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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  November 18, 2017 2:02am-2:16am CET

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but former president barack obama conservationists view this ruling as a bake sat back which could lead to more and the from deaths on. tesla once again challenges the industry this time with an electric truck c.e.o. elon musk says it can go eight hundred kilometers with only one charge but how much will it cost. and siemens employees take to the streets they are protesting the company's plans to layoff almost seven thousand workers perhaps. it's time for business on d.w.i. mho you know guess it's good to have you with us it's the next generation of electric vehicles after cars and buses the streets are ready for electric trucks at least that's what tesla c.e.o. elon musk is proposing last night he unveiled what he is supposed to be
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a revolutionary range of products including a groundbreaking big semi truck and of course a new sports car. it was a big show for a big truck. musk joked that this would be the most useful eighteen wheeler ever tweeting it could transform into a robot fight aliens and even brew coffee and he said it's built for the long haul but. now one of the biggest questions we've been asked about. electric trucks is well how far can they go because well it's perhaps a five hundred mile range. that's about eight hundred kilometers the driver sits in the middle no need for different models with steering wheels on the right or left musk promised his electrode truck would be cheaper to maintain than today's diesels it's set to hit the road in just two years but musk was coy about the price which
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logistics firms had been hoping to find out. tesla's car business has so far served a small niche small and expensive luxury cars that's where musk had another surprise up his sleeve the second generation of the tesla roadster the car the company was founded on the new castle road there. we were fastest car production car ever made period. even though the crowd here reacted so euphorically many experts in the field are skeptical tesla has a myriad of pressing problems above all the model three intended to take over the mass market instead of the fifteen hundred vehicles it expected to build tesla was only able to make two hundred sixty last quarter experts say some of them were badly assembled tesla has been in the red for years last quarter it lost millions of euro's and just recently hundreds of workers were let go now more than ever the
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question remains can test a change its goals or just a series of funny tweets and product presentations. well let's ask just that to our financial correspondent at the new york stock exchange so fishermans q hi sue feet will home much do you think can investors continue to trust tesla if the company is literally not delivering. well tesla investors have always been really patient and they always had to be tesla is still not making any profits with a last person share of almost three dollars the company is not producing cars quickly enough they keep pushing their production goals into the future month after month but tesla investors have always proven to be different from other investors so i don't think they're going to give up on the start to soon tesla investors have always seen the person of the landmark more than his economic success they keep seeing this visionary
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a great inventor of new and cool things so in other news today we saw the next round of nafta talks begin with little chances of success. yes and that is mainly because of the american president frequently threatening to completely throw nafta overboard and every time he does that companies and investors here in america begin to nervously shake because most experts and companies and evil even people in washington agree that this could hurt the american economy badly but trump is acting like a businessman here more than a politician placing threats and playing games and canada and mexico are apparently feeling the need to act very cautiously here one official said mexico did not want a rupture to who are in the talks even when they disagree on certain issues so this paralyzes them and makes it really hard to move forward so efficient ascii at the
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new york stock exchange thank you very much and have a good weekend. to germany now where there's been an angry reaction to the announcement of job cuts and plant closures at engineering giant siemens the company is highly profitable but says its turbine division can't keep up it makes the parts for fossil fuel power plants and siemens says it's been hit by the switch to cleaner energy sources w.'s daniel winter filed this report. they're not just angry they're shocked siemens workers repeatedly warned the company about the changing energy industry and offered to change with it but according to the union i g matal the conglomerates board of directors isn't interested. in. accounting on short term profits they don't see the industry and the people they look to the financial markets and say if my market is crumbling then i have to throw the workers out
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because they think that's the way to hold onto that profit margin it's a policy motivated by finance and not one aimed at the industry siemens argues that if they didn't stay financially sound more jobs would be on the line the demand for their products such as gas turbines just isn't there anymore and it's not expected to recover anytime soon. what's your message to the workers who are losing their jobs and their families. well you know such a message is always the most difficult part if you announce such restrictions but the point is that the energy market is changing so dramatically and it's a structural change so we need to react if you want to peace also responsible for our business and specially also for competitive business that's cold comfort for those whose jobs are on the line. the workers say that they received assurances in the past that their jobs would be safe and that the c.e.o.
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joke is there is now trampling on that agreement they also say that renewable should present an opportunity for siemens to retrain workers and to keep them in their jobs they say siemens is short sighted and they're ready for a fight. to another big german company trying to leave behind the diesel scandal now wants to become the number one brand for electric mobility worldwide and it's ready to spend thirty four billion euros to make it happen suddenly electric cars are all the rage folks wants to put a thousand new models on the market over the next five years. it hopes to become a world leader with the surge. and the carmaker is allocating far more funding for the venture than industry observers had expected. the automobile is in the process of being reinvented or investing the required capital for that out of our own resources by the end of twenty twenty two we'll have put thirty four billion euros
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into developing electro mobility developing autonomous driving going from the norm in fun. the main focus will be on china twenty nineteen the government there says ten percent of all new registrations must be e-cards any company that wants a part in that bonanza has to be able to deliver the w. has already said that ten billion euros are earmarked for china alone the new strategy harbors its own risks it's still not yet clear if the cars really are the future of mass mobility besides the high development costs traditional combustion engines also need upgrading on top of that the w. could still yet face billions of euros penalties as a result of the diesel emissions scandal so despite the new strategy the w is still work in progress. i've already coast is the world's biggest cocoa producer like many other producers of raw materials the country long wanted to process the beans
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itself to make its own chocolate well chocolate products made in ivory coast are becoming the future. dried cocoa beans tons of them the prized ivory coast harvest has the reputation of being especially good there are the basis for chocolate across the world the country's exporters earn billions with them most ivorians however have no idea how chocolate even tastes but chocolate manufacturer suzanne company wants to change that. and easy for vorenus were taught not to each other clit we approached them to eat chocolate made in ivory coast. quired a lot of work and determination. by the company learned to trade in france and belgium she wants to make enough chocolate to be able to export and not only to europe. she's teamed up with a belgian business partner. i don't know that we're going to so we know the
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european market very well they decided to suzanne and. have proven their expertise our idea is to create a local brand in ivory coast and expand to other african countries are look at. chocolate makers are setting up business all the time in the capital abidjan production often takes place under cramped conditions actually manual bows customers prizes african flavored recipe between of his own the should quit making chocolate with cashew nuts and chocolate with planting things like that. the people of the ivory coast might indeed develop a taste for it but pray leans and chocolate still remain economically beyond the reach of most ivorians. and before we go you york's legendary jewelry store tiffany and co is making hollywood dreams come true in a move to attract millennial says the flagship store on fifth avenue now has a blue box café where customers can enjoy themselves during their shopping spree
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and yes you can order breakfast which tiffany's offers to make the one thousand nine hundred sixty one film title a reality of course it's not cheap breakfast costs twenty nine dollars plus taxes but hey at least you get to post your having breakfast at tiffany's. and why radek memory can always log on to our website at the w. dot com that's it for business you next time.
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