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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 14, 2017 7:00am-8:01am CET

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this is deja vu news live from berlin the final stretch of a marathon to our u.s. president all problems first visit to asia is just about over the many well days we well they didn't really believe it. but how great has it been like someone who's been tracking the president's every move also coming up. rescuers in iran hold
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their efforts to find any more survivors of sunday's deadly earthquake tehran declares a day of national mourning for the well over four hundred people who died in the disaster. and the soccer powerhouse italy will not be at next year's world cup after the fourth time winners failed to beat sweden in their qualifying playoff. loss will have a special report on refugees returning to prostitution right here in berlin failed asylum seekers with no right to work legally desperate to help family members here at home these young men are now selling sex will meet the prostitutes their customers and the charities trying to help them. pay the. fees that you read the protesters interrupt an american event to promote fossil fuels of the. nations climate talks in bonn they say the world must transition to
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bring new level energies under the twenty fifteen paris climate agreement. i'm brian thomas a very warm welcome to the show we begin the story with around the government there has declared today a national day of mourning for the victims of sunday's earthquake the tremor hit a remote mountainous region on the border with iraq rain in media's reporting rescue efforts came to an end during the night more than four hundred people are thought to have been killed with several thousand others injured. amid the rubble the noise of deckers is broken by house of sadness. as rescue workers retreat the dead the bereaved are left to grapple with homes and
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lives ruined. in remote support also have been the worst hit area building stop in destroying with much of the town late waist. the frantic search for the living is now turning into a recovery effort for the injured survivors the town's only hospital is not an option. with only makeshift aid facilities and a shortage of vital supplies hundreds have been ferried halfway across the country to the capital to run. there was nothing where we came from no electricity no water . i'm in a bad way i was in a hospital for eighteen hours. across the border in iraq people are trying to return to normal darbhanga khan bore the brunt of the damage here. the building was flattened by the earthquake the rubble collapsed on a family of seven we only managed to rescue five of them the other two were killed
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. the disaster has left an estimated seventy thousand people homeless. neighboring countries have been answering the call for help turkey has sent humanitarian assistance along with three thousand tents and ten thousand beds. well in just about one hour's time president donald trump will be flying home to washington after a twelve day tour of asia it's been a packed visit took in japan south korea china vietnam the philippines i'm here in the studio now with our america expert owen collier from the john f. kennedy school here university here in berlin for university good morning early one morning it's been a full visit for the president hasn't it let's give a give a listen to his own assessment of this visit. it's been a great twelve days we've had twelve days over how many days of you know the war. and a lot of great things of happened to you and i think to the world a lot of
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a lot of elements were. in the process. ok he was there the president talking with modi the prime minister of course of india you know is the president right his goal was to shore up relations with both china and with u.s. allies in the region like japan and south korea did he succeed well like woody allen says you know ninety percent of life is just showing up he showed up there was plenty of red carpet pomp circumstances. our partners throughout asia had an opportunity to. soothe his ego they did well. memos of understanding were issued. whether we've gotten a great leap forward in all the multiple bilateral relations remains to be seen ok the president saying signed off on three hundred billion in business deals for example i mean that is a move forward and this is all stuff that's been pre-negotiated and has been around
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there just claiming now at the accounting period is here and i don't think one can really say this is much of anything major not yet ok did meet the wishes of china leader now that was important he said it's always important beijing and that in vietnam who got more out of that meeting. i think it's important very much. if big deals are to be made that both partners can talk with each other. i really think the fact that many. many items remain off the agenda human rights issues where the united states used to be at least powerful force for talking about sort of the goals of call that western civilization as far as democracy and human rights that these items allegedly have been all off the record matters perhaps that's true i doubt it very
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much whether very much time was spent on these issues at all ok there are human rights issues with china we're talking about of course kong to bet is a perennial issue in the south china sea. ok and in the philippines as well terms of human rights the president came in for criticism for not zero in extrajudicial killings as part of the war on drugs under president. do you think he didn't talk about that sufficiently i mean the white house said he did. the white house makes many claims and it's really hard to extract the signal from the noise in these matters it would be very surprise. thing to me if in fact serious discussions were made on this point i think it was more a moment of. bonding of heads of state. when one head of state sings an a love song to another this clearly has more significance than merely guys having
