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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 16, 2017 3:00pm-4:01pm CET

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this is news coming to you live from berlin the clock ticks on germany's sash for a new government as a final push gets underway german chancellor angela merkel warns there are still serious differences between hope and potentially coalition partners and nor do you
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could mean fresh elections for germany also coming up officials are drug of mugabe of zimbabwe to step aside this chance remain in control of the streets the military and its backers want the nation's first and only president to give way to a new era and the prius there's so. that i ponder room hasta peacefully not a da vinci becomes the most expensive piece of art ever so he doesn't know action so who bought this incredible painting. lost the fight against doping in sport the world anti-doping agency backs a ban on russia taking part in february is a winter olympics it says the country has turned on deadwood state on sponsor cheating. and an island paradise that could soon be under water kitty bhatti is on the front line of climate change as the u.n. climb. as confidence goes to
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a close in germany. color of a warm welcome to you i'm under that shima the countdown is on for germany to get a new government chancellor angela merkel says talks have exposed serious differences between the parties but she remains optimistic about forging a coalition now metals conservatives have been locked in difficult exploratory talks with the business friendly tree democrats and the environmental remains now there's growing concern that the junior parties could walk away and trigger a snap election the deadline to reach a deal runs out tonight still america was upbeat ahead of today's crucial session. today is the day when we have to push ourselves in the other's situation we have to
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ask ourselves what is important for them if we succeed and i believe that this council seat then there can be a positive outcome at the end of today's negotiations. the efforts to form a so-called jamaica coalition have run up against major policy divisions the list of outstanding problems is a long one but the main sticking points is migration with disagreement over family reunions and the deportation oft failed asylum seekers climate protection and energy are also bones of contention and the greens want to shut down fired power plants the other parties are deadly against it and the list goes on and on and on with differences on many of the issues including agriculture now the final negotiations are expected to be tough and to go deep into the night now for some german voters the delay is unfolding a government is proving very frustrating others are optimistic that
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a deal can still be reached have a listen. expense i don't know it would be nice if they could agree because that's how germans voted. and it would be going to make a deal with the tandem and the sponsorship soviet i hope that is signed fast and remember what was promised during the elections and for the whole country of germany i hope we will soon have a working government again on. this thing and it does i don't think they will agree i think there might be fresh elections because none of the parties is willing to make concessions strictly following the party lines oh no. it will work out not because the individual parties are convinced but because of our interest. it would be nice if they could agree before new year's. and i thought well it's sort of the next two months i mean we still have the old government in office whether or not the new government will really change things and i'm not sure so it doesn't really matter.
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now politically correspondent charlotte ponce is following those exploratory talks and forming a new government and she joins me now shot of now is this a make or break a round of talks do you think on forming a new government. yeah it is certainly a make or break moment that we are about to experience tonight there i mean let's look at where we're at we it's been eight weeks since the national elections four weeks since negotiations started so the pressure on the parties to really bring this to a close or even call it quits tonight is really high it's something needs to happen now and germans as you just heard are also getting anxious so the pressure is high but as you also mentioned these are just exploratory to exploratory talks after that comes around of coalition talks where they will have to draw up policy proposals that they want to implement for the next four years so it will be most certainly some time before germany has
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a new government in place but as this all the other lots of contentious issues how likely is it that there really be an agreement at the end of the night. some of the politicians who have been participating in the talks and also observers have really been saying that these have been the toughest negotiations in post world war german germany history and that is because the parties are they are such ideological differences between the parties and between the policy proposals especially between the greens and the very insistent party of the conservatives the c.s.u. and also the business friendly liberals a lot of controversial issues that you have mentioned before especially on migration they are not sure how to proceed on that so the big question is if these differences are bridgeable tonight and others that have been going into these negotiate goshi ations today have been calling and urging for a spirit of compromise and we'll have to see if that really sits well from what i
