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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 15, 2017 11:00am-11:31am CET

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more than ninety eight percent of these children are born healthy. the german aids foundation is supporting dream in mozambique you can do something to give a baby a future without aids. make a donation save a life. this is deja news coming to you live from berlin tanks on the streets of zimbabwe but the only denies it's staging a cruel. make it abundantly clear that this is not the military to
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of. yet the army has taken over the state broadcaster and other government buildings saying it's more restoring getting criminal elements within the government really go live to harare for the latest also coming up a resoundingly yes in australia to same sex marriage in a nonbinding post a referendum the prime minister pledges to make of your by christmas where you succeed. and the risk to save the polar icecaps as delegates discuss climate change at a un conference in bonn we joined the search is on a journey to norway's while barred to see the effects of global warming. i'm a bit touchy a warm welcome to the show. dramatic developments overnight in zimbabwe with tanks
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on the streets of the capital harare the army says this is not a coup it describes the move as a corrective measure targeting criminals around president robert mugabe explosions were reported in some parts of harare overnight the army has sealed of government and parliament buildings and taken control of the state broadcaster earlier this week the army chief had threatened to step into camp political tensions prompting accusations of treason from the ruling party this amid brewing tensions over a possible successor to president mugabe. in a statement on national television the army denied the ongoing military operation was a cool what does my wood fence force use is doing is to pacify a degenerate in political social and economic situation in our country which if not addressed may result in your own it come
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to members of the wood fence forces or leave is cancelled. and you are all pretend to have barracks with the middle. let it be clear that we intended to address the human security threats in our country therefore any provocation will be met with an appropriate response joining me now is tony hawkins from the university of harare today despite that statement by the general day's developments seem to have all the classic core marks of a coup what do you think. yes it is a coup but clearly the military are keen to take that as something else. and the current room is what they're worth although the president robert mugabe will will step down in the next couple of days. and that an interim administration
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will be set up. to prepare for elections in twenty eighteen now if there is that president obama able to step down it would be a very very dramatic development given full context as to what led to this move by the army. well it's been an ongoing conflict within the ruling party zanu p.f. for a long time now about the succession to the in the ninety three year old president whose health is not great and two factions were vying for the post one led by the former vice president innocent and guy who was fired last week and by president mugabe and and sacked from the party. the other. doesn't have enough that should notice that jeep forty doesn't have an obvious leader but mrs mcgarvie the president fifty three year old wife. has been very the separatists
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and the leading light of that wing we know that key members of that g forty including the finance minister the local government minister the higher education minister have been arrested by the army since they took. over not so tony are you saying that these developments are actually a bot a successful for all but mugabe between the genderless and the wife of robert mugabe graceville gabi. pretty well it's not clear that it's purely because there is a faction and she may be the sort of nominal leader certainly the one who gets the most media coverage but it certainly is to. me have their nominee mr been in gagra. as they want to install as president
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and you know the key thing now clearly is how the region how african other african governments and how the international community reacts to what is obviously a coup. that is being described is not a kid and what about the people of zimbabwe now robert mugabe was a great independent skater but the country has been doing very badly economically in recent years will there be support for the army's a move and take over right now among the public. that's very difficult to call i think the maybe maybe some support from people who hope that it will lead to a better life for them in the future but you know the track record of military coups in in africa is not terribly impressive. more often than not it's led to things being worse rather than better. and set leads on the short to medium to economic impact is bound to be bad. because it just highlights them bob ways yet
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another country that is prone to these kinds of sudden predictable political changes writes tony holcomb's at the university of how do you thank you very much for that analysis. thank you. less article look at some other stories making news around the world russian lawmakers of back measures that would force some international media companies to register as foreign agents the move is seen as a response to u.s. pressure on russia state funded r.t. channel to register as a foreign agent american intelligence has alleged r.t. was used to meddle in the two thousand and sixteen election russia denies these claims iran's state media has said the death toll from sunday's earthquake on the country's border with iraq has exceeded five hundred thirty it was iran's deadliest quake in more than a decade more than thirty thousand homes were damaged and survivor see aid has been
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slow to reach them four people have been killed and nearly a dozen injured in a shooting at an elementary school in northern carroll california a gunman carrying a semi automatic weapon and two handguns opened fire at multiple locations before he was slain by police two children are among those wounded. sixty percent of australians have given their support to same sex marriage in a non-binding postal pull on the issue four out of five registered voters cast their ballot on the issue the government says it will make same sex unions legal by the end of the year campaigners celebrated the result across the country. she is of jubilation in australia. and some spontaneous proposals as it's announced that the majority of australians voted for gay and lesbian people to be able to
