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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 17, 2017 6:00pm-6:15pm CET

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dining office triallists services. biala guest at frankfurt airport managed by for. this is daily news live from berlin germany is martin talks to form a new government resume despite missing a deadline for agreement but chancellor merkel remains optimistic that the conservatives can strike a deal with possible coalition partners who will bring you the latest photo on the program. and bob was president robert mugabe appears in public for the first time
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since being on being placed on the house arrest he's facing pressure to step down from the army the opposition and even his opacity. and tesla unveiled that all electric truck of the future the company says it will help reduce c o two emissions on the company's fortunes. i'm phil gale welcome to the program. gemini search for the new government has got into extra time i'm going to mechelle a bit and he said she wanted an agreement by yesterday but marathon overnight talks failed to produce a breakthrough conservative alliance is seeking a coalition deal with the pro-business free democrats on the greens now the back of the negotiating table hoping to avoid a fresh election. another round of difficult talks at the c.d.u.
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party headquarters the negotiators are coming off a long night with no concrete results much is at stake failure to reach an agreement could mean new elections but chancellor merkel says she's determined not to let that happen villain despite all the difficulties in these negotiations i am determined to form a government as mandated by germany's vote as they definitely won't be easy it'll definitely be hard but it's worth going into a second round of talks one that by and of my so that is this is on the ground that we all realize we have to make compromises everyone. so far that hasn't happened enough. this is especially applies to those who declare to the outside world that they're making all sorts of concessions but from what i see room we sit down together they're not. so much as remarks clearly aimed at germany's green party as a hoffa c.s.u. in the greens are at loggerheads on many key issues including migration and energy
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policy. but what we can't allow is that someone says i want discussed that you know everyone has to negotiate otherwise the talks don't make any sense. the fourth player in the negotiations germany's liberal f.t.p. are also set on a positive outcome use a consulate's a new coalition at a federal level in germany could mean a new beginning in terms of policy. and we hope very much as free democrats that the other parties are bold enough to try it and. the four parties had hoped to have already finished with negotiations but with one self-imposed deadline now missed many expect there to be moved long nights ahead. let's get the latest on from t w political correspondent to charlotte potts who joins us from chancellor merkel's c.d.u. party headquarters in berlin welcome charlotte what are the big stumbling blocks.
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well there are many still left the big issues are migration climate and finances especially a migration last night basically the parties gave up negotiating on that family reunions for asylum seekers that is the big issue that the parties can't agree on and we've just heard that migration is not even a topic in today's negotiations it'll have to wait until two appear tomorrow today for a policy has already been discussed and there was a lot of movement towards each other we've been just hearing but for example the issue of arms. control and exports is still up for debate in the still a contentious issue and we have to remember these parties from the greens the business friendly f.t.p. and the conservatives they are odd bedfellows to begin with so it's been four really tough weeks of negotiations and we are not seeing the end of it yet a speck of a point about the being that follows because i know that these sorts of coalition
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talks here in germany can last months so one wonders really deadlocked or is it is just is this just part of the game. it seems like there's been really deadlocked last night i mean this is why they extended it throughout this weekend we're hearing that in new self said deadline is sunday night they're thinking if they can't find an agreement until sunday night then maybe they have to call it quits after so many weeks of negotiations but i mean there's still a lot lot of open issues to discuss and the parties were hoping yesterday to come to a conclusion one of the party members of the f.t.p. he said this morning that marriages at this point hang in the balance because the politicians can come home for the weekend and of course he made a joke but it's a bit serious because everybody was hoping for a conclusion and agreement at this point it does look like though all parties are
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willing still to compromise that there is the willingness to keep negotiating throughout the weekend and to come to some kind of conclusion then on sunday night so as sunday night comes and there is no deal well then. well there are a couple of options there could be a minority government formed which is very unlikely because it tends to be unstable and especially with germany's nazi past that is not a good idea and the other option is to call new elections which is also not an ideal situation for the parties and they know that the pressure is high to find a solution because new elections would really hurt all these established parties involved from the greens the conservatives and the f.t.p. because it would shed a bad light on them obviously and not coming to a good conclusion after four weeks of negotiations so they are hoping that it won't come to new elections especially because that could then actually supports
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the if the if it came to that the the right wing voters might kind of lean to the extremes if it comes to a new election charlotte parts and berlin thank you all these two people have been shot dead in violent clashes between police and opposition supporters in kenya's capital nairobi riot police to fire tear gas and used water cannon to break up crowds that have gathered to welcome the opposition leader raila odinga on his return to the country he's leading the protests against the outcome of last month's presidential election rerun and so present to her ok so when i said and. while ago i spoke with our correspondent in kenya catherine i want to and i asked her with the election over why there was still violence on nairobi streets. well today we had a lot of protesters or not to support this who came together to try and welcome. in
