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tremble and she smiles oh the magical images and the emotions that no. jingles but you never seem to have returned own d w. this is d w news live from berlin how long can zoom bob boys veteran president cling to power robert mugabe has made his first public appearance since the army took over but he is facing pressure to step down from the military also the
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opposition and even his own party we will have the very latest from harare. also coming up police in kenya tear gas opposition supporters as they gather to welcome home their leader raul od'ing go there are reports of several deaths as tensions over the disputed presidential election grow. and in germany as marathon talks to form a new government as they go into extra time chancellor angela merkel calls on all sides to compromise and if no deal is reached and germany could face fresh elections. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program thanks for joining us. he's been in power for nearly four decades but now zimbabwe's president robert mugabe is facing calls from all sides to resign state television says that his own party is urging him to
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step aside a march is planned in the capital harare tomorrow to up the pressure mugabe has been under house arrest for the past few days but today he made his first public appearance since the military took over on tuesday. surrounded by security robert mugabe attends a graduation ceremony on the outskirts of the capital in his presence his tradition given that he's been under house arrest many were surprised to see him the press reported that my guy who normally travels in a luxury vehicle a school should by a large motorcade arrived in a civilian come. in a statement made on national television earlier the military said it was engaging with mugabe. is also released photos showing a meeting zimbabwe's army chief and two south african envoys who had flown in to mediate reports suggest robert mugabe is refusing to give up the presidency. tanks
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have been occupying key positions around the capital since the military takeover but there's been no violence and the situation is quiet. i was scared because i thought the army was going to cause havoc. but as you can see it's peaceful in the country. i'm with work and it's business as usual paranoia is hurting anyone we're just going amounts doing what we know many. brits are doing i mean we are a bit uncertain about what's going to happen but we are still very much might. move people at first but now everything is normal and it's business as usual. mcgaha has ruled zimbabwe for nearly forty years analysts suggest the military takeover was to prevent my guy from handing power to his wife grace she has not been seen since the military took control. at least five people have been killed in the
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kenyan capital during confrontations between police and supporters of opposition leader raul odinga crowds turned out to welcome odinga back from a trip abroad the officers they used tear gas water cannon and even live rounds to prevent his convoy from making headway the opposition leader has been visiting the u.s. and britain to discuss kenya's political turmoil. it was a highly anticipated day for kenya's opposition supporters. thousands lined the streets of the capital nairobi to well come right now dingell. the veteran opposition leader was meeting his followers for the first time since the disputed presidential election in october and despite police warnings against any gatherings the supporters were determined to make a celebration of his return. which. the law says that people
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cannot go to the airport to welcome their leader we are waiting for dinner to come with good things right now we are waiting for what he has to say. the celebrations were short lived. the police launched an offensive against the opposition barring them from the city. property was damaged people injured. and some killed. but the opposition was undeterred. i've come to tell you that the time for the third republic has begun. the signs you are seeing are those of a government that has already fallen. putting a has called for a national resistance movement to protest the outcome of a repeat presidential election last month which saw incumbent president hu kenyatta
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win a second five year term. and for more let's bring in d.w. correspondent cast one on one thought her standing by with the very latest from kenya catherine we are hearing at least five people died with allegations that kenyan police are responsible for those deaths what more are you hearing. well what we know so far is that a sixth person succumbed to his injuries. just the few moments back. death toll is at six so this is basically the situation the situation it's rather calm right now but with the level of violence we saw today there is that situation that we could see more tension in the country especially as the supreme court prepares to give a ruling on whether you know the election of incumbent president who was legal or not so that's what we're waiting for and canyons of basically on edge but six people dead and opposition supporters say that they they had every right to
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to you know go to the streets and to welcome them he didn't and then to you know welcome home from from the from the trip that he had been given the situation so right now everything is ten and with the opposition isn't there out on the streets we're looking at pictures actually of how that exactly played out what justification is being used there i mean this is a democracy that we're talking about for police to use force against the leader of the opposition. well it's very interesting because the police insist that they didn't use live rounds they say that they were they practiced some sort of restraint compared to other situations but we did see we did see casings of blacks . in the in the area where the protests took place. human rights. human rights activists obviously up against the police saying that they shouldn't have done that we have had reports where convoy was attacked as well which also
