they missed their first final since one thousand nine hundred fifty eight. hundred of a warm welcome to. risk is a scrambling to help earthquake victims of the iran iraq border at least three hundred forty eight people are dead in iran alone that's according to state television causes more have been injured or left homeless the seven point three magnitude quake struck around thirty kilometers from the iraqi town of halabja late on sunday in iraq at least seven people have been killed and hundreds more injured . they came out of nowhere and sent people fleeing into the
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night. in a matter of minutes their lives reduced to rubble the quake could be felt across iraq from here in the eastern city of karbala and over four hundred kilometers away . but it was iran that was the worst hit this was the scene in western kermanshah province buildings crumpled like house of cards destruction as far as the eye can see. as the clock ticked on the number of killed and injured take a wall fell over me. with hospital struggling to cope with the flood of patients the iranian government has called on people to donate blood. in north in iraq the quake was literally broadcast on live t.v. . looks like there's an earthquake happening where you are. yes there's an earthquake i'm going to go outside i'm sorry. the interview short by the tremors as
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people try to get to safety. the night dragged on makeshift camps mushroomed across the affected areas as many were forced to sleep in the street. many no longer have a home and even those who do likely won't be able to return any time soon. and for more on that ok i'm joined by professor mark allen he's from the sciences department adare university in the u.k. welcome professor what is your assessment of the scale and dimension of this earthquake. well you know since the earthquake was usually large parts of the world. are common. and. maybe seven point three is much larger than we've recorded last year. so what
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kind of an earthquake was this professor allan because you have earthquakes which are shallow which apparently are much more dangerous. this woman seems to for focus on about twenty three twenty four kilometers per hour of the earth's surface so it's relatively deep for this part of the world you're quite right if it has been a shallow repents it might be more destructive and it is part of the whole patent earthquakes through the darkness mountains where two tectonic plates pushing against each other and the arabian places are trying to sort of go sliding underneath the eurasian continent so that you have many earthquakes in this part of the world every year to six truly rare and once as large and destructive as the events that recently. and is it possible to determine why this earthquake came at this particular time. no it's not we can make the general forecasts that
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earthquakes are going to occur in this part of the world but we're not yet able to give a useful prediction the certain individual earthquake is going to strike a particular time and place so i'm sorry that the space of the science of moments it is such that we can't get useful predictions as to where an individual earthquakes or guns strike at a professor and what about possible aftershocks is it likely that they'll be more aftershocks now after this launch trim up. yes unfortunately unfortunately it's highly marked already sons base ten significant aftershocks in the region these are so far much smaller than they were originally american ships are all new yorkers for the farm which means that they may be expected syria course flour storage and some piece of far superior nutritional parents but we can't rule out that there may not be aftershocks which and sounds quite sizable with the
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original post american students unfortunately might be seeing aftershocks as martin sheen six which themselves the arab extremely damaging around in an area where infrastructure has already been hard on landslides are building collapses we'll see is tense unfolding max weeks right professor mark allen from the department of earth sciences at daryn many of us do thank you very much for that assessment. u.s. president dollar trans tour of asia is winding down today trump met with philippines leader to go to test he's launched a brutal war on drugs involving extrajudicial killings critics wanted trying to bring up human rights violations with the test here but it appears the issue was not discussed in any detail. it looked like the beginning of a budding bromance between two of the world's most controversial leaders.
