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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 15, 2017 10:00pm-10:16pm CET

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invisible hands. slavery in the twenty first century. starting december second on d w. this is d w doos live from berlin a stark warning from the un climate conference in bonn germany the catastrophic effects of climate change on the bonds and the forests of smile on the island states that touch in the frontline of the impacts of climate change must be the
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voice of us all. more leaders say more action is needed if the world is to me to global warming targets also coming up flash floods war through two towns near the greek capital athens taking residents by surprise and leaving a trail of destruction at least fifteen people are dead and tanks on the streets of harare and the veteran president robert mugabe under house arrest the army denies that it's staging a coup but uncertainty about what is going on is growing around the world concerning zimbabwe. i bring coffee it's good to have you with us it is the defining threat of our time that's how the head of the u.n. antonio would head us described. i'm it changed today he and other leaders are
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attending un climate talks in the german city of boggs now they're trying to build all the success of the paris talks from two thousand and fifteen and that means agreeing on the rules which will take the twenty fifteen paris climate accord from paper into practice. and world leaders joined discussions at the united nations climate conference in bonn germany today the session opened with a message from a very special representative of fiji the country presiding over the conference. to desmond did do he says that and i quote thank you five years ago people to be excused for not knowing much about climate change today we have no excuses and quote the game days are over and. german chancellor angela merkel added further urgency to those words calling for europe to step up to its
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climate responsibilities there she emphasized that even in rich countries this could be a struggle. but at the next step is to find concrete ways to fulfill our obligations. to speak plainly this is also difficult for germany. in his speech french president emanuel not paul said that europe should make up for the shortfall in funds that will result from the u.s. deciding to leave the paris climate agreement so it's going to mix i would like to see the largest possible number of european countries at our side all together to make up for the loss of u.s. funding. but i can guarantee you that as of twenty eight thousand the u.n. panel on climate change won't lack a single cent to work advance and support our decisions these. proposals garnered hokie applause now world leaders must translate their message of action into action or deeds back home. that's right actual deeds let's go now to my colleague
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christopher's brain gate he is covering the climate talks worse in bob good evening to you christopher i mean we had a lot of speeches today right we heard from the the german president the german chancellor we heard from the french president there are a lot of words what about actions. well. in concrete results from the speeches today i mean this is the first climate conference since president trump announced that the u.s. would be withdrawing from the paris agreement he did that last july so a lot of people at this conference have been very looking very carefully to see whether the commitment of the rest of the world to the paris agreement remains strong and jim that really is the most concrete result of all these speeches it does remain very strong you talked a lot about the united nations secretary general ted ish we also had the speeches from the german chancellor angela merkel the french president emmanuel. both of
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them defining climate change and humanity central challenge both of them standing by the parents agreement very strongly and also calling for additional measures so that is something that people at this conference have been looking for today they called it and we know that they were really pushing trying to inject a sense of urgency in to future talks do you think that there has been this problem of expectations after the paris agreement being too high. absolutely i mean the paris climate summit in twenty fifteen that was a major breakthrough a historic breakthrough so we cannot expect the same kind of result from this climate conference in bonn it's a much more technical meeting essentially interpret the paris agreement to pouring the spirit of the paris agreement into concrete rules and regulations the nitty
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gritty of implementation that's what this climate conference is about them at the same time there has been some interesting progress today in the area of agriculture and land use which is a sector that produces twenty five percent of global greenhouse gas emissions that area has been deadlocked. between negotiators for the last six years but today they managed to find agreement so the world will now be able to progress on addressing a greenhouse gas emissions that come from agriculture you know things like cattle paddy fields all of those. aspects of agriculture caused a lot of emissions the world is going to now be able to make progress because in principle an agreement has been found today on that issue all right it's a corresponding christopher's brigade at those climate talks in bonn germany christopher thank you very much. at least fifteen people have been killed by flash
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floods in two coastal towns in greece people were reportedly woken by torrents of water raging through their homes after a night of heavy rain the prime minister has declared a period of national mourning. this is a sign very few people are used to seeing but especially greeks. to ritual rain is rare in greece and so is flooding on the scale. of. the waters trapped many residents in their homes of forced them to take refuge on their rooftops. risky services say it remains unclear how many people missing particularly in coastal regions west of athens where a number of people with swept out to sea. some residents have begun to assess the scale of the damage many are overwhelmed. see for the government everything was knocked down broken nothing was left standing
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even the doors. the bathrooms the bedrooms everything was swept away everything. i've lived here all my life and nothing like this is ever happened before. authorities have declared a state of emergency in the region hardest hit by the flooding at the foothills of the mountain in western attica. many housing settlements in the area a built without taking into account planning regulations in athens the prosecutor has ordered an urgent investigation into the deaths and destruction caused by the flooding but you also say they're investigating possible irving planning offenses. zimbabwe's military has told regional leaders that it is not staging a coup despite putting president robert mugabe under house arrest and the point takes on the streets of the capital harare the situation in the country is reported to be calm but there is growing uncertainty about what will happen next what money
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soldiers took over a national t.v. station to say it wasn't a coup but both people and you will be. we wish to make it abundantly clear that this is not a military takeover of the what this defense force use is doing is to pacify. do you general team political social and economic situation in our country which if not addressed made use in your own it. that with tanks and military vehicles blocking off parliament and government buildings in the capital harare it sure looks like a coup then a coup is something the rest of the african union has said it will not accept. no you know we in the african union are against any violent government overthrow.
