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tv   Doc Film - The Divide Part 1  Deutsche Welle  November 17, 2017 6:15am-7:01am CET

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the summer's wimbledon final and once again federer came out on top this was him from the set down the way six seven six four and six one federer will play either a dominant team or find a semifinal on saturday. our top story at this hour for party talks to lay the groundwork for a new coalition government here in germany are broken off for the night they are due to restart later on friday negotiators have been seeking common ground for weeks since germany's parliamentary election. thanks for watching. the. television i think it's really important to give a bit of time and love back to the families who make so much effort.
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i'm an only child. and a great childhood. parents gave me everything i needed. flat went out yeah. i mean we were away it was so much love we didn't really notice. we grew up and vitamin without you never really knew what was going to harm. that case all over to.
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come had to previous generations. might not be able to for the best pair of shoes but we're not even in poverty. we make plenty of money like we make plenty of money it's not like we won the lottery and moved into a big fancy neighborhood. my integrity is what i have you know a long time ago people's word integrity minal. i grew up happy. in the appalachian mountains. we had good christmases we have love i was normal. but now. i just. what the hell am i now.
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hear me. no challenge is more urgent. with another some of our country work like the number of people doing well barghoorn number barely get by. or we can restore the economy where everyone gets a fair shot and everyone does their fair share and everyone plays by the same set of. these united states are going to fight it with an economic affliction of great proportions it is time to reawaken this industrial giant to get government back within its means and the like in our punitive tax burden on these principles there will be no compromise. thank you don't want any going back to work on out.
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all out war by the council workers and other industrial dispute this time the lorry drivers has led to some panic buying in the shops market the phone the whatever the government tried to do it wasn't nestle making things better it might be making things worse i did think the free market would produce the resources the could make everybody better off the argument was that if you did this we get rid of unemployment there'd be more investment to be more. that would trickle down a five hundred thousand times water without big rewards people like me are not going to work fifteen to twenty hours a day in order to get rich. we're .
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the. hippie bed when i go to a morning than you've probably been bed when i can come in at night and if he's not i know if he's ill be constraints but anyway do you. have. the mice of in bed when a good week and then when i come home and back to bed and i know it just forcing myself on the continent.
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for good kids can be think out west principal type of smoke back in the states but i can get a source to feel good by that all but one of the principals of stuff to besmirch the floor let me just like they would i was always just weird guess it started them and did the cold cuts on the casket where we left him going to cuddling on the tryst pain of pakistan bashing and let's try to get the idea. my mom was thought a sex when she died if i keep drinking not me. maija not being dead or hurt that. all of the things that i need to do to trial will lengthen my life which is already cut short because i was born in poland if i make it to seventy i'll be lucky and not suffer each solid of the day. now of course because of a growing body of research people know that on employee. some of the health
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consequences instead of the former idea that it was businessman stress that led to the worst health problems. i have come am thank my blood pressure to have been tied in. all different diseases a man. an idiot above when is a good day. that's what i've been. i think is what i know you know if you can live to see. my daughter's father passed on the twenty third of last year. that kind of hurt me a little bit. back to me i'm a singer my. dad a liver cancer. it's really. it is
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it's a good thing. now i know in a better place myself oh well quite some time. i do and you. will get a fourteen year long time. in glasgow men living in the poorest part have a life expectancy of fifty four in india three quarters of the population live on two dollars a day or less. no wedding plans have some two dollars a day or less and yet men in the poorest part of glasgow have life expectancy this is shorter than the average in india. and i thought. that's it that's going to explain it being relatively disadvantaged has profound consequences which determine high rates of suicide violent deaths alcohol heart disease.