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marry. today means everything to hear that a strike is over sixty one percent of the o.g.t.t. . we're just going to love and we're just like thrilled and happy thank you thank you so much yeah. in my shin so high as thousands gathered in parks around the country to celebrate the results of the national postal service. it marks a watershed moment for gay rights in australia where it was illegal in some states to engage in homosexual activity up until nine hundred ninety seven yeah it's been a really special moment it's and it's a similar with my mom and i think. it's the point in our history or way of saying. we've got resoundingly for a better. country and that is so special. the voice is nonbinding but destroyed his prime minister malcolm turnbull said parliament would now legislation on the bill. i voted yes for
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a commitment i voted yes for love and now it is up to us here in the parliament of a strike to get on with it. to get on with the job the astray and people of task has to do and get this done this year before christmas. if the bill passes a stranger would be the twenty six country in the world to legalize same sex marriage . many people are celebrating australia's yes vote by sharing their love stories in social media like this couple this user says that even if the official bill still has to be passed by parliament in his eyes this marriage equality map sure looks a lot better after today a some are marking the results of the same sex marriage survey in their own way the sydney opera house for example let out the famous building in rainbow colors
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a symbol of gay rights but not everyone is celebrating the also have the no campaigning person this preacher saying yes campaign now has to ensure the proper protection for prayer parental rights freedom of speech and belief are in place and the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson has scored for a credible probe into rights abuses against me and muslims to listen made his remarks after talks in myanmar with the country's embattled leader aung san suu chief to listen said those found responsible for human rights violations should be held accountable but stopped short of recommending sanctions against me and mass government more than six hundred thousand writing i have fled military operations in may and march for neighboring bangladesh here's more of what to listen had to say. man mark response to this crisis is a critical to determining the success of the transition to
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a more democratic society the key to any democracy our troops more probable than marginalized populations it is the responsibility of a government and its security forces to protect and respect human rights of all persons within the borders. that we now join journalist david going to bump he joins us from yonder going to give what do you make of to listen his comments that you know he is calling for an investigation into rights abuses in man mum but he stopped short of calling for sanctions yet well it's really interesting because just a few days ago the myanmar military they have their own internal probe result from that came out where they basically said that their soldiers are not guilty of any violations and there's no proof to support that they are so clearly thorsten's message there is that. he does not trust the results of that probe which is the same result you got from much the international community and particularly from human rights groups and call that probe a complete whitewash so basically pushes on for much of the national need to get
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u.n. fact finders into this country in the rakhine state they've been trying for months but have been denied visas on the flip side when you talk about sanctions here the u.s. is certainly not ruling them out but tillerson made it clear that he doesn't see that it would be helpful to bring in a broad based widespread economic sanctions so basically what that saying is that's looking at sort of a fine line that the u.s. would be walking here how do you target the economic interests of the generals without taking too great a toll on this country's overall economy and perhaps undermining the civilian side of the government in hurting me on mars transition to democracy this transition is certainly struggling but keep in mind on song suchi the state council in the lead of the civilians out of government she has no control over the country's security forces so i have been saying that actually international pressure has they limited the impact on a man muslim military controlled government because the german president is going to be visiting the country is that is the pope. i'm not going to say very little
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but it certainly has its limits but we'll certainly keep in mind that the military leaders the military it's not only do they have control of the security forces but they also have economic interests and control some key businesses in this country and certainly putting economic pressure on them that can yield some results. a dave going to mom in young on thank you very much for that assessment. you're watching the davina still to come more on the struggle against climate change a group of scientists take to the remote part of the arctic circle then mission to find of why your warming is causing the ice caps to melt so quickly. but first over to have an hour from our business says good more trouble for folks bargain at home and abroad abroad yes indeed let's start with the domestic issue more dawn raids in germany which is never good news german authorities raiding the
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offices of several senior officials at the scandal ridden automaker this time in connection with a cushy salary paid to its workers council chief investigators searched the offices at least two top executives the raid was related to an investigation into the income of works council chief about austin or the chief worker's representative at the company and as much as seven hundred fifty thousand euros prosecutors say that could amount to an illegal waste of corporate funds and a form of tax evasion of more this weekend because you off financial chorus want to do in frankfurt you know there's a further investigations at the w. will this get investors pulses racing or i don't know are they just used to it by now. well in itself this shouldn't come as a surprise to them because as early as may state prosecutors already said that they were looking into possible irregularities surrounding compensation towards the work
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council saying that however fox fun share price fell by more than a percentage point in after hours trading when news of the raid broke and in today's session of the share price is still very much in red territory showing up for investors still have the capacity to be shocked by negative headlines from the fact that there are other parallel investigations going on we've got investors and won't have a shortage of negative news three act two in the process in the coming months. hammering out its investment budget this week we're talking about double digit billions could these ongoing investigations be an issue that. yes a lot of number crunching going on there and we know that has already set very ambitious targets for itself when it comes to playing catch up with industry trends like electro mobility and autonomous driving while still trying to invest in improving diesel technology but at the same time this is all happening at a time or the diesel gate scandal has already cost a lot of money in the u.s.
