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visible. in the twenty first century. starting december second g.w. . the state of the news coming to live from berlin a stark warning from the u.n. climate conference involving. the get the stock effects of climate change. and the forests of smile and the island states in the front line of the effects of
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climate change must be the voice of us all world leaders say urgent action is needed if the world is to meet global warming targets also coming up. tanks on the streets of harare and veteran leader robert mugabe under house arrest the army denies it staging a coup in zimbabwe but the uncertainty about the situation is growing. and a resoundingly yes in australia to marriage equality the prime minister is pledging to make it law by christmas will he succeed. and sarah holly welcome to the show it's good to have you with us world leaders are attending un climate talks in the german city of bonn to give the implementation of the paris accord a final push these talks and friday and leaders say urgent action is needed it's
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the world is going to meet global warming targets president of france called for a shift to cleaner energy germany's chancellor angela merkel injected a sense of urgency into the talks. so it's very important for each and every one to know who saw her and so to make these contributions comparably so we have to be seen as serious and accepting paris as a starting point and also knowing that our world our work has only started and that if we look at because test refuse that we see all over the world natural disasters we are aware of the fact that this is a very tight and one that we need to take seriously that we need to match words with deeds we here in germany put a lot of effort it would all go well be controversial so i'm not saying this sort of just like that easily and saying well you have to do something no i know it's
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difficult i know it's difficult to fight for it so i wish all of you who are standing up for climate change be it as representatives of state b.s. as representatives of n.g.o.s show the necessary courage and good will and thank you for listening. chris for spring gate is a quiet conference for us in the city of bonn christopher good to see you we just heard german chancellor angela merkel saying the paris quite a grim it is only a start so what comes next. well without bomb there is no paris by that i mean that the parents twenty fifteen agreement that is the historic agreement that everybody talked about two years ago a huge leap forward for global climate policy but what's happening here in bonn over these past two weeks is basically the spade work that's needed to implement the paris agreement the paris agreement in a sense is like a constitution as you know constitutions need to be interpreted they need
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a whole slew of rules and regulations to implement them and that spadework that nuts and bolts negotiation that's what's going on at this climate summit in bonn i understand that there is broad agreement on a draft of what they're calling the rulebook for the paris agreement the next thing after this summit finishes is next year's climate summit in captivates in poland that is where the world's nations will sit down and look very closely at that draft of the rule book and agree upon it ok earlier we heard the french president manuel not crawl making some specific suggestions for europe to take on a stronger leadership role when it comes to fighting climate change tell us a little bit more about what exactly macron is proposing. well some of it has to do with funding present mccraw. addressed frontally the lack of funding or the gap in funding that has emerged because the u.s.
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president on the trumpets announced that the us is withdrawing from the paris agreement in terms of actions the us has stopped much of its funding going into some of the international organizations that deal with the fight against global change one of those organizations the intergovernmental panel on climate change the i.p.c.c. that is the main. body where scientists get together and achieve consensus on the science of climate change and based on what they. decide is going on with our climate and how it's impacting the world that is the scientific basis upon which political decisions are taken at climate summit so the us has stopped funding the i.p.c.c. as it's called and present. basically said europe is going to step up and. plug that gap that funding gap and he's also saying that all together the gap in
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funding that has emerged because the u.s. is pulling out if we all stand together we can plug that gap. ok so a lot of negotiating about the nitty gritty of how exactly climate change goals are going to be achieved but of course christopher we also heard a very poignant message from a young schoolboy in fiji talking about how climate change is impacting his generation. many of us it today is interactive mission that the threat from climate change is real. serious and is growing overnight of getting to the from a president of america because the barack obama he stays and i cool climate change is no longer since a lot of it is that when you hear it is that funny now and gloat yes ladies and gentlemen this is real it is not i made him i already do things like me that is heavy contemplate what will happen if he ignore this reality these night man days
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in gentleman speeches and does a lot solve the problem but walk the talk is more effective then change the mindset and set up platform in combating this environment don't use you for our next generation all right you heard the boy you have to walk the talk to you think delegates got that message there and bon. so the delegates here in beaumont i mean obviously there are national delegations who . shall we say not very co-operative when it comes to fighting climate change and agreeing on the science that says that climate change is caused by man by humankind but you know most of the delegates here are committed to climate to fighting climate change so it definitely did resonate with them as the fijian president c. has resident resonated with them throughout these past two weeks. one one thing that the fijian bringing to the table obviously the perspective of