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the filipino president pulled out all the stops at a gala to open the summit on sunday. the good news is that the orders of the. united states. but like the singing critics slammed the strongman serenade as off pitch ahead of the summit human rights groups had urged trying to confront filipino president rodrigue day over his war on drugs a crackdown that's left thousands dead over the last year but the tough talking trump of twitter fame was nowhere to be seen in manila instead where he showered his host a self-proclaimed killer with compliments. and i want to thank you for
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your incredible hospitality and the show last night the talent show i assume mostly from the philippines was fantastic thank you. the flattery has not gone down well with everyone police used water cannons to scare off angry protesters. we believe that the meeting will not bring any benefits for the filipino people but would rather worsen the human rights situation in the philippines and drag it would be easier for various patnaik not that it's good the russian should sit behind the scenes white house advisers say trump plans to hold his tongue into territory until returning to washington they feel embarrassing him in public could drive him into the arms of china that could make trump look weak at a time when he's trying to twist beijing's arm on trade and pressuring him to coax north korea into backing away from its nuclear program summits. let me now bring you up to date but some other stories making news around the wild mian miles army
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has replaced its general in charge of the trouble of a kind state no reason was given for major general long long source transfer operations by men may have driven more than six hundred thousand rohingya muslims mostly from the rakhine state to free across the border into bangladesh. south korea's military says a north korean soldier has been shot and wounded while defecting to the south korea korean side across the demilitarized zone which divides the plane in syria north korean troops reportedly fired at the soldier while he was attempting to pass through a border village the defector has been taken to a south korean hospital. you're watching the dabney is still to come. two years after the bought a clone we meet a survivor of the attack that killed ninety people inside the paris concert venue on a night of terror but first. i want to get you on the phone business says crunch time
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for venezuela which is teetering on the brink of default wanted to these a bitter bitter days for the people in venezuela because financial experts they are meeting today in new york to discuss venezuela's economic crisis the country is on the brink of defaulting on its debt with many saying it's not a case of if but when government debt they're currently amounts to one hundred fifty billion dollars and as whale is of course one of the world's largest exporters of oil but plummeting prices and mismanagement of crippled the country. a bank note symbolizes the magnitude of venezuela's economic crisis. this month the country's president unveiled the one hundred thousand dollars bill it's worth about two dollars. only a year ago the one hundred ball of our bill was the country's largest but inflation has skyrocketed the only thing growing in venezuela these days some jest is the
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number of zeros on the banknotes everything else like food and medical supplies continues to shrink lack of hard currency has left the government unable to pay for imports the country's debt has become unsustainable president nicolas maduro is hoping to convince foreign creditors of his proposals for restructuring it. out of him but i didn't tell the investors of the world the holders of venezuelan debt i have the moral to summon him on nov thirteenth to correct and begin a process of refinancing and renegotiation of the external debt. he hopes creditors will extend repayment deadlines lower interest rates and even agree to cancel debt altogether if no arrangement can be reached the country faces bankruptcy cutting it off from financial markets and unable to borrow more money meanwhile for ordinary venezuelans the suffering continues. chinese shopping
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john and ali baba has reason to celebrate after shoppers spent a record twenty five billion dollars in just one day i made the money as part of a promotion for a single stay a relatively new annual event which on us the attached at its peak on saturday the online retailer was processing well over two hundred fifty thousand payments per second the vast majority of purchases were made on file devices. well european business leaders are getting increasingly in the us over the lack of progress in brics of negotiations britain least the e.u. in march twenty ninth teen and prime minister to recent days has been meeting with fifteen business groups from across the bloc today hoping to calm their nerves and not move overseas but they instead want to terrorism a hard to breaks it would be fatal for industry because the asians with the e.u. are deadlocked with still no hint of how things as basic as customs procedures will
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be implemented after breaks it amid the uncertainty some companies are already holding back their british investments and even considering leaving britain the pound is also suffering as a result. and for more on that deadlock between the e.u. and the u.k. in negotiations i'm joined by big mas we're standing by for us in london big so what exactly did those business leaders tell theresa may. well we can only speculate that what they wanted was to find out what the reason may is thinking what she's planning because similar to british businesses here in the u.k. you really want to make sure that the prime minister listens to them and really press to hard to have an ear out to business and see what they want also european business of course want to have as much clarity as possible and the clarity as you've already said which is not present at the moment business leaders would be
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scared off the talk that there might be no deal would be scared of the deadlock in the negotiations that we are observing at the moment so they of course want to see how how sure they best plan and press the government and say well you know as much clarity for business as possible is what they want well and one of the main reasons for the deadlock of course is the. nano clarity when it comes to the brics and bill only a couple of days ago the e.u. has given britain a deadline of two weeks to come up with something tangible but the u.k. won't budge why not. well for the u.k. money's clearly the trump card it's really the biggest card they can play and they want to keep this card close to their chest as long as possible because it's really the leverage that they have over the you who wants to extract the money wants to get as much out of out of the u.k. as they can so they want to come out with a figure with