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issued a statement saying the army should retreat and return to constitutional order. we support the legitimate zimbabwean government and in no case of good will we accept a forceful seizure of power for the fate of president robert mugabe and his wife grace is unclear but they appear to be in the custody of the military who say the couple are safe the military intervention comes after months of power wrangling over who will succeed the ninety three year old mugabe he has ruled the country since one nine hundred eighty but is frail and ailing. last week mugabe fired vice president emerson manana he was widely viewed as the heir apparent and backed by some of the country's most powerful generals the sacking seemed to clear the path for grace mugabe but now the military has stopped her ascent at least temporarily and an influential group of war veterans once staunch supporters of mugabe
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themselves is calling for him to step aside completely. that the robot governor said the bitter cold from his role as the president and first. appear. prostration has been growing in zimbabwe it used to be wealthy but thirty seven years of mugabe's rule have left the economy in tatters and the question of who will take over and try to repair it has now been thrown wide open. well here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world a suicide bomb attack has killed at least ten people and injured thirty others in the nigerian city of might agree officials say four female bombers were involved my degree is the capital of borno state and the epicenter of the insurgency by islamist militants known as boko haram it looks as if the former prime minister of
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lebanon side. is heading to france he's been in saudi arabia since resigning eleven days ago but now french president in mind will mccrone has invited him and his family to spend a few days in france mccrone said that it is not an offer of exile there have been suggestions that hariri is being detained against his will in saudi arabia. wires have clashed with police in brussels after a rapper trying to shoot a video reports say that hundreds of youths damaged a vehicle and shut down a major you see right there a major metro station after police banned the shoot just four days ago there were clashes after morocco's national football team qualified for the world cup. you know the italian football federation has fired coach of interior after his team crashed out of world cup in qualifying the veteran coaches fate was sealed after a crisis meeting in rome on wednesday the sixty nine year old had apologised to
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fans after italy missed the world cup for the first time in sixteen years but he refused to resign a new coach is expected to be named when the f.a. meet on november twenty eighth of this. over soccer fans next summer's world cup two thousand and eighteen is well it's just around the corner and the final competition spot is about to be decided in lima now the home side peru face new zealand after the two teams drew near only zero in wellington last week peru as you can imagine are desperate to qualify for their first world cup since one thousand nine hundred eighty two when they've even turned to some ancient rituals to maybe give them an edge. chanting and a traditional put to peruvians are doing everything they can to inspire their taint to world cup qualification ahead of peru's crucial match against new zealand local shamans are going all out to give the home nation an extra spiritual boost i was
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not only going to win don't worry we're giving spiritual strength from these three regions the coast mountains and the jungle these nights of snakes curfews and flowers a full peru. of course on field preparations will count to peru of the favorites and have home advantage but i still have to execute the game plan. will try to be calm to show our skills we know it will just be like the game we played in new zealand no doubt they'll push themselves to really go for it wages have to keep the ball moving. for new zealand a nation more obsessed with rugby than football the pressure is off and they're confident they can overcome their underdog status the same as used in difficult situations in fact i would say we're probably more suited and more resilient away from home than we are at home just so the shamans have done their work but now it's time for both sides to take control of their own destinies. and here's
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a reminder the top stories that we're following for you the german chancellor angela merkel has told the u.n. climate conference in bonn that the paris accord is just the beginning and that more measures are needed to halt global warming and zimbabwe's army has seized control of the state broadcaster and deployed tanks on the streets of harare it's denied it's leading a coup against the ailing leader robert mugabe as a power struggle over his secession worse. you're watching the news live from berlin we'll see you again at the top of the hour. united against climate change. the challenges for the twenty third u.n. climate conference in bali. how were nations working to meet their paris agreement targets.


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