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tv   Treasures of the World - Old Bamberg Germany  Deutsche Welle  November 18, 2017 12:15am-12:30am CET

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into the area an important. town of ordinary people backs identity is marked by these two poets and the identity is also reflected in the towns and architecture. up on the hill the cathedral is the seat of spirituality dominates the look of the talent. around it every rise and now churches streets. below the cathedral the town spreads out around the river and unspoiled it was full of little streets and old corners and still mediæval in its name. even now days you could still find your way around the town map.
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of the last thousand years there has always been a cathedral keeping more over the town on the hill above. in the year one thousand and seven the german king and later emperor henry the second made bamberg a bishopric he wanted to build his christian city on the eastern borders of the empire like rome and the heavenly city of jerusalem it was to stand on seven hills . the can was embroiled in a power struggle with a rebellious aristocracy and he needed the powerful church as his ally. the king installed in pan bad the center of power of people absolutely annoying to . the cathedral was a true stronghold of the faith rising high and majestic about the people.
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today's cathedral is in fact the third to stand on the site and was consecrated in twelve thirty seven in the presence of all the bishops of the holy roman empire the building reflects the enormous and few zia's of architecture at the time no expense was spent the best architects and builders stone masons and sculptors work here as a result the cathedral is richly endowed with works of art as fine as any and swim in europe. the architecture of the eastern quark is still romanesque. but it's easy to trace the change in style as the romanesque emerges elegantly and how many asleep into the gulf think of the western point.
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these figures of adam and eve of the first life size new statue used to be made in germany the representation of eve shows the ideal of female beauty that was prevalent at the time. the royal portal shows the day of judgment on the left of the saved. and on the right the damned are changed to a grinning devil driving them down to hell. above them we see a king a bishop a pope and a rich man like everyone else they can't buy salvation but must earn it each for himself. the bam backhoes one is probably the best known statue in the cathedral no one has yet been able to establish beyond doubt who it represents but it's
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certainly the ideal of the mediæval night searching for the puff to salvation. the . a statue like the hogarth many of a given drugs once of looked very different we have to imagine the whole space in bright luminous colors the windows had stained glass panes and the columns and statues were painted in the same colors. much later at the beginning of the sixteenth century this imperial tomb was built for hand with the second and his wife going to go under they had always been revered and bam bagus founders of the diocese and the bishops think that once the church had declared them saints it was a constant stream of pilgrims to be grand to was needed and so the sculptor engaged with the most famous of its time to man woman child or the to me created chose a life like representation of henry being cured of bladder stones by
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a miracle and of the emperor's death stories which had become popular legends. as clerical life developed around the hill talk of phaedra a town was growing below the trade routes crossed here the rooms looked for food and shelter and the regular church festivals brought visitors to the town the townspeople grew rich and self-confident. and as the townspeople became more confident they came to resent the clerics living up in the cathedral enclave who paid no taxes and enjoyed numerous other privileges
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. the location of the town hall gives symbolic expression to the conflict between the town and the church it looks like a ship anchored in the river and it is actually built on a manmade island on neutral ground as it were. anyone coming in past the bridge could see exactly whose area of influence he was entering. the paintings on the bridge which was only added later during the rock you need also make the position clear on the cathedral side homage is paid to the bishop whereas the town side shows the secular they choose as the buddhists. but standing above only these conflicts there's the figure of wonder why isn't
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imperturbably saint and protector of the town. but i'm back has always been catholic the reformation did nothing to change that and it made me happy chunks of the town declined in importance over the centuries left on the historical sidelines it was able to unfold its catholic character to perfection especially as the town suffered little damage in times of war. the cow maligned mama st with its famous cloisters and colonnades has managed to survive through the centuries unscathed.
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this is a strange and distant we're not comprehensible to modern day people and it's just that imagery. angel. heretics. and demons. at the end of the seventeenth century a minor economic miracle here in london one of the richest and most powerful men of his time under level with it became prince bishop of down there his name was blue tarp funds function dollars. it was a time of absolutism when rudeness had unlimited power. stirred up being snippy administration and introduced reforms he removed power from both the clerics and
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the nobility and he started a massive building programme the new residence opposite the cathedral is his work. not half ounces open ambition was to remake the town according to his taste he succeeded in getting down back and in time face. everyone who had the money was building as if they thought they were prince bishops the sounds. many cathedrals were given a new look and example i sent my course the monastery church of the benedictine order. the church was given a baroque facade after all it was important to keep up with the times. you're. the church's most famous for its painted ceiling
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it has lifelike paintings of over six hundred pounds heavenly garden indeed. the earthly gardens of bam back off tended by market gardeners who offer their produce for sale at the market here in many evil times the small holders of the town lived on the right bank of the river bank next and formed an important part of the medieval population alongside the church and its clerics and the burgers and identifiable area of market gardeners developed in the town and to some extent it's still there today. this is bam back to little venice a picturesque row of houses on the bank of the river we live here once when there were still plenty of crabs and fish but that's long ago and.
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it's easy to agree with the magic's of the nineteenth century who saw bam back as an embodiment in stone of germany's past their rapturous descriptions game rise to bam backs reputation as the cradle of romanticism. bambang has kept its double nature german and catholic and both sides have melted together here to produce an atmosphere which is absolutely unique.
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