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alone the tab has reached twenty five billion dollars now it remains to be seen how much more future litigation could cost but what these ongoing investigations tell us is that fox found at least for the next few years will continue to be defined by having its push into the future run alongside payment for the past absolutely gentle in frankfurt thank you. and folks. catching up with it in other parts of the world as well in brazil prosecutors have accused the german car maker of actively collaborating with the country's military junta between one thousand nine hundred sixty nine hundred eighty five but victims at least can now hope station. brazilian federal prosecutors say german carmaker fox foreign worked hand in hand with the country's military dictatorship they confirmed horrendous accusations the v.w. helped suppress regime opponents and they say the company wasn't under duress
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government appointed investigated gardy summed up the damning testimony. it was active collaboration. w. supply details which they weren't asked for on its own initiative b w passed on documents about workers which the company considered to be subversive. god he went even further he says we w.'s brazil subsidiary also swap blacklists of government opponents with other companies but it also bears responsibility for the arrests of political dissidents on fox guarding premises the arrested workers were later tortured in jail by the military in fox guarding headquarters involves the company has so far not commented on the substance of the report but does say it's time for action within the timber we'll be holding an event in brazil in december where we'll approach the affected people they'll be a meeting with high ranking fox bargain representatives but we'll also be putting
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a package of sustainable measures into effect. those harmed by fox violence actions can finally hope for compensation after forty years. now air bus might be having trouble selling the a three eighty but european plane manufacturer is doing well with smaller models at the dubai air show the company is set to seal the biggest deal it has ever negotiated u.s. investor indigo partners is purchasing four hundred and thirty eight three twenty near single aisle planes for over forty billion dollars now for indigo partners the airbus deal would provide them with upgraded single aisle jet liners for their feats of ultra low cost carriers across north and south america as well as europe the order war though wave rival boeing continues the u.s. company netted in agreement with low cost carrier fly dubai to sell two hundred twenty five seven three seven max ten aircraft that deal valued at twenty seven billion dollars so slightly less than rival air bus there now back over to
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amrita for the latest from the u.n. climate talks that's right i don't know because chancellor angela merkel and the french president in money and marco are expected today to push for more progress on implementing the paris climate agreement unless mechanised one of the leading politicians will address the top twenty three climate change talks underway in the german city of bonn now the event has seen a number of protests aiming to put pressure on the delegates and politicians from more than one hundred and ninety countries to do more to curb climate change the paris agreement obliges the nations to cut greenhouse gas emissions and limit global warming. now one of the most visible signs of real the warming is the melting of the polar ice caps ice caps and gaseous seven percent off the surface down that's more than europe and north america combined with this animation from nasa shows the gradual reduction off the ice coverage near the north pole
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based on satellite observations nasa says the arctic ice cap is declining at an average rate of thirty nine percent decade on next report takes us to the norwegian occupied. in the arctic circle and scientists there are results in just what is causing the ice to retreat we have this special report for you. the small part archipelago is covered with ice snow and glaciers as far as the eye can see at first glance there's no obvious sign of a drastic climatic changes taking place here. but the arctic is warming two to three times faster than the rest of the earth. the appropriately named ice fjord or ice fjord west of the island and spitzbergen no longer freezes over now fisherman catch salmon and macro here in the winter in the past they could only do that
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further south kim hall maine of the norwegian polar institute says whatever the causes of the current warming of the arctic is unprecedented. we see quite a few results that. point to the fact that it is unlikely that we can explain the entire warming the last thirty years without invoking that it must be to a large extent man's change of the atmosphere. in long year been the main town and . climate change is also changing people's lives as the permafrost thaws the soil can no longer support the houses the number of accidents from avalanches has increased dramatically. an international team of researchers led by meteorologist manfred vended from leipzig university is trying to find out why the arctic is
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warming so rapidly. every day they had to long have been standing airport. the two converted d.c. threes waiting on the runway are polar research planes from the alfred of a going to institute his business on their flights the scientists hope to solve one of the biggest riddles of arctic warming. just. because there is global warming but it's most intense here in the arctic. several factors play a role and we think clouds are one of the main ones and we hope to prove it here. how can clouds cause warming put simply they create an insulating layer in the atmosphere that prevents the arctic from cooling down so the scientists take to the sky to collect their data. base or leave room for the defeat and. ice crystals go through as it takes a major shadow of the ice crystal we chatted post to the size of.