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think and what from what we've been kind of hearing from inside the talks i think that these negotiations could come to a success to a compromise tonight and coalition talk talks will start them soon but short of what happens if these talks really what will this mean for chance for anglo-american. well a lot of the politicians involved have been saying it would be an absolute catastrophe if they fail there are two options then that one would be to form a minority government basically led by the strongest party with the conservatives that is one option very unlikely because that is doomed to be unstable and because of germany's nazi past that is quite difficult the other option is to call snap elections and that is a an extremely difficult process it would also be the first time after coalition talks failed that germany would have called a snap elections nobody really is keen on that because it could also strengthen the
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political extremes so the pressure again is really high to make it work in these exploratory talks and to come to a conclusion tonight shall have bottled up while i'm interested you thank you very much for that of first moment and i feel my grandson arriving in europe and that's partly down to the closure of the route through the balkans and stricter controls off the coast of libya but with those routes locked down more people are trying to make it across the mediterranean to spin more refugees arrived in spain during the first nine months of two thousand and seventeen than in any previous year round one hundred people a day are making that crossing most of the refugees are from north and west africa mainly morocco the majority land in andalusia in southern spain once the there are many try to survive by working illegally in the fruit and vegetable farms of the region as in the area around the coastal city of aluminum d.j. abuse oliver salat has this report. for these illegal migrants
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the struggle for survival begins every morning at the break of dawn at a roundabout near alma rio they gather and wait hoping to be hired working in the nearby greenhouses is their only source of income in a place where they believe they would find wealth and freedom those who are invited into one of these minivans are the lucky ones. we want to find out about their living conditions and meet a young man from mali he doesn't want to give us his name but he tells us about his job as an illegal day laborer eight hours of field work pays forty euros he says but they often get less than what they were promised today once again he doesn't get hired. this might not be the kind of year old these migrants were expecting who's lucky can find work in one of the greenhouses where they find
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exploitation and dire conditions but without valid documents this is the only way to survive. social worker hussey got a c.e.o. wants to warn the migrants about exploitation he and his colleagues from the andalusian labor union say illegal migrants are particularly vulnerable handing out fliers he wants to inform them about their rights. for one day you're supposed to earn forty six euros and seventy two cents only eight hours of work. these illegal workers see i might not have any documents but they do have rights if we want to let them know that the spanish laws protecting them and about the minimum wage they're supposed to earn and the conditions they should demand but it's hard to demand your rights if you don't have documentation in the p.p.
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if you don't know that i took on the not going to the woman ok own. moral from ali takes us to what he calls his home tucked away between the many greenhouses. he shares a flat with seven other farm workers and it's lucky to have electricity and running water but there's not enough money to buy proper food he says. leftovers from last night's dinner plain rice and nothing else if it was an easy one. further down the road we find an abandoned house home to a group of moroccan migrants eighteen year old yousef invites us in to see how they live the hygiene it can dish ans are poor they have no running water to wash their clothes these counting or so what they used to shower. we wonder why use estates here in these conditions he says life in morocco was as bad as it is
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here but after three years as an illegal alien he can get an official residence permit in spain. oh. at night the spanish sea rescue service saves fifty four young men from sub-saharan africa. the dream of a better life is what brings them to europe and in this very moment everyone on board believes they're going to achieve exactly that. down look at some other stories making news around the world british police have said the final death toll from the plane fell tower fire seventy one including a stillborn baby official said investigators had pushed up the van trees of what was scientifically possible to identify the victims the blaze broke out overnight in june quickly spreading through the tower block and trapping people inside. at least nine people have been killed by a suicide bomb of
