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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 14, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm CET

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for good people and projects that are changing no one far meant for the better it's up to us to make a difference letting small children. be doing good farming magazine. on d w. this is due to the news live from berlin u.s. president donald trump heads home from his tour of asia he promises the fruits of his labor will be incredible and tells the world to prepare for a major statement also coming up our zimbabwean leader robert mugabe and his wife
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grace heading for a showdown with the military reports say tanks are massing outside the capital. and . the death toll from the iran iraq earthquake goes up to at least five hundred thirty some eighty thousand are injured and many more have lost everything. plus for the first time in nearly sixty years the on imaginable happens italy filled the qualify for the world cup the blues had been eliminated in the qualifying round by sweden but now for the former powerhouse of song. i'm sorry so much going to welcome to the show u.s. president donald trump has wrapped up his official twelve day tour of asia and he is on his way back to washington trump had a packed visit taking him to japan south korea china vietnam and the philippines
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now the president said he had made progress with his agenda on trade and he also claimed to have made friends at the highest level in the region. donald trump may have wrecked in the art of the deal but the art of diplomacy hasn't always come easily so this was going to be an ambitious two by any measure he was there to rally u.s. troops and i put it on. confront pyongyang's provocations. north korea is a worldwide threat that requires worldwide action and do some deals. trumps bed to shore up the pacific alliance began in japan where plastic plates of subtlety and nuance were in short supply. not that his host prime minister shinzo
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lobby minded very much. the reception was always going to be frosty here in south korea trump has accused saul of weakness in the face of the north. yet trump speech to parliamentarian's confounded his critics. if you want peace you must stand strong at all times the world. it's a big banquet the commander in chief had a diplomatic trick up his sleeve. videos of his granddaughter singing in mandarin a surefire way to please his hosts trump had cause to celebrate as he later claimed president xi would up the sanctions against north korea and move to a life foreign companies access to the country. it was a casual some see cozy encounter with vladimir putin at his next summit that
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threatened to derail the grand to a. trump was again dogged by questions of russian meddling in u.s. democracy. by the end of his odyssey he was getting used to the red carpet treatment even if it meant embracing filipino president rodriguez. a man accused of mass extrajudicial killings. this was turned to be entertained. and three. at the end of the spy you know summit is trumps relationship with new friends that may reese concern among old allies. so let's bring in our washington correspondent for more on the story how catalina i don't try and describe this trip as tremendously successful what do people back
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home think about it. well so many analysts here questioned whether the tour was a public relations show with only few can create a chief ment's we have to point out that president campaigned on multilateral trade agreements he saw as i'm fair like the trans-pacific partnership known as t.p. donald trump regenerated during his trip his regular criticism of passive ministrations saying that they allowed to the to be taken advantage of on the world economic state he is is said that the trade overall must be fair and beneficial for both sides his main critics have always been against china but now during this trip and this trip to china and this part of the trip tom has softened his words towards this country trump was full of praise for the president being and he even said that he wasn't china's fold about the trade deficit between them is widening he said he does not blame china he said after all who can blame
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a country for being able to take advantage of another country for the benefit of his own citizens so lots of nice words coming from president all time towards china but no concrete trades results have come out of this part of the treaty as it seems kind of know beyond trade and did anything like a trump strategy for asia emerge. well there really he say she started to be is the economy in the economic sector has maybe changed but in our we tariq way now really in an economic way he remains saying he wants to protect the united states' economic protectionism his party that is his policy also the nuclear threat from north korea was of course on the top of this agenda during this trip in south korea the president began toning down his fire and fury retiree towards. and said he was open to diplomatic efforts still
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the united state department expects much more support from china in the north korea issue they say china should be putting a lot more pressure on north korea nevertheless donald trump did not point this out during his meeting with she's being in china he's on his way back to the u.s. now and he's promised a major statement when he returns to the white house what can you tell us about well donald trump has said he is planning to make a major statement about his trip to asia later this week he also spoke of the many good friends he made during the trip we'll be hearing more about it during the next days to give us kind of more reporting from washington for us thank you now unverified reports have been coming in from zimbabwe the tanks are moving near the capital harare a one man has described what he has seen in a video posted online let's take a look. i
