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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  November 16, 2017 9:30pm-10:00pm CET

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and if. you look after me speak your language talk about them. for content in dari pashto and order. specs for returning our web special. needs life in germany and the prospects for those returning home. join the discussion on t w dot com and on facebook. prospects for returning news d.-w. maybe for mine. zimbabwe's president robert mugabe dressed up but where will he go now of the military man that you see here will no doubt decide the fate of africa's longest ruling dictator tonights mugabe being shown the door his biggest enemies showing up just in time i'm brink off in berlin this is the day.
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he begins is to the people of zimbabwe. he stood over the mugabe must that his. zimbabwe should be and lands of equal opportunities for all who call it to all men not for fuel selected individuals for a group. president i mean most aides i'm for having the generals want anything. i want countries to reconstruction national healing three faith and credible elections. from which we go that's i think that's the key question everything will probably be some of the next of what they tell us. something yeah at christie's four hundred million dollars is the pit and the pace is so. sold at auction for
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four hundred million dollars plus another fifty million in commission a painting by leonardo da vinci fit for a king but who's the new owner of this masterpiece. we begin the day with a forced exit from power complete with a suit and tie tonight in the zimbabwean capital harare the first images of president robert mugabe emerged since the military takeover that began tuesday night mugabi is being shown off to the world a feeble figure surrounded by the military leaders who once ensured his brutal and heavy handed rule tonight they are ensuring that he will rule no more his future where he will go all of that is still speculation what is certain the blaming and shaming that quickly fills a political vacuum last night the head of the youth league of mugabe's zanu p.f.
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party went on national television to ask the country's top general for forgiveness for calling him and his forces criminals to please say i accept my apologies that would be half of the youth and and of myself with two young people we have to a growing up we learned from our mistakes and from these big mistake we have and then don't know that young man's public contrition is key to placing blame mugabe's wife grace could quickly become public enemy number two she has been accused of driving away between the country's youth and the military in the hopes of making it easier for her to become president once her husband steps down so much for the transition plans are first report tonight takes us to the capital of a country that is still asking who is our leader. these
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images show robert mugabe meeting zimbabwe's army chief and two south african envoys brought in to mediate at his official residence in harare reports claim the long time president is refusing to step down. but mugabe is under pressure to resign. zimbabwe's opposition leader morgan tsvangirai said the president in power since one thousand nine hundred should go quietly in the interest of the country and elections should be called. a transitional mechanism. and that purports the. nature and character of that mechanism. by all national. reforms for free and a fair and credible election to be held. rumors have been flying about whether mugabe's wife grace is with him or whether she managed to flee the country before
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the military action on wednesday grace's ambitions to succeed her husband are said to be behind the current turmoil last week mugabe sacked his vice president the army potentially saw this as paving the way for grace to take over the military's actions though have put a stop to her hopes for now. the sacked vice president emerson. is tipped to head a transitional government backed by the military an option the african union said it wouldn't support. if indeed when the african union are against any violent government overthrow i have issued a statement saying the army should retreat and return to constitutional order we support the legitimate zimbabwean government and in no case will we accept the forceful seizure of power. who could afford it but of course. it remains to be seen whether robert mugabe can hold on to his tight grip on power
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. or the zimbabwean author and journalist peter godwin joins me now from new york he is author of when a crocodile it's the sun and the fear the last days of robert mugabe peter welcome to the day are you convinced that mugabe's time is over for good. well listen once bitten twice shy i had i once predicted he was going before i had a book that had as its subside the last days of broadway darby and that was about eight years ago so you never can surmount to these really down he's a wily currency he's got a few bargaining chips left at the moment the main one being that if he doesn't resign voluntarily then he is in a bit of a pickle because they won't be able to do the transition constitutionally and that's what they need to happen so i think there's still probably a bit more negotiating to be done on his exit path package but i think you know
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he'll certainly he's a spent force and it's possible that part of this deal might be that they'll let him see out the rest of his term but really sort of not you know in a titular fashion he wouldn't really be you know it in charge of things but i think they'd much rather that he leave the country and you know you want to say that violence has always been a mugabe's modus operandi yet his end his demise appears to be taking place without violence is a big irony there isn't well without violence alone fact there were shots fired at that you know it's now coming out that several of the of the houses of grace's porters and in the cabinet people at jonathan moore are they use explosives to get into his house and i think a few bodyguards were probably killed and you know there's violence and then there's the threat of violence there were tanks in the streets there were armed men and his house he's under house arrest so i think there is something sort of rather