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fun i mean this is. there's been a long tradition a long historical relationship between philippines and the united states this is important any coalition throughout asia would include philippines australia. vietnam. korea japan korea let's talk about that i mean this is an important visit at a time when north korea is developing its ballistics program its atomic program i mean that certainly must have reassured allies in the region that the united states is not is not backing out as many had thought i mean when you think about it twelve days and staying on message with one sixth grade tweet that is a very good i think many people were relieved that there was not a further destabilization positions were made public and the
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support of the united states for. south korea it was very clear in front of the korean parliament where the united states stands in this in this respect there was no disaster and that's already good news ok that was certainly progress for the president and one levels in terms of his critics saying you can't get control tweeting he did that around this as a one on one major outburst and that's pretty good or one call your from the j.f.k. institute at berlin's for university thanks very much for being with us glad to be here. we're going to move on to some other issues with earl when we talk about the latest development in the investigations over the alleged russian influence in the u.s. election president trump's eldest son has now revealed a series of messages he exchanged with wiki leaks during and after his father's campaign from jr released the messages on twitter in the change wiki leaks asked him to push a story about former democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton slamming the
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site's founder julian assange as we get leaks also tried to convince him to release his father's tax returns to the site the materials being looked at by congressional investigators once again irwin's of course so with us what do you think where is this all going. things seem to be connecting faster than i would have thought that sort of direct communication with wiki leaks also i mean you see something the suggestion give us the tax returns so we can increase hands our credibility on other fronts. you know collusion you know has many different forms this is fairly explicit stuff and the president's son doing this. you know it's it doesn't get more explicit than that ok don't what do you make of this apparent strategy from wiki leaks to strike a kind of deal with with trump you know i don't really see actually quite surprised
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that it was that active. trying to imagine the new york times with the washington post coming you know any call it the legitimate news standard news organizations coming and trying to negotiate you know it's you scratch my back i'll scratch yours in in this way it really does it's a new kind of new world of media and information that we are in it sure does not look at all there's a big questions and it certainly is new territory and certain in terms of media taxes and that yeah you know if the truth is matter we want transparency. but breaking in entry and selective release and even the editing of materials is also an area where we have
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found ourselves and the active participation of a political party in these things not even arm's length i mean the president's son is not arm's length ok we'll be looking at this more closely certainly irwin call your from j.f.k. institute thanks so much for being with us. well saudi arabia's ambassador to the u.n. says riyadh will lift as blockade on ports in yemen within the next twenty four hours but the move will not apply to ports controlled by the rebel who these tens of thousands of protesters of earlier taking to the streets of the capital sana to protest the week old blockade. in other news reports say a series of airstrikes in a town in northern syria killed more than fifty people the british based syrian observatory for human rights as your strikes at a market in the rebel held town of to read near aleppo it's not yet clear who is behind it. russian president vladimir putin says ties between his country and
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turkey have been practically restored in fall you made the comments while meeting president everyone in the russian city of salty ties between the two nations were strained after turkey shot down a russian warplane over syria and twenty fifteen the two leaders are meeting to discuss the situation in that country. well protesters have disrupted an event hosted by the u.s. government at the united nations climate talks in bonn here in germany head of the u.s. energy agency barry worthington appeared to be taken back. some two hundred people there singing an anti coal mining song to protest the use of fossil fuels in the white house's decision to quit the twenty fifteen paris accords . or the meeting in bonn aims to work out the details of the paris accord but a new report from climate scientists overshadowed the session as the climate
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conference enters its closing stretch there was sobering news for the thousands of participants in bonn climatologists a c o two emissions increased all over the globe this year the surge comes after three years of little change which had generated measured optimism. williams they shone in a lot of people thought we were in safe territory being on a plateau for the past three years so they saw no problem we don't have to do much on this thing and among the countries with significant emissions increases is india but its representatives in bowen are promoting their country as a land of the future and criticizing highly industrialized nations india says these countries should sharply reduce their carbon emissions by the time the paris climate accord goes into effect in two thousand and twenty environmental groups support india's demand in the us our guns club the indians are demanding clear signs from industrialized nations that they are going to act germany and the rest