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a small island nation the first small island nation to preside over this kind of climate summit and that perspective is one of the most vulnerable countries to climate change is giving. the people that they represent a very powerful voice in these negotiations are giving voice to the vulnerable there in bonn that's christopher spring gate for us thanks so much. here's a look now at some of the other stories that are making news around the world at least fourteen people have died another thirteen are seriously injured after flash flooding hit towns west of the greek capital athens four days of heavy rain turned many streets into rivers and forced residents to take weapons on their balconies trench will reign of this type is quite unusual in greece poor infrastructure means that many of the homes there are vulnerable to flooding. russian lawmakers have backed measures that would force some international media outlets to register as
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foreign agents the move is seen as a response to u.s. pressure on russia's state funded or teach channel american intelligence has alleged that r.t. was used to meddle in the two thousand and sixteen presidential election russia has denied the claim. iran state media says the death toll from sunday's earthquake on the border with iraq has now exceeded five hundred thirty people it was a wrongs deadliest quake in more than a decade more than thirty thousand homes were damaged many survivors have been camping outside and say aid has been slow to reach them. all is growing uncertainty about the situation right now in zimbabwe president robert mugabe and his wife are currently under house arrest the military appears to have seized power but denies that it's staging a coup the head of the african union told the a.f.p. news agency however that he thought this crisis quote seemed like a coup and called on the military to halt their actions the soldiers took over
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a national television station to say it wasn't a coup to both our people and we will be your own borders we wish to make it abundantly clear that this is not a military or of. what of this and what would defense force you to do we used to pacify it do you not eighteen political social and economic situation in our country which if not addressed made use of it in your own it. but with tanks and military vehicles blocking off parliament and government buildings in the capital harare it sure looked like a coup. the fate of president robert mugabe and his wife grace is unclear but they appear to be in the custody of the military who sent the family was safe the
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military intervention comes out to months of power wrangling about who will succeed ninety three year old mugabe he has ruled the country since one thousand nine hundred ninety but is last week mugabe fied vice president. he was widely viewed as the heir apparent and backed by some of the country's most powerful generals that sacking seem to clear the path for grace to be next in line some welcome the military for now seemingly stopping her. this is that development in the politics of our country in this fight is allowing the military to go fight sports and but i think it's over to lift zimbabweans because from the looks of things here but that it listed there's been a stop to the family dinners the agenda that was being propagated to buy buy buy buy buy obama got me and his wife with zimbabwe's economy collapsing for some in harare the focus remained on getting by. throughout this situation all we
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hope for is peace we don't want to be disturbed in our daily work we want to survive when the culture of. frustration has been growing in zimbabwe it used to be wealthy but thirty seven years of mugabe have left the economy in tatters and the question of who will take over to try to repair it has now been blown wide open. of for more on the situation in zimbabwe let's go to harare where i'm joined by tendai biti he is a constitutional lawyer and a former finance minister in the government of national unity is also long been active in this involved way in opposition tendai thank you for being with us on a what's going on is this a coup. how no. yes we can hear you please go ahead. tendai can you hear me yes i can but i didn't get
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your question is this a coup in zimbabwe. of course it's a it's a military coup the. army now is defacto control of the state they've effectively. it is i went to the high court this morning. opposite the president's office it was shut down and they were. making sure that no one is that says so the military is in control and of course at the military. into normal civilian life interferes with an elected government we must condemn that but in saying that we must also understand the reality of the situation where political space is closed. and where people are suffering the way they're doing in zimbabwe it's. the gate to inevitable. extralegal means and that is what is happening so for me the key question right now
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is that. the. government and my suggestion that we need a transitional government that we will agree. with the aid and assistance if not the midwifery of the southern african development corporation the african union and if need be the u.n. security council and of course the transitional authority must not just concentrate on the electoral centric approach of preparing for an election but they also deal with some of the underlying causes of the current crises if it's unemployment if you see domestic politics. ensuring that those issues are so that five years from now ten years from now we don't have another military coup the way forward we know right now about where robert mugabe and his family are are they in safe custody are they under house arrest. i