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a more concrete sum as late as possible also for that reason me it is obviously a very very touchy subject because some people here in the u.k. think that well actually there is not no money owed at all to do the e.u. so widely differing opinions as to what britain should pay and trees amaze very much also held hostage by the bric cities in our own cabinet so it's in her interest to keep it as vague as possible for as long as possible all right big mass there from london thank you so much for this. japanese technology giant softbank is to invest billions of dollars in right sharing app details of the deal have not yet been released but reports suggest a soft bank is hoping to acquire a fourteen percent stake in order and that most would clear the way for the right hailing service to sell stock to the public before the end of twenty nineteen is
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one of the most valuable tech companies in the world. now joining me for more now on that story are my colleagues and i do another front in stock exchange and andrea hang our market correspondent in singapore good to have you both on the show i'd like to start with you andrea. is one of the most valuable tech companies we've heard that but it is also plagued by scandal so why would soft bank want it. that's a very interesting question it is a very big time. but not so much for soft and soft and sees this is an opportunity for right here so this is in the future contrary to what a lot of this is think he sees a future for this of this particularly because if we know what is so and has already meet. the investment and the similar acts such as grant and. so that's any use if this went into any direction that's what so is confident in. i
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mean from a european perspective what's the investment mean for its business concept well just generally it would mean a huge cash infusion for her and better positioning and asia where of course soft back has all the right connections now over would be able to use the money to finance its expansion amid growing competition from rivals like lift but mostly the deal represents a way forward from a company that's been plagued by infighting most notably between other former c.e.o. travis callan and benchmark capital one of the major shareholders and the deal would also see new governance rules put in place that would limit some of callon next hour on the board he did resign a few months ago as the c.e.o. but still controls three seats and just generally power in the board is set to be distributed more equally now of course all of this is predicated on the deal actually taking place to be you've got not enough investors are interested in selling their shares and the deal falls apart well i mean this is exactly when you
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just mentioned all the up evil in the company and as i mentioned earlier what wants to go public before the end of twenty nine thousand do you think that investors will actually go for it despite its dubious reputation or does obama have to clean up its act first. well we can kind of consider this deal as a symbolic housecleaning of sorts and of course the deal with softbank is kind of a proxy confidence vote in the company and it has to be said that a lot of the volatility in hoover was associated with a person of travis callen ik and this new these new rules would seek to neutralize some of the volatility by. by limiting his position in some respects now this along with the fact that mobility solutions just in general are set to become trendy investment field as a younger markets move away from vehicle ownership so that could mean that over could remain an attractive target for investors well it's certainly an attractive target for a soft bank chief executive a song andrea and i know that mr song he seems to have an eye for trends he was an
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early investor in ali baba and we all know how that played out do you think it has any more surprise investments in the pipeline i think he does judging by an impressive three hundred year plan that he laid out for stopping itself is he wants to be a global leader in the tech industry and if anything we might see more of such similar investments coming along the way all right under your hang there or market correspondent in singapore engineer do malone at the frankfurt stock exchange thank you very much to both of you and with that it's now to a i sat on a verse or in paris today amrita that's right monica francis being being homage to the victims of the country's worst ever terrorist attacks that shook the city of paris two years ago and president emanuel mccrone has led the memorial ceremonies and met with survivors and family members on nov thirteenth two thousand and fifteen islamist extremists killed one hundred thirty people at several locations
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across the city and france's since passed a far reaching antiterrorism law that's been criticized for being civil liberties. now one of the people. attacks caused shock waves across the french capital and the country but the people who were most devastated what those directly impacted by this attacks did he spoke to one survivor who talked about that night of terror on that fateful night and its aftereffects. whenever christopher modahl walks past this place the memories come flooding back what happened here on november thirteenth two thousand and fifteen changed his life forever ever since that day the battle plan has taken on a new meaning for him. i'm very strongly attached to this place because it's in a good way. it's as if the better class had
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a soul and protected me so i like coming here because it's reassuring. and makes me think and remember what happened this you know it's only so there. is stuff barricaded himself into a room behind the stage when the terrorists started shooting that decision saved his life he was at the concert with two friends one of them died during the attack he still finds it difficult talking about what happened and was haunted by what he had experienced for months after what's this question. dramatic stress disorder. but i was incredibly tense and every little sound made me jump and. i was playing by flashbacks and kept seeing images from that night hearing the sounds and smelling those horrible smells so they get apologetic and. christoph went to therapy to help him come to terms with his experience instead of shutting himself
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away at home he went out more so than before he wanted to feel alive these tatoos mean that night in november is forever a part of him next. as a survivor you feel guilty that others had to die while you got away with your life now. these tattoos are like my own gun shop where. they show that i was there that night and who i am a. little. things are better now and still life for the forty one year old will never be the same again also in a good way. i'm much more willing to take a leap now that. i've only been with my girlfriend for seven months and we're already talking about moving in together and having a child. i would have been much more hesitant to do that two years ago.