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think. and. i'm not smiling at anyone and. everyone i will. well let's bring in christine men who who cover southern africa for us christine as we heard there looks like these tanks are headed to the capital harare we cannot be sure what more can you tell us so sue me is the thing there would spin thrown around right now if you look on social media people talking about an attempted coup what i'll tell you about this road is that it's it's not unusual to see military tanks using that route what is suspicious right now is the timing of all of this where we are in the country now last week president mugabe fired his deputy
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president in a synagogue a day later released a statement saying that he is feeling the country fearing for his life in that statement however he did say that he would come back to the country and that he would fight for his support has more about the role of the military chief in all of this in fact this is wait this all comes into context last night in a very rare statement the military chief comes out here if it's general constantine achieving what he comes out he makes a wrist statement and he say's that the army will essentially get involved if the pages in the in the ruling party continue now he was obviously making reference to this sacking off the former vice president former deputy president in this and now mugabe has not commented since this statement was made but today we got a statement from the youth now the you can eat is backing president mugabe and they essentially told off the general telling him to stay in these barracks even going as far as saying that we will defend mugabe to our dates and that was directed at
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the general after his statement last night now it's difficult to gauge where all of this is going if those tankers on the orders of the general how much power the general actually has last night when you made that statement he was flanked with about ninety other generals but the u.s. he came out today saying he doesn't enjoy the support of the entire defense ministry so it's difficult to gauge how much power. and support this general actually has but he has thrown his weight behind the stacked deputy president and this all comes at a time of a political contacts we're looking at who will succeed robert mugabe who's ninety three that's right so so the party heads to a to a conference next week in the coming weeks and what's been happening is right now there are two factions in the party one backing mugabe is wife the first lady to succeed him off to power and the other was backing the now axed deputy president and people saw this sacking off the deputy president last week as paving the way
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for grace in the gobby to take over as president because what will happen is that in the coming weeks at that he makes of conference that the parties to to have she will most likely be announced to p.t. essentially saying if he is just at the side she takes over as president so that's with things all right now you're right he's ninety three and zimbabwe has an election coming up in two thousand and nineteen and yes so there's a lot of uncertainty a lot of tension in the country a complicated political development there in zimbabwe and christine milne who covers southern africa keeping track of all of that for us thank you christine. now to some other stories making news around the world the european union is facing a fresh criticism over its policies on migrants from the united nations human rights chief he condemned the e.u. for helping libya's coast guard intercept people making illegal crossings the migrants are then a detained in libya where the human rights chief says they face quote on imaginable horrors. president trump's oldest son has released messages he exchanged with wiki
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leaks during and after the two thousand and sixteen election this after a media report suggested donald trump jr the website which published leaked e-mails from hillary clinton during the campaign the messages have been turned over to a congressional inquiry into russia as a legit involvement in the u.s. election. volunteers in indonesia have managed to save six spermwhale stranded on a beach in actually a province hundreds of locals looked on as the massive mammals were pushed out into deeper water at the beach to part was discovered on monday for whales died before they could be rescued iran is scrambling to bring help to thousands of people left homeless by sunday's earthquake at least five hundred thirty were killed and eight thousand injured in the quake which struck a region bordering iraq iranian president hassan rouhani has begun visiting one of the worst had provinces and emergency workers have ended efforts to rescue survivors saying there is no hope of finding anyone else alive. amid the
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rubble the frantic search for the living has turned into a recovery effort. as rescue workers retrieve the dead the bereaved are left to grapple with lives and homes ruined. among the worst hit places is the remote pull is a hub much of the town has been destroyed. we still had to pay off our debts on this house i was already jobless and couldn't pay them now it's totally destroyed and our furniture is gone. i want to take just started collecting desperate they once took them a month to clear rubble from a high rise how can i finish such a job in a town with thousands of people and families so quickly on. the iranian president hassan rouhani paid
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a visit to the region and promised the government would provide temporary shelters and money to help those affected. home by me. i wish to assure all people who have suffered that the government will do everything in its power to resolve the problems in the shortest possible time. runs along the road home of possible going to. the disaster has left an estimated seventy thousand people homeless and battling the cold in the mountainous region as winter gets closer. now representatives from some two hundred nations are currently working out the details of the paris climate accord at un talks in bonn here in germany and one major issue on the agenda is climate insurance now here's why it's so important droughts and heavy rainfall are rising and the poor are often the hardest hit they may lose their property their livestock so their crops as a result an estimated twenty six million people fall into extreme poverty every