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think that. i think that the president is probably if he's i was. with that you call that i was that is sort of no it's a question of semantics when they can go out of there it's a question of semantics but my fear is that see my fear is that once he makes a move there will be blood to confront this in between those that are in control now and him and i foresee a bloodbath i think that they get some money in the old was it a dramatic situation you're describing that's tendai biti a constitutional lawyer and a former finance minister in a government of national unity in zimbabwe thank you for bringing us the latest. u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson has called for a credible probe into rights abuses against myanmar as for hinge a muslim's tillerson made his remarks after talks in me and more with the country's
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embattled leader aung sang suu kyi tillerson said those responsible for these human rights violations must be held accountable but he stopped short of recommending sanctions against myanmar government more than six hundred thousand rohingya muslims have fled military operations in myanmar for neighboring bangladesh. here's more of what tillerson had to say when margaret price into the critical of the of the more democratic side of the market. through the floor while the bull market i want to talk about. it is the responsibility of the government and if your order to protect and respect human rights the war within the borders. well still to come on day w. germany and france will play out a highly entertaining draw on tuesday evening and while pose the question could one of these teams win next year as world cup. but
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first monica at our business desk a good day for airbus understand actually better than the past few days of the dubai and shows because ebbers might have heard trouble selling its flagship carrier the a three eighty but the european plane manufacturer is doing well with smaller models and the dubai air show the company has struck its biggest deal ever negotiated u.s. investor indigo partners is purchasing four hundred thirty three twenty neo single aisle planes for almost fifty billion u.s. dollars the deal gives us the upper hand and it's all to war with boeing for indigo partners the deal would provide them with upgraded single line us for their fleets of ultra low cost carriers across north and south america as well as europe. more of the story i'm joined by my loan at the from france. now how is the deal going down with apple shareholders are they celebrating. yes they are sentiment is
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absolutely soaring we're looking at a close to three percent increase in the share price and that's just because of the size of the steel four hundred thirty planes that's huge not only does it constitute an entire fleet but if a single carrier were to were to buy that amount of planes it would be catapulted into the top ten biggest carriers in the world of course that's not what's happening now the planes are going to four different recipients but it's still a good deal that puts the air bus in a better fighting position with boeing now before the dubai air show the order of the order tally for boeing was six hundred ninety compared to airbus is three hundred forty and this deal with indigo now helps the air bus more than catch up all right i mean do you see any silver lining there for the superjumbo a three eighty it just doesn't want to get off the ground does it. you know it's very hard to say and you know airbus was in fact expecting to be able to announce
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a major deal selling those planes to the dubai airshow but of course it was passed over in favor of boeing now the problems are with this model are twofold first of all the a three eighty is just not as cheap or as efficient as boeing seven eight seven dreamliner incidentally those were the planes that emirates did end up buying secondly emirates is the biggest and best customer for these types of planes making up over half of sales in the fifteen years that this plane model has been in existence but that emirates didn't place an order this time it's because they were afraid that airbus would eventually stop making this model because air bus did not was not able to make a sale this time around it might end up having to do just that all right john i do my loan in frankfurt thank you so much for theirs. and there is more trouble for folks german authorities raided the offices of several senior officials the scandal plagued the automaker this time in connection with a course she salary page to its works council chief investigators searched the
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offices of at least two top executives the raid was related to an investigation into the income of works council chief alston or the chief workers' representative at the company earned as much as seven hundred fifty thousand euros prosecutors say that could amount to an illegal waste of corporate funds a form of tax evasion. cash strapped venezuela and russia signed a debt restructuring deal in easing the terms and conditions under which characterise must repay some three billion dollars it owes moscow the deal comes just a day after credit ratings agency standard and poor's and fitch declared the south american country to have partially defaulted on its stead the unwelcome status is bestowed on countries when they fail to or even more of their financial obligations. venezuela isn't paying its bills and is already in partial default now it's overdue
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a four hundred twenty million dollar interest payment the deal with russia will help fund that at least but the three billion dollar amount is nothing compared to the country's sixty billion in bond debt despite the rot in the domestic economy the country's central bank has been considered a reliable bond issuer always paying on time as recently as sunday president nicolas maduro said his country would never default his communications minister making clear where the government places the blame. for a year say need to be refinancing for venezuela's foreign debt has begun in a coordinated manner. we are clearly overcoming the siege at the trumpet ministration national assembly president julio baugus and other representatives of the right in venezuela are attempting in venezuela. the fabric of venezuelan society is beginning to tear a few months ago the u.s. imposed sanctions on venezuela the e.u. has followed suit with a weapons embargo and travel restrictions on some government officials desperation