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but now i'm thinking seize the day because. you need to go for things if there's a chance they will make you happy. that. kristoff things france has stood its ground against the threat of terrorism people are sticking together not letting themselves be divided even after further attacks yet in one respect he says the terrorists have won. the toss. france has restricted civil liberties. first by maintaining the state of emergency for so long. and then by enshrining many of those extra police powers and. in a way that's a victory for the terrorists or because they want to frighten us and make us give up some of our civil rights to do is. that. this stuff is more frightened than he was before frightened that he could lose another friend or relative to terrorism even more reason he says to live every
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minute of every day. germany france and twenty of the e.u. governments have seen the difference agreement they hope will mark a new era of european military cooperation want to miss just cement european unity after brags that e.u. foreign ministers also repeated their commitment to the nuclear deal with iran. europe is closing its ranks on defense and on the iran deal the nuclear agreement has come under fire from u.s. president trump but today european foreign ministers gave it fresh backing the act that is all about so we can do to. push back on some of the destructive things that iran is doing in the region but also throwing the baby out with the bath water was keeping essential the nuclear deal going trump has refused to certify the agreement attacking it as a week that has prompted the european union to send their foreign affairs chief to
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washington her message renegotiating the deal is not an option it's not being a night on the contrary it is being very concrete and pragmatic you cannot imagine twelve years of complex nuclear related negotiations some of them extremely complicated and complex if you reopen one part of it the entire agreement is reopened and you will probably enter into another twelve years of negotiations under the deal signed in two thousand and fifteen iran agreed to curb its nuclear program in return for relief from economic sanctions today in brussels minister stressed europe stands by the agreement led by the deals key sponsors britain france and germany we can reach out to you finding that i will today first and foremost coordinate with my british and french colleagues as well as mr mcgorry need to find a way how to talk to the united states about keeping the agreement alive and at the same time we will also need to address the difficult role of iran in the region oid
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city much easier in europe's interest in a nuclear understandings with iran has been consistent and more longstanding than the us is now they must fight back on two fronts in washington but also in tehran where hardliners are waiting to pounce an opportunity to reverse course. you're watching the news still to come while delegates meet in bonn for un climate talks we take you to the vast open cost mines of india to meet the people paying the price of the country's huge appetite for kone. and he looks back at the m.t.v. europe music awards in london where nineteen year old comedian sean mendus was last night's big winner robin marin from a call to desperate be here later to tell us all the details.
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and don't forget you can always good deed of the news on the go just download apps from google play or from the apple store that'll give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news you can also use the deed of the app to send us photos and videos which could be of interest just your pic. i have no more news coming up for you shortly you're watching news coming to you live from but in stay with us. because britain where they start to divide the country needs you know where they start to divide the language your blood will flow for clues the collapse of the soviet union left its constituent nations on the right politically economically.
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rise and fall of moscow's empire part two of our series. in forty five. try and he wasn't. successful i was born with a silver spoon in my mouth i had to find for success you know how come. they're black and living in germany. has reminded what that means on a daily basis presenter john up like this not being able to blend in and i was. being you know different than the rest. she travelled across germany to meet other black people and to hear their stories.