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a political rally in the afghan capital kabul so what islamic state has claimed responsibility is the latest in a wave of attacks in afghanistan that have killed and wounded power thousands this year alone human rights watch as accuse me and mark the mian mahdi military of widespread rape of women and girls the rights group alleges that for the past three months men must security forces have you sexual violence as a tactic of ethnic cleansing targeting the muslim minority in the country me and mass army has denied the allegations. turning out to zimbabwe which is facing an uncertain future after the military intervention earlier this week the army remains in control of key buildings including the parliament and the state broadcaster president robert mugabe has been confined to his house as security forces patrolling the streets the opposition is calling for
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a transitional government but it's still not clear what the military's next move is going to be. tanks are still in key positions on the streets of zimbabwe's capital harare a day after the military seize control of the country the streets a bustling again after many businesses shut their doors on wednesday. this issue which is going to keep people returning to their jobs. in the quiet way in a good way. everything is normal ever is normal the shops are open people are back to work everyone that is except zimbabwe's ninety three year old ailing president robert mugabe he hasn't been seen since the military takeover but he said to be under house arrest and safe room is a flying about whether his wife grace is with him or whether she managed to flee the country before the military action grace's ambitions to succeed a husband are said to be behind the current turmoil last week. vice president the
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army potentially saw this as paving the way for grace to take over the military's actions dari have put a stop to her hopes for some zimbabweans that is welcome news. the division bridges problem is very good because we're looking for it for news about the bit about the sacked vice president and mr and. is tipped to head a transitional government backed by the military an option the african union said it wouldn't support. it if indeed you know you know if we in the african union are against any violent government overthrow. issued a statement saying the army should retreat and return to constitutional order if you don't support the legitimate zimbabwean government and in no case of good will we accept a force for seizure of power or force. him that power belongs to is still an open question. and for more i'm joined now by our correspondent
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a privilege was fun here he's reporting for us from hadi predict what is the latest situation there be are getting fresh reports that gris mugabe the wife of the president is holed up with him in the presidential palace. there is information we are getting or saluki. you know this was no one. there without about fifteen or what is happened with that we have arrested. information is that there was also going around that race is now in the media so this is new information that is also coming out now that he's still in the country and we think the president so it's hard to. get the right information that's. just what is really. and at this what is known about the
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intentions of the army and the army it was a close ally of robert mugabe do they now want to replace him or do they want to stay in power for a while. it points to a replacement i think most of the issues are standing around succession issues that have been happening and it will impact is and of being if you look at it. i think one of the things with fewer by how powerful that the fist lady had become because the fish lady was also demeaning. me in the army generals and even their former liberation war fighters. with the group of fourteen there they do forty group that is also our ninety two here because what they're saying is that. they fought for the liberation war in the end now they're now discredited seeing their role that their liberation war fighters lead. and
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so i think that's why the i needed to step in and then also the i meet his ses they also have an interest in this state. to plead to put a stop to what they were saying is the criminal elements that we're not sit around the president. and we basically a pretty what about the opposition the movement for democratic change its leader monk morgan chang that i has just returned back into into the country and into how . yeah we hear that years tend to have been in the fist thing that you say. is in agreement with what i mean is done and he's committing the army to say that. was good because in the sense that. he's a long time prison. privileges
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a muslim he in how to thank you very much for that update. as news in zimbabwe a bill through western when we journalists were searching the reliable information many turned to social media but there was a problem fake information being spread online a social media edited read has been digging into that story and is that me right down the studio welcome john why was it so difficult to get information out of zimbabwe well it's important to get a bit of about the media landscape in zimbabwe in regards to this military intervention the state media under reporting what's going on a few independent journalists that are able to work do so under threats and restrictions as do foreign media so this is a setting that allows things like room and misinformation to spread in zimbabwe the messenger service whatsapp is the most popular way to spread information for us foreign journalists we often tend to tweet in times of breaking news and