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is mounting economists estimate venezuelan inflation is running as high as seven hundred percent food and medical supplies are scarce as the country scrambles to save money. five percent of its exports are crude oil imports an overwhelming majority of its food and so. things that are immediately when imports are slashed. investors are demanding a default declaration for the state oil company p d vs a to do to its own financial mismanagement a country practically swimming in oil is now drowning in debt. let's go down on them now because australians say yes we do that's right monica sixty percent of australians backed same sex marriage in a non-binding poll on the issue the government now says it will make same sex unions legal by the end of the year prompting celebrations from campaigners across
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the country. she is of jubilation in australia and some spontaneous proposals as it's announced that the majority destroyed voted for gay and lesbian people to be able to marry. today i mean everything to hear that a strike is the sixty one percent of the o.g.t.t. . we're just going to love and we're just so thrilled and happy and thank you it's right thank you so much yeah. in mice and so high as thousands gathered in parks around the country to celebrate the results of the national postal service. it marks a watershed moment for gay rights in australia where it was illegal in some states to engage in homosexual activity up until nine hundred ninety seven it's been a really special moment it's and it's a similar with my mom and i think. it's the point in our history or way of saying.
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we've got resoundingly for a bad. country and that is so special. the voice is nonbinding but destroyed his prime minister malcolm turnbull said parliament would now legislation on the bill. i voted yes for a commitment voted yes for love and now it is up to us here in the parliament of a strike to get on with it. they get on with the job the australian people of task just to do and get this done this year before christmas. if the bill passes a stranger would be need twenty six country in their own to legalize same sex marriage . soccer now into favorites for next year's world cup germany and france met in cologne on tuesday night it was
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a fine or final excuse me and an international test for both of these teams watch what happened the friendly against france was coached yohimbe lives last test in twenty seventeen and both teams came out lively after half an hour and the marcial dance around nicholas and played in alexandra like a set. and easy tap into good friend so one no late. after the break it was measured turn to produce a bit of magic team then a taking advantage. finishing with aplomb through the capers legs fifteen minutes later france were back in front like his that's once again put through and go. to one to france killian and but pace of perth the sis providing the strikers second on the night but germany snatched a draw at the death rushed in to make it two two with defense splitting pass
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decisive. a satisfactory end to twenty seventeen for both coaches. ferule host new zealand later today in their do or die world cup playoff two teams drew nail all in new zealand last week and they now face off in the decisive second leg in lima bean shaman's for leaving no stone unturned for the countries preparations they performed these rituals on photographs of the peruvian and new zealand national teams hoping to send some spiritual strength to the home side the ceremony involves snakes dancing and a good two to him andy and wind instrument. in tennis veteran roger federer notched his second win at the a.t.p. finals in london with an impressive three set victory over alexander zafir up the thirty six year old swiss at the top of your screen there was made to work hard in a two hour slugfest against the twenty year old german side work clinched the first
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set any time break before zero after bounce back to take second seven five federer dominated the final six one profiting from my double fault to secure his semifinal appearance at end of season term. our minder of our top stories this hour. german chancellor angela merkel has told the u.n. climate conference in bonn that the paris accord is just the beginning and that more measures are needed to halt global warming. and zimbabwe's army has seized control of the state broadcaster and deployed tanks to the streets of harare instinet night it's leading a crew against the ailing leader robert mugabe as a power struggle over his succession morson. that's due to be news you're up to date this hour don't forget you can always find more the latest on our web site www dot com i'm sarah harman the osip.
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meet young entrepreneurs eager to tackle global challenges in our series founders valley. in this episode how to energize the world with clean technology in malaysia the freakout that's now meets innovators who are working on alternative
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solutions to save the planet. mark four of our series founder sally next d.w. . entered the conflict zone confronting the powerful so far the political fallout from catalonia has independence shows no sign of being contained my guest this week here in brussels is sprains foreign minister alfonso das they say how has the government failed to prevent the country's worst it's arguably its most predictable political crisis in decades. of in sixty minutes d w folks. united against climate change. big challenges for the twenty third u.n. climate conference in bonn. how were nations working to meet their paris agreement targets. top twenty three this week on t.w.
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