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fitting and certainly symmetrical about the fact that for a man robert mugabe who's used violence for political needs his entire political life that his that his time in office would also end at the end of a barrel of a gun. i want to ask you a little bit about the religion in zimbabwe and how it plays into this the general secretary of the zimbabwe council of churches issued a call for calm here's part of what he said. we as the church is a calling for the formalization of a turn signal government of national unity that will of a see the small transition to a free and fair elections there is no way we are going to go back to the political aisle easements we had in the last few days we are in a new situation that cannot be that is all without dialogue now we know religiosity is high in zimbabwe eighty five percent of zimbabweans say
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that they are devout christians have so how powerful can the church be. in keeping a political crisis like this within parameters that are not violent. well it's an interesting question i mean you're absolutely right about the root religion religiosity and zimbabwe and it's my observation as of as a sort of foreign war correspondent that in lots of countries where there is not much hope where people are sort of. bowed down by repression they become religious because this world isn't giving them the goods and they kind of concentrate on the next and the church has made these calls before for peace. so no violence example in the elections of two thousand and eight and that and the government didn't listen to them then the government didn't listen to them when they went down into. the north korean side effects brigade and killed twenty thousand civilians so
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there's a limit to what the church can do and more importantly there's a limit to the churches in through and on ordinary zimbabweans who become very long suffering here although as pavlovian now in their response to the threats of violence and my observation as long as you show as a leader that you are prepared to use violence once or twice you don't have to actually go on doing it you just threaten threaten it and people understand that you're surreal. but before we run out of time i want to ask you one other irony here in this situation mugabe once said that the white man is our real enemy and yet his demise comes at the hands of his military men the man who propped up his dictatorship for years do you think that zimbabweans do do you think they see that irony. yeah i mean i mean that this is this is a man who hid behind you know anything that ever went wrong with the economy or with you know with it he always said oh it's the west is going for regime change
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and sanctions is the only reason that they come to me collapsed he was he always had excuses for his own incompetence and so you're absolutely right to me it's a supreme turn of irony that in the end it's really his own comrades at arms he turned on and we have with no support from some of the west of the outside world and that's it that this this is a homegrown coup it's a kind of you know it's in an instant too it's a battle to the succession within the ruling council ok author of the fear the last days of robert mugabe peter godwin peter thank you very much we appreciate your insights tonight thank you. well who was an anonymous buyer has spent a record saw almost half a billion u.s. dollars on a work by the renaissance painter leonardo da vinci it's a standing prize for a painting once thought to be by one of his students in the past when the work was
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bought and sold a few thousand dollars were exchanged and that's it but at christie's in new york it was a different story. and so ladies and gentlemen we move to dick cheney the subject of modern day the masterpiece probably not of christ the savior previous in the collections of three kings of england savior of the world poor traits of jesus christ one of fewer than twenty paintings known to exist by their own a sense master ninety minute looking for ninety five in house christie said the presale estimates at one hundred million dollars but that was soon exceeded ninety five and i gave one third of it why not instead i have it one hundred ten million go get me one twenty the bidding via phone just getting going on ninety has been you heard it you place your place with francois in a fifth place that one hundred ninety for the leonardo at one hundred ninety million give me two hundred one ninety is two hundred million it's bid that so you
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are good million two hundred million just how high could he go at two hundred eighty million dollars so we'll go on maybe not. don't take the photograph quite the next milestone three hundred we'll give it to ninety six. i thought so the old three hundred million. and even though it's was in the top. three hundred seventy million back to france was done at three hundred and seventy million dollars and that below four hundred made it the get. it out of service of money selling here i christie's four hundred million dollars is the bit the piece is so was with an extra fifty million commission for christie's the total