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unfortunately in regards to this military intervention some foreign media turn to the wrong twitter accounts to work out what was going on so what happened well i'm going to show you an example that caught a lot of foreign media out it's this twitter account that you can see right here which a lot of media cited as the official account of zimbabwe's ruling party during the military intervention it was tweeting a lot including kinds like this that were a tweet at five thousand times last night the first family was detained and saif both for the constitution and the sanity of the nation this was necessary today begins a fresh new era and come right more than god why the sect vice president will help us achieve a bit is in bob way now this account was cited by george savella and the b.b.c. among others that he is the thing it wasn't the official account a little bit of digging would have revealed that it's a parody account is something pretty bizarre that it tweeted back in two thousand and fourteen hipsters should be lined up and forced to sing the national anthem and
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be shot one by one could design and. this is apparently a very well known in parody account in zimbabwe and i guess it's a lesson for journalists to go to the right souls for the right information absolutely i mean this is really shocking but then how does one then make sure one gets a reliable information out of zimbabwe well that's the big question it's difficult but it isn't impossible and we have a lot of great colleagues here at torch of ella africa experts who have told us that in recent years a lot of small independent media have sprung up a journalist two that are doing their very best to report reliable information one of them is a journalist named mugabe where he is a journalist of the two sixty three chat website he has his advice for those following news updates in zimbabwe be very cautious about following and interacting with social media accounts that were created recently please verify beforehand i'm
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raising on our website today we have got an a really great article by all journalists. outlining the situation of the media in zimbabwe and telling our viewers an hour a day is how they can best get the right information out is in bob way and that's on our website which is the w dot com very useful information given that the situation in zimbabwe is so fluid at the moment janet read from a social media disc thank you now would you pay four hundred fifty million dollars for a painting when a painting by there it is salsa moffitt leonardo da vinci one anonymous via did not an astounding prize for a painting that was once taught to be by want to students previously it had changed hands for just a few thousand dollars but at christie's in new york it was a different and dramatic story. thoroughly ladies and gentlemen we move to dick cheney the subject of modern day the masterpiece probably not of christ the savior
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of previous in the collections of three kings of england savior of the world a portrait of jesus christ one of fewer than twenty paintings known to exist by their own a son's master ninety minute looking for ninety five and house christie's said the presale estimates at one hundred million dollars but that was soon exceeded ninety five and i gave one third of it why not instead i have it one hundred ten million go get me one twenty the bidding via phone just getting going on ninety has been you heard it you place your place with francoise in a fifth place that one hundred ninety for the leonardo at one hundred ninety million give me two hundred one ninety is bit two hundred million is bid at two hundred million two hundred million just how high could it go at two hundred eighty million dollars so we're all down maybe not. don't take a photograph quite the next milestone three hundred we'll give it to ninety six.
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i thought so the three hundred million. and even though it's was in the top. three hundred seventy million back to france was planned three hundred and seventy million dollars and that was four hundred million the. then out of service of what is selling here at christie's four hundred million dollars is the bit the piss. so the. with an extra fifty million commission for christie's the total price tag four hundred fifty million dollars the buyer has so far remained anonymous so we don't know if the public will ever get a chance to see the work again thanks joining me now is robert and he is an auctioneer order and an art expert with a gun in bag and house here in butt and welcome robert that's an incredible
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painting and it is by leonardo da vinci but who possibly could afford to pay so much money for a piece of art i have a i have no idea who my be to buy your off duty or not driven sheet and it was probably the gates bill gates spent in the nine hundred ninety s. bill gates i would say so because he spent on the leicester codex nine hundred ninety four almost thirty two million and he is a prominent bio of very exclusive art and she has money to afford such a painting the spectacular the price is wonderful. ok it's a big it certainly has the money as you said but we still don't know it's still being described as an anonymous buyer the four hundred and fifty million dollars never has a painting fetch such a huge price what do you make of this as an auctioneer.