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of europe have to play a crucial role here chancellor merkel will give a speech in the main hall wednesday and the whole world will be waiting to hear what she has to say on this. but for now progress is said to be sluggish on the main point of the agenda in bonn working through the key details in the paris climate accord the talks involve highly technical issues and many questions remain open. this is the end of the news still to come on the show italy do not qualify for the world cup after they felt sweden in their qualifying playoff we asked what went wrong with the towel in football. first it's over to helena and tough times are one of america's traditional blue chip companies traditionally a very well selling brand general electric one of the bastions of business in the united states now though brian is struggling to stay afloat c.e.o. john fund he has laid out his rescue plan and it looks like it's going to hurt the
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company is rapidly losing value for shareholders a share price has plummeted around forty percent in the past year so now flannery's slashing the dividend by hoff that'll be the eighth biggest dividend cut in history flannery certainly hoping that that will. help general electric avoid a cash crunch it'll shrink operations down to three core businesses which walking about aviation power and health care that is what will remain practically everything else will be sold off to the tune of twenty billion dollars flannery will even fire six board members saying that in twenty eighteen that year will be a reset year as he put it we know what we need to do he said and it's show time all right in the u.k. parliament is set to get the final say on the brakes it deal in a vote but what deal will they actually be voting on because negotiations in brussels appear to be at
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a standstill which means to recent days meeting with european business leaders on monday was likely a tough one business is in the u.k. and outside of the u.k. are getting increasingly agitated not knowing what relations between the u.k. and the european union will look like in the future and now that a modern aunt says. they're only life was easy as these demonstrators in the center of london who are saying on monday. it's never too late. the. prime minister to resign may agrees but the country is still hurtling towards bragg's it on the twenty ninth of march twenty ninth seen with no deal. nervous european business groups who came to see mrs million downing street are known to concerned with one thing damage limitation they want the british government to back down so the country doesn't fly over the end of a cliff on b. day. we've made it clear towards the e.u.
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commission and the british government that it is in our interest to avoid one thing the cliff. at the end of relations between great britain and the european union you can avoid that if you want to avoid it and we hope we bolster their will to do so today in britain of course we're talking effects but the clock is ticking and there's little more than hope right now what will happen to the many cross border companies how many jobs will be lost to reason many can't say when the automobile industry parts are delivered from one country assembled in another and then exported on to foreign markets many of these cross border transactions could be subject to british import tariffs in the event of a hard break that they could come to over two billion euros for german products so far britain and the e.u. have not found much common ground but if that doesn't change soon the u.k. could lose a lot of investment some of the big banks have already begun moving their stuff from london to other financial hubs like frankfurt. and we'll have
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more on briggs later in the show we'll be showing to the director of the british chamber of commerce in germany and they. will be my guest in just about an hour was time to do stay with us. well russia hosts the football world cup next summer and with just over six months to go into the first kick off the countdown is on to make sure city's hosting games are ready over the past two years more than one hundred streets have been renovated in moscow and more controversially five thousand soviet era building blocks have been demolished evening over one million residents to give up their homes and move into whatever the city chooses for them all to make sure that the city is in fine form the kickoff. sources that she did over there i said. people could break their legs. i'm staying here until you've taken care of it. and let's see the lion is checking the progress of construction projects in central
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moscow the russian capital is investing one and a half billion euros to upgrade two hundred fifty s. three of them roads and bike paths. they all have to be finished by next june when russia hosts the twenty eight thousand feet of the world cup. we. are not afraid to be compared with of the european cities. all the tourists and fans who come here. will be pleased with the level of comfort they find in moscow. that's a process that must be. modernizing moscow would be a far more expensive undertaking if the city hadn't brought in tens of thousands of workers from central asia most of these men won't see their families in kyrgyzstan tajikistan or is done for months that doesn't send any years at all but we've got work in tajikistan but the pay is worse than here the pays normal and the technology in moscow is normal not like in tajikistan but there is work for.
