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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 16, 2017 6:00pm-6:15pm CET

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keep you on your toes crime frightens terry's the best idea ever so every young person needs to listen to crime fighters and share tell a friend tell a friend to friend. forgers don't miss it. this is the news live from bergland the stakes could not be higher the next few hours could decide whether i'm going to marble remains chancellor of germany as talks to form a new coalition government to go down to the wire. also coming up it's time to go the opposition tell zimbabwe's leader robert mugabe to stand down but he is
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reported to be refusing to quit. the pings is so. a five hundred year old masterpiece by the united to venture becomes the most expensive piece of art ever sold at auction so who bought this incredible painting . i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program thanks for joining us it is a decisive day in german politics talks aimed at forming a new coalition government after september's general election have entered their final day now if these talks collapse and the country could face new elections merkel says that she is confident they will succeed but as we report the parties are still far apart on many key issues. four weeks of negotiations
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have seen the chances for a so-called jamaica coalition hover at fifty fifty one thing is clear there's still no love lost between the very parties who say they want to govern under chancellor on the america. that talk on a daily is a day when we have to put ourselves in the shoes of the other side and ask what is important to them. on balance a lot you can achieve that kind and if we do we will also achieve a positive result at the end of these negotiations and when stephen negotiators come and go those who face the microphones are still busy placing blame and stressing their own limits notably when it comes to the right of all refugees to have their families join them in germany. i need to say one thing is clear we will insist on the right of refugees with subsidiary protection to be reunited with
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their families in germany that's an issue of trust for us here. when i look up to but other parties already fear a public backlash if thousands of migrants are allowed to bring their families to germany. because. we can't just sign things here that could fan on extremism in germany. that is why we are available for a fact oriented solution rooted in humanitarian reasoning german foreign policy appears to have become the latest casualty in the struggle to strike a deal between the four parties. we've taken a step back and now that the foreign deployment of german forces became an issue again all foreign policy issues are back on hold. while the exploratory talks for a government coalition could be extended public patience with unlimited efforts to forge a coalition is running thin. let's talk
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a little more about those efforts charlotte potts is standing outside now at the side of those talks so charlotte fair to say this is a make or break round and what's the latest there. well it's definitely a make or break day it's been eight weeks since the german elections four weeks and so these negotiations started and right behind me you just mentioned it the party negotiators of the four parties are meeting at this hour and hoping to present some kind of compromise at the end of the night or say look we have tried for four weeks now this is not working out and of course these are just exploratory talks it's a first step then coalition talks will follow where they will have to find policy proposals for the next four years so it'll take some time until germany has a new government maybe until christmas or even after christmas charlotte what is the general mood what we are talking about you know the major players in these negotiations how are they talking about each other how are they talking about the
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issues how are they talking to the public and what does it say about when we could get the result here. well the mood hasn't been great especially between the smaller parties that are negotiating here between the greens the business friendly f.t.p. and the bavarian conservatives the c.s.u. we've heard some quite some harsh statements from them within those four weeks of negotiations they could be much more excited about this this is the first time this coalition would be possible on a national level between those four parties and it's really been quite some tough statements so we'll have to see if they can overcome that this might be also just a strategy outside for their party base to appear that they are being ideologically stable on what they've promised during the elections and within we've been hearing that the talks are much more respectful towards each other and that there has been already a preliminary paper. to the press tonight could could tell us that negotiations
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are actually coming to a compromise tonight ok so that's one case scenario the scenario where we do indeed get a compromise we'll talk about the other case in areal if these talks fail what does that mean for angle americal and her party. well negotiators have been saying that if these talks fail that would be a real catastrophe it would mean that there could be called snap elections soon new elections and germany which has never been done before when coalition talks fail that they've called for new elections and it would be a disaster for chancellor angela merkel because she is a very skilled negotiator and she is leading those talks you know as as the chancellor in place at the moment so if these talks fail it will that would be also her failure and it would weaken her in the months to come and in a possible new election where she might not then pose as
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a candidate for chancellor for her conservative party that would be a major change indeed charlotte office with the very latest on these german coalition talks right outside of where those negotiations are taking place thank you. elsewhere in the world reports from zimbabwe say that president robert mugabe is holding talks with the country's military tarion envoys from south africa the country has been plunged into uncertainty since the military seized power and put mugabe under house arrest opposition leaders are calling on him to step down after nearly forty years in power and allow free and fair elections but it's still unclear how the crisis will be resolved tanks are still in key positions on the streets of zimbabwe's capital harare a day after the military seize control of the country. the streets a bustling again after many businesses shut their doors on wednesday. the situation is going to keep people are they are now returning to their jobs. in the quiet way