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well it shows me that there's a lot of money on the market there's a demand for masterpieces as huge demand for pieces you can only buy it once in your lifetime and this puts it all together there were only two buyers at the end spending almost half a billion of us of story of dollars it was spectacular and there's so much market and demand for high class and teak and fine art of course usually they spent money on modern art more surprisingly was an old master painting achieving such a huge amount of four hundred fifty million dollars amazing unbelievable stuff and there's the and i think i. read it as an auctioneer and as an art to x. what do you think this painting was really what it. that is a really good question it is oil on wood so. if you ask me from that point of view
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of course it's not worth that much money but of course if you really like. an art collector as its top you're seeking for museum quality and it was the last piece existing in private hands by leonardo da vinci on the last piece you can imagine of course your last time your last chance to buy such an artwork on the aftermarket of course it's not worth four hundred fifty million it's worth what the payer is willing to pay for it and it's shows me that really. interesting pieces with. a long history of course and it was such a great name of united when she that attracts by all over the world that's right and i know me it shows me people love out and and there's still a market for art we have to leave it there robert and i actually and an expert great to have you on the show. in watching the news coming up ahead the wood anti
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doping agency has backed to ban on russia participating in the winter olympics are to achree its medal hopes really on ice. and the pacific nation of kitty bhatti is one of those most threatened by rising sea levels can the u.n. climate conference in germany make enough progress to save katie bodies islands. or that and more including business suits coming up shortly stay with the news coming to live from berlin. health. and hearings to law. solidarity. they fall by the wayside when the gap between rich and poor grows.
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like in an equal societies. in forty five minutes on d w. again we say at full speed. anyway. but always on the move. mobility today and in the future. drive it on g.w. . your children like chocolate.
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you can't live without your smartphone. to go to major hopes the supermarket. as we go about our daily lives human rights often don't last too long a home runs. in visible hands. in the twenty first century. starting december second on g.w. . you're watching news coming to you live from berlin and i'm a touch a great pleasure to have your company on stories on the mechanised war and there are still serious differences between how conservatives and potentially coalition
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office a deadline for exploratory coalition talks ends today if a deal cannot be reached jungly could face fresh elections. zimbabwe remains under military control a day off to the army seized key institutions president robert mugabe is under house arrest as official seek a peaceful solution to the army's intervention. next business day is the daniel. here in germany political leaders are trying to hammer out a deal for a coalition government compromises are in sight for everything from refugee policy to energy but so far nobody is talking about the country's poor record and encouraging women into senior management the european statistics office says the highest percentage of women working in private companies in the e.u. is in latvia where fifty three percent of leadership positions are occupied by
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women in bulgaria and poland women occupy forty four percent of leadership positions followed closely by ireland and a stony within the e.u. germany's last place with italy and cyprus with women making up twenty two percent of management though germany's chancellor is a woman many activists say politics like corporate boardrooms remain mostly a man's game in europe's biggest economy but we're going to get some more on this now from the association of german women entrepreneurs joining me now is claudio of course nigga thank you very much for coming in to talk to us do you think those numbers are a shock or are you satisfied with the way that things are progressing. this must be a joke because they're the problem women's progress of stalin they at least sell there there are signs that they're backsliding in women in leadership positions we
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are not at all not at all satisfied ok so we've had a lot of talk from politicians here about boosting women in business at the w twenty conference for example angela merkel making a very prominent speech that but that's barely if at all featured in the exploratory coalition talks are going on at the moment on me to leaders all talk and no action on this. sturdy to say. that there is effort been taken by potential coalition partners so but right now it seems that there are more complicated fields to talk about in the exploratory dialogues so we we still hope that these coalitions parties for example have something in their preamble talking about women and equality ok so what action specifically would you like to see the next government taking in order to encourage women into leadership positions of
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players there of course there is this parity issue very important still so we were age seventy not pay parity but like women in leadership we introduced a quota regulation last year for the first time and i think there is still it needs more progress because we observe or the late latest statistics show that the progress is very very slow plus there it is only progress when there is a fix quota there is no progress if it's on a voluntary basis and it's asked our chancellor sat at the german women union gathering in september if there is no voluntary effort it needs the. economy or business the business partner need to be forced it is pay still issue are women not being paid the same as men throughout their working careers not only