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workers from the central asian republics generally earn less than russians that's also the case on the building side of the new terminal at moscow's dumb idea the international airport the airport six-pack to handle forty five million passengers next year on a par with major european airports to the story that is just nothing got to within twenty eighteen will have the soccer world cup huge event. tourists from all around the world will be coming to russia by them so we need infrastructure to accommodate them such as soccer world cup comes and goes you know the infrastructure will remain. the damage yet over expansion. with a price tag of around five hundred million euros total plan duration of construction less than three years work will continue through the upcoming russian winter to ensure the new terminal can open in may the movie it in the british there was enough of them and twenty eighteen visitors from around the world will come
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here through the new terminal to. continue on to the stadium sites to see good so. that it's at least the football. moscow is going all out to give itself a major facelift in the short time remaining until next year's kickoff the city is sparing no effort to impress its visitors. and might not be too many visitors coming from italy though brian and chris have more on the lot for italy helena italy have failed to qualify for next year's world cup after losing a playoff to sweden four time world cup winners italy dominated the game but simply could not find a way past us solid swedish defense the game ended no nail sweden go through after winning the first leg one nil it is the first time italy have not qualified for a world cup and check this sixty years. from one
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italy's grandiose defeat against sweden in the world cup playoff match i'm going to steal by chris harrington good morning dress morning a national catastrophe for a towel in football what happened. well you know despite the excellence of gigi buffon he's always known the ageless wonder you know they had defense not enough on offense this is a team that dominated possession they had nearly thirty shots on goal it was a clear case of firing blanks in way too many blanks but this happens in national football you have an ebb and flow sometimes your programs are just lackluster the historical significance the third time they missed out on the world cup nine hundred thirty fifty eight and now russia twenty eighteen a sad way to go out and set a best we win and lose as a team and we all share and share the reaction from the fans and the disdain for the fans we know was happy he included the coach in that statement just to try to spread the blame a little bit and not point a finger directly but it is definitely
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a sad day for the italians and it's back to the building block you know as a great day for sweden you know the underdogs that came up against you know a mighty traditionally a mighty team what did they get right they scored a lot of goals in their group that gave them the advantage over the netherlands that's what put them in this position to actually have the playoff versus italy you know the goal difference teamwork they don't have really big stars and they rebound i mean this is a team that crashed out of the euro twenty sixteen in the group stage so now they have another shot and they're missing big stars namely he brought him a bitch he actually suggested maybe he comes back to the team and out of retirement we have to wait to see what happens there captain grant quist of their team said that he would shave his head i haven't seen photos i'm looking for to those photos but he did follow up on that promise so it's a pat on the back for sweden congratulations to them definitely and well world champions germany are facing a tough task when they host heavyweights france in a friendly that's coming up today france are many people's tips for world cup glory
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in russia next year germany coach often love can see similarities with his own side . germany are and will mode despite the kick off and russia's still being seven months away goalkeeper kevin trapp based in france with your man will start the friendly when mario good hope to make a comeback from injury having not played for germany for a year you're gay lurve sees parallels between the development of the german team during his long reign and the progression of the current french crop if you describe just the judicial i think it's good friends coach didier deschamps been there a while in two thousand and fourteen his team was already strong but in two thousand and sixteen they had improved now they have made another step forward and yes. before they can match. demanded a win over jim in the euro two thousand and sixteen semifinal but he is still very wary of the world champions. i believe germany are
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a level above us they have got a lot of experience in recent years even if you just rejuvenating his group quite a bit. and then that he. learnt hopes he won't have to do an about turn after the big clash in cologne. cross germany versus france what a heavyweight spectacle which team do you think has the edge in their friendly you know history had to lean towards france's way out of the last ten times the size it faced one another france has come out on top seven attitude of those times so just based on that statistic i give them the credit and then for me personally i think france do have the slight advantage because they are a faster team their attack is outstanding now in this particular match up they'll have no jerome but alexandria that is expected to get a nod away and i'm looking for the buyer and do ok kingsley come on from bahrain
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also. kherington to aliso as well to contribute i think all in all france. has events i picked france in the european championship actually i don't think there's a lot of play devil's advocate germany has that they have you off them love you know i mean i mean they have a chance and it's their crown to lose right we're all talking about the world cup this is supposed to be you know the precursor to the big match up the finale you know the mario good so i think is an emotional comeback maybe this does energize the side you know also tony cross and sam kundera are expected to be featured in this match as well so look for the midfield to be a little bit better you know in terms of trying to feed forward to score a goal because this is what's going to be the issue with germany i think in the long run scoring goals ok now you've been talking about superstar players is that what it's all about is about the team is it about individual superstars i mean what's going to make the difference in this heavyweight match up i think superstars always rise to the occasion and you know that's what made mario good say an international name being
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a superstar in the last world cup so it does revolve around that that's obviously gives the side confidence moving forward you know but just the depth and speed that france has they have so many superstars you can lose track and one superstar namely . is not even on the roster so france has superstars on the attack side germany all their superstars tend to be on the defensive side of the game and germany is their crown to lose as you mentioned indeed chris harrington thanks very much for that this is the news live from berlin we're back after a short break. come . three stones from three continents. three thrilling story. thomas money from munich. johnson and his from.
