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tv   Euromaxx - Lifestyle Europe  Deutsche Welle  November 17, 2017 1:30am-2:01am CET

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in our web special w dot com football made in germany. freedom of expression. a value that always has to be defended and knew. all over the world. are afraid of freedom of art. a multimedia project about artists and their right to express their views freely. d w dot com to freedom. i there and a warm welcome to our newest edition glad you could join us and here's
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a quick look at what's in the pipeline for today's program. french connection how thai speakers found internet fame with pastries and shoes. natural talents not just some tough for the new star on the berlin wall pressing. and face work a german company makes giant lego models for museums. pastries and well the two things do have serious addiction potential and thomas spiegel could and in fact has written a book about it a graphic designer slash pastry chef is currently hot stuff on instagram where he artfully combines his two fetish objects the most creative pastries in paris with is absolutely dynamite footwear and that looks a little bit like this now how the two first things the two things first appeared
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in one frame is brilliantly anecdotal and once they did he knew the possibilities were endless. colorful and a little crazy pastries in every shade imaginable with shoes to match the photos highlight the rich variety of the paris patisseries and the fashion world. their creation of the tower should be go towards the patisseries of paris in search of inspiration. a dream job for a man with a sweet tooth. every two minutes you have a place you have so much places to and you have so much places to get inspired by and it changes all the time and it's really like this is why i said it's like living that because it's really a part of your daily life here regionally from israel town used to be
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a graphic designer but retrained as a pastry chef when he first came to paris a couple of years ago he was fascinated by the colors textures and geometric patterns of a designer today he's looking for a pink pastry. this muck around is filled with rose petal cream leaching and fresh raspberry. towel usually takes his photos right outside shops he tries to get a neutral background so the entire focus is on the pastry and the shoes. the photo to his instagram account deserted in paris i think the idea for dessert and paris started by accident when i was exploring the world of paris and i really wanted to remember each. try so i took a photo and just one day i discovered that the cake that i bought was a match in my shoes i try to take a photo people really liked it and from there on it it's all history. now has
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around one hundred fifty thousand followers almost every day he posts a new shoot pastry. sometimes it looks like a snapshot it looks like something very easy but actually there's a lot of work behind photos creating the photos visit in visiting the chefs and visiting places but i always make sure that there is like a variety of places of colors of creation so each day will be different it will give you a totally different aspect an experience of paris. no easy task especially as he needs new shoes you know has over two hundred pairs and he's constantly buying more each band needs to be especially colorful he's a regular at this paris boutique and i know exactly what he's looking for. my love for shoes started way before when i was living in tel aviv. as
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a graphic designer i always had this appeal for very graphic uncalled for shoes so i was collecting them and when i came to paris i discovered there's like more colors in worse shape so it just grew with his or paris his latest purchase is immediately turned into a photo. you know knows lots of pastry chefs in paris who provide him with cakes. one of them a towel used to bake his own pastries but now he focuses so. on creating photos by instagram that's when i. first saw his work. i said to the so this is. smart you know what we were thinking he he bring something new you know because he's not going to keep each of cake and get the idea to take a fake with a sense of truth and i said yeah it's like you know he's fast mango pastry soon appears on towns instagram account matched with yet another new pair of
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shoes. recently published his own patisseries book featuring the best of his seven hundred plus photos. i think the cakes there are always more graphic or more different would get more attention. for example. i had to. buy this on that one like crazy or the rubik's cube bites illegal so it's always like you for shift create something that's a little different and something that people are not used to see it will go through the roof but i think like usually people are so happy to see creations from paris so i can say that most picture are considered successful. pastries and clearly a winning combination. did
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you well needless to say taj speaker doesn't eat all of those pastries himself otherwise very soon he wouldn't be able to even see his shoes but onward now and we are staying in paris where you'll not only find sensational sweets but also at the moment a place to perspire. an award winning mobile phone how that looks like a golden egg is a new attraction in the french capital since wednesday it's been parked in front of the swedish and. paris hilton kyoto nine northern sweden it's the work of swedish artists and lost bags through the beginning on november the twenty fifth the five metre high egg will be open to the public for three weekends the object is intended to introduce parisians to swedish design and traditions. the interior of antonie go days cuz of the sands is now open for public viewing the late nineteenth century building has undergone three years of intensive restoration
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because of a sense was the architects first ever building it constructed it before creating his famous said gratified. because of his sens used to be a private house and is now a museum. the museum is expected to become as popular as other goudie sites. box the number of visitors is being kept at one hundred fifty thousand per year to avoid inconveniencing local residents. morrissey is releasing his new album low in high school on friday. it's the eleventh studio album by the former smiths front man once again the fifty eight year old doesn't shy away from conflict these songs take on some of the most pressing issues of today. i read.