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as a discriminant discrimination effect but i would rather say that the. that the development of women or a day are biography is different to those of mansoul they are they need an equal access to leadership positions they need to be able to choose to same amount of working hours like to actually because some people say mostly men actually that women are free to do what they want in society there are now so many positive role models women have great access to education as well and they are tend to be very well educated too so why are there still so few women in boardrooms why do we still need new initiatives you're right when when you're talking about education but the rest i'd like to. make some notes whenever it comes to the first years in and the professional lives then you see that women are not as fast as men and this very often is due to the fact that they care more about family
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so this is still the duty of women and not a man and as long as we don't change this role model then we won't have enough and the same number of women in leadership positions plenty of progress still needs to be made to that cloud vehicles and they get thank you very much for coming in strong interest and. folks wagon is ramping up production of electric cars in china the german com a can says it will spend ten million euros over the next seven years to develop new eco hybrids for the chinese market v.w. aims to produce four hundred thousand because annually by twenty twenty that compares to about four million v.w. cars sold in china last year and it comes off to china announced the world's most stringent electric mobility quotas. has been making efforts to move away from combustion engines after it admitted two years ago to cheating on diesel emissions tests and in frankfurt one thing this forces general jim alone so legal troubles
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have shares sliding yesterday now it looks like v.w. is one of the clear winners in trading from sustainable business alton's well i would say it's optimism with a cause that flight sound is upping its electoral ability game in the world's most important carmaker a car market could hardly be considered a bad thing but of course it also depends on the cars that they produce and how well they stack up against the competition they'll fight song and said that they would be producing cars that had a range on a single charge of four hundred to six hundred kilometers compare that with the tesla model s. which can run up apparently up to six hundred thirty two is a little bit more now it has also said that it was opening up its own production facility in shanghai just a few weeks ago so obviously what we're going to see is a very crowded market in china as automakers a jockey for position a gentle do alone bank you very much for that. things could get tense today at zimmerman's management of the german engineering firm has called for an emergency
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meeting likely to announce mass layoffs prompted by weaknesses in the turbines business gas power turbines belong to the oldest and most important products from siemens they generate electricity at gas fired power plants but demand has collapsed the firm forecast orders for just one hundred new turbines next year now this number here includes all farms all manufacturers worldwide yet siemens alone has the capacity to make one hundred and thirty turbines clearly more the needed add to that other suppliers all of the turbine makers put together could make four hundred units so worldwide demand being much lower means more problems for siemens of course its turbine subsidiary is one of the biggest in the company and the second most profitable last year turbines made up twenty percent of siemens profits and that's why workers a searing the worst and tire plants are under threat of closure thousands of jobs
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are at stake and they're mostly jobs in the europe where most siemens turbine works located company workers have been out protesting the planned cuts they're calling on management to show some vision above all they don't see why they should lose their jobs when zimmerman's conglomerate as a whole is raking in billions of euros profits. and i hand you back over to amrita for sports now that's right thank you very much daniel now russia's hopes of making february is going to loom big still hang in the balance this after the word anti duping agency decided not to lift its suspension the international olympic committee will make the final decision either banning russia outright allowing some athletes to compete and run neutral flag but that too could cause problems and complications has more. this is sold and the world anti-doping agency's latest meeting the verdict it doesn't look good for russia the country's anti-doping body has met our water requirements to have its two years
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suspension lifted and it could cost them a spot at the winter games the greed of compliance for the russian on to do the agency has been fulfilled in many ways but there are still two issues which remain unfulfilled the main reason the refusal to publicly accept allegations of state sponsored doping. let's look with what is the sponsored oping it's the practice of doping drugs with state money or drugs that are given to athletes that cannot have been the case. that's not our access to the urine samples from suspected cheats is the second sticking point our moscow reporter doc savage has the latest on the sample controversy. the russian unto doping agency isn't allowing sealed samples from russian flags to be tested at tests could prove that even more affluence to perform and hansen drugs there we know of so far russian president
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vladimir putin is under pressure but the country's sports minister has already come out calling the latest decision political in character investigative reporter higher says ultimately russia may not be able to compete under its own flag. if that will happen then it has been said already by the russian government and the russians it will not go to the olympics it will be a boycott that will be a dramatic development the international olympic committee will have the final say in december. to soccer now or football as i call it in peru have grabbed the thirty second and fun spot in the world cup in russia next to you can see jubilant fans there on the south american side defeated new zealand two nil in their playoff second leg this will be produced first appearance at a world cup since nineteen eighty two now that peru have taken the last four three