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or gave me what i thought was confidence so it's that core belief that there was something less and was a pink hell of a you spell that really. everybody is trying to escape in the way you try and escape. doing different things like marijuana minister in their. middle age people probably drink or do some to escape older people probably just don't care because they
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oh you know deal with head. but everybody trying to escape something. it's just i use my beer and my cigarette and then give me a little be ever nanny any method bad says of a look at me a good movie and go to be. ok she will know where i said i scream and i scream. sometime last it will kind of end until i came home till i'm stuffed. i think you look good with a little meat only about. me g.-d. good at home. i feel very anxious all the song in the nervousness is just you know a customer cyano smiling. for example
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a man yesterday who told me he said you look like you need to calm down and i'm like i can't you know the boy is like going to have a heart attack and i'm like uh no. help me. my mom i used to work and i would leave and i would go jogging to jam the novice cast off and everything and i got where instead i would rather get come home as a down and eat and stay you know. i was walking out on us i mean it's been rough because we were so short handed i was like i'm against those that money here felonies and you still come to put it up but that's there are things you know . if you take an economics course you're taught that markets are based on informed consumers making rational judgments suppose you turn on the television should. take a look at the ads i mean are they trying to create informed consumers making
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rational choices the country they're trying to create or uninformed consumers who will act irrationally on the say huge industry one of the biggest industries in the country. takes. me like i'm. going to. get healthy that's what i'm going to say pleasantly plump. oh i can read into things you just sanitary for that guy ham manager. but
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if you run the floor don't let go. yes i. have to hand mine i don't want to i had congestive heart failure and i actually literally died and. it took me two weeks to come out of the car i'm just lucky and in my heart still. beating low enough to do what i need to do you know but that's just making it weaker. you saw that. in two thousand and four. it just makes me sleep easy at night knowing i found home by myself with my kids that there's somebody watching.
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and. having a hand. i would love to see more of all of that i always said i wish i had a husband i worked and i had to find out you know where our we were able to come home together at night and take care of the kids together but i i know that's not reality and i know he's providing a lifestyle for us that without him working as hard because. we know that financial distress is one of the main factors that sends people to see a marriage counselor in the areas that saw the biggest increases in the body we saw
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the biggest increase in divorce rates people in the middle are trying to make ends meet and in the process of experiencing an enormous amount of additional stress in their lives it's time for. after a week i'm exhausted i work all day and then i come home to two kids to feed and they even really. kind of make up for all the hours that i wasn't home. without you know. i know i am. it's awful i feel tremendous guilt. not being able to see the girls and put them to bed in the end it's very frustrating when the girls are more used to her than me.
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caring. for their character but. how are you gonna. kill. me. yeah just got she played on the problems in the neighborhood. paid from page a.j. you've been arrested in what the even being sound as i mean look in here from my saw is the free and the good i don't want to be hard no food. i mean they're cooking. this just from people stressing out because they're condom is so jacked up over here and that's why we end up with situations like these people for different. and they made and frustrating. we're going to enter and trying you know
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. pure rage against another person morning with somebody else and. they are just trying anything to take the frustration out causing add too much else to do. psychologists and sociologists who what with violent criminals consistently say that lack of respect is the trigger for violence and aggression all that's left to people is the maintenance of self-respect and so if that's threatened. in some way then you see this violent and aggressive reaction. police make you say two teenage boys and existing euro girl. gunfight and a birthday party are privately. this is not unusual they've had a lot of people killed in this little town in the past few years high school
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students killing each other you know when you know this is you never know when you you know you're going to be robbed and. i would love to walk to work or ride a bike to work and of course it's only like two miles down the road but i'm too scared to ride a bike or walk home at midnight i always worry about walking that parking lot always so with half the lights out right now. you know it's a very dangerous place. yet no one would get sixteen homicides last year. three times the number of people that are in this church policing community are trying to address an epidemic of violent crime much of it rooted in drugs street sweeper shotgun twelve twelve gauge drills in this drum magazine no cites because it's not designed to me that you saw.
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the city has come where i'm sick of the i'm stressed out how this is just is this devastating look at look at me. then you can run you next week. at the moment. i'm hanging out and just not. you know i have this door closed and the good doc ran here i am in now ok i was out there i mean i'm going to. war on crime.