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in a good way. everything is normal ever is normal the shops are open people are back to work everyone that is except zimbabwe's a ninety three year old ailing president robert mugabe he hasn't been seen since the military takeover but he said to be under house arrest and safe room is a flying about whether his wife grace is with him or whether she managed to flee the country before the military action graces ambitions to succeed a husband a said to be behind the current turmoil last week mugabe sacked his vice president the army potentially saw this as paving the way for grace to take over the military's actions dari have put a stop to her hopes to some zimbabweans that is welcome news. media vision but it is about is very good because you are looking forward for news about the biggest about the sacrifice president and mr and is tipped to head a transitional government backed by the military an option the african union said
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it wouldn't support. oh no you know we in the african union are against any violent government overthrow. issued a statement saying the army should retreat and return to constitutional order. would support the legitimate zimbabwean government and in no case of good will we accept a forceful seizure of power for. him that power belongs to is still an open question. for more let's bring in our correspondent christine one who is standing by with the very latest she's covering developments from johannesburg south africa so christine you know it appears that there is a deadlock between mugabe and the military are things not more. moving and why have we not heard anything. they say are quite simply we've not heard anything because from what it appears and from what is being reported they have not made progress in
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that they are not reaching an agreement with president robert mugabe the military is trying to put pressure on him to to preside to step aside we understand that he is refusing to do so going as far as insisting to come petey's to which comes to an end in two thousand and eight when some baltic goes to and in the action now as you have heard. in the piece we paid it would be difficult for the ability to forcefully remove president mugabe's own power because that would encourage intervention from regional bodies like the african union and close it's a home said to the regional body southern africa and there's a lot at stake in the region and southern africa as you mention especially in south africa perhaps you can remind us as to why and let us know what the preferred outcome seems to be. well south africa has a very unique position in all of this in the sense that this is the one country
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that has all of the brands off zimbabwe's economic and political crisis for the better part of the last decade really a lot of zimbabweans have flops to this country many of them even seeking a bit of futures to escape the turmoil back in zimbabwe south africa and officials at many stages say that they simply cannot pay that but in fact there was many fear is that this the end city would post a notice of all the it's the country setting for south africa the interest here would be if there is going to be a transition of power that it has to be a smooth transition of power that they cannot be any violence associated with it and most crucially i think for south africa would be that president mugabe himself has conceded to that and has not been forced into that transition and of course mugabe quite famous for his grip on power in the country after nearly four decades in power is that the end of mugabe has something changed this time around. so i don't know
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a single person who would tell you that mugabe could could survive this listening to press conferences held by key opposition figures in the country people pretty much on the constant says that this is the end of the mugabe era how long it will take to get to that point really is what remains at some reports saying that you know a statement is imminent and that's up reason mugabe would eventually concede and resign but it doesn't look like he's going to survive this one and the fact that he has not been able to come out and make a statement on these really shows that he is you know like we all recall saying that he is been detained by the military he is on the house ways he has been significantly significantly disempowered him surviving this seems very much and likely we are talking about the end often say or as you say often nearly forty it's within sight and firm grip on power christine when well with the very latest on the situation in zimbabwe and the impact there in the region we thank you so much. an
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anonymous buyer has spent a record samana work by the renaissance painter of the united to venture does an astounding price for a painting once thought to be by one of his students previously the work had changed hands for just a few thousand dollars but at christie's in new york it was quite a different story thoroughly ladies and gentlemen we move to the little dick cheney the subject of modern day the masterpiece probably not of christ the savior of previous in the collections of three kings of england savior of the world a core traits of jesus christ one of fewer than twenty paintings known to exist by their own a sense muster at nineteen million a looking for ninety five in house christie said the pre-sale estimate at one hundred million dollars but that was soon exceeded ninety five and i gave one third of it one out and said i have it one hundred ten million go get me one twenty the bidding via phone just getting going on ninety is bit you heard it new place their place with friends who are in
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a fifth place at one hundred ninety billion otto one hundred ninety million give me two hundred one ninety is two hundred million is fish that you are good million two hundred million just how high could you go at two hundred eighty million dollars so we'll go on maybe not. don't take the photograph quite the next milestone three hundred we'll give it to ninety six. i thought so. three hundred million. and even that was in the top. three hundred seventy million back to france was caught at three hundred and seventy million dollars a. minute. and out of some of the selling here at christie's four hundred million dollars is
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the pit and the piece. so. with an extra fifty million commission for christie's the total price tag four hundred fifty million dollars the buyer has so far remained anonymous so we don't know if the public will ever get a chance to see the work again. now there's a whole lot of money. business news coming right up here watching. your child.


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