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tv   Drive it - The Motor Magazine  Deutsche Welle  November 15, 2017 3:30am-4:00am CET

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well for. me. as i envy the. guy or the. video mr abbott says that none of our. nine. is that will get you commission and until no none done there. v.v. goes a little the lesson on must be not my bet you but that the right began so long from here. i am.
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on about a bonus as one of his own does mystically of daniel barenboim is a person who can't be explained as pianist as he leads different lives to the pianist as the conductor as the general music director and the world personality because look at how it performed the entire schubert sonata cycle in its new concert all the period been less. in course he hadn't learned most of those piano sonatas until exist until there is as it says why mr land if you see him doing
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those sonata is in addition to the program as a conductor here on this it's all really not explainable. he's someone who comes out strongly for these situation where as hell he wants this institution to move forward on finding and he always sees the whole picture and thinks the whole thing through of the institutes on him and that is something very special. and it's not. this is it. it's here listen up if. on october third two thousand and seventeen the long awaited reopening of the start over was celebrated with schumann's scenes from get just faust and the audience celebrated daniel barenboim and this particular.
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music is the best is surely the result of music is the best school we've all experienced that we fall in love and we automatically lose all sense of discipline . for example you can't make music only with passion. and you can't make music only with reason. it is this coexistence sometimes tension filled minds of passion and discipline. that is the
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condit c.e.o. sidney kwan on film making music. and it's using the printer for this wednesday. to celebrate the reopening the staatskapelle also gave an open air concert next to the opera house. beethoven's ninth symphony hall berliners.
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as he dined with the bias that's when then for me he said listen if there's a wonderful sentence from the great italian philosopher graeme sheen that is. the end of it i can't quote the sentence exactly but the census is well known but he said this in the late one nine hundred thirty s. but it's relevant to twenty seventeen ways that he says the old world is dying. the new world is not yet born know these data on that and in between come the monsters home and the a monster. that that of course he meant hitler. but now i don't want to compare but we have a similar variant mound. humvee it.
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poll shows tong above the line luxury suv the cayenne tub of sportiness and power excellence. fancy and with the message id's two twenty s c b c that sets standards the safety and comfort of. driving in thirty minutes. it's all about the moments that lie before. it's all about the stories
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inside. it's all about george chance to discover the world from different perspectives. join us and do so fired by distinctive instagram others at g.w. stories the topic each week on instagram. would find tens of thousands of fans for their mega life sets. the mood it's just a really beautiful moment that you're able to share with people a little. they clog up more air miles than a some pilots. like congress or every man with us no young. three german d.j. superstars can get anyone bombastic with the music didn't exist we had no idea what we wanted to hear and how to do it ourselves. between backstage rooms
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self-discipline and a twenty four seventh's social media presence superstar deejays starting november twenty fifth on d w. tensions are running high in zimbabwe after explosions were heard in the capital and military vehicles were seen in the streets prompting speculation of a coup against ninety three year old president robert mugabe and this comes after zimbabwe's army chief was accused of treason after he said the army could intervene to end to purge in the ruling party. australians have voted overwhelmingly in favor of gay marriage in a national survey. the poll was non-binding by the insurers parliament will consider a bill this year to legalize same sex weddings. four
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people have been killed and several others wounded in a shooting spree that ended at an elementary school in northern california a gunmen carrying a semiautomatic weapon and two handguns opened fire at multiple locations before he was slain by police. from tears in indonesia have managed to save six poem while stranded on a beach in provence they were told to deeper water but for whales died before they could be rescued. after twelve days of talking trade u.s. president farewell to asia waiting in washington more disturbing revelations about his campaign's connections to the russian. and reject
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accusations that i have ever lived. that is a lot. tonight the attorney general remembering a new and those wiki leak e-mails to trunk junior who knew i'm burnt off in berlin this is the day. that has taken advantage of the united states more than just this region but the world and those days are over let me be clear i have it all attack conducted myself honorable to me a relationship based on respect is much more important than anything else he would not authorize represent the campaign but the russian government they have to respect our country and they have not respected our country for a long period of time my answers have not changed i have always told the truth.
