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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 18, 2017 6:00pm-6:16pm CET

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you see all these stereotypes about africa it's good to see you. do something for your country but you're still the black guy it's awesome. afro germany starting december tenth w. . this is d w news live from berlin and zimbabwe and turnout in their tens of thousands to demand president robert mugabe's resignation the streets of the capital harare have been packed with crowds calling for god his departure after
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nearly four decades in power but he's resisting calls to go i'll bring you the latest from our correspondent in harare also coming up the plot thickens as lebanese prime minister saad hariri says he'll return to bay bridge by mid week this comes after he held talks with french president a monologue front in paris two weeks after announcing his shock resignation from saudi arabia and the fate of german chancellor angela merkel hangs in the balance as a new deadline for coalition talks edges closer if the parties fail to agree by then germany could face fresh elections. welcome to the program i'm marrying evanston it's good to have you with us. tens of thousands of demonstrators have been rallying in the zimbabwean capital harare to demand the resignation of president robert mugabe the protesters backed by the
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veterans of them bombay's independence war who have traditionally supported him in the past even mugabe's own zanu p.f. party has joined calls for him to step down gabi is said to be asking for more time to leave the presidency many zimbabweans have had enough. people power in the center of. mcgarvie must go very these demonstrations chant it's more like a street party but one with a political message the people of zimbabwe have had enough of that ailing neda. the modern day. finally and out to be excited for the independence day it's the first time in decades that people feel free to say what they really think of president mugabe he's known for vicious crackdowns against journalists and critics. the country soldiers have become heroes for many after the military took
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control of zimbabwe on wednesday the generals back to this day of protest. as well as an exuberant rally called by the veterans of zimbabwe's independence war the veterans who once mugabe supposes he was there come right in the struggle against white rule now they want him to step down. mugabe's wars began last week when he sent this man his vice president and his and one on guard a few politician and fellow freedom fighter when i was widely viewed as my god is heir apparent he fled the country last week just before the coup. the x. vice president is reported to be back in zimbabwe it's still uncertain if you'll take power mugabe isn't gone yet even with thousands crying for his resignation. did have a horace bond and privilege was found here and joins us now from harare for more privileges a huge crowd was seen earlier at robert mugabe's official residence once the
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situation like right now. the crowd is dispersed they were dispersed by the army generals. but before that he addressed. just in the crowd to say that. thanking them for what they're done today. coming out in thousands in support of the i me. in the in you know addressing the crowd you then say one of the generals say that. the thousand miles starts with small steps this is just the beginning. in this kind of showed that behind the scenes. there where that has been coming out that president mugabe is resisting to give up this to you negotiations for him to step
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down then it's. kind of mind to. well all the crowds we've been seeing today the opposition and even his own party are demanding that he resign why doesn't he step down. how is sweet the man has been in. india in the driving seat for thirty seven years he has been in power for thirty seven years therefore it's not just easy for him to let go and it is edge. used to to you know feels comfortable in staying in office even dog is advanced in age it's so surprising but i think it's just a question of also thinking of the things that you have to let go remember
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over the years year and his wife they have acquired a lot of wealth they have created a lot of enemies and what will happen after these years not so sure maybe you'll be tried. after he leaves obvious he's not sure about easy immunity all right to since mugabe has not stepped down up to now according to party sources we're hearing the rulings on a p.f. is going to meet tomorrow to dismiss mugabe as party leader can you tell us briefly about this you're following this endorsement by the provincial structures to. for him to step down the next stage that they have to do since he's not doing that voluntarily they will have to meet is what they say cause the central committee they're supposed to convene and agent central committee a central committee is there. is the governing. in between congress so they will
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have to meet and endorse. he's stepping down and we hear that is law you might be impeached and choose that if he doesn't step down after the meeting of the central committee privilege was fine here reporting for us from harare thank you. well minnie's prime minister saad hariri is in paris where he's been holding talks with the french president aimed at resolving the crisis sparked by his resignation the pair met at the emmys a palace in the french capital on president emmanuel micron's invitation is the first time hariri has left saudi arabia since and now think his resignation there two weeks ago lebanon had claimed riyadh was keeping hariri against his will but hariri denies that well after speculation about his future hariri confirmed that he
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plans to return to lebanon. the way that he got to the political situation in lebanon. i will go to beirut in the coming days. but i will participate in the independence celebrations. and it is then that i will make known my position on these subjects after meeting president and. well let's get more on all this from a journalist and elizabeth mutate who joins us now from paris so her has confirmed that he does intend to return to lebanon in the coming days has this stop in france change the situation. i think yes the situation his church in france has helped because what the soldiers did not expect when they twisted sister her is all into resigning was start. a strange alliance in lebanon in his absence to support
