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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 14, 2017 6:00pm-6:15pm CET

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this is deja vu news live from berlin fears of on breast grow in zimbabwe are the country's leader robert mugabe and his wife grace heading for a showdown with the military reports say tanks have been spotted outside of the capital also coming out. of. the iran iraq earthquake goes up to at least five hundred thirty some eight thousand are injured and many more have lost everything. and u.s. president donald trump heads home from his tour of asia and he promises the fruits of his labor will be incredible and he tells the world to prepare for a major statement. with. i'm so me so much kind of good to have you with us reports have been coming in from
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zimbabwe that tanks are moving near the capital harare that comes amid heightened tensions in zimbabwe over an open rift between the army and the president robert mugabe a last night the head of the army threatened the military could step in after mugabe sacked the country's vice president and other officials now in a video posted online one man described what he claims to have seen today near the capital let's take a look. tanks. already past about. i think ten tanks. and seems like. a lot of. guys are not smiling at anyone. and. orders and. that's when i will tell form. let's bring in christine one who covers southern africa for us christine thank you
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for joining us so we have to stress it looks like tanks are moving towards the capital harare but we cannot be sure what more can you tell us we can't be sure sumi and here's the thing so this is a major public road that these tanks have been spotted on it's not unusual that you would see tankers using this route how it's the type of the no fault of this and this is really what's heightened that the tensions in the country you made reference to the fact that last night there was some movement with the machinery but if we just take a step back there is if you look at the capital right now all seems to be calm in fact president robert mugabe held a routine cabinet meeting a direct up a few hours ago around the time that these tanks was spotted so all seems to be normal they are no troops in the capital so to say but there is a lot of tension in the country at the moment last week the president will be fired he's still president he's defeated president the data released a statement saying that he'd flip the country fearing for his life but he did say that he would return to meet some toss mojave army is involved here then all right
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so last night the the military chief comes out so this is the second president president in a synagogue well who has fled zimbabwe promising to return to need some bubbly last night the military chief general constantino chewing up comes out gives a raise statement he's flanked by a number of generals here he is in picture there he comes out and he says that the army will take over essentially threatened military intervention say if the purges in the ruling party continues now this was directed at president robert mugabe for stacking the deputy president to achieve a goal went on to say that if necessary the military would step in so people see these tankers on this road think about what the military general said last night and of course you can imagine why would slack who are being thrown around on social media mugabe himself has not commented on what's. said last night and it's difficult to gauge just how much to actually has we don't know is all those tankers
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on the road on those orders are they doing a military or a routine military whatever the point is we don't know how much pollard this man has and i said he came out last night at about ninety generals with him but this is the. which is a very powerful part of the party which supports president robert mugabe came out last night and said well this guy actually doesn't have the support of the country's entire defense force so it's difficult to gauge how much a politician to actually has that if he is to go ahead with this military takeover does he have the kind of support and power to do it right a very complex story there do that christine we're breaking it down for us thank you christine very much. moving on to some other news now and iran is a scrambling to bring help to thousands of people left homeless by sunday's earthquake at least five hundred thirty were killed and eight thousand injured in the quake which struck
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a region bordering iraq already and president hassan rouhani has been visiting one of the worst hit provinces emergency workers have ended efforts to rescue survivors saying there is no hope of finding anyone else alive. amid the rubble the frantic search for the living has turned into a recovery effort. as rescue workers retrieve the dead the bereaved are left to grapple with lives and homes ruined. among the worst hit places is the remote sore pool is a hub much of the town has been destroyed. we still had to pay off our debts on this house i was already jobless and couldn't pay them now it's totally destroyed and our furniture is gone. just started collecting desperate they once took them a month to clear rubble from
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a high rise how can i finish such a job in a time with the people and families so quickly on. the iranian president hassan rouhani paid a visit to the region and promised the government would provide temporary shelters and money to help those affected. home by me. i wish to assure all people who have suffered that the government will do everything in its power to resolve the problems in the shortest possible time. runs along the road going to. the disaster has left an estimated seventy thousand people homeless and battling the cold in the mountainous region as winter gets closer. not to some other stories making news around the world the european union is facing fresh criticism over its policies on migrants from the united nations human rights chief he condemned the e.u. for helping libya's coast guard intercept people intercept people making