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the cape town from me to see. how they become top players in the bundesliga. kiko sixty minutes t w. health. and here in studio long. solidarity. they fall by the wayside when the gap between rich and poor grows. life in an equal society's. divide starting november fifteenth on d. w. . your children like chocolate. you can't live without your smartphone.
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do you like to make jokes in the supermarket. as we go about our daily lives human rights oh often the last along our minds. invisible hands. slavery in the twenty first century. starting december second on g.w. . welcome again you're with the news live from berlin our top story at this hour u.s. president doll trump has wrapped up his twelve day tour of asia after talks with regional leaders in manila despite protests on some legs of the tour the president reaffirmed america's commitment to its key asian allies.
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now over the past week we've been reporting from. the united nations climate change summit in the german city of bonn the big topic on the agenda there is reducing carbon dioxide emissions worldwide but figures released by researchers on monday show a two percent increase in global c o two emissions the biggest offender china that country's use of coal oil and natural gas all rising last year by three percent five percent and twelve percent respectively now that's the spike china's rise to become the biggest producer of a new a boy energy in the world. the dream of a small free world is taking shape. over a thousand kilometers from beijing in northwestern china the largest solar array in the world is going up ning charts a small autonomous region with six million inhabitants plenty of sunshine vast open
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spaces and the ambition to become a world leader in the field of solar energy. john tran is convinced his country is on the right path the engineer was proud to be one of those selected to get the project up and running. removable energies or a historical opportunity we can cut core consumption by eight hundred thousand tons per year which dramatically reduces the emission of greenhouse gases. once the facility is completed sang and his colleagues will provide two million households with green energy the project is just one of many in china. last year alone china invested about seventy eight billion dollars in renewables think comparison germany spent just thirteen billion by two thousand and twenty china plans to have invested three hundred sixty one billion dollars which will
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make it far and away the world leader in green energy when parks are also shooting up all over china but there are many problems left to wherever come economic reforms aimed at moving the country away from heavy industries like steel are slow and coal fired plants still provide at least two thirds of china's energy that percentage rose steadily for years now it's leveled off changes coming to beijing where small is often a problem all four of the city's coal fired power stations have been shut down module is a well known environmental activist in china his work has helped spark a sea change in the way people think here. and years ago if you stop us passers by many of the maybes say that. we need to develop first but now. if you check with the citizens i think most of the most likely the
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answer would be you know we need clean air clean water safe food those demands of putting the government under pressure to deliver the streets of beijing and now crowded with tens of thousands of shared by us and many factories have been shot but the small bit is an ongoing problem especially when the wind blows from the wrong direction. this video shows how the entire city scape can disappear beneath a blanket of pollution in just twenty minutes much of it comes from neighboring provinces where the cold lobby is still powerful and local officials are willing to turn a blind eye jobs are at stake so implementing environmental laws is problematic around twenty eight percent of c o two emissions worldwide originate in china the u.s. is in second place with around sixteen percent. margin has access to thousands of monitoring stations that measure and water pollution is already collected data on three hundred thousand companies that emit greenhouse
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gases and has support from the government on line citizens can see for themselves which factories have broken the rules some firms even use his data when awarding contracts major companies like apple. like a wal-mart you know before they sign a contract with with suppliers they compare that list with our list of violators and motivate those violators to take corrective actions using especially developed app anyone can upload photos of alleged environmental transgressions which are then visible to all and sent directly to local authorities that's been an effective tool greenpeace has praised china for moving away from fossil fuels but is still critical about the country's energy policies collapsing markets at home have forced state enterprises to move abroad. chinese companies and
