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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 16, 2017 12:00pm-12:15pm CET

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no nationality i'm told they don't belong there. but everyone has the right. everyone has the right to say. this is deja news coming to you live from berlin and a crisis in zimbabwe as the faces an uncertain from this key future does the intervention of the zimbabwean ministry mean the end of robert mugabe the man who led the country's freedom struggle and began its first and only president thirty seven years ago we go live to the calf to her got it for the latest also coming up
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jill news channels the anger america warns they are still serious differences between hope and potentially coalition partners if there's no agreement by the end of today jim he could face fresh elections. and a five hundred other masterpiece but he nodded up when she becomes the most expensive piece of art episode of the notion a cool four hundred and fifty million dollars so for this incredible piece of hot. home welcome to you i'm to thought she. zimbabwe is confronting an uncertain future after the military in intervention the army remains in control of key buildings including the parliament and the state broadcaster president robert mugabe has been confined to his house as security forces patrolled the streets the opposition is
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calling for a transitional government but the military's next move is not known. the army stresses this isn't a coup but with tanks and military vehicles blocking off parliament and government buildings in the capital harare it sure looks like one and the coup is something the rest of the african union has said it will not accept. you know we in the african union are against any violent government overthrow. issued a statement saying the army should retreat and return to constitutional order. we support the legitimate zimbabwean government and in no case will we accept a forceful seizure of power for the fate of president robert mugabe and his wife grace is unclear but they appear to be in the custody of the military who say the
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couple are safe the army's intervention comes after months of power wrangling over who will succeed ninety three year old mugabe who has ruled the country since one thousand nine hundred eighty last week mugabe fired vice president emerson one ghagra he was widely viewed as the hair apparent and backed by some of the country's most powerful generals that sacking seemed to clear the path for grace mugabe to become the next in line now the military has stopped her ascent at least temporarily. and an influential group of war veterans one staunch mugabe supporters themselves is calling for him to step aside completely. that the robot governor for the better corps from his role as the president and first result appear. frustration has been growing in zimbabwe it eased to be wealthy but thirty seven years of mugabe's rule have left the economy in tatters and the question of who
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will take over to try and repair it has now been thrown wide open. and for more i'm joined now by our correspondent a privilege was fun here he's reporting for us from harare predict what is the latest situation there be are getting fresh reports the gris mugabe the wife of the president is holed up with him in the presidential palace. there is information we are getting or saluki. you know this is was no one. is too there with out about fifty or what is i've been to the people that we have arrested. information is that there was also going around that grace is now in the media so this is new information that is also coming out now that he's still in the country and with the president saw got it's hard to. get the right
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information that's. just what is really happening and that this what is known about the intentions of the army and the army was a close ally of robert mugabe do they now want to replace him or do they want to stay in power for a while. it points to a replacement i think the most of the issues are standing around succession issues that have been happening and it will impact is and of being if you look at it. i think most of the things with fewer by how powerful that the fist lady had become because the fist lady was also demeaning. me and i mean generals and even their former liberation war fighters. with the group of fourteen the g. four to a group that is also our ninety two here because what they're saying is that. they
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fought for the liberation war in the end now they're now discredited seeing their role that their liberation will fade as a lead. and so i think that's why did i needed to step in and then also the i meet his ses they also have an interest in this state. to plead to talk to what they were saying is the criminal elements that we're not sit around the president and we basically up a bit what about the opposition the movement for democratic change its leader monk morgan chang that i has just returned back into into the country and into how do. we have that years tend to have right and in the fist thing that you say you use in agreement with what i mean is done and he's committing the i me to say that what.