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its shape and we can also get consultation of ice cores from the planet. today they're heading two hundred kilometers to the northeast the team will be airborne for more than six hours. the arctic sea ice has shrunk by half over the past twenty five years due to rising temperatures. as the ice thaws so-called melt ponds are formed then the ice breaks up. the darker water in the ponds absorb solar radiation more strongly than the light colored ice launching a bagel spiral of events. in forty to fifty years the north pole may be completely ice free in the summer with enormous consequences for other parts of the world. on this trip the researchers didn't encounter any large clouds but they did collect some useful data their analysis will take years years in which temperatures will
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continue to climb. the things we associate with. are changing and to that extent. is. detrimental to this do we know. the mild weather is certainly detrimental to dogs letting people in long have been worried that one day the dogs here will. no longer pull sleds but carts all year round. and later today german chancellor angela merkel and other high level delegates will be speaking at the climate change conference currently underway in the city off bonn and of course we'll bring you live coverage of that turning now to soccer and to favorites for next year's a once cab germany and france match in cologne on tuesday night it was a final international test in two thousand and seventeen for both the high profile
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teens. the friendly against france was coached yohimbe those last test in twenty seventeen and both teams came out lively after half an hour and dance around nicklaus and played in alexandra like that. an easy tap into good friend so one no late. after the break it was my turn to produce a bit of magic then taking advantage. finishing with aplomb through the cape his legs fifteen minutes later france were back in front like his that's once again put through and go to one to france killian a superb assist providing the strike his second on the not. but germany snatched a draw at the death to make it to two with defense splitting pasta sauce in.
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a satisfactory end to twenty seventeen for both coaches. saying that football in denmark booked their world cup ticket with a dominant display against ireland on tuesday evening defeating the host five one island took the lead through shane duffy early on but the danes bounced back in style and none of the match christiane eriksson grabbed three of the goals dashing irish hopes of staging a comeback. here's a recap of the top stories if you're following feel zimbabwe's army has seized control of the state board coffin deployed time for the streets of hierarchy is denied it's leading a coup against the aging leader robert mugabe as a power struggle over his succession lessons and australians have back to gay marriage in post a photo organized by the government over sixty percent said they would favor allowing same sex couples to marry now the government says it introduced legislation to make it possible before the end of the yeah. you're watching the
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news coming to you live from london and have more news for you at the top of the l. i look forward to seeing you then but. she was a child prodigy. she rails audiences. she's a visionary he's an ambassador for peace. now daniel barenboim is turning
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seventy five. we celebrate the birthday of this musical maestro on. your romantics next. enjoy the fresh sea air. and soak up some sunshine on zoe. the island off germany's north sea coast boasts beaches perfect for long strollers unique natural beauty and classic maritime cuisine. those are always worth a visit. in sixty minutes on d. w. . united against climate change. big challenges for the twenty third u.n. climate conference in bonn. how were nations working to meet their paris agreement
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targets cop twenty three this week on t w news. tells us storing stories. it makes us laugh. and cry. tremble and smile. magical images and big emotions the mt gox. king of the magazine every weekend on d w. a. and though they're in a warm welcome from our studios in berlin glad you could join us and we are ready
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