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chinese banks have become some of the time the biggest developers and finance years of fired power plant plants have broad ranging from vietnam to africa to indonesia this is. a very. harmful development domestically there are still many problems to overcome like feeding energy into the power grid currently large amounts of energy a wasted john chon is aware of the contradictions does he think china comply a leading role in climate protection the engineer from being shot is certain it can he says he's surrounded by proof of it every day. so can china reconcile its competing economic and environmental interests for more on that we're joined by professor nicholas erna from the new climate institute a group working for the implementation of climate change policy welcome to the show china is the biggest generator of renewable energy in the world and at the bonn
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conference it's been presenting itself as a leading force in the fight against global warming is that credible. well i think currently no country is really doing enough to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and the really interesting thing about china is that actually many things i have to think and actually much faster than in any other country so in that there are indeed a leader but they definitely still have to do much more ok is there a world leader right now and fighting climate change if it's not china in the no unfortunately not no country is really doing enough the interesting bit about china is that it's so big and things are happening so fast that this has a big impact on global greenhouse gas emissions we've seen in the report before that there really a message for the expanding renewable energy and that is know. basically in a way that coal is pushed out of the market we had thought that greenhouse gas emissions
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of china would rise for decades and they have been quite stable but there's a bit of a setback no that they may have gone up last year but they will definitely peak and decline earlier than we saw only two years ago and that's i think a very good signal ok those are of course projections you know and look at china as the biggest producer of c o two gases and as we saw in our report it seeing increases significant increases in the use of fossil fuels like coal and gas is it really headed into a green future when you when you consider these increases in fossil fuel usage. it is going in the right direction it is going to slow and there has been a setback in the last year but i think the trend of one year doesn't really give you a long term trend of the trend from two thousand and thirteen has been that coal use has been going down it now has gone up for one year but i think it's going in the
7:39 am
right direction that is already good i think china has understood that it has to develop in a more green a way we've seen in your report as well that there's significant problems with smoke there are significant problems with congestion in the cities and well china has understood that they have to do something about it and the green revolution is the only way to get there they are too slow but going in the right direction ok i want to i want to jump and ask about this you know how to reconcile its economic needs with environmental needs you know can china continue to poll millions of people out of poverty poverty without building more and more coal fired power stations can rely on wind or or solar to create the energy it needs for industrial development you know and that is that is the very important point the revolution that we see right now china can do it and they've understood that they can they have canceled plans for over one hundred coal fired power plants that they had thought that they should need right now they're really expanding renewable energy
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because it be has become so cheap it is cheaper now to build wind or solar than to build coal and that economics really speaks to words china moving in the direction of a green economy ok as you mentioned china wants to see it c o two emissions peak by twenty thirty at the latest now what does that mean for the efforts to limit the global temperature rise to two degrees celsius. if china would peak emissions only by twenty thirty that would be it would be very very difficult to meet the long term temperature goals that have been agreed in the paris agreement that's well below two degrees or one point five degrees so china would have to peak emissions much earlier. and i think most people now think that it will happen much earlier maybe in the order of twenty twenty twenty twenty five so that's already good news so i'm still hopeful that they can do the turn but as we've heard the setbacks economics economic growth has picked up again industrial production has picked up
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again and there's a danger that they will not make it but i'm still hopeful ok one big concern is of course you know all we talk about china is the test takes the accuracy of figures coming out of china especially for its a c o two emissions you know how transparent is beijing with statistics. and it's a bit of a problem in china. china for one a very big country and second emissions are done from energy statistics and there's a significant issue of informal use of call or illegal use of coal so there are significant uncertainties about the emissions and in addition china as with the position of a developing country is not really allowing a big chunk of these off their books that is indeed a problem but i think the orders of magnitude are quite clear there's scientific efforts to verify the emissions and we know them about five plus minus five percent