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year well countries in africa in the caribbean can now insure themselves against the consequences of weather extremes and in africa over thirty countries have joined together to form the african risk capacity that is a climate risk insurance scheme it uses a fixed criteria or prime ministers to decide if a weather event can be called extreme also each government must decide how to use the insurance payments before a disaster takes place the aim is to help affected people quickly and more effectively mauritania offered one example of just how this insurance can work now in two thousand and fourteen the west african country here experienced its worst drought in over a decade and received insurance money just a year later the money was used to provide food for one point three million people and also it helped save half a million animals let's get more on this scheme within days of use christopher spring gate he has been following the u.n. climate summit for us in bonn hi christopher good to see you so this is
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a new approach to dealing with the effects of climate change we understand the german government has now earmarked some more funding for this scheme. that's drawing to an additional one hundred twenty five million us dollars that's what the german junior development minister announced earlier today that money going towards the idea of climate risk insurance it's going into a global scheme called the resilience global partnership that global partnership now. now has some just over seven hundred million u.s. dollars available for the issue of climate insurance at using it to provide technical support provide financial support for climate insurance and also support for the design and the implementation of insurance solutions for poor countries around the world that are affected by climate change let me just bring in a guest on this. from bread for the world the german charity you're
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a climate policy adviser for the world you focus in your work a lot on something called climate justice is climate insurance one way of addressing climate justice yes it is indeed it is very hopeful would at the climate was insurances that germany is supporting has the target to help the poorest people and avoid to get back on their feet after a disaster has happened so this is a very small step in the right direction but in fact it is a trip in the ocean if you see like the huge amount of climate induced loss and damages that we have already now and that we will face in the future if beheading twelve but if we did well my bird ok so like many things a step in the right direction but a very small step how effective in technical terms can climate risk insurance be so this is the reason why. we support it because it is highly effective for example
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after cycling winston ficci was not part of a solution insurance solution so they waited over a month until they got like donations from the international donor community vanuatu was part of the insurance solution and they got funds was in forty eight hours so listen forty eight hours they received the funds and not begging for it no they had a right to get it so that makes it so efficient and therefore you really support it and what measures are you know i. as i was saying just a minute ago this global partnership has seven hundred million u.s. dollars a day for. climate risk insurance what sort of sums do you think are needed when we have the commitment from the rich countries to provide one hundred billion u.s. dollars for the mitigation of gases and for adaptation measures in developing countries from the year twenty twenty so would say if there is like five hundred
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billion u.s. dollars for mitigation five hundred billion u.s. dollars for adaptation program we're talking about five hundred billion u.s. dollars for loss and damage at least hurry can cost three hundred billion u.s. dollars more than that so this is the sums that we're talking about seven hundred million. u.s. dollars really nice to have but it is a very small amount it is a drop in the ocean so you know many are from bread for the world thank you very much back to you in berlin sumi christopher spring get at the bonnet climate conference for us thank you christopher now you're watching news service still to come italy missed out on the world cup after they failed to beat sweden in their qualifying playoff so what went wrong with the tally in soccer. but first some very good news once again monica for the german economy you say to drive so we once again we were getting used to it now and things just couldn't be
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any better for germany interest rates are low consumer confidence is high and the economy is growing and growing and it's been that way for the past eight years and the third quarter of this year taught that germany's economy grew north point eight percent over the quarter before much more than analysts had expected and that's down to booming exports the made in germany brandis in demand worldwide popular with european neighbors again as well finally and long time coming when we're honest investments are also growing fast. the important machine building industry has made gains those firms now have cash in hand to spend on improving production and that's increased optimism for germany's economy as a whole and with investment comes of course further economic growth now it's not just germany that is growing economies are looking rosy across the euro zone spain has also racked up north point eight percent growth helping to push up the
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growth across the single currency area france and italy while somewhat slower but not so bad at not point to five percent overall the average rise in g.d.p. across the nineteen countries of the euro in the third quarter is a comfortable naught point six percent so rosy times for germany and the euro zone . or are there pitfalls along the way well as. the president of the mannheim center for european economic research joined me earlier here in the studio and i asked him whether things are really as good as they look or whether the op b. to date could be deceiving. actually it looks healthy and it is healthy so we are sincerely w. we asked financial market experts about their expectations assessment of the economy and both for germany and for durable they have a very optimistic view again growth so it looks good for the g.o.p. and the german economy and so what what makes them so optimistic i mean when you