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it was produced by joe chicken known for his previous work with beck and frank zappa. has a very different voice and it's one the critics have ecstatically likened to milk and honey in fact the german soprano has the acting accurate to match her vocal virtual city and is currently the absolute darling of berlin's comic opera for such a young performer her experience and her repertoire are already vast and we had the pleasure of meeting her offstage up close and personal. not yet tough is a favorite with audiences of the opera house in berlin her role as include cinderella
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in musson is. a disobedient child in law. and a romantic role in the last time. she always cuts a fine figure even in an oilskin jacket. and i'm from the very north of germany where we say there's no such thing as bad weather only bad clothing i always keep rain gear in the car and put it on when it starts raining i could be a diva at home. nadia is certainly no ordinary diva a darling of the critics she's been part of the commercial partner sober for a year we take a peek backstage ahead of the premiere of debussy's paley s a millie song and nadia is singing the females mean.
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it's not like my often compare my job with out of a professional athlete i've never looked at how many calories you burn from singing but i'm going to have to eat well i eat something before i perform and afterwards i'm also really hungry when donna. written around the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries they are similarly songs doesn't have a conventional plot instead it explores various characters emotions the artistic director of the cornish or barry kosky dreamed of staging your prefer thirty years now he's finally found the perfect cast. in the idea if you have someone like audio who's
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a great singer and actress and looks fantastic you've got three things and one is a fantastic should rise up and you have gotten true operastar go. eat. it. you should eat it i don't say much like much but sometimes i don't tell them to slow down or speed up and i give very technical instructions. i want to allow the soles of the performers to come out. means they shouldn't be pretending. it's easy
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if you give her some tools and she develops that. she just does it. that approaches pay dividends in this production the stage is like a clock mechanism into locking the destinies of the main characters but not the first hardly seemed destined for a career on a stage she only discovered her passion for upper at the age of eighteen her first and gage meant was that residence prestigious. she then moved to berlin but she grew up far from the great opera houses of the world in the town of whose among the north sea a mother is german her father syrian. no one in my family was musical they were all surprised when i started with it now they love opera as much as i do i introduced them to this world my father in particular listens to a lot of opera and reads up on it he always knows a lot more than i do about any given opera. and often me are not to mention tough
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has the sort of natural gift that separates a star from a me a singer. she's capable of captivating even those audiences who usually own too interested in opera. an artist whose glow simply makes you feel happy and now to an artist who describes himself as extreme and conrad anker likes to do the lion's share of his work outside in the mountains and even when it's freezing cold you can find him scouring the alpine glaciers for his motifs for his rubbing now at altitudes of two to three thousand meters he sets up his camp and then lets the elements determine how his work flow will go. cold majestic beauty these are some of the highest peaks in the alps. and this is where artist cannot hanka can often be found he transports entire edging plates to
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an altitude of three thousand meters built himself an igloo and stays there for two to three months so says this is me it's pretty icy up here. during this time he produces etchings in crisp black and white. it's called the book it does and i really need the experience up there with to feel it and become familiar with it and that takes time height. conrad anker studied art in dresden and recently moved to berlin nearly every year he retreats for a time to some icy work place in the mountains the pictures he produces are not easily accessible they give you a sense that he experiences more up there than we might guess he's accountants. these huge things i wouldn't say they're eternal but they've been there for a long long time. and human beings just make
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a brief appearance in pieces and then vote right in this entity this time and space sensing how that impacts us people the things it triggers those are questions that interest me and heartened by the on. back in his studio he completes the image scratching out further details and adding dye. on what hanger feels that etching which has something harsh about it yet can also show great detail is the ideal technique for the mountains. as this is our highest in this new house on the one hand you count out pieces of metal with a dry point you have a fine line which can also be very hard and cold like the rock in the snow that fine poetic line that serves to denote an empty expanse of snow. and then you have the dark areas the black which i can create using acid with aqua tipped.
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cotton. when conrad hanka first began working in the mountains about fifteen years ago he initially focused on the panoramic views. then he began honing in on the individual rock formations and ice. although he currently completes the etching of the plates back in his studio he's very tempted to transfer even this process to the mountains the sky up. i've already made some decent attempts when the weather was bad in the mountains and i couldn't go outside to build a secondary glue with that scattered light effect that you get to use as a studio. i'm a very limp. equipment of course if you cross the needles to take the work to the next stage. it went quite well up nationalist of quintus list metals.