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raises questions because the windscreen was cracked we don't know whether it was a bullet that was aimed at his car with kind of. a lot of people are saying that. and it could have been probably less heavy handed and he was less heavy handed the situation would have to that particular level. and that was an interview conducted a short while ago with catherine on one throw our reporter there in kenya let's get a quick check now of some other stories that have been making news around the world nato has apologized to president wretch of tire out of one of turkey over military exercises in which he was depicted as an enemy of the alliance air to water retaliated by withdrawing forty soldiers from the exercise in norway turkey has been a member of nato for sixty five years. the former head of the sicilian mafia toto
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rayna has died at the age of eighty seven he was being held in italian prison hospital where he was serving twenty six life sentences during the one nine hundred seventy s. and eighty's he became one of the most feared godfathers of the cosa no struck crime family and is thought to have ordered more than one hundred and fifty murders . germany's search for a new government has gone into extra time chancellor angela merkel originally said that she wanted an agreement by yesterday but marathon overnight talks failed to produce a breakthrough her conservative bloc is seeking a coalition deal with the pro-business free democrats and the greens well now they are back at the negotiating table hoping to avoid a fresh election. another round of difficult talks at the c.d.u. party headquarters the negotiators are coming off a long night with no concrete results much is at stake for you to reach an agreement could mean new elections but chancellor merkel says she's determined not
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to let that happen. despite all the difficulties in these negotiations i am determined to form a government as mandated by germany's vote as they definitely won't be easy it'll definitely be hard but it's worth going into a second round of talks. by in a while so that this is. we all realize we have to make compromises everyone. so far that hasn't happened enough. this is especially applies to those who declare to the outside world that they're making all sorts of concessions but from what i say mommy sit down together they're not going to get some of his remarks clearly aimed at germany's green party is a hoffa c.s.u. in the greens are at loggerheads on many key issues including migration and energy policy. but what we can't allow is that someone says i want discussed that you know everyone has to negotiate otherwise the talks don't make any sense. the fourth
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player in the negotiations germany's liberal f.d.p. are also set on a positive outcome use a consulate's a new coalition at a federal level in germany could mean a new beginning in terms of policy. and we hope very much as free democrats that the other parties are bold enough to try it and. the four parties had hoped to have already finished with negotiations but with one self-imposed deadline now missed many expect there to be moved long nights ahead. let's get more now on these coalition talks we're joined in the studio by christopher when he is a political scientist with the free university and belin. so much for joining us this evening i have four weeks of political talks very little to show for it fair assessment and why is it so complicated we have now three maybe even four parties trying to come to an agreement they have some red lines that they are not willing
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to cross and that makes it very hard germany the powerhouse in the e.u. as we know the fact that there has been i mean there has been a government in place but it hasn't really had the mandate it has to really have the strength what do you think that that has done to the dynamic within the bloc i think for now it is ok i mean merkel still appears in you know international events but i do think especially the plans for greater integration have been put on hold and i think especially for french elyse this has been a bit of a problem so there seems to be a number of really key sticking points when it comes to the negotiations can you just walk us through what those are and are they you know do you think that they will come to a consensus on them i do still think that consensus is possible but there is a lot of there are so many problems primary immigration finances and taxes energy and environmental policy to just name a few of them and they are still quite far from agreement there what are angela merkel's options. well she has to make this work i think because if she does not
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a single reelection or a new election would be very difficult for. going into this election i mean it was widely speculated that she would indeed get a majority that was in fact the case although many people saying that she had a bit of a weakened position if new elections were to happen today who would be the winners who would be the losers and ultimately do you think it would cost her the chancellery. i think the clear winners would probably be the day because they that's that far right farai the party which is now in the parliament for the first time exactly i think the parties that are currently negotiating all come away looking quite badly maybe the s.p.d. gets a little bit of a boost well as to whether or not and give america who will be the new candidate i'm not sure on the one hand if these negotiation fails it will weaken our position even further on the other and i'm not very sure that there is much of a replacement for her yet ok so that's perhaps the worst case scenario for aguilar
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let's go to the best case scenario now if a coalition is indeed formed a so-called jamaica coalition because of you know the various colors of the different parties they are the colors of the jamaican flag as well. how viable do you think that this coalition will be will they be able to govern i think once the coalition agreement is in place and if the party bases can be convinced of this it will be relatively stable german still likes debility and i think it would be political suicide to then torpedo the agreement after it has been agreed on. as to whether or not voters in the end will like it and a couple of years down the line they may or may not punish them for it it's too far too early to say tired and tense negotiators tonight from these three parties still trying to work out a deal thank you so much for telling us a little bit more about what's at stake and what is currently on the table christoph and when political scientist with the free university i'm broke. let's time now for business news how they are get us is standing by and you know