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also coming up apocalypse it's all over well those were the headlines telling the world that italy will not compete in the twenty eighteen world cup for a soccer nation it's the end of the world. we're all in t. is because we did our best but this will haunt us forever. we begin the day with evidence that puts the inner circle of the trump campaign closer than ever to russia on monday a report in the atlantic revealed that president trump's eldest son had been in contact via twitter with wiki leaks during the race for the white house a u.s. intelligence is convinced that russia interfered in the u.s. presidential election and that includes hacking the democratic national committee and stealing e-mails those stolen e-mails were allegedly passed on to wiki leaks according to this new report we get leaks then offered the scandalous material to
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trump jr on monday night after the atlantic article was published trump jr released all messages with wiki leaks on his twitter feed now the timing here is important on october twelfth wiki leaks message to trump jr suggesting that his father tweet a link to wiki leaks information about hillary clinton just fifteen minutes later donald trump tweeted what we had suggested to trump jr our we go to washington now our correspondent karl even two more years on this story for us good evening to you carlina's of donald trump jr is apparently now suspect number one in this investigation. hello grant well we know very little about them our investigation and as we also don't know who is suspect number one however the findings are very significant this shows a clear cordie nation between terms campaign last year two thousand and sixteen and
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we can leagues and the question is did a trump junior already know that we could leaks was offering him what he what they were offering him and that this was originally obtained by russia and that he also know that we could weeks had this ties to the russian government so there are still lots of questions to be answered and if he did know about this ties this would be a pint of direction of accepting russian meddling and the us elections two thousand and sixteen it would feel of course another peas in this hole in this big puzzle i feel that russia meddling in the us elections last year or our correspondent in washington on the story for us tonight carolyn richer more carlina thank you very much. the political storm with a russian clown in wiki leaks web that awaits u.s. president donald trump it threatens to overshadow what he is calling
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a very successful tour of asia trump had a pact to visit taking him to japan south korea china vietnam and the philippines the president said he had made progress with his agenda on trade and he also claimed to have made friends at the highest level in the region. well i'm joined now by annaliese while she's a professor at cornell university in ithaca new york she's an expert on trans national policy and relations in asia professors good to have you on the show how successful do you think drums tour of asia really was. well i think for us interests it was simply a disaster and i think we'll look back on this. trip as a moment in which the u.s. seems to have abdicated its traditional leadership role you know leadership is about a lot more than economic power a lot more than military power it's about values and it's about expertise and
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unfortunately our president this time did not live up to those those qualities on air force one earlier today drawn told reporters that he had. forced if you will countries in asia to respect the u.s. again was there a deficit of trust bhajji asian countries to begin with. no i think he's he's quite wrong on that and i in in in asia in general there has long been quite a lot of trust of the united states in fact the u.s. has played a very important leadership role in asia since about world war two. but you know asian peoples on the whole really respect education they respect preparation and they respect expertise and they frankly don't understand the shoot
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from the hip sort of style that president displayed on this trip and the fact that the u.s. didn't have didn't come to the table with a clear proposal didn't move the the ball forward on any of the important issues in the region from trey's to security i think is going to contribute to a loss of respect not a gaining of respect professor on all these royals joining us tonight from cornell university of the u.s. the first very much we appreciate your insights thank you. well u.s. president trump has come under fire for cozying up to authoritarian leaders in china and the philippines during his trip to asia he even called philippines president a self-proclaimed killer one of his friends now according to mr new territory spokesman the us president did not bring up reports of human rights abuses by police in the philippines crackdown on drug trafficking well if the us president
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refuses to wade into choppy waters the canadian prime minister apparently he has no problem getting wet prime minister justin trudeau said that he had a firm and frank talk with two terror day about human rights abuses at a press conference today the philippine president did not hold back when he was asked how he felt about trudeau's questions it is but assume and. that is the way you'll hear me doing down if that's there is is. an interesting because it angers me when you'll. be flooded. you'll do not know exactly what is happening in this country you would not even investigate you only shill you float the united nations. but as soon as dion i said you can investigate. what tonight witnesses
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in zimbabwe see tanks have been seen moving near the capital harare video posted on social media appears to show armored personnel carriers in a convoy heading towards an army barracks just outside the city it comes amid heightened tensions in zimbabwe between the army and president robert mugabe last night the head of the army threatened that the military could quote step in after mugabi sacked the country's vice president mugabe's ruling party has now accused the army chief of treason. serious situation in the country for more now i'm joined by christina who covers southern africa for is christina's good to have you on the show so what.


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