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but his printing press will have to stay back home. prints everything himself always keeping an eye on the details of the colored areas and the hard engraved clients. and he enjoys the surprise effect to seeing how the finished print which could previously only be made out in the reflection of the plate finally turns out. this type this month we have something on real about it something magical often fight it's only at second glance that things really come to the fore and the emotions that are in it come together that's important to me in depicting the real forms that are there to develop the many different directions. conrad hang captures his magnificent motifs by exposing himself to their extremes
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he is in every sense pushing against boundaries. her is much less extreme and more down to earth but my colleague sari hanson never lacks for inspiration so if you're feeling like you want to let your creative juices flow over the weekend well here's her latest d.i.y. segment to help you breathe new life into your wintertime interior. design today i'm going to show you how to make a lastly part of clown self. you will need a wooden board made of spruce. for small. our pods which sorry bought at a d.i.y. store for plants of your choice sorry has opted for cactuses a power drill a hole saw and a drill bit. self adhesive contact paper and tape for creating the pattern
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brown cream wax the paint brush and a container for the paint. various paints sorry chose four different colors. a roll of plastic sheeting saris using food banks plus two brackets for small screws and four large screws with wall plugs to fit. first arrange the flower pots measure them exactly and mark the position with the. drill holes using the whole saw get a carpenter to do it. now come to wooden board on all sides with the cream wax next paint the flower pots and leave them to dry. in the meantime you can draw your desired design onto the self adhesive paper and cut it out. and stick your design onto the outside of the flower pots this allows you to give them your own individual touch then paint the pots again in a different color. once dry remove the contact paper.
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align the base of each flower pot with the plastic sheeting so that no water can seep through you can now put plans into your pots. finally screw the brackets onto the board ready for the shelf to go on to the wall. you can also make it as flower pots of different size for this if you like that better. and if that report is put you in a creative frame of mind then you two want to get down to a spot of do it yourself well you'll find plenty more inspiration on our you tube channel d.w. interior design it's also great place to find out more about architecture and modern living at its best and here's how to find. your design at its best check out our you tube channel interior design stunning
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design ideas spectacular buildings and d.i.y. tutorials on home decoration we'll take you inside the most beautiful european homes show you the latest in furniture fabrics accessories subscribe and don't miss out see you on you tube. the german writer at least now once said most people discard their childhood like they would an old but they forget about it like a phone number that's gone out of service first they were children then they grew up but what are they now and only those who grow up and stay kids can really be human it's an admirable philosophy to be sure and one no one the people that design in style and can probably relate to because their daily grind is better described as and less playground. this might look like a children's play room but it's actually an office millions of lego bricks in every
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shape and color imaginable. the design and stein company nearby lin has specialized in the building lego models of real life objects. this one isn't michael's church in the city of here this time. so where do you start with a model like this. do you research online and you look at photos again and again and again a little while we build a model like this without a three d. guide you just recreate what you see you know the dimensions of the right you know you scale that down to lego size. it's like this is eight millimeters in height and then we just make sure it looks right. then one challenges recreating round shapes with lego bricks. the wood. it depends on the radius here the radius is relatively small so you use a mix of round and square bricks. because you're not linking the square ones
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directly you can place them at an angle to create the current. joining breaks like the if you put enough of them together you get a circle. with all. the models are made toward mainly for museums and trade fairs. these feet form part of the base of an egyptian statue. but this isn't something you can recreate just by sight. for there this is a three day model it's divided into layers so this is a cross-section of one layer taken from the foot of the model like a slice of it. every day they build around twenty such lengths it takes two weeks to complete the entire statue which cost between six and seven thousand euro. all the staff here have a childlike passion for tiny building blocks.
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beyond math recently moved here from western germany to join the team and begin his dream job as a lego builder. he's currently modeling the taj mahal an exciting challenge. it all began a decade ago with rene hofmeister working alone in his basement garage today he has a team a workshop and six tons of material but there's one job he still waiting for. being asked to build half a car but i'd love to recreate a complete one to one. where a car a statue of the taj mahal one thing is always the same the creation grows brick by brick until it's completed. and. less fun and all not now we've almost completed this program so from all of us here on the thanks for watching and until we meet again i must. just buy.
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next time on your imax to be on some of the world's most expensive watches. is one of the few watchmakers with the ability to create these miniature masterpieces. can take months until the very last tiny screw is in the price of technical perfection and timeless beauty next time on your a max. when
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cities are engulfed by the sea. then all the dance walls and costly protective measures and.
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floods challenging our future 15s on d w. w's program guide to the highlights. the whole. dot com highlights. on freedom and whole. world i come from the region is rich in history style and talent but so poor in education opportunity and freedom this makes it especially difficult for independent journalists i see many of the younger promising journalist now making names for themselves all over there are. some blithe good power the way some might follow some with continue. their experience of freedom that sense is like the period of day you can visit
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but your call come back. when you're free for that and i work at the end of it. is hiv positive. he was infected at birth. she probably won't live to the age of five. the program dream names to prevent a mother to child transmission of the virus. hiv positive women give birth to hiv negative baby's. mother project is a hugely effective strategy in the battle against. more than one thousand eight
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percent of these children are born healthy. the german aids foundation is supporting dream in mozambique you can do something to give a baby a future without aids. make a donation safe a life. this is due to your news coming to you live sky high political stakes in berlin tonight the next few hours could decide whether on love michael remains chancellor of germany boss talks to form a new coalition government.


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