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when it comes to trucks they're usually big polluters but maybe not anymore but i mean i mean not anymore sorry that is at least of tesla can go on with its plans it's the next generation of electric vehicles after cars and busses the streets are ready for electric trucks at least that's what tesla c.e.o. ulan musk is proposing last night he unveiled what is supposed to be a revolutionary range of products including a groundbreaking big semi truck and of course a new sports car. it was a big show for a big truck. tesla vos iran must joke that this would be the most useful eighteen wheeler ever tweeting it could transform into a robot fight in the ins and even brew coffee and he said it's built for the long haul. now one of the biggest questions we've been asked about. electric
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trucks is well how far can they go because well it's perhaps a five hundred mile range. that's about eight hundred kilometers the driver sits in the middle no need for different models with steering wheels on the right or left musk promised his electrode truck would be cheaper to maintain than today's diesels it's set to hit the road in just two years but musk was coy about the price which logistics firms had been hoping to find out. tesla's car business has so far served a small niche small fast and expensive luxury cars that's where musk had another surprise up his sleeve the second generation of the tesla roadster the car the company was founded on the newcastle road there. we were fastest car production car ever made period. even though the. crowd here reacted so euphorically many experts in the field are skeptical tesla has
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a myriad of pressing problems above all the model three intended to take over the mass market instead of the fifteen hundred vehicles it expected to build tesla was only able to make two hundred sixty last quarter experts say some of them were badly assembled tesla has been in the red for years last quarter it lost millions of euro's and just recently hundreds of workers were let go now more than ever the question remains can test achieve its goals or just a series of funny tweets and product presentations. it's an important question and we want to help us answer it that's why we have john here editor at green car reports dot com john thank you very much for joining us tonight the consumers are still skeptical at least here in germany when it comes to electric cars i have a hard time imagining an electric truck myself what do you make of this launch well i like her trucks already quickly getting established and say up to one
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hundred fifty kilometers this last serves two purposes tesla's and missions to cover all segments of vehicles and it also distracts from the model three issues that you highlighted earlier. now it's one thing if you can't complete your sunday afternoon ride on a luxury tesla car it's a whole other story when merchandise a refrigerated goods for example can't make it to their destination do you think logistics companies will risk using a tesla truck. i think pretty much all of them will test it at some point one of the largest truck leasing companies in the u.s. has already said it doesn't think the tesla truck needs its needs on the other hand wal-mart the largest retailer here says already that it's going to test the truck so i think there will be cautious footsteps the question i think around this semi is more the size and cost of the battery pack doing some rough back of the envelope
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math it looks like it needs a battery pack of something approaching one thousand kilowatt hours or about ten times the size of the largest model less battery pack. battery costs are going to have to come down more for that to be price competitive on purchase prices although given the enormous expense not only diesel fuel but maybe once on heavy duty diesel vehicles clearly an electric vehicle even a long haul capacity would be cheaper to run per wander and this is all assuming tesla will have no problems producing these cars but we know that there have been a lot of hurdles there what do you make of those investor concerns if you will. i think they are by far the most important question for tesla right now i wrote this morning on green car reports that this was these two announcements while red
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meat for tesla as advocates and fans and owners are really something of a sideshow to the crucial question of whether or not tesla can get the model three into production within a matter of a few months in the volumes it anticipates there in the revenue it needs and at a high enough quality level where they're not forced to do a lot of rework or recall the cars certainly no one's ruling that out but tesla has a long history of not meeting its promise production deadlines and having quality issues in the first year or so of its new vehicles and the model three is really the car that will take it from a small specialized niche maker into the higher end of the mass market so the model three is just vitally important and it's very possible that tesla is going to have to raise considerably more cash although as someone pointed out if they get a thousand deposits at two hundred fifty thousand dollars apiece for their earliest
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edition of the new roadster that could help a little bit we'll see how that goes thanks very much john faulkner for the analysis and speaking of the evolution of fuels there's been an angry reaction here in germany to the an ounce mint of job cuts and plant closures at engineering giant zeniths the company is highly profitable but says its turbine division can't keep up it makes the parts for fossil fuel power plants and zeman says it's been hit by the switch to cleaner energy sources he ws daniel winter filed this report. they're not just angry they're shocked siemens workers repeatedly warned the company about the changing energy industry and offered to change with it but according to the union i g matal the conglomerates board of directors isn't interested. in. are counting on short term profits they don't see the industry and the people they look to the financial
