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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 14, 2017 12:00pm-12:15pm CET

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this is deja vu news coming to you live from bali u.s. president donald trump on his way home after his first tour of asia. well there is a quote. but just how preach was it we are someone who has been tracking the president's every move also coming up hopes of finding more survivors in iran feed after sunday's earthquake deronda cares a deal with national mourning for the more than four hundred people who were killed in the disaster. and a foot or debacle for italy for the first time in six decades it will not be at the
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world cup john ngugi before his team in tears after they failed to beat underdogs treatment in the qualifying playoff. hello and welcome i'm under threat she my us president donald trump has wrapped up his tour of asia and is on his way back to washington it was a packed visit that took him to japan south korea china vietnam and the philippines in a moment i'll ask an analyst for his take on crimes trials but first here's a look at the hits and misses of the president's asian diplomatic offensive. donald trump may have wrecked in the art of the deal but the art of diplomacy hasn't always come easy so this was going to be an ambitious to by any measure he was there to rally u.s.
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troops. confront pyongyang's provocations out there with careers a worldwide threat that requires worldwide action and do some deals. trouble to bed to shore up the pacific alliance began in japan where jack platic traits of subtlety and nuance were in short supply. not his host prime minister shinzo minded very much. the reception was always going to be frosty here in south korea trump has accused all of weakness in the face of the north. yet trump speech to parliament ariens confounded his critics. if you want peace you must stand strong at all times the world. at a big banquet the commander in chief had a diplomatic trick up his sleeve. videos of his granddaughter singing in
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mandarin a surefire way to please his hosts trump had cause to celebrate as he later claimed president xi would up the sanctions against north korea and move to ally foreign companies access to the country. it was a casual some see cozy encounter with vladimir putin at his next summit that threatened to derail the grand. trump was again dogged by questions of russian meddling in u.s. democracy. by the end of his odyssey he was getting used to the red carpet treatment even if it meant embracing filipino president rodriguez. a man accused of mass extrajudicial killings. this was turned to be entertained. and three.
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at the end of the spy you know summit is trumps relationship with new friends that may reese concern among the allies. joining me now for some analysis is scott lucas is a professor of american studies at the university of birmingham in the u.k. welcome scott now trying to describe his trip is tremendously successful how do you see it do you see anything like a trumpet asia strategy emerge from this visit. no there is no grand strategy for the trumpet ministration this is not a president who has a really detailed grasp of what's happening and his advisors are simply trying to cope with a series of issues whether it's the north korean crisis whether it's relations with china whether it's the wider issue of america's standing in the region i think the positive you could say is that with the exception of one very unfortunate tweet about north korea and the sort of ill considered visit with lot of recruiting he
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largely stayed on script so we didn't see an escalation of the north korean crisis as trump has done in recent months we didn't see of course any type of you know friction with china indeed we saw the opposite the chinese went out of their ways to flatter trump which i think raises the wider issue and that is is the united states really strong going to tilt so far in terms of admiration of president xi of china to the point of saying there's really no trade issue with them now that others in the region whether it be japan south korea vietnam or unsettled and indeed is it really china rather than the u.s. this regional leader and then beyond that of course but the big issue here is a sort of struck it's back to washington is the domestic issues that take over and the asian trip overseas very quickly into the distance i mean everything to the unpredictability has been a big concern in asia while strong but able to reassure u.s.