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it's that. i grew up in a white family in a white neighborhood it was definitely a challenge. she decided to put me up for adoption. the main thing was to keep your head down and your mouth shut of course of the face like this i could never completely disappear if you see all these stereotypes about africa it's good to see you. do something for your country but you're still the black guy with an. afro germany starting december tenth d.w. . your what you did of the news coming to you live from berlin i'm on with a pleasure to have your company top stories a powerful earthquake has killed at least three hundred fifty people and injured thousands on the border between iraq
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and iran relief efforts are underway on the seven point three magnitude quake struck late on sunday. and u.s. president donald trump has made his controversial philippines counterpuncher diego detest day hundreds of protesters descended on the summit in the money attended by the two leaders as. over the past week we've been reporting from the united nations climate change summit which is underway in the german city of bonn among the biggest issues on the agenda is reducing c o two emissions worldwide today we'll be taking a look at india a country still heavily reliant on coal the dirtiest of fossil fuels is a source of more than half of india's electricity production correspondence on your follicle visited the heart of the country's call belt an area called ceria in eastern india mining here has had a disastrous impact on the environment as well as the people.
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three mother who is seventeen years old. she scavengers in the coal mines of cerium . the ship is just nine. to begin work at dawn every day it's fraught with dangers. the cold has to be hacked out of exposed. once should come our badly injured himself while working. the open call pit is one hundred fifty meters deep south of three makes four to five crips each day. she has to watch out for the police who trace them away and confiscate the code. where. i don't have a choice i have to do this work my parents are illiterate they've worked as laborers all their lives they can't do anything else. so
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i try to help them but only money i really don't like the work. my heart isn't in it. a few hours of work which is the equivalent of three euros that's more than what people earn here as day laborers of some thirty thousand people workers called scavengers. but they pay a heavy price bernie roll call releases toxic smoke and gases causing widespread as well and respiratory illnesses in the area. carrier sits atop one of the world's largest coal reserves. the gigantic open pits and deep mines here account for a quarter of india's coal production. but the cone is also on fire dozens of places below the ground some have been smoldering for more than one hundred years when underground mining first began. most fires ignite spontaneously when
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minerals in the expose called heat up. continued mining at the surface has opened up cracks that feed oxygen to the flames. the resulting toxic emissions have devastated the environment. the coal fires have destroyed houses and triggered landslides. that while has been campaigning for the rights of illegal cold workers like sub three of the rubble he says india is paying a huge human cost in its dash because. this government just doesn't bother right now paul is very important it is very informed for the development there were massive cities. but with. the cost of these people. among the human beings who are going to be deprived of water with some of the other living. server trees determined to find a way out of the coal mines. scavenging also helps pay for college.
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she goes there every day after work. to ensure her dreams of getting a good job don't go up in smoke. joining me now is just deeper and have a lawyer and a development consultant from india she's attending the climate conference in bonn not just the welcome we just saw that report about what it's like to work in india's coal mines what needs to happen politically in order to improve the working conditions. thank you so much for having me so i think the first thing we need to realize about any solution to climate change is that it does not just remain issue of sovereignty or just to have a healthy environment or even for that matter just to have more economic development in the country but rather today it is
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a matter of climate justice which needs to incorporate a human rights based approach where we put the right to live in human dignity at the center of addressing the real threat to climate change and as you've seen in this video it is extremely clear that there are strong into linkages to right to help to food security even to what is security and you know and it's just not it into if you see in a number of regions you know the earthquake in iraq is a recent example that we are seeing the real impacts of climate change and now it has been scientifically proven that more needs to be done politicly as well and i think for this it's also important to understand that you know politicians at the end of the day need to be engaging more you know with the civil society with the people themselves including the media to have to know what are you telling me you know so what you're asking for just maybe offering for climate justice what kind of