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look around you've got separatist movements in europe catalonia you still have the ongoing brics signal goes the asians that don't go anywhere yet business is a confident why you're mentioning those drippin risking their more so the election which is coming up in italy at some point will be a risk and we also have to take a look and see beyond europe american situation protectionism in the united states is a risk but it seems to me that it's a moment no they are optimistic that politics and the voters will solve the problem yeah and for example we see tax reforms in ited states that could be improving for the economy so if they have a reduction in the in the text but it could also be the border just takes it out it's out but there's an excise tax which is debated said would be a real risk for an economy like the german man which so heavily depends on exports so you do see pitfalls along the way because i mean germany was been talking about that now for years we're getting used to
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a strong german economy it's been like that for years companies have been posting record earnings also not just in the last quarter but we have seen very little investment how come it's good that investment is picking up if you ask companies so we make service with companies they typically have two wisdoms why they don't invest so one is too much regulations the burden of regulation is to strong and the second one is specialist services so experts workers experts workers say aleck and that hasn't changed so that can't be the reason what has changed is that europe is doing well so drop is improving and that's good for germany as an export company explanation so it's good for us so so it's now because normally i mean certainly when you invest in. stock market you buy shares when they're low i mean if the economy is booming now is now the right time for companies to invest you know i'm not an investment consulting you know but what companies is the key companies king . says there's a lag in investment for a couple of years now so so i think they have to do more and if you see in the
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digital economy we are left behind so we have to improve and its economy is doing well and europe is doing well interest rates are low so you know knows the time to invest and if now is the time to invest is now also the time to raise interest rates. i know that's a subtle point but you see inflation is picking up but the inflation rate for the euro area for next year is. expected to be around one point three percent so it's not there where we would like to have it and you know job is improving but from a burial basis so i think we will still take some time until interest rate outlay so mr drug is probably a bit more patient than as well as he was about their president of the mannheim center for european economic research thank you so much for being in the studio with us thank you. let's get some market reaction right away go to the place where the action is and then do my loan is my colleague who is standing by at the franklin stock exchange who used to a strong german economy by now what you say are investors they're still getting
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excited about such good data. well you know it beat forecasts so it did come as a bit of a surprise but not really it also comes off the back of months of good economic data coming out of germany investors can hardly be expected to bring over with enthusiasm every single time now of course of this a strong economic data also fueled a rise in the euro and as we know the euro time to hit exporters because it makes exports abroad more expensive so if you want stronger exports made for strong economic data made for a stronger euro that in turn led to weaker exports so if you want to investors are quite familiar with this particular piece of market irony and as such trading was quite a bit thin today. would you mind just take out your crystal ball for us and tell us will this trigger an interest rate hike my guest just said probably not what do you think. i don't have a one for i don't have one with me but i would tend to agree but you see these main
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rates of course is to maintain price stability inflation isn't where it is some are even saying about we won't even see a rate hike in mario druggies term all right general they are from the frankfurt stock exchange agreeing with the president. of the center for european economic research no interest rate hike in sight yet thank you so much. to football it was italy's worst nightmare not qualifying for next year's world cup and it happened italy failed to beat sweden in a qualifying match and they're out of the world cup leaving the nation stunned and disappointment. talian football's worst nightmare has come true a lack of firepower against sweden leaves. company missing out on only the third world cup in the team's history the a series fans were understandably dejected afterwards and blaming everyone for the defeat. but this is everyone's fault not
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just the fault of the coach as federation president felt as the federations felt the match mirror as a country which is falling like italy is still trying to accept their earth shattering loss to sweden. we're all in tears because we did our best but this will haunt us forever. it's a huge disappointment that will struggle to comprehend. it's a tearful farewell for. his tenure between the posts and one match shy of becoming the only goalkeeper to play in six world cups the dominant defender defined italy's on field persona for two decades without him italy's football future is in question . here watching news we'll have more news for you in about thirty minutes.
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because. three stars from three continents. three thrilling story. thomas muff from milan munich. charles scientists
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from by labor who was. not the case from any nazi. how do they become top players in the bundesliga. kick off next to the. final. sustainability. environmental projects we give globalisation a face biodiversity species conservation exploitation equality. human rights displacement. the global impact of local action. global three thousand and sixty minutes on. united against climate change. big challenges for the twenty third u.n. climate conference in bonn. how our nations working to meet their paris agreement targets cup twenty three this week on news.
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