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allies in the region in terms of security for example as you said his determination to combat the threat from north korea. i think trump did make it worse this time he did say as his advisors have insisted that the focus needs to be on diplomatic and economic steps not on military confrontation and you know while some may be concerned about how close he is to the chinese at least he didn't you know on the other hand rattle up the confrontation over the south china sea so in that sense no very bad things were done but there's nothing really very positive that can come out of trump right now you know that there's nothing that you can say look trump is setting a very defined course in the way that he will be able to handle diplomacy as president united states is more question about whether his defense secretary his national security adviser his secretary of state can work with allies in the future when they can all make tim scott thompson has made huge gains on trade and said from now
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on trade would be more fair and reciprocal he said he signed deals with the much three hundred billion dollars and he's made lots of friends in the region surely all of this is a big game for the u.s. no because those are the big trade issues i mean for example the huge trade issue is that trump has withdrawn the united states from the transpacific partnership which most asian countries and australia are embracing so trump in a way already had isolated it in the u.s. trump did not resolve the bilateral trade issues say between the u.s. and china or between the u.s. and south korea remember here's a president only a couple of months ago was threatening to scrap trade deals with south korea that was running a trade war with the chinese now we don't know exactly what he will do when he gets back to washington scott lucas professor of american studies at the university of maine living in the u.k. thank you very much for that analysis thank you. listen to a look at some of the stories making news around the world present trends oldest
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son has released messages exchange with wiki leaks cheering and after the two thousand and sixteen election this after media reports suggested donald trump jr lived with the website which published leaked emails from hillary clinton during the campaign the messages have been turned over to a congregational inquiry into russia's alleged involvement in the us elections. u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson has held talks with me and myles leader unsung suchi on the sidelines of the asean summit to listen flies to me in march tomorrow to discuss the looking at a refugee crisis suchi is under pressure to take action more than six hundred thousand rohingya muslims have fled the military crackdown to neighboring bangladesh iran has declared a national day of mourning for the victims of sunday's earthquake which hit near its border with iraq more than four hundred people are reported killed with several thousand more injured emergency teams have been searching through the rubble but
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hopes of finding for the survivors a feeding some seventy thousand people have also been left homeless by the disaster president hassan rouhani visited the worst had province off get a man shot earlier today he promised to rebuild the devastated area as quickly as possible. joining me on the line now is helen john she heads the u.k. based iran's children's charity welcome dr nagura your group is working in the worst affected town in western iran what are they telling you about the situation on the ground. thank you for having me yes we are the small charity that are working alongside with other n.g.o.s and relief agencies on the ground. our colleagues are letting us know that there are relief efforts underway and they are being done to support these people are being affected and there's a lot happening but there's
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a lot of news there is still. lankans tends food and water. so we are we are trying to work with them to see how much of those things we can provide there's a lot of support from the local people and people from tehran and other cities as well but it is the head that you're getting from there on adequate because this earthquake took place in a fairly remote area of the country yet it is i mean we have stuff can wash as well but obviously there are a lot of people in tehran that would like to donate a few lorries that left yesterday and there's a couple more leaving today so pointing and blankets but of course they have to be able to get to reach to the remote areas i mean some point is is is in a city but there are a lot of people are affected there are in the mountainous regions as well so that's
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going to take some time to reach them and see how they can be helped and of course has an irani has pledged to support thank you all organization deals with children what is your main priority in dealing with child victims of this disaster. yes i mean obviously the first need. for shelter specially in the cold cold weather there and there have been people sleeping rough outside so there are dark still a lot of news in tents and blankets but as a charity our concern is long term and to we don't now are affected then traumatized. and and post traumatic stress syndrome and we are hoping to organize workshops at various locations obviously some of the schools we were hoping to do perhaps set up the workshops there is about twenty two of them have been destroyed in the region but we estimate around twenty thousand children or
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might need that sort of support for effects of the trauma from this sort of tragedy so we are hoping to you know obviously work with other agencies but to raise ones to be able to support them in next month's coming that that's going to be did challenge of how this is go jeff and those children there are helen in their journey helen a job with the u.k. based iran's children charter thank you very much thank you. it was a tearful night in milan an italian football is in turmoil after the four time world champions failed to qualify for next year's world cup after losing a play off to sweden it's the first time italy haven't qualified for a world cup in fixed years triggering a lot of soul searching in the soccer mad nation. i talian football's
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worst nightmare has come true a lack of firepower against sweden leaves gigi buffon and company missing out on only the third world cup in the team's history is erased fans were understandably dejected afterwards and blaming everyone for the defeat. but this is everyone's fault not just the fault of the coach it's the players fault the federations call this match mare's our country which is falling apart it's like you italy is still trying to accept their earth shattering loss to sweden. and we are all in tears this evening because we did our best and this will chase us forever it's an incredible delusion that even now we struggle to realise and when i can call it off some of i think. it's a tearful farewell for gigi buffon his tenure between the posts and one match shy
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of becoming the only goalkeeper to play in six world cups the dominant defender defying italy's on field persona for two decades without him italy's football future is in question. and even on social media many soccer fans and not just in italy are showing just how devastated they are over it in these elimination of this canadian of italian descent is already getting nostalgic everyone's cup my father puts up the italy flag eighty three feet long it won't be up next year the british x. football star gary lineker joins him in his disappointment tweeting mummy it to me have failed to qualify for russia two thousand and eighteen it will be quite the same without them and he waves the city goodbye but then she off to the match the italian football team's official twitter account quoted retiring goalkeeper john ngugi before i'm not sorry for myself but for the entire italian football and the
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other reasons for it to be sad this jail and politician rights was cup without italy is a loss because of this tie. coming up with plenty of dollars helena humphrey with the business news she's coming up shortly save it as. we speak different languages we fight for different things that's fine but we all stick up for freedom freedom of speech and freedom of press. giving freedom of choice global news that matters d.w. .


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