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from my point of view enough for the policymaking proposes ok thank you so very much professor nicholas her from the new climate institute for those insights this morning thank you. now to a story that has provoked outrage here in germany public broadcasters e.d.f. says that security workers at refugee shelters here in berlin have set up prostitution rings that prey on refugees the investigative report by the program from tall twenty one found the guards were grooming young refugees to become prostitutes earning a commission in the process. it's dusk interior gotten berlin's biggest park. young men are sitting around waiting to be approached by older german men. to learn more about this scene a pakistani reporter from a german television team enters with
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a hidden camera he makes contact with the young migrants without any difficulty. to limit you know why go. through. the fleet for fear. this man says refugees are willing to do anything for money even underage girls and boys. he leads the reporter a few hundred metres further. want to do it while it is twenty and says he's from afghanistan he arrived in germany two years ago his asylum application was recently rejected he's turned to prostitution to survive one hundred six one hundred six francis fifty or so the fifty. year. old part of. it follows the reporter to a hotel room. as he begins to undress the reporter stops him and reveals
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his identity. he asks waleed why he's working as a prostitute but wiley just runs. deanna hanna gets work for a local aid organization she knows a lot of refugees including those working as prostitutes some of them stop by occasionally to pick up donated clothing or just to talk. many of them suffer from anxiety. and the pressure comes from thinking my asylum claims been rejected how will i tell my parents i'm getting nowhere here i'm not allowed to work they have so little money and they want to do more for their families and this constant hopelessness and fear of an uncertain future in germany leads them to prostitution. thank you. back in the park another attempt to talk with refugees. scattered among the bushes are condoms
7:45 am
and paper tissues. the reporter meets this older man he says he's eighty five and a former police officer. he describes the prostitution scene here. good here i heard there young refugees here and you can get anything you want many of them even do without condoms the boys don't know they can get sick like that i prefer the youngest ones i've even had sixteen year olds usually i have anal sex performed on me sometimes oral once when i try to bargain down the price he said to me if i screw you i want twenty years i also have to eat. the man adds that he's disappointed because of bad weather only a few prostitutes are out in the park we want to know how refugees end up in prostitution. this is a refugee center in berlin's they missed off district in may residents held
7:46 am
protests accusing security personnel of abuse they appear to have an additional role here this syrian refugee says he's twenty and lives at the shelter for the last few months he too has been working as a prostitute he doesn't want to use his name. i am ashamed of what i'm doing but i have to earn money one day i was on the phone in front of the refugee center a security guard came up to me and asked if i wanted to do some business and earn some money i said sure i don't have anything. he said if i have sex with a woman i get thirty year olds maybe forty. what he didn't know at first was that most of the clients were going to be men he's not homosexuals. i can't let my family find out about this i know it's terrible but what can i do i don't have any other option here. maria is a social worker at the very midst of center she's aware of what's happening she
7:47 am
doesn't want to be identified she says she saw a security guard give money to one of the refugees. i took him aside and asked what they were doing why was he getting money from the security guard and he said i don't have enough food i don't have enough to drink my families back home and i've done bad things for money. he feels sad and ashamed. here too it's not just adults involved but also miners. this is a reality of berlin under-age refugees working as prostitutes security guards at refugee centers acting as pimps this man works in security at several berlin refugee centers he too wants to stay anonymous he's well aware of the prostitution scene here. as usually it works like this guys from different companies set up the contact someone approaches them and says we need two women they should be of this
7:48 am
particular age and that's pretty all they want boys the younger they are the more they cost. and then the boys will say ok we'll have to give in and have sex with men or women. by that point it doesn't matter as long as the price is right. and. then a tip off about another security guard at a berlin refugee shelter who allegedly works as a pimp when asked about it he admits it's true for every hook up i get twenty euros that's why i do this is there a prostitution network at the refugee shelter there are many the refugees need money to buy their minors working as prostitutes yes there are but not often in our shelter there are families where the father knows the son is gay sixteen years old they do it willingly. but that can't be not if they're so desperate yeah life is tough do you ever have a guilty conscience of course it's not really who i am that's why i'm talking to
7:49 am
you about it i want to stop doing this. his security firm response to the pimping at the refugee center in writing. we hold regular meetings with the shelter residents committee to discuss any issues or problems these serious allegations have never come up we confront the berlin senator responsible for refugees with our findings when. whenever i get information that forced prostitution is going on i will always take action against it you've just named a specific refugee shelter where this is taking place now the police and state prosecutors are on board it must be investigated but until now i've had no concrete information about specific refugee centers where this is going on you can believe that. now it's up to
