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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 13, 2017 10:00pm-10:16pm CET

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see if. you can do something for your country but you're still the black young. afro germany starting december tenth g.w. . this is deja vu news live from berlin tonight the final stretch of a marathon toward u.s. president donald trump's first visit to asia is almost over. any twelve days well. but just how great has it been we'll ask someone who has been
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tracking the president's every move also coming up a rescue was race to find survivors after a powerful earthquake strikes the border area between iran and iraq well over four hundred people have been killed thousands more were injured and in news about carbon emissions clouds the optimism at the u.n. climate talks in bonn germany. i bring coffee it's good to have you with us u.s. president donald trump flies back to the united states tuesday wrapping up what has been a marathon twelve day tour of asia trump is in the philippines tonight on the final leg of his trip on monday he was more money received via by philippine president or three go do here take trump avoided open criticism of do charity for his crackdown
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on drug trafficking in which thousands of filipinos have been killed it. well joining me now here in the studio is tyson barker he's program director at the aspen institute germany tyson it's good to have you to be back on the show so we've got this marathon trip twelve days the in the philippines we had trump meeting with the indian prime minister mr modi and he offered the following assessment i want to take a listen to what the president had to say and it's been a great twelve days we've had twelve days rather than many days with you that there's a lot of a lot of pain and a lot of great things have happened for a country and i think that the world a lot of a lot of elements were solved in the process of being. ok we heard that adjective great a lot of times do you agree i mean has it been a great twelve days for the u.s. president i mean it has been i would say a way to call for what this administration is looking like globally the biggest
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takeaway i think was the decision by the eleven countries that were part of the transpacific partnership of negotiations to continue those negotiations without the united states before the united states was a prime mover of this negotiation and it was primarily a geo economic strategy to contain china and what we had in this case was a president who you know spoke to the chinese directly had some demands about rebalancing trade but ultimately walked away with very little sign from some cosmetic agreements and deals walking away from this trip with much at all in his hand besides a lot of flattery that spilled bestowed upon him he i mean one thing that you can say aside from these these very deals that are pretty much already in the pipeline is he has some personal relationship some personal affinities to leaders like president to tear to the philippines where there might be something to build on he also did get pretty robust support from japan and australia of these of the north
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korea i mean basically the region is closing ranks saying that north korea's bluster and illegal atomic weapons program is unacceptable the president of the united states is clearly behind this but besides that we're looking at a very different asia pacific right now one where china is ascendant china is positioning itself as the leader of the liberal world order maybe not the free world obviously china is a liberal but the economic liberal order you know of the country that will stand behind rule of law in the international system the free trade right and the united states ceding that ground to china and the united states is also ceding ground as being the defender of these universal values which is human right right right i mean this is this is a consistency that. has come out even since the president gave a speech in the u.n. general assembly where he basically said our priorities are no longer democracy prosperity and security for the united states in the world but prosperity security
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and sovereignty for the world that's the america first piece of the puzzle and you know human rights democracy these values points are being deemphasized to the pleasure of some leaders like president to tear to like the chinese but to the displeasure of others like europe and australia and japan all right thanks for giving us that it's new to germany tyson as always thank you very much thank you. which annoyed rescuers are scrambling to help earthquake victims on the iran iraq border more than four hundred forty people are dead in iran alone thousands more have been injured or left homeless the seven point three magnitude quake struck near the iraqi town of joe and it happened late on sunday in iraq at least seven people have been killed hundreds more injured. first the sudden shaking. and then the panic. in minutes lives reduced to rubble.
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when the earthquake hit i was lying in my bed as i was and feeling well my sons were watching t.v. in the next room one of them started shouting mom wake up there is an earthquake we all ran to the corridor and we could see the house collapsing behind us and hear the sound of things falling. the quake could be felt across iraq from here in the eastern city. and over four hundred kilometers away. in north and iraq the quake could be seen unfolding on live t.v. . looks like there's an earthquake happening where you are. yes there's an earthquake i'm going to go outside i'm sorry. the interview cut short by the tremors as people tried to get to safety.