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know the seedings and the parts for next june and july as world cup the draw for the group stage will be made in the kremlin in moscow on the first of december this is a look at the pots now and among the top seeds we see the usual suspects and part one with the notable exception of course of italy which was eliminated but there is also a surprise the off poland they benefit from their hi fi foreign king after strong qualifying campaign moving to part two and peru find themselves among the second seeds along with the former winners spain and england patri includes tournament debutants iceland who now know that they cannot be drawn in the same group as fellow nordic nations denmark and sweden remember europe is the only confederation that can have two teams in one group and the final part has some comparatively big names such as full a semifinalist south korea they are set for a very tough group indeed. acadia watching the news coming up ahead the
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congo tribunals is an example of taking over where justice fails is it a real tribunals or just political here robin mayer from our culture desk has the answer he'll be joining me in just a bit. the trust over the last two weeks we've been reporting from the united nations climate conference in the german city of bonn the big topic on the agenda is reducing carbon dioxide emissions wildlife in a bid to the rise of global temperature as the what the effects of rising temperatures is melting ice sheets and that in turn means rising ocean levels a lot the most endangered and areas in the pacific the pacific island nation of kitty bhatti people there have lived with the sea for centuries but now it is threatening to wipe out their lives the waves are destroying their homes if nothing changes evacuation would be the only way out. welcome
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to tour carrie barty's main island if climate change really does start racing countries from the map this tiny pacific island just one hundred fifty kilometers from the equator will be the first to go. we travel by plane speed boat and truck to a place which others are fleeing. by young atoll is two hours from toronto. the small population has traditionally lived on with and from the water now that same water has become their enemy maria cabrera is a rug maker she recalls the times they've had to relocate because of flooding. oh and then why wouldn't i think. we've moved our hut four times the waves came right up into the high seas where afraid that if the huge waves come again they'll
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destroy our home. window i don't know yet what. the ocean is literally devouring the island at low tide there's nothing but coral here a desert of it fifteen years ago there were palm trees and a beach now hundreds of metres of land have disappeared when the floods come they have an unprecedented power merciless. in what i want to call human and the hind me used to be land. and the fish trap was very close to the show. you could walk there. further dined there was even a road but that's gone now. in just a few decades kiribati could disappear entirely underwater fiji's three hours away by plane the south pacific island is hosting a conference ended finding solutions to the potential disappearance of islands on
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the tongue former president of kiribati may have won whilst in office he purchased land in fiji his aim to provide his people with a sense of security. projection suggests that our lives will be underwater by the end of the century hearing that our lives will be under water so you know to do adapt we would have to fight where to live next whether we build up the islands and live on floating islands or we find somewhere else to go. in short evacuation. we fly on to the new or leave fiji second largest island this is tang's promised land the areas covered with tropical rain forest vastly different from coastal terrain. anyone arriving here from kiribati will have to learn to survive. residents know of carry bodies back up plan and they're
3:47 pm
wary. what if the foreigners do actually come. it did me a big problem there but yeah what could happen. maybe really they find a way to maybe. they won't give up that is really going to be living devastation here and. we head to the potential refuge there's no c.x. says here instead of a gravel track leading fifty kilometers inland from saddam saville. it's a one and a half hour trip. kiribati paid nine million dollars for the land which comes with neither electricity nor ocean. but there is a village navea via its three hundred residents are descendants of plantation
3:48 pm
slaves from the solomon islands the land sale has shrunk their area to just fifty hectors kiribati meanwhile owns two thousand hectors twenty square kilometers. navi of years village chief leads us up the steep slopes kiribati plans to use these for agriculture how tens of thousands of former fish or people are supposed to survive year is beyond him. and so these. but. hugh at the. people of cuba but he went because the weekend. of the relationship with. fiji of course has its own climate problems but the volcanic island towers above
3:49 pm
sea level and there's plenty of space cure about his former president wanted to make a point if the rest of the world continues to do nothing we'll help ourselves. he calls it migration with dignity but for now it's an invasion. see wars in ruins. it's not clear to what extent global warming is changing our planet. but the water is coming it's rising and kiribati is bang in the middle of it all. the ocean has destroyed all but one of our young villages flooding salinisation the population resistance is pointless. to them it's just fun these kids can't understand that the fresh water lagoon is gone the milk fishes well that the
3:50 pm
palm trees are losing fruit. and i said all told the. tonight now used to be bananas here and papayas that with lots of houses and a shop. the whole place was full of people and freight and plants. and. freshwater in the south of the atoll maria's daughter in law helps her wash up a mother of eleven maria had everything under control but she fears no one is a match for the rising floods. well i don't when i get what i want out i got a lot when i look at a village the island is falling apart the plants are dying. i believe there's no future for us here soon everything will be underwater it was simply become part of the same. you know.