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every level. to kind of corner are getting out of the way retreating to walden from where they can launch. her heart. broke out. your. oh. there we go guys have a good answer for. all right thanks or no you're welcome. really ever saw it called. probably one of those chickens got mauled another one got. nicked out and chased around. with little in the able to get it mediated with him
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and got him calm down. the coyotes having no deciding who they give yunior formation about that not much just that it was crossing the road on the north side there's some like was that big one so it was a big one. they've been hanging around for a few months now i think it was so i believe so and will the fast lake. house so they're tossing rocks through the windows but they're ok you know that it's a new one and there are. other loose dogs we're talking about but that. doesn't square that away is looks like everything is noted on the parts properly so that sounds good grab a cup of coffee and let's just structure feet of a little bit and then we'll continue it sounds like a bunch of it's fresh stuff where. violent crime in the future provokes our crippling our society limiting personal freedom and fraying the ties that bind
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us now those who commit repeated violent crimes should be told when you commit a third behind crime you will be put away and put away for good three strikes and you are now. i get caught with a gram a dope one point five grams ok then. i would hurt anybody but myself i would sell it you know i didn't give it to kids or anything like that and i go to court and i would try and hear anything that they're used that three strikes against and they gave me a twenty five year sentence i've been in a box just live with bigger than this for the last seventeen years and to be locked up and treated as i've been treated here there's not a man alive that would feel the same way that i do now they've created
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a ball i hate me yeah i'm in the penitentiary but you know something i've never i've never been caught with anything i've got to get but now i get in front of females and these officers and i got to bend over so they're my asshole yeah humiliating it it's beyond it i had all i had all the money now i had i was kicked out of the robertson unit i was beaten almost to death they broke eight ribs they dislocated my arms mildly they broke my jaw they kicked out ma greil they broke my ocular bone my nose but you know something the first time that i did get my head ripped off three days later it didn't hurt as bad and then up and did not deny it became
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a must i hate people and you know how sad that is to say. you know i have been treated so bad back here that yes i could i could actually now i could kill a man you know i really could i could kill one of these loves and i'm in it not san but sad because i you know i was raised i was raised as a now. and what about going to do now mr around when i get out what am i going to do get me a job at mcdonald's i'll be fifty four years old came down when i was twenty six i was in college i was taking a vote check what my god what am i going to do now because what you were before you come to the penitentiary is not what you're going to be when you're released.
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this is a country that began with the language of liberty and yet we have more people in prison that happen to than anybody in the world. there's no doubt that being rich makes it much less likely that they'll be incarcerated even if time something terrible. says something. like. god. why this is the richest here ever human history the rich are getting richer there's evidence are less and these are creators to have sort of cracks these are doing are making things happen when they do well and don't do well. there's a religion that says everyone will benefit as always nice to do with the real world
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so it completely fails in the real world house is the wrong word it's not a failure for the. fraction of one percent of the population that's accumulating wealth you know beyond the dreams of avarice the influence of money in politics has risen dramatically in recent decades the people at the top have more money what they've been doing has been giving bigger contributions to politicians and in return asking for lower tax rates on themselves and less stringent regulations on their companies from humble beginnings in small town arkansas to the world's leading retailer wal-mart has come a long way since one nine hundred sixty to no one except for maybe son who never lost sight of his original idea could have predicted the company's remarkable growth well let's assume case because wal-mart has been. a national registry and you know and they are no doubt highly respected in the communities in which they
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live in their doubt they do respectable things a very fine museums and they give money to hospitals and feel that they will let stuff. and yet you know in many communities people who work at will law are good ways but also getting food stamps so that basically the public is paying for bugs labor. for fiscal year in two thousand and twelve more heads grow sales about four hundred forty six billion and then the net sales were sixteen point seven but almost seventeen billion dollars net profit i have no problem with a company making a profit but like i said i have my own business but when you're making a profit at the expense or you get the people who are doing the work and they're in there their own food stamps it's a moral issue if you're making a decision are we going to cut our so we can keep profit up you know what your doing. we've been finding that wealthier individuals are more likely to perceive
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the pursuit of self interest as opposed to collective interest as being moral and favorable we're even observing this moralization of greed this greed is good mentality this culture absolutely selects for psychopathic thinkers you know people who literally have no empathy whatsoever because once you have successfully cleaved off ethical considerations you're incredibly efficient i think there's nothing wrong with aspiring to be comfortable i don't even know that there's anything wrong with aspiring to be rich but the aspiration of wall street is how you money and you money is the amount of money so vast that you can pick up the phone or you to whoever you wanted without repercussion. one of the necessary illusion for the general public is that we live in a capitalist economy but the rich don't believe that for a minute they insist on
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a powerful state to protect them from market discipline so it's goldman sachs makes a risky transaction they're basically protected if it crashes they can run to the nanny state with their cap and have them build out good morning this is a pivotal moment for america's economy. problems that originated in the credit markets and first showed up in the area of subprime mortgages have spread throughout our financial system it's been a dismal on wall street last i mean the dow jones one hundred points along yesterday the dow closed down five hundred investors agree that this is a week to see whether or not the government can step in and feel the same kind of mean i'm a strong believer in free enterprise. under normal circumstances i believe companies that make bad to. sessions should be allowed to go out of business but these are
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not normal circumstances you know the president has said over and over it's the people's money. dread about that it is the people's money but now it's the people's debt. this is a pain that will stay with me for the rest of my life but you got to keep four hundred eighty million dollars i have a very basic question for you is this fair the spectacle all of these bankers who have contributed hugely to bringing the western economies to the knees and yet the still going on paying themselves money beyond the dreams of avarice in most people's eyes and they really think they're worth it but sometimes i meet them socially and they say max when we understand this is how capitalism works i say this is not how capitalism work this is talk up of lism goes hopelessly designer strictly wrong.