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but it was iran the was the west hits this mosque in diyala province remarkably left standing. thank god there were no casualties only the top part of the minaret was damaged and fell on the ceiling damaging it. but not everyone was as lucky elsewhere building after building collapsed leaving huge swaths of destruction some of the hospitals were also left in ruins the injured at this facility had to be treated outside and more patients kept coming. they were rainy and government has since called on people to donate blood. the focus is now on search and rescue operations but the death toll is expected to continue rising for the families
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affected. agony after an already horrific day. here is some of the stories now that make you headlines around the world reports say a series of air strikes on the telly in northern syria have killed more than fifty people the british based syrian observatory for human rights says the airstrikes hit a market in the rebel held town of terror head near aleppo it's not yet clear who was behind the raid saudi arabia says it will reopen yemen's air and sea ports after widespread international criticism of its blockade yemen faces dire shortages of fuel food and water the u.n. says millions are at risk of famine a saudi led coalition sealed off yemen last week after hooty rebels fired a missile at the saudi capital south korea's military says a north korean soldier has been shot and wounded while defecting to the south
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across the demilitarized zone which divides to peninsula north korean troops reportedly fired at the soldier while he was attempting to pass through a border village defector has been taken to a south korea hospital tonight europe is calling it an historic moment today twenty three e.u. countries took a key step towards setting up a european defense union now would seen as a way of promoting unity in europe after breaks it but germany also says europe needs to be able to defend itself if it can no longer rely on the u.s. as it once did. for twenty three signatures under a far reaching defense pact that makes the a military union as well historic step decades in the making i have to say that i was looking at you will signing something that just one year ago most of us and most of the rest of the world considered impossible to achieve definitely an
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historic moment in european defense indeed defense is new ground for the e.u. european defense planning had long been resisted by britain but now stands its best chance in years at the same time the us is pushing europe to pay more for its own security. we are spending a lot of money but pretty much on the same things it is much smarter to coordinate we have half the defense spending of the us but only fifteen percent of the efficiency it's important if it's. more efficiency for example by pulling military logistics crisis response troops and jointly developing new weapon systems the initiative was led by germany and france paris wanted it to be as militarily ambitious as possible. it became clear the countries that participate have a great advantage for their defense this is a commitment for countries to do better to gether you all so much and it comes at
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a time of significant tension you. don't german defense minister funda line also stressed. it was important for us especially after the election of the american president that we can organize ourselves independently as europeans this is complementary to nato but we also see that nobody will solve the security problems that europe has in its neighborhood we have to do it ourselves. europe is closing ranks and deepening integration after breaks that the pact also signals europe's move towards self-sufficiency in defense instead of relying only on nato and the us russia's president vladimir putin and his turkish counterpart richard tell you everyone have reportedly agreed to focus on a political solution in syria the two leaders are meeting in the russian city of
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sochi for talks on syria putin held his country's cooperation with turkey saying it is producing concrete results and creating the conditions for dialogue both the turkish and russian leaders stressed that their relations are now back on track after being strange in recent years. well protesters have disrupted an event hosted by the u.s. government at the u.n. climate talks in bonn germany the head of the u.s. energy association barry worthington appeared to be taken aback and take a look at the polls. about two hundred people there singing an anti coal industry song to protest the use of fossil fuels and the white house's move to quit the twenty fifteen paris climate accord. or the meeting in bonn aims to work out the details of the paris accord but today a new report from climate scientists overshadowed the session as the climate
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conference enters its closing stretch there was sobering news for the thousands of participants in bonn. climatologists a c o two emissions increased all over the globe this year the surge comes after three years of little change which had generated measured optimism. a lot of people thought we were in safe territory we've been on a plateau for the past three years so they saw no problem we don't have to do much on this thing and among the countries with significant emissions increases is india but its representatives in bowen are promoting their country as a land of the future and criticizing highly industrialized nations india says these countries should sharply reduce their carbon emissions by the time the paris climate accord goes into effect in two thousand and twenty environmental groups support india's demand to know the indians are demanding clear signs from
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industrialized nations that they are going to act germany and the rest of europe have to play a crucial role here chancellor merkel will give a speech in the main hall wednesday and the whole world will be waiting to hear what she has to say on this. but for now progress is said to be sluggish on the main point of the agenda in bonn working through the key details in the paris climate accord the talks involve highly technical issues and many questions remain open. for france's remembering the victims of the country's worst ever terror attacks those attacks claimed a hundred and thirty lives in paris two years ago tonight for its president in mind where mike wrong spent considerable time today meeting with survivors and former president francois along then released balloons into the air in honor of those who died in those multiple attacks the american rock band eagles of the death metal gave a surprise concert but the lead singer at times appeared overcome by emotion the
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group's concert at the bottom line theater exactly two years ago turned into a bloodbath when islamic extremists stormed the hall parallel attacks targeted cafes in the national stage. here's a reminder of the top story that we're following for you u.s. president on trial has met philippines leader rodriguez new territory on the sidelines of an asian summit in manila hundreds of demonstrators turned out to protest against the u.s. president. you're watching the w. news live from berlin we'll have more news at the top of the hour see you then. i'm going to find tens of thousands of fans for their mega life sets. of a mood it's just a really beautiful moment if you're able.


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