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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 15, 2017 8:00pm-8:16pm CET

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and the prospects for those returning home. to join the discussion on t.w. dot com and on facebook. prospects for return issues d.w. make for my. this is d w news live from berlin act now or else tonight a dire warning from the un climate conference in bonn germany the get the stuff effects of climate change on the bonds and the forests of smile and the island states that touch in the frontline of the impacts of climate change must be the
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voice of a song and world leaders say more action is needed to prevent catastrophic global warming also coming up. in zimbabwe tanks on the streets of harare and president robert mugabe under house arrest yet the army denies that it's a coup what is it then and is the rule of mugabi over. i'm broke off it's good to have you with us it is the defining threat of our time that is how the head of the u.n. and tonio gutierrez has described climate change he's one of a number of global leaders attending climate talks in the german city of bonn they are hoping to inject a sense of urgency into talks about the implementation of the twenty fifteen paris
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climate. world leaders joined discussions at the united nations climate conference in bonn germany today the session opened with a message from a very special representative of fiji the country presiding over the conference. to desmond did do he says that and i think it is ago people to be excused for not knowing much about climate change today we have no excuses and quote. days are over and now chairman chancellor angela merkel added further urgency to those words calling for europe to step up to its climate responsibilities there she emphasized that even in rich countries this could be a struggle. but at the next step is to find concrete ways to fulfill our obligations. to speak plainly this is also difficult for germany.
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and. in his speech french president emmanuel mccall said that europe should make up for the shortfall in funds that will result from the u.s. deciding to leave the paris climate agreement so it's going to mix i would like to see the largest possible number of european countries at our side all together to make up for the loss of u.s. funding. but i can guarantee you that as of twenty eight thousand the u.n. panel on climate change won't last a single cent to work advance and support our decisions mexico's proposal garnered hucky applause now world leaders must translate their message of action into actual deeds back home. that's right actual deeds let's go now to my colleague christopher spring gate he is covering this climate talks force in bonn good evening to you chris for me we have a lot of speeches today right we heard from the the german brezhnev the german chancellor we heard from the french president there are
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a lot of words what about actions. well. in concrete results from the speeches today i mean this is the first climate conference since president trump announced that the u.s. would be withdrawing from the paris agreement he did that last july so a lot of people at this conference have been very looking very carefully to see whether the commitment of the rest of the world to the paris agreement remains strong and that really is the most concrete result of all these speeches it does remain very strong you talked a lot about the united nations secretary general good ted ish we also had the speeches from the german chancellor angela merkel the french president emmanuel. both of them defining climate change and humanity central challenge both of them standing by the paris agreement very strongly and also calling for additional measures so that is something that people at this conference have been looking for
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today they got it and we know that they were really pushing trying to inject a sense of urgency in to future talks do you think that there has been this problem of expectations after the paris agreement being too high. absolutely i mean the paris climate summit in twenty fifteen that was a major breakthrough a historic breakthrough so we cannot expect the same kind of result from this climate conference in bonn it's a much more technical meeting essentially interpret the paris agreement to pouring the spirit of the paris agreement into concrete rules and regulations the nitty gritty of implementation that's what this climate conference is about them at the same time there has been some interesting progress today in the area of agriculture and land use which is a sector that produces twenty five percent of global greenhouse gas emissions that
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area has been deadlocked. between negotiators for the last six years but today they managed to find agreement so the world will now be able to progress on addressing a greenhouse gas emissions that come from agriculture you know things like cattle paddy fields all of those. aspects of agriculture caused a lot of emissions the world is going to now be able to make progress because in principle an agreement has been found today on that issue all right it's a corresponding christopher's brigade at those climate talks in bonn germany christopher thank you very much. to greece now at least fourteen people have died thirteen are seriously injured after flash floods hit towns west of the capital athens four days of heavy rains have turned streets into rivers forcing many residents to take refuge on rooftops and balconies original rain of this type is
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unusual in greece and poor infrastructure means many buildings are vulnerable to flooding. well tonight there is growing uncertainty about the situation in zimbabwe president robert mugabe is under house arrest the military appears to have seized power but it denies staging a coup of the head of the african union told a.f.p. news that he thought the crisis quote seemed like a coup and he called on the military to halt their actions the leader of the war veterans association in zimbabwe which had previously supported president mugabe says that it is the end of a very painful and sad chapter in the country's history the soldiers took a national television station to say it wasn't a coup to put our people and the will beyond our borders. we wish to make it abundantly clear that this is not a military takeover of. what it is about with defense forces is doing