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main opposition leader raul oh didn't go didn't go as he was a writing in the country early in the morning so in the morning we saw the main airports which is the job looking at international airports cordoned off by police and people were stopped from entering it with those those high security and then we saw that escalate into the violence between a running battle between police and protesters and while there are some reports that two people have been shot and there are also other reports that five people have been killed now these five people according to police were lynched by the protesters and that seems to be the nation the p.c. using the police also saying that in this particular incident they didn't use. live with it in this protest although we did see some through testing the left seat cartridges along the way where the protests were taking place so this is basically a situation if the bit tense right now that the violence and died down that it is a bit tense because kenyans are basically waiting to see what happens because in
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this middle east we did have a situation where. convoy was attacked we have their eyes speculations that if the car he was in was shot at we're still we're still trying to confirm whether it was a tear gas canister or a life bullet still i what justification can marry be in a democracy for police to fire bullets or indeed to take us canisters op's the car of the leader of the opposition. well the government maintains that this particular gathering by members of the opposition was illegal they kept from beginning of the week there was saying that no one should be making their way to the main airports and no one you know should be having those supposed to be a rally in the city's main pocket so that the people think that was just acting within the law and that this is their right to go is leading a procession that shouldn't have been in the first place however opposition supporters say it is their right to protest given the current situation as you know
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the supreme court just concluded hearing the petition against incumbent president you know this election for the second time this year so you know they were saying that those meeting who supported them not so if they did they were meeting who they think is the legitimate president through longa in kenya thank you the game is up thought is a message to zimbabwe's president from the country's influential war veterans that despite last week's military takeover robert mccallum he is resisting pressure to resign even from his own party mr gabi has been under house arrest for the past few days but today he made his first public appearance since the takeover. surrounded by security robert mugabe attends a graduation ceremony on the outskirts of the capital harare in his presence is tradition but given that he's been under house arrest many were surprised to see him the press reported that my guy who normally travels in
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a luxury vehicle escorted by a large motorcade arrived in a civilian car. in a statement made on national television earlier the military said it was in gauging . it also released photos showing a meeting zimbabwe's army chief and two south african envoys who had flown in to mediate reports suggest robert mugabe is refusing to give up the presidency. tanks have been occupying key positions around the capital since the military takeover but there's been no violence and the situation is quiet. i was scared because i thought the army was going to cause havoc. but as you can see it's peaceful in the country. with work and it's business as usual. for anyone with just nothing amounts to remotely no money. richard i mean we are you.
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going to hear complaints we hear the game. we were fearful at first but now everything is normal and it's business as usual. macabre has ruled zimbabwe for nearly forty years analysts suggest the military takeover was to prevent my guy from handing power to his wife grace she has not been seen since the military took control. now to some of the other stories making news around the world in syria a car bomb planted by islamic state militants has killed at least twenty people and injured thirty others in the city you have to. say are serious state news agency says the bomb went off at a site by displaced families are created. the former head of a sicilian mafia a total rumor has died at the age of eighty seven he was being held in an italian prison hospital where he was serving twenty six life sentences during the one nine hundred seventy s. and eighty's he became one of the most feared godfathers of the cosa nostra crime
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family and so to have ordered more than one hundred fifty murders if not both the german bundesliga returns after the international break with once dominant dortmund hoping to return to winning ways and the place took the tonight don't want to slip down the table after a poor run of results and they visit stuttgart without their star striker paramedic . media reports say he's been suspended for turning up late for training. go get her peer in make obama young is out don't many gave no further details on why he has been disciplined and dropped from the squad obama young was hoping to end his goal drought in the game against stuttgart the striker has been in this growing slot lately no goals in his last five outings peter boss has been under pressure due to dortmund sudden decline from top of the table to third their last win in the league came back in september. on the ice that money could enter you know if you
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don't win they'll be expression and interest if you want to call out opposing wins then yes we feel the breeze that's for sure. and over the last three weeks the winds change quickly in the post office after the last international break the first match against leipzig and that's when it began as well and we definitely fails. that's not for me that's the challenge to once again turn it around in d.c. . i'm sure we'll manage does mean the show friday night could be perfect timing for dortmund to turn it around history is on their side the black and yellow won the last five matches in stuttgart but stuttgart is not a cakewalk especially when playing at home this season so far they're undefeated. and dortmund along the road fire power a league high twelve goal. against the
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league's best home defense is a stage set for a thrilling match. you're watching data billion years life and still to come going crazy unveils a new all electric truck but they won't reveal how much it's going to cost all knotted up a subtype of monica. with you very shortly on all the time at the top of yourself. they will not succeed in dividing us not succeed in taking the people off the streets because we're tired.


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