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i mean. i'm the best person to speak on behalf of the last record that it is i sit across from them. you know i see the same out of the people on wall street are working harder now than ever before not knowing whether they can ever move up the ladder and when will this rat race ever fit. dr alton cass is a chink a psychologist and probably more than anything else. is known for helping people manage i'm certain they and maintain optimum motivation and performance in times of uncertainty. i think. it's become a mission for me to help people out during this rough time because i feel like in my practice as
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a psychologist my clients are looking to me for answers my dissertation is the first study in the united states conducted in the last fifty years was called casualties of wall street an assessment of the walking wounded and my findings basically show that we are currently in a crisis of connectivity. oh . no no they. don't know when. we should not bail out those who made the reckless decision to buy a home they knew they could never afford. that weren't greedy homeowners this isn't just about poor people who bought t.v.
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is on their second mortgages and it's their father and they were greedy that's the mentality blame the victim. i keep using my credit cards to live and then my family got those where i was myself and i'm at the end and. fixing to be moving. i've got to go very soon within the next few weeks you know i mean. this is this is the. there's a lot of data. suggesting that social mobility is an all time low people despite their hard work aren't achieving the american dream. so who is it that achieves wealth it's often those individuals that are born into wealth the first place.
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i actually feel like i'm blessed with having everything i need. could not ask for anything more and. yet fifteen years old i left big stone gap virginia and i hitchhiked across this entire continent to southern california. and i had a good job. heterosexual. life was good i was thinking about going to hollywood be the next tom cruise or somebody. but it happened my dad.
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my mom had hired lung infection. she died in eighty nine and it crushed me crash me you know i went into a spiral a new one wrong spiral and doing things to get by. it took me down a long road that i didn't want to travel but i did i was hanging out with the wrong people do wonderful things. trying to make money and try and you know survive pretty much i'm one year from out a year and i came. sere couldn't get his story and then i hate keys in an edit time i couldn't have them with me because i was so. wiped out but after my congestive heart failure i woke up it was a wake up call the day i needed. a saw only needed wake up and i did it.
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i've been off to the races ever since. feel that mainstream school is a great place for kids who are even slightly above the curve. so probably homeschool if they're not staying on track getting the milestones meeting the goals they need to meet it's going to impact long term what the outcome
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looks. no challenge is more urgent no debate is more important we can either sell for a country where a shrinking number of people do really well while a growing number of americans barely get by or we can restore an economy where everyone gets a fair shot and everyone does their fair share and everyone plays by the same set of rules. it's not the case that inequality is attributable to bad apples but rather that the barrel is bad the barrel is what's contaminating the apples it's the institutions that prioritize getting ahead above all else that it's ok to break the law if that means that your going to make more profits for the company with no attention to what the consequences are for the system as a whole. what i object to is the feeling that there's some mechanism out about
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which you can do nothing to that's not simply not true if you want to change this they can change it. was. a legacy of taylor and i'm here today to have a voice for my fellow worker everybody destroyed late in the day as fully insured rochelle mounted what would you like to say to the boss of allied health for whom you work i don't blame any one particular company the truth is unless the government actually acknowledge the importance of the home test sector within this country people are going to continue to be failed these problems a deep rooted within the system and the system that needs to change my name is janet sparks and i am a wal-mart associate at store number eleven zero two when i think about the fact
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there are see you know my due made over twenty million dollars last year more than one thousand times the average wal-mart associate. with all due respect i have to say i don't think that's right. i wish we'd never gotten into this subject i wish with another. these extraordinary high rewards i didn't realize that that was going to happen maybe others oh boy so you have it well that this would be the result of it but i think the fact is unfortunate and i regret it i think you know you sort of always have it maybe in the back of your mind that you know you're not part of something good but i don't have a clear sense of why i'm doing something actively harmful and then when the financial crisis her. i started to feel really uncomfortable and i asked my boss will the
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public ever forgive us for this and meaning the bail out and he based i said to me well here's the thing the public always forget the public forgot after the savings and loan crisis the public forgot after long term capital management blew up the public always forgets and the public will forget again and we will you know move on and it will go back to normal so don't worry about it. i. have been sober for coming up for eleven months that's the longest of of you know
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me from a drink. and i well my motion for it was very small. i mean i thought back up but then come right back to square one. help me. help.


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