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role you mentioned the media what kind of role do n.g.o.s the media said which is citing courts play in creating public awareness and changing behavior when it comes to climate change. it's a very important question the national courts are already playing a very important role it particularly in countries including and where you see the effects of climate change on the people themselves you know for the in the last two years there have been more than nine hundred say well suits that have been filed across twenty jurisdictions where the national courts are allowing civil society citizens including all very men young children and the students including migrant workers to come and to listen to their pleas regarding how the national governments should be implementing justice centric policies that help them to get access to all these basic human rights and therefore changing the conversation on climate change
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and helping to build a transnational climate justice for g.m. regarding the rule of media it is extremely critical. and i were talking about i'm just sorry to interrupt you but one of the exciting future trends to watch out for when tackling climate change. so a lot of exciting trends besides just the transnational legal processes that are happening one is just the role that the media is playing you know including while there is a lot of incorporation of training you know amongst the journalists coming from these countries that are so prone to climate change threats and i think you know this kind of venice on information building so that people know what's happening and how they can bring or address the issues to the policymakers is critical and this is where freedom of media is where the important we also see a lot of tech and to print including clean technology in a way that is happening in these developing countries particularly africa and asia
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you know when young and japan us are taking things in their own hands and there is good movement towards open data access to addressing climate change by providing data by providing information which would help the decision makers to act concretely and finally i think the role of the private sector you know and you can see it at corp twenty three as well we see a lot of private sector who is definitely interested in thinking about leveraging their own expertise including thinking about financing as well thank you just even have a lawyer and a development consultant from india thank you very much for sharing your thoughts with us on day w. my pleasure thank you so much as well. to the u.s. now an alabama republican roy moore is under pressure to quit the race for the u.s. senate after a newspaper last week reported he had had sexual contact with several teenage girls
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but forty years ago law has denied the claims but the scandal has sparked a huge debate on social media about the issue of consent and gyrate from the social media disc is here with me welcome judd what kind of people what kind of stories of people sharing online on this issue where major it's part of this huge backlash that we've seen over the past few weeks against powerful men who have been accused of sexually violent behavior people like harvey weinstein and kevin spacey and now roy moore this politician who you just mentioned for women have told the washington post that while of roy moore was in his thirty's and they were teenagers he pursued them and had sexual contact with them the youngest of these women with age just fourteen at the time roy moore has strongly denied the allegations but it sparked a wave of women coming forward saying this is who i was at fourteen to prove that
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when your that you cannot consent to six let's take a look at what sparked off the me at fourteen hash tag it was this tweet by writer lee's winstead she posted a picture saying this is me at fourteen i was on the gymnastics team and sang in the choir i wasn't dating an older man she's asking others to join her who were you at fourteen tweet a pic and tell us who you were since then more than fifty thousand women have responded including the us actress alyssa milano she writes at fourteen i worship my brother i love my dog i love the british pop band o.m.d. i had big hair i was happy and i was innocent and that's really exactly what a lot of these women want to highlight that when you're fourteen it should be an age of innocence but very. sadly a lot of women have come forward saying when i was that age i was sexually molested we can take a look at this tweet from a woman in minnesota her name is megan miller jensen and she writes i was
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babysitting my cousin's kids her husband put rom in my card and told me to take my bra off. this is a continuation of the made to hash tag that we surf you weeks ago that's really become this powerful movement against sexual violence i know such troubling stories to the judge and coming back to roy moore how is his party the republican party reacted to these claims well as we mentioned roy moore has strongly denied the allegations in because all of that some sections of the the republican party are being quite cautious in how they've responded including the white house we can take a look at the white house press secretary she has released this statement saying like most americans the president donald trump believes we cannot allow a mere allegation in this case one from many years ago to destroy a person's life the president also believes that if these allegations are true judge moore will do the right thing and step aside but other republican members
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have taken back their support for roy moore's candidacy arizona senator john mccain he writes the allegations are deeply disturbing and disqualifying he should immediately step aside and allow the people of alabama to elect a candidate they can be proud of we'll have to wait and see exactly what roy malls next move will be the people of alabama in just under a month's time ryan geraghty from a social media dist thank you very much. in sports we start with football and korea should have qualified for the world cup in russia next year and that's despite a nearly all nailed draw against greece in paris on sunday the creation completely outplayed their opponents at home in the first leg and took an on a salable four one lead into this match it's their first appearance at a world cup since the breakup of the former yugoslavia. switzerland has also