3:51 pm
the sophisticated director mueller now is not the most controversial directors iran today who mixes real events and real people with activists and the p.x. tricks of the stage and i just made a firm about one of his projects going the congo tribunals robin miller from aakash to desk is here to talk more about this welcome robin so this is a friend as well as a piece of theatre do i get that right yeah it's a bit of both i mean when i would call it very much political theater rather than straight is because take the the congo tribunals it's about the civil war that's been raging for decades in the congo of course and rai set up on stage a fictitious courts of law but with actual protagonists from the conflict from eyewitnesses from the conflict and also the victims of the conflict and also some actors it's a bit like a truth and reconciliation commission but with some actors if half explains it it's
3:52 pm
conducted like a real trial but there's no prosecutions at the end because of course it has no jurisdiction is not a court of law now before he did the stage production went the congo to do some research took a camera team with him and what he found there is quite harrowing. milorad in the province of south kivu where the congo tribunals project conducted intensive inquiry. this is the first. place this is. you know the government any. government. ok. the swiss theatre director was clearly shocked by what he saw and heard and i mean i know. but. what. can i say.
3:53 pm
but the first session of the congo tribe you know taking place within the country manage the impossible it brought together former rebels victims and politicians the more who was there that even. if you voted that field. it is even mustn't. do that if you make this up or does that mean that i like a lodge with me. at the fourteen hour berlin hearings economists social scientists and n.g.o.s examined to the conflicts broader origins. its roots in colonialism and in the advanced
3:54 pm
worlds hung up for the congo's rich mineral resources. of course that's just a taste of the film incidentally the film has already been shown in the congo and since that film two politicians have stepped down from their posts so his work may arise were obviously having some effect if he makes a very compelling case i must say looking at that kind of report that we had earlier that neither raul is it is not surprising that he himself is a journalist when he started his yes he started his career as a journalist he's obviously still got the investigative reporter in him i mean he documents important real global events through his theatre works and his theatre company is actually coles as an extraordinary the international institute of political murder and for years he's been fighting injustices through cultural projects now we've got some pictures of some of his former so this is hate radio
3:55 pm
from twenty eleven and it's about the hate propaganda that was broadcast on a rwandan radio station that bizarrely helped trigger the rwandan genocide of nine hundred ninety four then this is five easy pieces which has children stone telling the story of the notorious belgian child murder a month a true very controversial subject very controversial the children are involved doing this sort of thing that is most. it was actually here in berlin it's called the general assembly and it has a subtitle the storming of the rise time and he set up a model world parliament in the theater and invited sixty so-called delegates from around the world to attend and part of it also at the end they they they went to the rise and well they're not really storming is are they sort of jogging gently towards it but it was you know it's as i say. he's at the cutting edge of political theatre he's very controversial he's very contentious and confrontational and and very thought provoking and in turn very compelling i would say they are interesting
3:56 pm
stuff and more on your website until. d.w. dot com slash culture. been there for michael to death thank you very much. here's a recap of the top story that you're following for you. a serious differences between a conservative and potential coalition a deadline for exploratory coalition talks ends today if indeed. they could face fresh elections. that's a true me a myth that she not enough and. more news coming up for you show up their.
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