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is to pacify a de jeannette it political social and economic situation in our country which is not interest me it is out in my own it. that with tanks and military vehicles blocking off parliament and government buildings in the capital harare it sure looked like a coup. the fate of president robert mugabe and his wife grace is unclear but they appear to be in the custody of the military who said the family was safe the military intervention comes out to months of power wrangling about who will succeed ninety three year old mugabe he has ruled the country since one thousand nine hundred ninety but is last week mugabe fied vice president and mrs. he was widely viewed as the heir apparent and backed by some of the country's most powerful generals that sacking seem to clear the path of these wife grace to be
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next in line some welcome the military for now seemingly stopping her. says that development in the politics of our country and its fight is allowing the military to fight sports and but i think it's also a sign of her to lift or zimbabweans because from the look of things about me as i have been that it listed there's been a stop to the family dinners the agenda that was being propagated by bye bye bye bye obama got me and his wife with zimbabwe's economy collapsing for some in harare the focus remained on getting by. throughout this situation all we hope for is peace we don't want to be disturbed in our daily work we want to survive the and all of it of these. frustration has been growing in zimbabwe it used to be wealthy but thirty seven years of mugabe have left the economy in tatters and the question
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of who will take over to try to repair it has now been blown wide open. for earlier we spoke to the good man the president and chairman of the african union alpha condé about jim bob military takeover this is what he had to say. and if indeed we in the african union are against any violent seizure of power. and have issued a statement saying the army should return to barracks and return to constitutional order when it's clear we should support the legitimate zimbabwean government and in no case will we accept the forceful seizure of power. that was the president of guinea they are alpha condé here are some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world it looks as if the former prime minister of lebanon side . is heading to france and he's been in saudi arabia since resigning eleven days ago but now french president emmanuel mccrone has invited him and his family to
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spend a few days in france. said it is not an offer of exile australians have voted overwhelmingly in favor of same sex marriage in a national survey the poll was non-binding but it ensures parliament will consider a bill this year to legalize same sex unions despite opposition from government conservatives and the catholic church australia is expected to approve legislation on the issue before christmas rushes the lower house of parliament has unanimously approved legislation that would force some international media outlets to register as foreign agents now the move is seen as retaliatory steps against the u.s. it comes after washington demanded that a kremlin funded station register with the u.s. justice department as a foreign agent the legislation must now receive the backing of russia's upper house of parliament and president vladimir putin but it's expected to be signed in to wall i want to bring in our correspondent in moscow now emily sure when
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emily good evening to use the legislation has now passed the duma can you explain the next steps for looking at. well as you said it will go in front of the federation council which is the upper house of parliament and then it will have to be signed by putin as well now what this law means is it's an actually in addition to an existing media law and what it means is that all media outlets that are registered abroad or that are funded from abroad could have to register as foreign agents and now in practice what that means is that the ministry of justice here in russia will decide which outlets could become foreign agents and those media outlets will have to go through additional audits still they'll have a further bureaucratic burden and they'll also have to label all their content with a label for an agent so it's not clear how that will affect the work of media
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outlets it might mean more restrictions on who you could talk to where you can film and so on so it could it could make the work of media outlets labeled as such harder of course i mean it could be a lot harder to get interviews if you if people have to label themselves as a foreign agent the deputy speaker of the duma spoke with v.w. about this legislation here's part of what was said. at themselves when you do not give into the temptation. of making vulgar statements about our country a nice enough octave which are based not on facts but on speculation as has been happening recently i mean for most of the none of your media outlets will be restricted you think you're going to new would be luddite if you restrict the russian media then russia will have to respond. if you restrict restrict the russian media that sounds like a tit for tat through their media how should we interpret that.
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well absolutely i think this is definitely part of the tit for tat sort of diplomatic downward spiral of relations between the u.s. and russia that we've seen in recent months and today the deputies at the duma repeated again and again that this is a reciprocal measure aimed against the u.s. after all russian state funded international broadcaster r.t.e. was made to register as a foreign agent on monday so tolstoy told us that you know the u.s. the u.s. has really forced forced excuse me forced russia's hand on this and that there had to be a response to the u.s. but also it sounded a bit like a threat you know this is a very broad law and it sounded like if another government were to accuse russian media of meddling of propaganda then there could be measures for that. country's media as well so this is kind of an all purpose weapon that the russian government
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could could wield at this point even though it's reciprocal at the moment your weapon i think is the operative word here or the correspondent in moscow really sure went on the story for us tonight emily thank you very much. all right you're watching. live from berlin i'll be back at the top of the hour with more world news followed by the day you'll see that. wasn't always successful i was born with a silver spoon in my mouth to find success.


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