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qualified for the finals in russia next some off to holding northern ireland to a scoreless draw in basel of the swiss have the advantage after scoring in a way go in their one nil win in the first leg last thursday that result was mired in controversy with switzerland's goal coming after a highly questionable handball a penalty northern ireland have not qualified for the world cup since nine hundred eighty six now saying that football and on monday night italy and sweden face off in the second leg of their once cup play off sweden take a slender lead into milan after winning the first leg one nailed on friday if they can hold on to their advantage they cost quite an upset by knocking out one of football's powerhouses. whines back the clock to the two thousand and six world cup final in berlin and it was happy days for italy he has already lived through the
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world cup trophy for the fourth time. fast forward eleven years and it's a different story italy having been the site of the one struck fear in their opponents' hearts a mediocre qualifying campaign and a poor performance in the first leg defeat to sweden sees italy on the brink of missing their first world cup since one thousand nine hundred fifty eight you know yourself where it would seem we're italy we're a team that has to play football and if we qualify we'll do it by playing football . by playing football that's something italy's golden generation with the likes of david piano talk see much the right see. could do with their eyes closed john luigi before him is the last relic and he knows what's at stake. is the positivity the possibility to rebound from this result we're working on this dream on this subject is one which. we also know that it's an important match for
3:46 pm
all of us. for the nation and for the history of our national team. proud and rich history which will be tainted should be as we walk off the pitch as losers miss out on football's biggest showpiece. so for more on tonight's two thousand and eighteen wildcat playoff match between sweden it should be i'm joined in the studio by did mark meadows from the loch know it's only one nil in the first leg how did a country like italy but the proud footballing history land itself in this situation well i used to work in its league covering italian football and i have to say this is the worst italian national side i've ever seen healy yes i mean at the back they're still got big names that buffon and baluchi and killie need further forward there's not a lot there to be honest i mean the guy is going to be playing up front and it's probably going to be gabby a detainee who places southampton in the english premier league so not for inter
3:47 pm
milan or chelsea or real madrid for southampton. and that sort of sums up the problem italy have this isn't a vintage italy i mean the manager as well isn't really very heralded he managed bari in torino ventura he's not a big name i mean of the big italian managers like river to mancini and current a lot they've kind of cleverly kind of got away with not managing italy because they know this isn't a good italy side but yeah yeah even in the sweetness also in a similar situation this is a lot of that kind of big players have left the international scene haven't there indeed i mean the last stand they qualified was two thousand and six when they had big names like class and the behavior of it henrik larsson freddie ljungberg there of the not there anymore but in a way that kind of makes it more of an interesting game it could be a four four draw for all we know or no no draw it's very very open what i will say is the games that land and generally in milan they don't really totally get behind the italian national side even the big state in the san siro so that might give
3:48 pm
sweden a little bit of an edge ok and so sweden has a little bit of a threat as you saw in switzerland crew creation we have already qualified denmark is the republic of northern ireland tomorrow do you think or next was it yet and what do you expect any of these teams to make an impact in next year's june for finals in a word no i mean the problem is obviously that fourteen european teams qualify which is mom double any of the continent which some people think is unfair which means there is some teams that go through like denmark say or like england as i well know. actually going to win the world cup but they can cause some shocks i mentioned them up there but actually republic of ireland got a real chance tomorrow not because they're at home it's nil after the first leg and unlike italy the irish fans really do get behind their side so that would be a really very interesting encounter you know i'm not a sports expert but i do like the fact that when these new teams come in they shake up things that it wouldn't make a bit of excitement to exactly yet and ireland definite bring color to any two and
3:49 pm
all those green jersey just like you and i know they have the best fans luck medicine must both us thank you so much for coming in. what is force and formula one and sebastian vettel won the brazilian grand prix in sao paulo on sunday the gym started in second but grabbed the lead from the both of us on the opening caught up on the fidelity drive a tight inside line to push the fin wide and then never lost the lead a fractal had a perfect drive in brazil and clinched his first victory in eight races one champion this time to force his way from the back off the bridge to fourth behind team mates and for that he's came out i come in and. i have. no. doubt. that you can beat if. you look you can begin to.