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him with both the christian president michel over. the has been of themselves you know that the saudis were unhappy with the son hariri who was a sort of trying to of the because he was having too many contacts with hizbollah and to know if he was not be firm enough with them which is very easy to say when you are the two thousand miles away but it turned out that paging all of the lebanese sovereignty was something that you could play on and hezbollah very cleverly decided that they would i lie themselves for the movement with the with the president on this one so what could they do with mr hariri and then they had the offer president. i've been invited to hire it was long standing ties to france let alone his long standardise to france and that this crisis can be our sort of. in a way that will bring. a barrister to anyone or as little as possible well we've
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been hearing that according to a presidential source france is considering whether to host a meeting of the international lebanon support group now that includes countries such as britain china france germany russia and the united states to get all of those players together to discuss the political crisis in the country how promising is that. that's that's that's likely because i think all the appearances or international law is on the mall has struck. in many ways and also president mccall himself wants to be seen as the main power broker in international affairs in the region right now he's got you know putting britain is all occupied with germany i understand that we somehow are you re protested your foreign minister so obviously they are embarrassed most at that level and that's an opportunity now whether that will create any kind of effect on the ground probably
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not we've had all sorts of international involvement in the middle east you remember the call to you know this has had any kind of the effect on what happens on the ground but it certainly will at the very least of trees things of the current situation and not push one way or the other right and elizabeth would taber reporting from paris thank you. as our correspondent mentioned the controversy surrounding saad hariri has led to a diplomatic spat between saudi arabia and germany reauthorizes recalling its ambassador in berlin over comments by german foreign ministers they got there he had described saudi foreign policy and lebanon as quote political adventurism on thursday and implied that hariri was being forcibly held in saudi arabia riyadh calls gabriele's remarks outrageous and unjustified. well here in berlin complex coalition talks have resumed in a last ditch effort to forge a government but time is running out for chancellor angela merkel after another
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round of marathon overnight talks failed to produce a breakthrough party negotiators are now hoping to reach a deal by sunday night americans conservatives are seeking a coalition with the pro business free democrats along with the greens that's unprecedented at the federal level in germany to get there the parties are trying to overcome major policy differences on key issues such as migration transportation and energy. charlotte pastas covering those coalition talks for us she joins us now from the c.d.u. headquarters so are the parties getting any closer to agreement well there's been very little progress today as we've just heard it's really like i've been here for three days now and it's like watching a political poker game in a way one party moves a little bit towards the other one the other one makes a step backwards it's like a tit for tat situation sometimes so it's
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a fascinating play to watch the situation here is some a strategy some is real frustration and at the moment i get the feeling that there is still some optimism left that they will reach an agreement until the self said deadline tomorrow night but there is also a lot of frustration that there has been little movement especially on the contentious issues that have been discussed this afternoon migration and climate those are the two main sticking points where the greens said they are willing to compromise but the other parties are not willing to move a step towards the green party in that sense so it's going to be an interesting night ahead and an interesting day tomorrow until this self said deadline is reached then right charlotte and then briefly what happens if there's no agreement by that said deadline. well first of all it's a self set deadline so they could extend the talks but then if the talks fail the most likely outcome would be that there are new elections called and that would be
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disastrous for any paci involved in these talks it would strengthen probably the extremes on both sides and it would be seen as a failure for chancellor merkel who is really leaning to what so political future he is so these talks are make it a break it for charlotte possibly ting us on the coalition talks here in berlin many thanks all right some soccer news now and byron munich have gone six points clear at the top of the bundesliga table the defending champions off work with ease a strike from our tour of a dollar and two goals from robert lewandowski stealing a three no win and the line six lived up a way to ten man leverkusen team of an r. and a meal forsberg twice gave the lead box lever couzin peg them back to claim a two all draw ok let's take a look now at all the bundesliga results so far this weekend there's that biron win
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against oxburgh and deliver couzens draw with leipzig also on saturday hoffenheim to share the spoils with frankfurt mines down cologne and will be freiberg on friday stuttgart be dortmund more on that in a moment kicking off soon how to berlin versus gladbach on sunday take on hamburg and braman battle hanover. you're up to date now here on d w news will be back again at the top of the hour and meantime you can always get the latest news and information on our website w dot com i'm marion evanston from all of us here in berlin thanks for watching. our on the rise you need wine and you know what i am for you. to highlight different shades of nationalism and to find out what does make me to you.


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