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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  November 16, 2017 6:02am-6:16am CET

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said that europe should make up for the shortfall in funds that will result in the u.s. deciding to leave the paris climate agreement. i would like to see the largest possible number of european countries at our side altogether to make up for the loss of u.s. funding. but i can guarantee you that as of twenty eight thousand the un panel on climate change won't last a single cent to work advance and support our decision. proposal conard hucky applause now world leaders must translate their message of action into action or deeds back home. that's right actual deeds let's go now to my colleague christopher spring gate he is covering the climate talks force in bonn good evening to you christopher i mean we had a lot of speeches today right we heard from the the german brezhnev the german chancellor we heard from the french president there are a lot of words what about actions.
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well. in concrete results from the speeches today i mean this is the first climate conference since president trump announced that the u.s. would be withdrawing from the paris agreement he did that last july so a lot of people at this conference have been very looking very carefully to see whether the commitment of the rest of the world to the paris agreement remains strong and that really is the most concrete result of all these speeches it does remain very strong you talked a lot about the united nations secretary general ted ish we also had the speeches from the german chancellor angela merkel the french president. both of them defining climate change and humanity central challenge both of them standing by the paris agreement very strongly and also calling for additional measures so that is something that people at this conference have been looking for today they called it . we know that they were really pushing trying to inject
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a sense of urgency in to future talks do you think that there has been this problem of expectations after the paris agreement being too high. absolutely i mean the paris climate summit in twenty fifteen that was a major breakthrough a historic breakthrough so we cannot expect the same kind of result from this climate conference in bonn it's a much more technical meeting essentially interpret the paris agreement pouring the spirit of the paris agreement into a concrete rules and regulations the nitty gritty of implementation that's what this climate conference is about at the same time there has been some interesting progress today in the area of agriculture and land use which is a sector that produces twenty five percent of global greenhouse gas emissions that area has been deadlocked. between negotiators for the last six years but today they
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managed to find agreement so the world will now be able to progress on addressing a greenhouse gas emissions that come from agriculture you know things like cattle paddy fields all of those. aspects of agriculture caused a lot of emissions the world is going to now be able to make progress because in principle an agreement has been found today on that issue all right it's a corresponding christophers brigade at those climate talks in bonn germany christopher thank you very much. well the day is nearly done but as ever the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter either at u.w. news or you can write directly to me a print off t.v. don't forget to use the hash tag of the day every member no matter what happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see then everybody.
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entered the conflict zone confronting the powerful so far the political fallout from catalonia has independence made shows no sign of being contained my guess this
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week here in brussels is spain's foreign minister alphonso das they say how has the government failed to prevent but come choose the worst was arguably its most predictable political crisis in decades one of the few next to leave. his trademark passion. i don't i it's passed by. his aim musical reconciliation. barenboim. one. the greatest musical personalities of our time is turning seventy five. in volume form the power of music. in forty five minutes on delivery. i hope to find tens of thousands of fans for their mega life sets. that lovely it's just
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a really beautiful moment when you're able to share with people a little. they clog up more air miles than a some pilots. like concert every man with us now the animal. three german d.j. superstars can't get any more bombastic the music didn't exist we had no idea what we wanted to hear and how to do it ourselves on. between back stage rooms self-discipline and a twenty four seventh's social media presence superstar deejays starting november twenty fifth on d w. so far the political fallout from catalonia as independence bid shows no sign of being contained on the contrary all sides digging in for a protracted battle my guess this week here in brussels is spain's foreign minister
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alfonso das this how has his government failed to prevent the country's worst and arguably its most predictable political crisis in decades. alfonse artist is welcome to conflict zone thank you very much pleased to be here promised around her i was in barcelona the weekend valuing to end what he called separatist havoc the eyes of the number of human rights organizations your security forces were responsible for at least part of that havoc you denied this against the video evidence broadcast by a number of mainstream broadcasting organizations around the world what did you base your denial on what i didn't deny i mean i didn't either side five so yes yes
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on the basis of what of the fact that you know of the fact of the data that were made public after this supposedly excessive force i mean there's all the people but for form from the the government of catalonia at the time they said they accepted that only four people were taken to hospital they claim that eight hundred were treated for injuries but they acknowledge that half of that were simply the attacks i mean honestly there may have been cases of force but that was not excessive force and that was not a deliberate force it was a reactions to provocation from people who prevented them from this charging the mandate that they had received by the court so if your police did nothing wrong why ignore the calls mung the international calls for an independent and impartial investigation why we.


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