3:50 pm
think that's a rapper and he pop on to seminary performing last night at the m.t.v. europe music awards in london. to discuss here to talk about that welcome to robin and quite some surprises at the awards yeah we're not for him actually because he was the best hip hop artist and the he really is to put it bluntly but there was a big surprise for the biggest contender of the behavior not the one with the most nominations she had six nominations i'm talking about titus with yeah and she came away completely empty handed well not because she wasn't there but i i think she'd most probably made a couple a video link messages of oh thank you so much but they were played because she really came away empty handed the big winner this time around is this this guy the young canadian show on mendez. literally gone ballistic in the last year and i
3:51 pm
have to say i'm pretty impressed he's a real talent and i think he's a very good musician he will continue to make good music anyway here is the present research or in the first question for the show she doesn't look as though. from the bath. to twenty seventeen m.t.v. m a's. a. nineteen year old canadian hopeful shown mendoza stole the show in london taking home best artist and best song for his hit single does nothing to hold me back thank you thank you guys so much he also won the biggest fans award goes to the song. this is.
3:52 pm
the prize for best alternative and twenty to thirty seconds to mars frontman jared to use the opportunity to blast u.s. president donald trump's immigration policy a land of immigrants and we just want to say that we welcome you with open arms and with open hearts and rock legends you too won a global icon award singer bono paid tribute to a new generation of actors with an acapella version of storm season blinded by your grades. good. cuban american comedian took the best award and filmed a vanna which is now advanced to number two in the u.s. singles charts. oh oh. oh. oh.
3:53 pm
oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh. oh oh oh oh. the really fun and interesting stuff they would want but if dana swift's six nominations and not one of them converted into a prize yeah it is quite extraordinary but in fairness taylor swift has been on a break for a little bit of time until recently but she's got a new album out and she but she hasn't really been doing any promotion before that but her new album is called reputation which is very apt to she's had a problem as well that is she being rather co-opted by the right in america against her wishes i hasten to add you know she's blond blue eyed beautiful and indeed
3:54 pm
there are images in this song the latest look what you made me do the big criticize but this is ridiculous really she's worked with numerous black artists and people of all colors all over the years and she's very far away from the old right by the way the other final reason that perhaps this with didn't win her is that. she's nearly thirty years but really all right ok she isn't ready to go for the t.v. awards because they are the sort of young grammys if you like but she's got ten grammys she's not worried about the m.t.v. awards and the only oldies there were you two because they were on the corner of what you say and this the food is a bit like it no i mean what is the what's the i mean we've got controversy was there anything controversial at the m.t.v. you know really we saw want to sue moss is speech advocates trumpet artist speaking against trump is just not controversial anymore i mean it was it. is the first time
3:55 pm
that it was a non gender awards there was no best family my female artist best that's also why . she had to they were all up against each other and on social media the controversy was recent or of changing her clothes every song and she was most probably up for something that i want to criticize about these awards the best look award she didn't win it and this shouldn't be a best look award it denigrates the music you calling him music awards i don't care what pair of jeans you're wearing and to prove this and sharon won best live act now ed sheeran is not a dresser he wears a t. shirt a pair of jeans still a genius and he still gets one hundred thousand in the stadium to watch him good for him and a point well made job and move from a guy to death thank you very much. you're watching the news coming to you live from london here's a recap of our top stories a powerful earthquake has killed at least three hundred
3:56 pm
and fifty people and injured thousands more near the border between iraq and iran relief efforts are underway after the seven point three magnitude quake struck meet on sunday. and u.s. president dollar trampas matches controversial philippines con to ponder diego death day hundreds of protesters descended on the summit in manila attended by the two lead us. that's it for me i'm glad she meant it to me standing by should have the news for you in a couple of minutes to stay with the news. for
3:57 pm
you where they start to divide. the country needs where they start to divide the language your blood flow for cause the collapse of the soviet union left its
3:58 pm
constituent nations on their own politically economically. rise and fall of moscow's empire part two of our series. fifty. dollars. it's all happening. of it. sure linked to news from africa and the world. your link to exceptional stories and discussions can you and welcome to news obviously program tonight from funny to me from the news of easy to i would say d w dot com start africa join us on facebook at d. w. africa. i'll.
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sure children like chocolate. you can't live without your smartphone. to buy your tomatoes in the supermarket. as we go about our daily lives schuman writes home from the last thing on our homes
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. invisible hands. slavery in the twenty first century. starting december second on d. w. . this is d. w. news live from berlin a powerful earthquake has struck the border area between iran and iraq more than three hundred fifty people have been killed and thousands more injured relief efforts are underway in both countries the number of dead is expected.


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