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markets and say if my market is crumbling then i have to throw the workers out because they think that's the way to hold on to their profit margin it's a policy motivated by finance and not one aimed at the industry siemens argues that if they didn't stay financially sound more jobs would be on the line the demand for their products such as gas turbines just isn't there anymore and it's not expected to recover anytime soon. what's your message to the workers who are losing their jobs and their families. well you know such a message is always the most difficult part if you announce such restructurings but the point is that the energy market is changing so dramatically and it's a structural change so we need to react if you want to peace also responsible for our business and specially also for competitive business that's cold comfort for those whose jobs are on the line. ok the workers say that they
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received assurances in the past that their jobs would be safe and that the c.e.o. joe keizer is now trampling on that agreement they also say that renewable should present an opportunity for siemens to retrain workers and to keep them in their jobs they say siemens is short sighted and they're ready for a fight. it's one of the many consequences of the fight against climate change interest in the subject i'm not going to hand you back to sarah thank you so much javier and in fact we're going now to the u.n. sponsored talks on climate change they have entered their final hours and the german city of bonn delegates from nearly two hundred countries have spent the last two weeks working on an action plan to cut c o two emissions in line with the paris accord which aims to limit global warming to below two degrees celsius by the end of the century now activists say that progress is desperately needed. walter edwin has witnessed the effects of climate change himself the beekeeper from
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st lucie has come to the climate talks in bonn to tell his story three years ago the hurricane destroyed the flowers that his piece depended on insurance payouts help to recover and now he's a climate activist. by far than that it's a wonderful femur because as we see claim it in the years that we need something for the future so we have to. do what children would be better off. it's because of people like edwin from areas vulnerable to extreme weather but the climate conference in bonn is being held it's drawing up the rules to enable the landmark paris accord of twenty fifteen to work the mood is optimistic and climate campaigners are sounding a positive note. i think we have seen here that the paris spirit is still alive worked really hard to make progress on the so-called how the paris agreement will actually be implemented. coal has dominated the talks twenty three countries have
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pledged to phase out the fossil fuel but germany isn't one of them with coalition talks still going on the current german government wasn't prepared to make such a big decision. and that's hard because we were the frontrunner for a lot of years and now there are a lot of other countries they are going ahead and not germany. poorer nations called on rich nations to contribute one hundred billion dollars by twenty twenty to tackle climate change but so far the rich nations have provided only half the promised some developing countries are disappointed. it's a slow and painstaking process for delegates hope the promises of the paris agreement are becoming reality. so what if any progress has been made christopher spring gate d w his very own correspondent at the cop twenty three climate talks in bonn is standing by for us and we heard some optimistic assessments there especially from the german environment minister is there ground
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for that optimism in some areas certainly there is ground for let's say satisfaction for instance the book that we were just hearing about in our report that's an absolutely crucial document there is now a working draft of that rule book on the table and that's a crucial step towards the implementation of the twenty fifteen paris agreement remember that agreement is something of a constitution just setting up broad guidelines for global climate policy what people have been doing here in bonn is hammering out the rules and regulations that will allow us all to implement that paris agreement the other area where i think the satisfaction is is in order is simply there was a big worry that the u.s. decision to withdraw from the paris agreement. would overshadow the climate conference it has slowed progress down a little bit but essentially there's been
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a very strong fresh statement of commitment if you want to the paris agreement we stand by the paris agreement has been the refrain of this summit the u.s. withdrawal hasn't weakened that commitment it's actually strengthened it christopher we just have twenty seconds left areas of disagreement basically it's money the poor nations are reminding the rich nations that they have promised that one hundred billion us dollars by the year twenty twenty to help the poor countries adapt to climate change they're putting pressure on the rich nations to put their money where their mouth is crest of a spring date with the very latest from the u.n. global climate conference taking place in bonn cop twenty three thank you. you are up to date on your news i'm sarah kelly in berlin and thanks for watching.
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do you buy your tomatoes in the supermarket. as we go about our daily life human rights oh often the last thing on our lands. invisible hand is. slavery in the twenty first century. starting december second on d w. a deadlock in coalition talks has europe's beacon of stability and its chancellor gripped by political uncertainty the clock is ticking and still no new german government i'm sorry kelly in berlin this is the day.


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