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was good because in the sense that. he's a long time prison. privileges i'm less than he in how to thank you very much for that update. less articulate at some other stories making news around the want lebanon's former prime minister saad hariri has accepted an invitation to travel from saudi arabia to paris that's according to the french foreign minister better routes had accused the saudis of detaining hariri following his shock resignation earlier this month. at least seven people have been killed by a suicide bomber at a political rally in the afghan capital of kabul that is according to the interior ministry is the latest in a wave of attacks to hit afghanistan that have killed and wounded thousands just this year alone german chancellor angela merkel says talks to forge
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a new government have exposed serious differences between parties but she remains optimistic about forming a coalition negotiations have entered a crucial phase with a deadline for a deal running out tonight here's what she said earlier today it's get off on all. if i expect these negotiations to take several hours. and i don't know how long they will take. but i hope that the will is there for us to achieve something. americans conservatives have been locked in difficult exploratory talks with the business friendly free democrats and the environmental greens now there is growing concern that the junior parties could walk away and trigger a snap election i asked rupert redivide if the parties were any closer together. no not really on the only thing these parties agree on is to dis agree and this is
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not very much for one must say after three weeks off for a limited area talks to form a government in the end what we do see is that as the deadline of tonight is coming closer that the tone is getting rougher and tougher especially in between the three smaller parties the junior parties sees you f.t.p. and the green party for instance the leader of the parliament of the greens in parliament today said that he cannot see that the other parties would be offering any compromise whatsoever and his counterpart of the bavarian party see as you said that the greens would still be clinging on to meet evil demands so this doesn't sound very reassuring to me then. that was a political correspondent but now would you pay four hundred and fifty million dollars for a painting well a painting by the red all sauce mostyn leonardo da vinci well one anonymous buyer did it's an astounding prize for a painting that was once thought to be by one of his students previously to change
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hands for just a few thousand dollars but at christie's in new york it was a different story. thoroughly ladies and gentlemen we move to dick cheney the subject of modern day the masterpiece fallen out of christ the savior previous in the collections of three kings of england savior of the world poor traits of jesus christ one of fewer than twenty paintings known to exist by their own a son's master ninety minute looking for ninety five in house christie said the presale estimates at one hundred million dollars but that was soon exceeded ninety five and i gave one third over it why not instead i have it one hundred ten million dollars give me one twenty the bidding via phone just getting going on ninety is bit you heard it you place your place with francoise in a fifth place that one hundred ninety for the leonardo at one hundred ninety million give me two hundred one ninety is bit two hundred million is bid at two
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hundred million two hundred million just how high could he go at two hundred eighty million dollars so we're all down maybe not. don't take a photograph quite the next milestone three hundred we'll give it to ninety six. i thought so the three hundred million. and even though it's was in the top. three hundred seventy million back to france was clause three hundred and seventy million dollars. for him it is the. out of service of what is selling here at christie's four hundred million dollars is the bit the pin is. so. with an extra fifty million commission for christie's the total price tag four hundred fifty
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million dollars the buyer has so far remained anonymous so we don't know if the public will ever get a chance to see the work again thanks for joining me now is robert and he is an auctioneer order and an art expert with a gun in bag and house here in but and welcome robert that's an incredible painting and it is by leonardo da vinci but who possibly could afford to pay so much money for a piece of art i have a i have no idea who my divider off duty or not driven sheet and it was probably the gates bill gates spent in one nine hundred ninety s. bill gates i would say so because he spent on the leicester codex nine hundred ninety four almost thirty two million and he is a prominent bio of very exclusive art and she has money to afford such a painting the spectacular the price is wonderful. ok it's
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a big it certainly has the money as you said but we still don't know it's still being described as an anonymous buyer the four hundred and fifty million dollars never has a painting fetch such a huge price what do you make of this as an auctioneer. well it shows me that there's a lot of money on the market there's a demand for masterpieces this huge demand for peace that you can only buy once in your lifetime and this puts it all together there were only two buyers at the end spending almost half a billion of us of story of dollars it was spectacular and there's so much market and demand for high class and teak and fine art of course usually they spend money on modern art more surprisingly was an old master painting achieving such a huge amount of four hundred fifty million dollars amazing unbelievable stuff
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there she is writing a. letter you know as an auctioneer and as an art to x. what do you think this painting was really what it. that is a really good question it is oil on wood so. if you ask me from that point of view of course it's not that much money but of course if you're really like. an art collector as it's top you're seeking for museum quality and it was the last piece existing in private hands by leonardo da vinci on the last piece you can imagine of course your last time your last chance to buy such an artwork on the aftermarket of course it's not worth four hundred fifty million it's worth what the payer is willing to pay for it and it's shows me that really. interesting pieces with.
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a long history of course and it was such a great name of united when she it attracts by all over the world that's right and i love me it shows me people love out and and there's still a market for art you have to leave it there robert and i'm actually a and an expert great to have you on the show. you're watching the devaney is still to come workers alarmed at siemens a german dutch giant is likely to announce mass in the office more on that story in our business news which is coming up with helena humphrey shortly. children white chocolate.


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