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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  November 15, 2017 4:02am-4:16am CET

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tree so in the pond takes a form of this this is why these military psychos who could very well be on a routine on a routine trip that's why that's fueling a lot of unease right now and you know the photos that we've been seeing suggest that the army is getting involved and the story as you said really was sparked by the vice president being sacked and then paving the way for mugabe's wife to take over right exactly so what's happening in the party right now is a succession battle has been raging you know for the better part of the last two years really a brand one of the one of the factions is headed up by the sect of former vice president in a synagogue the other headed up by the first lady grace mugabe and so they have been at it now for for the last couple is and what is often the deputy president was sacked the party's going to an extraordinary congress in the coming months and it's expected that grace mugabe is going to be announced as deputy president essentially paving the way for her to take over from the husband so all of this is
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looking like it was orchestrated to pave the way for her to take over from her husband eventually and then we want to come back to this new there is the suggestion that the military is involved reports of this convoy near the capital but we can't report with any certainty that there's any type of military challenge to the power of robert mugabe tonight we can't and if you're this man right you know this is the army general who came out last night essentially threatening robin mugabe with military intervention if the pages in the ruling party don't stop it's difficult to say what power this man actually has because when he made the statement he was flanked by a number of generals about ninety of them but the posse sais that he doesn't have the support of all those generals he doesn't have the support of all of the entire defense force so if if this really goes down to a showdown we don't know if she meant it could actually carry out his threats off the minute she say of it because it would have been about a military coup attempt this is mentioned it's and if he doesn't have the. what
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that he assumes that he has known says that he has and if the party is correct that he doesn't have that support then they're not talking about any right now you've talked before about what the situation is like in zimbabwe you know you've done excellent reports there about the situation for journalists in the country is is zimbabwe politically maybe a tinderbox that is ripe for igniting as soon as mugabi shows weakness you know you know people have have we've had this conversation many a time spent with other people as well it's difficult to say but one thing is clear mugabe is a very much still holding that country together he is stepping down from office many feel would plunge that country into into deep crisis people have likened it almost like to be a mountain for example and so anything around succession which he's really come out and tried to clamp down on because he realizes that himself because of the factions
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that are not just within the country but within the party itself so yeah that the future is very uncertain for this country he is ninety three he is he is very old he is very old general election next year yes he is the presidential candidate but whether or not he can do one of a term remains and it was what your opinion about what people in the country know i mean are they aware that he believed in the western world in western democracies he is considered a pariah of course people are very much aware that people are very much aware of those views and you know and we've seen a cow recently we had a lot of perseus in the country that we've not seen before some bobbins most for the first time voicing their opinions on public platforms like social media people i understand the but having said that he still does have a healthy support base in the country and that is of course something that we cannot take away from him yeah i mean remarkable story especially for a man of his age christine. as always thank you very much great.
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in twenty four hours he should be home that is what lebanese prime minister saad hariri has told his country ten days after he traveled to saudi arabia where he announced his resignation now rumors and speculation have been flying ever since about hariri being in saudi arabia under duress well on twitter yesterday people i am totally fine and i will return to lebanon in the next two days god willing let us come down my family is staying in their country the kingdom of saudi arabia the kingdom of goodness. how do you understand that tweet alone we're here at the big table with me is my colleague dimeter view from d.w. air but she is also from lebanon it's good to have you on the show i think this is a first time for you really this is good for you i'm a happy you're here with us do you believe that hariri is under duress in saudi
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arabia and do you think you'll be good he'll go home tomorrow i don't think is going to come back home to model otherwise we are not seeing that he but his foreign minister is traveling from one european country to another he started from brussels and now he was in fattest a day later on he will jump to that all men vatican and we would see him on thursday here in berlin i mean if there is not an escalation or there's not a big problem concerning the how did he and his coming back home otherwise we'll see this foreign minister staying in his office and live on on so it depends actually how. many men he's put in minister will succeed it's interesting otoh it's interesting that if he's going all around europe. and really is in saudi arabia i mean why isn't he going to saudi arabia then i mean is he trying to create a lot of pressure from outside to be put on saudi arabia do not wish him to be in saudi arabia right now we don't know but what i what i what what we know exactly that now there's a lot of pressure diplomatic pressure and actually one of that had been used to
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president advice that he said that we have so many solutions in order to bring our prime minister because they believe that he is kidnapped and and the saudis authorities they're not allowing him to get out of the country so they have many solutions but the best know that they do but his that using that is the diplomacy and actually it's working a lot in order to with the pressure on saudi arabia to try to ruin a little bit the image and that's what prince mohammed bin still mind it's very like a key and in order to keep it specially he's talking about his vision twenty thirty that he don't want any pressure or any better position about saudi arabia so maybe if they would succeed in this then there would be a certain kind of soul you. the to that how do they come back with dignity what is this situation doing inside lebanon particularly to the government i mean we hear from hezbollah we hear from people who are not members of hezbollah the same thing he is our prime minister we want him back yes they have been used to not worry
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about a civil war maybe many many from the outside they are seeing the country that it would head towards civil war again after what happened after the sytycd nation that it is exactly that what it about something bigger than this about the c. ninety or one nine hundred eighty two would happen again would it be again a lib i don't which is the israeli invasion i mean if you take a look about so you think there's an you think there's the israeli component in this possibly that's what the authorities are saying there's a big settlement is going on in the region and that is ignatius part of it if you take a look at what trump is saying and tweeting we're going to cut it on its head hezbollah and lebanon very soon if you hear what the saudis thought it is they are talking about the politicians after the head it is ignatius said that actually in his a designation that i'm designing because of iran and because of hezbollah and defeating inside lebanon if you hear the israeli media they are talking at the same thing yeah and that's what that one is that afraid of that resignation that means iran is the main problem that's at the iran which is has been like inside what we
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have we have heard some commentators say now that islamic state has been defeated in iraq and syria iran basically has a free hand to move or to increase its influence in lebanon via hezbollah is that what is happening is that how lebanese people do they see that happening part of the lebanese people maybe they're seeing it part of them fifty fifty let's look at that hizbollah is inside the government then inside the parliament right mean they really when you are looking at it on many people they don't understand this he is part of the society and politic see if we like it or not so it's not that easy but also. let me let me say something that this field of one nine hundred eighty two that's what united the lebanese old themselves all too all together hizbullah said no escalation the sunni parties said no escalation and also the question parties for the first time said no escalation even we disagree with his money not have an award now we want our president.


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