7:50 am
authorities to take a much closer look one hundred search for answers. well will they be taking a closer look our political correspondent ripper did evolve has been looking into this of for us himself rupert the account we just saw there focuses solely on berlin but is what we just saw also a problem in other cities like new york hamburg frankfurt. well yes brian what we have seen in the report here is something that can also be found in of the big german cities there are reports the german news agency reports that they know of at least frankfurt. and hamburg where they have reports of similar cases social workers there say they know at least twenty to thirty refugees who prostitute themselves but they also say that they estimate the number must be much higher have specially as the number of unaccompanied minors has been on the rise
7:51 am
during the last two years you know it's incredible to hear that officials say you know we're not even aware of this what are authorities doing about this problem are they taking a closer look at the security firms for example that have the contracts to protect refugees especially minors at the centers they're in charge of. well the state government of bilin says that they are investigating this particular refugee shelter on the security company there but there has been little outcome of this until now and i think the awareness is very little that this is especially an issue of neglect within the refugee shelters people there are living under very difficult living conditions and the awareness of this is very little in germany rupa veto valvano in this for us this morning thanks very much for that you know what. well we're turning to africa now any unesco report estimates that one in ten girls
7:52 am
and sub-saharan africa this is school during their menstrual cycle because they don't have proper sanitary products now to change that a ugandan artist has started a unique project in kampala to address an issue that many ugandans would simply prefer not to talk about. three times a week siddharth dida meets with pupils at a primary school in kampala. with needles and scissors they transform old cloth into reusable sanitary pads menstruating can be a very traumatic experience for young girls in uganda when you intervene in your kind of discussion then most can ask for you. so you feel as you. find him enough to come back to school and as i. do here knows the pain these girls suffer when they were students his three sisters often stayed at home when they had their period one of the heroes female classmates left and never came back to school at
7:53 am
all instead the teenage girl was married off to a much older man do here a believes that his sanitary pads can make a difference. they help the poor children and this is one place. we have a little school under the rule of good names regarding administration most of them good stigmatised. ordinary sanitary pads cost around two dollars per pack too expensive for many young women who resort to using scraps of cloth or towels or leaves when they have their period. with stained clothes or bulging pants they would end up getting bullied by classmates many girls decide to stay out of school with the reusable pads however girls like joan can face class again without these problems. it helps me not to get embarrassed when i get my period just because i do not have the money to buy sanitary packs so just run them. in the
7:54 am
pads do not only keep the girls in school but also help them to generate a small income together they have started a small business the sale of the pads allows the girls to buy new materials to keep up production to hero hopes this will teach important skills about running a small business and help the girls to be more independent. so they can and do suing in their communities. designs and so on so it's another way of. teaching how to make the fight like making their own jobs. the ugandan government considers feminism as something an african issues regarding sexuality are not openly discussed here but some ugandan's of breaking the silence such as the leading feminist stella neon c. who teaches here at the macquarie university in kampala. what do they function
7:55 am
there on meds fission for example around the breast genital area preening for example. that are taboo not to be discussed in the presence of men not to be discussed outside one's age group. and so i think the first thing is it's to empower girls to have safe spaces in which they're interested and we talked about. her views are much disliked by the ugandan government as an outspoken feminist she was recently detained and spent several months in a maximum security prison to hear a says that other men find his engagement strange but he cannot see how caring for one another can be anything else but african. i am also on one i feel the same pavement my sister feels. if my sister gives it probably i'm also responsible in one way or another. due here or
7:56 am
does not care how others may judge him he simply wants these girls to go to school without feeling shame. let's get you a minder of our top story at this hour u.s. president donald trump has wrapped up his twelve day tour of asia after talks with regional leaders and now despite some protests the president reaffirmed america's commitment to its asian allies. this is the interview news live from berlin we're back at the top of the hour with more.
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