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price tag four hundred fifty million dollars the buy a has so far remained anonymous so we don't know if the public will ever get a chance to see the work again thank you we're betting that the public will one day know who it was i'm here at the big table with that robert parents he is an auctioneer and an art expert with the denim baird auction house here in berlin it's good to have you on the show so first of all any idea who bought it well it was me but i think if it were you wouldn't be sitting here right now as you say liberating my painting no i would definitely say it came from a former russian connection i think it now went to an american connection and. you have an idea probably in some design that one american would have you know half a billion in cash to spend on wood an oil well would annoy the man who has a lot of computers probably yes it would definitely sink those well yeah that's
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more or less is his taste because one thousand nine hundred four he bought the less the codex for roughly thirty four million beckon today's instruments price for drawings by united when she so i would say if you have to opportunity to get your hands on a masterpiece only you can watch the louvre hey i would be dead well if you got his money you could do it is there ok money aside i mean even if you're if you are that wealthy is there any work of art that is really worth half a billion dollars are you asking or drawing drawn closer to. the things to think it's worth it's worth what two people willing to pay for it and in between an auction has so many so many reasons of course where you just go over aim you're going to maybe a false direction and the next day you wake up and you say. what did i do exactly yet you were watching this auction at christie's and we were saying earlier it was
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even on television it was electric watching the price go up right it was just it was it was you know i could just guess what the dependable bias and even the people on the phone. saying ok i really interesting bidding you know are you sure we're dealing here about four hundred million you know not swedish going to anything like that but it's the competition though right in the adrenaline it's all converging there it really i mean it has nothing to do with the value of that oil on wood at that moment does it it's all about the the psychological hype exactly it all aims indices seconds where you have to judge a way you have to get to the point and not beating on a. not thinking about it can i afford to not know what way over that point we're now in a situation ok what am i going to do sometimes the bias i lost just think ok i want to speak sure i want it now and that's it so let's assume bill
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gates bought it there is the fear that something like this will just disappear and will be the private collection that will never be seen by the public again do you think that the fate of this divinity painting for now yes for the future i would say it definitely is going to turn because the buyer is proud to say hey listen this masterpiece is my in my possession i don't have to travel to the louvre you can come to my in maybe private museum take a look around take a look about the picture and i would say not now but in the future hopefully maybe one day it appears on the market but not on the auction block unfortunately yeah i mean if you were you'd like to get that commission i'm sure you'd like to give had it is there anything in the pipeline that you could foresee coming up on the auction block that will even be close to fetching a price like this not for this once in a lifetime just for now once in a lifetime because the last price achieved for one hundred seventy million was
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a picasso and we saw ok that's about it and now we have only is half a billion on where we're going to go next i mean you know you can it's all very well to people aren't bargains i'm going to let you go and make some more money and we're going to keep during the day it's good to have you and so thank you very much . or russia's hopes of making february's winter olympics still hang in the balance tonight this after the world anti-doping agency decided not to lift it suspension on the country the international olympic committee will make the ultimate decision either banning russia outright or allowing some athletes to compete under a neutral flag but that too could cause problems here is more this is sold and the world anti-doping agency's latest meeting the verdict it doesn't look good for russia the country's anti-doping body has met our wada requirements to have its two
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years suspension lifted and it could cost them a spot at the winter games the greed of compliance for the russian until the agency has been fulfilled in many ways but there are still two issues which remain unfulfilled the main reason the refusal to publicly accept allegations of state sponsored doping. most of the with what is the sponsor doping it's the practice of doping drugs with state money talks that are given to athletes that cannot have been the case. that's not our access to the urine samples from suspected cheats is the second sticking point our moscow report. the latest on the sample controversy. the russian unto doping agency isn't allowing sealed samples from russian to be tested the tests prove that even more affluence to perform and hansen drugs there we know of so far russian president vladimir putin is under
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pressure but the country's sports minister has already come out calling the latest decision political in character the investigative report a high usenet post says ultimately russia may not be able to compete under its own flag. if that would happen then and it has been said already by the russian government the russians will not go to get a mix it will be a boycott that will be he really had dramatic development the international olympic committee will have the final say in december. i have on of poland now mr richard mclaren he joins me from toronto canada he author of that of a lot of reports into allegations of state sponsored to be in russia it's good to have you on the show mr mclaren so give us some context here i mean what were your report's findings about what russia did with its athletes.