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a legal process the migrants are then detained in libya where the un rights chief says they face quote on imaginable horse. u.s. president donald trump's oldest son has released messages he exchanged with wiki leaks during and after the two thousand and sixteen election this after a media report suggested donald trump jr liaised with the website which published leaked emails from hillary clinton during the campaign of the messages have been turned over to a congressional inquiry into russia as a legit involvement in the us election. thousands of women have protested in brazil over moved in parliament to criminalize abortions without exception the terminations are currently allowed in limited cases including no rape and life threatening pregnancies the proposed total ban would need a majority in both houses to become law. a u.s. president trump has wrapped up his official twelve day tour of asia and he is on his way back to washington to trump had a packed visit taking him to japan south korea china vietnam and the philippines
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the president said he had made progress with his agenda on trade and he also claimed to have made friends the highest level in the region. may have roots in the arts of the deal but the art of diplomacy hasn't always come easy so this was going to be an ambitious two by any measure he was there to rally u.s. troops. confront pyongyang's provocations. north korea is a worldwide threat that requires worldwide action and do some deals. troubles of bed to shore up the pacific alliance began in japan where jack platic traits of subtlety and nuance were in short supply. not that his host prime minister shinzo minded very much. the reception was always going to be frosty here in south
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korea trump has accused all of weakness in the face of the north. yet trump speech to parliament t.v. ins confounded his critics. if you want peace you must stand strong at all times. at a big banquet the commander in chief had a diplomatic trick up his sleeve. videos of his granddaughter singing in mandarin a surefire way to please his hosts trump had cause to celebrate as he later claimed president xi would up the sanctions against north korea and move to allow foreign companies access to the country. it was a casual some see cozy encounter with vladimir putin at his next summit that threatened to derail the grand tour. trump was again dogged by questions of russian meddling in u.s. democracy. by the end of his odyssey he was getting used to the red carpet
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treatment even if it meant embracing filipino president rudra go to tatty a man accused of mass extrajudicial killings. this was turning to be entertained. three. at the end of the summit and relationship with new friends that me and among allies . so let's bring in our washington correspondent for more on the story hi carol you know i don't try and describe this trip as tremendously successful what do people back home think about it or me analysts here questioned whether the tour was a public relations show with only few concreate cheeseman we have to point out that
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president campaigned on multilateral trade agreements he saw as i'm fair like the transpacific partnership known as c.p.p. donald trump rated during his trip his regular criticism of passive ministrations saying that they allow to the to be taken advantage of on the world economic state he is is said that the trade overall must be fair and beneficial for both sides his main critics have always been against china but now during this trip and this trip to china and this part of the trip tom has softened his words towards this country trump was full of praise for the president being and he even said that he wasn't china's fold about the trade deficit between them is widening he said he does not blame china he said after all who can blame a country for being able to take advantage of another country for the benefit of his own citizens so lots of nice words coming from president all time towards china but no concrete trade results have come out of this part of the treaty as it seems
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beyond trade and did anything like a trump strategy for asia emerge. well there really he say she started to be is the economy in the economic sector has maybe changed but way now really in an economic way he remains saying he wants to protect the united states economic protectionism his part that is his policy also the nuclear threat from north korea was of course on the top of this agenda during this trip in south korea the president began toning down his fire and fury retiree towards. and said he was open to diplomatic efforts still the united state department expects much more support from china or north korea issue they say china should be putting a lot more pressure on north korea nevertheless donald trump did not point this out
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during his meeting with she's being in china he's on his way back to the u.s. now and he's promised a major statement when he returns to the white house what can you tell us about well donald trump has said he is planning to make a major statement about his trip to asia later this week he also spoke of the many good friends he made during that trip we'll be hearing more about it student the next days to diffuse kind of more reporting from washington for us thank you and a football it was italy's worst nightmare not qualifying for next year's world cup and it happened italy fail to beat sweden in a qualifying match and out of the world cup leaving the nation stunned and disappointed. talian football's worst nightmare has come true a lack of firepower against sweden leaves gigi buffon and company missing out on only the third world cup in the team's history the as there is fans were
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understandably dejected afterwards and blaming everyone for the defeat. but this is everyone's fault not just the fault of the coach as federation president to vecchio fault it's the federations felt the match mirror as a country which is falling apart like you italy is still trying to accept their earth shattering loss to sweden. down. we're all in tears because we did our best but this will haunt us forever. it's a huge disappointment that will struggle to comprehend. it's a tearful farewell for gigi buffon his tenure between the posts in one match shy of becoming the only goalkeeper to play in six world cups the dominant defender defined italy's on field persona for two decades without him italy's football future is in question.
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