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well there were serious findings but this three cute ones were first many people a should not be control procedures in the field when they are actually doing a urine sample for quite sample. then there was what was going on in the accredited lab in moscow covering up the tension of the positive samples that it arrived at the lab right now is this then finally when it comes to the rear olympic games so she. force more treats were provided samples at the offenses are a year and that was provided. with their use and. that's one reason why mr mclaren i want to ask you about what we heard today want to decline to lift the suspension on russia today but that ruling could get overturned by the sea is that the evidence already strong enough for a final decision. well i would certainly state yes that is yes
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the evidence is sufficient for. decision but. either wish to have more evidence or do their own investigations a certain that the i.o.c. has been doing. but i don't think that's necessary the evidence is there to support a decision now suppression or a decision do you want to make them not going to be banned or you want to lock them in and do something else. and we know russia says that it has fulfilled all of its obligations to get the ban lifted so why is it so important for wanted to get access to the moscow laboratory suspected to be you know the hub of the operation. whether true or to. fail to meet one was that they are willing to concede it was reported winey an investigation. has validity and it's accurate that's one problem the other is with access to the samples there how all of them.
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and i know it's more like trying to then further verification either what i did encourage or i refuted what i did i would be available i assume that that information does not refute what i did. so i think they're deliberately withholding it i missed with them before we run out some want to just ask you what about the role of geopolitics in all of this are you concerned that the the influence the power of russia could have an influence on the i.o.c. and then have this ruling overturned. i'll take couldn't i you suppose do that knowing it doesn't concern me my job was to conduct an investigation and provide a real court which others could then use to make decisions that i've done that i conducted the investigation i provided the court the russians have a few to. meet really substantial weight on what i've said. so i
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take it that they didn't have any basis refuting it and now it's up to others that act the information provided. there yossi will act on the basis of my rights by sort of the best occasion not to meet you i didn't ask i was not asked to make recommendations i did not take. all right richard mclaren tonight joining us from toronto canada mr mclaren we certainly appreciate your insights and your time tonight thank you thank you. feeling a little part of before we leave you president trump held a news conference wednesday after returning from his twelve day tour across asia but on social media people can't stop joking about how he drank his water bottle with two hands. you see that ironically more
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than follows choices like the one the president laid out tonight in twenty thirteen trump repeatedly mocked you see right here republican party voices of just senator marco rubio's own water incident when he delivered his response to the state of the union speech in two thousand and thirteen rubio himself and what he's taking to twitter to talk about this incident of the president's babo holding skills he wrote similar but needs work on his for me has to be done in one single motion in the eyes should never leave the camera but not bad for his first time california based scientist peter to lick tweeted to say the bottle of water trump drank at his press conference today appears to be fiji water imported seventy eight hundred miles from fiji to d.c. because american water isn't good enough i guess. but texas based army veteran michael connelly thinks it's all rather stupid trump makes
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a major speech about success of asian trip at n.b.c. in washington post focus on criticizing the way the president drank from a water bottle that is not just fake it's stupid. and gets thirsty are the day is nearly done but as ever the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter either of these or you can write directly to me or got t.v. don't forget to use the hashtag newday and remember no matter what happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see you then at the bottom.
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marjorie got the international talk show for journalists to discuss the topic of the week the cold war between saudi arabia and iran is again heating up leading to talk of more conflict in the already hugely troubled and volatile middle age. even
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this is d w news like that from berlin tonight the political stakes in germany could not be higher the next few hours could decide whether uncle america remains chancellor of germany as talks to form a new coalition government go down.


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